What Your Sleeping Position Says About You And Your Relationships

Lifestyle | By Harriet King | April 20, 2018

You might think your usual sleeping position comes down to personal preference. Does it really matter if you're a back, belly, or side sleeper? Well, sleep experts and psychologists would say yes - sleeping positions can actually reveal a lot about a person. Are you starting to get a little worried yet?

You don't have to stress too much. Your sleep style isn't going to reveal your deepest and darkest secrets. What it might indicate is your personality type or the general manner in which you carry yourself throughout life. Once you start reading you'll probably find yourself nodding your head at the descriptions.

The way you sleep with your partner can also say a lot about the relationship the two of you share together. It might even make you reassess if you're as good together as you originally thought. Buckle up, we're about to tell you a whole lot more than you ever knew about your sleep style!

The Spoon

Let's start with a classic sleeping position for couples: the spoon. Who doesn't love cuddling up with their partner for a little spooning action from time to time? Some people even sleep the whole night through spooning one another! Though the percentage of people who sleep the whole night through in the spoon position is small (studies say around one fifth of couples), it's probably the most well known of all the couple sleeping positions.

One relationship expert has broken down what exactly the spoon position says about a couple. If you're the 'big spoon', that is, the one on the outside, you are communicating the message that you're protective of the partner you're spooning. Holding them tight in your arms makes you feel like you're keeping them safe from harm. It's kind of cute when you think about it!

The Spoon (Continued)

If you're the 'little spoon' the position has a completely different meaning. You might feel super safe all wrapped up in your partner's arms but spooning also puts you into a vulnerable position. Due to your butt being all up near your partner's genitals, it can be quite a sexual position for some people, even if you're fully clothed at the time.

Basically, what this says about you is that you trust your partner with your body and you like having them so close to you. The only bad thing we have to say about spooning is that it can get kind of hot and sweaty after a while. And for all the big spoons out there, how are you all handling the 'dead arm' that comes with it? We would really like to know!

The Loose Spoon

Now this is a position we can totally relate to. It's like the regular spoon, but looser and more casual. It certainly combats the issue we talked about where it sometimes just gets way too hot to be that close to someone. There's a lot more air flow and freedom of movement going on and we're sure it's a bit easier to sort out that spooning 'dead arm' that plagues big spoons the world over.

The loose spoon is much more popular with couples who have been together for a while. You still love sleeping close to each other, but there's less desire to be all up against each other's bodies while you snooze. Sharing a bed doesn't stay super exciting forever, and it's nice to make the most of all that extra mattress space.

The Loose Spoon (Continued)

Psychologists have studied the loose spoon phenomenon, and it mostly comes down to the human desire to get as much quality sleep as possible. Once relationships progress from the honeymoon phase, priorities tend to change and being all loved-up is no longer a good enough substitute for catching a full night of Z's.

In the regular spoon position, the big spoon communicates "I'm protective of you." In the loose spoon position, they're saying "I'm still here to protect you and you can count on me, but I don't need to smother you." This level of comfort in a relationship is healthy and psychologists say it's a good sign if you have a long-term partnership and still favor this sleeping position. You still like touching each other, but you don't have to be all wrapped up.

The Chase

At first glance, this position looks exactly like spooning, but take note of the location this couple are in on the bed. When one person has relocated to the edge of the bed, with the other one "pursuing" them, it's referred to as the chase. The origins of the name are certainly very obvious! But what does this mean for couples who sleep in this position?

One theory about the chase position is that the person who is being chased enjoys being pursued. They are engaging in the sleep version of 'playing hard to get' and love that their partner continues to seek them out and hold them during the night. While it all makes sense when you read it, it's hard to imagine that we're really thinking hard or playing mind games when we're asleep.

The Chase (Continued)

The other popular thought regarding the chase is slightly more sensible. It's that one person is looking for space on the bed, so they gradually edge away during the night. The other person, perhaps needier or just more comfortable in the spoon position, follows them to the other side of the bed. Who knows, maybe they're even just a little bit cold? We really think this problem could be solved with one of those handy electric heaters.

Whatever the reason, the chase sleeping position doesn't seem to spell good news for either half of the couple. You're either playing mind games to incite a pursuit, you need more space in bed, or you're suffocating your partner with too much spooning. Maybe it's time to sit down and have a chat about what's going on in the bedroom.

The Tangle

Woah, this position is so intense, we're wondering how serious back and neck damage doesn't occur. We can kind of nod our heads in agreement to most of the positions on this list, but we're really not sure about the tangle. For real, how do people even manage to get any sort of quality sleep when they're literally all tangled up like that.

The tangle is most likely to take place at the beginning of a romantic relationship or after some very intimate sexual activity. Basically, when there's still a whole lot of feelings floating around. When you just can't get enough of each other and have to get as close as possible. We know we dissed the tangle position before, but now we're starting to feel kind of jealous of these seriously loved-up tanglers!

The Tangle (Continued)

According to some psychologists, while the tangle is a very intimate sleeping position, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing for some couples. It's perfect as a post-lovemaking cuddle but sleeping this way regularly could indicate signs of co-dependency and even an obsession with one another. We don't know if you've ever read any of Shakespeare's classics, but we know enough to confirm that love obsessions generally end in disaster.

Do you and your partner sleep this way? It might be interesting to evaluate whether you're too into each other in an unhealthy way. Imagine sleeping apart for a few nights - does this thought make you anxious? If so, it might be time to start working on becoming more independent as individuals within the relationship. We guarantee it can't hurt to try it out.

The Unraveling Knot

After reading about the last couples sleeping position, we're sure a few of you are probably thinking "I sort of like the idea of the tangle, but I definitely wouldn't sleep like that all night!" Well, we have great news for you: there's another kind of position that involves the tangle, but it's not an all-night kind of thing. Hooray for not being obsessed with each other.

Let us introduce you to the unraveling knot. It's basically exactly what it sounds like. You pretty much start off in the tangle position, but after about ten to twenty minutes, you unravel into totally normal sleeping positions, rather than staying curled up together the whole night. This is definitely one of those 'best of both worlds' kind of situations. But what does it say about your relationship?

The Unraveling Knot (Continued)

Only about eight percent of couples adopt the unraveling knot position. We're a little confused, as it seems so perfect, but we guess the tangle could be quite intense for most people, even if it is just for ten minutes. Psychologists mostly agree that the unraveling knot shows signs of a strong relationship between two people. We tend to agree - the theory makes a lot of sense.

The general idea is that the unraveling knot position provides a happy compromise between closeness as a couple and individuality. Like we said, it's absolutely the best of both worlds, and shows that two people are happy being intimate, but appreciate and encourage their own independence as individuals. Given all the self-help books that promote independence, we'd say that fans of the unraveling knot have got it right.

The Independent

There's no secret when it comes to what this position means. Despite what you may have seen on TV and in the movies, sleeping back to back without touching does not mean your relationship is in any trouble. In fact, it can mean precisely the opposite. If we're really being honest, this looks like the most comfortable position of them all. It's nice and spacious - we don't blame anyone for choosing it above all the rest!

One of the signs that marks a long and happy relationship is the ability to separate from time to time and focus on yourself as an individual. You don't have to be together 24/7. Couples who become too dependent on one another end up turning their relationship toxic. It never ends well or lasts very long at all.

The Independent (Continued)

The independent sleeping position also indicates that a couple is secure in their relationship and doesn't need any further reassurance of their love for each other. This is a great type of partnership to have because it allows both people to thrive together, as well as separately. We are really starting to love the sound of this one!

So, next time you see a TV show or a movie where a couple goes to bed angry from an argument, you'll know the facts. You can tell whoever you're watching with that back to back is actually a sleeping position for people who are secure, happy, and comfortable in their relationship. After seeing the kind of physical freedom this one provides in in the bedroom, we have to say that we're new converts to this position ourselves.

The Back To Back

Before you get confused, let us just explain what distinguishes the back to back position from the independent sleeping position. The independent doesn't involve any touching, whereas the back to back means your backs or butts still have physical contact with each other while you sleep. This one is kind of cute - you can still touch each other, but still have that freedom of your own space on the mattress.

Unless it's a particularly hot and sweaty night, we don't see why you would stop doing the back to back - it's comfortable and it's affectionate. In our minds, there's no real downside to it. Having said that, we don't think it necessarily says anything that positive about a relationship either. It's one of the more neutral sleeping positions for couples. Almost like the Switzerland of sleeping positions.

The Back To Back (Continued)

Relationship psychologists and sleep experts express the same kind of opinion. Apparently, the back to back position is very popular with newer couples who have been together for less than a year. It shows that they're secure and comfortable with one another, but there is also a novel element to it. We get the impression that the back to back might just be the gateway sleeping position to the independent. And there's nothing wrong with that!

One important thing to acknowledge is that some newness and honeymoon-style sleeping isn't a bad thing. It's a wonderful and exciting time in your relationship that you should make the most of while it lasts. Keep doing that back to back and maybe one day you'll switch to the independent. Or maybe you won't. Just do whatever feels best for you.

The Nook

We love to call this one the nook, as it involves one partner resting their head on the other's chest, almost exactly where there is a little nook at the shoulder. This sleeping position is absolutely adorable - there's just no other way to phrase it. If you've ever tried the nook you'll know exactly how loving and safe it feels being all tucked up together like that.

It's not just the head on the chest part that feels good. With your legs all tangled up together, it almost feels like it's impossible to get any closer. It's truly a little love bubble, so it's no surprise that this is a popular move for all levels of relationships. There's no reason not to enjoy the nook, even if you've been together for what feels like forever.

The Nook (Continued)

This is one of the only positions that all couples happily dabble in. Whether you've been together for five minutes or five decades, the nook is something everyone loves doing with their partner from time to time. Though it's a good one for everyone, it is particularly popular in relatively new relationships, as well as recently rekindled ones.

Relationship and sleep experts tend to agree that the nook indicates a lot of love and affection between two people. It also shows signs of a high level of trust within the partnership. This makes a lot of sense to us. It's probably one of the most intimate, yet tender positions we've talked about. Not sexual like the spoon or the tangle, but physically closer and more entwined. Now we're totally in the mood to go home for cuddles!

The Leg Cuddle

The leg cuddle is another one of those cute couple sleeping positions. But it's not so close that you'll get all hot and sweaty or end up with a numb arm. It involves sleeping in whatever position is comfortable for you, but keeping your leg intertwined with your partner's leg. This one is also a godsend if you live somewhere with a warm or humid climate, but still want to keep some physical touch with your partner at night.

If you and your partner favor this position, it indicates that you are a great team and function well together as a couple. You enjoy having emotional and sexual experiences with each other and probably have one of those relationships that all of your friends are jealous of. We know we're assuming a lot right now, but this is what the experts say!

The Leg Cuddle (Continued)

Some relationship therapists say that the leg cuddle is a sign that a couple just can't get enough of each other. The fact that you have to have even a tiny bit of contact at all times shows that you're a super couple who crave time together. What a sweet assessment! We certainly wouldn't mind one of those leg cuddle relationships - where can we find one?

Other experts say that the intertwined legs represent an intertwined life. Leg cuddlers tend to do everything together and function really well as a package deal, as opposed to individuals. Independence is always good, but we can't deny that some people seem to just thrive when they're with each other. Any other fans of the leg cuddle who would like to start the perfect relationship together? Asking for a friend.

The Bed Hog

This is one sleeping position you don't want to be in. Unless you are the offending bed hog, of course. Though even if you are the bed hog, things probably won't work out too well long term if you keep up your selfish sleeping habits. The bed hog situation occurs when one person assumes the starfish position, leaving the other partner fighting for scraps of mattress space. In most cases they end up waking up throughout the night practically hanging off the bed.

The bed hog is probably one of the biggest red flags that something is wrong in the relationship if you're just looking at sleeping positions. It hardly even needs explaining when one person feels entitled to all that space and doesn't even care that their partner has been left uncomfortable and without what is rightfully theirs.

The Bed Hog (Continued)

Unsurprisingly, experts all agree that a starfish in the bed spells disaster. It reveals the bed hog to be selfish and unaccommodating, both in the bedroom and in their daily life. It also indicates that they want to dominate the relationship by pushing their partner into a secondary role. Whether you let this take place in your own relationship is totally up to you.

We're of the mind that if there's a bed hogging situation going on, it's necessary to talk about it. It's not fair to expect one half of a couple to fight for an eighth of the bed space. If you're the bed hog and you think you just can't help the way you sleep, we'd like to encourage you to at least try to improve. It could be what ends up saving your relationship.

The Headbanger

Believe it or not, the position of your heads while you sleep can reveal a lot about your relationship. If two people sleep with their heads very close together or even touching, it indicates an equal partnership where both people feel strong and secure with each other. The headbanger is a very sweet sleeping position, even though the name doesn't exactly imply it.

While we love the idea of heads nestled together, we're not quite sure how it would go if your partner fell asleep before you. To have them breathing right on top of you could end up being uncomfortable and gross. What if they have bad breath at night? Maybe we're over thinking it, but we definitely think the headbanger might be overrated. In any case, this sleeping position shows that you are in a strong relationship.

The Headbanger (Continued)

Experts thoroughly disagree with us, though. As we said earlier, psychologists and sleep therapists mostly conclude that it shows equality within the relationship, which is obviously always a good thing. Apparently, it also indicates like-mindedness between a couple, which is a sign that the relationship might go the distance due to both people possessing shared goals and values.

Another cute theory about this position is that couples who sleep with their heads close together love to know what's going on in each other's minds. Maybe we judged this one too soon, we kind of like the sound of it now. Our concerns about bad breath haven't gone away, but we're willing to concede that this could be the perfect sleeping position for plenty of couples. Maybe the name 'headbanger' also threw us off a little!

The Face Off

Sleeping with your faces toward each other is a very loving position and is often seen among long-term couples who are still very tender and affectionate. Again, we're a little uncertain about the whole breathing on each other aspect of it, but we're willing to go through the facts and save our judgements for later.

We should note that the face off is different to the tangle, as it doesn't involve touching. It is simply sleeping face to face without physical contact. Some experts say that this indicates a strong bond, which is why it is more commonly utilized in long-term relationships and marriages. It's not all roses and happily ever afters, though. Some therapists and psychologists have stated that there are some red flags to watch out for if a couple favors the face off.

The Face Off (Continued)

One less lovey and more worrying theory that experts have put forward is that sleeping face to face indicates an emotionally demanding relationship. This could be read as a good or bad thing, depending on what you like. If you crave emotional connection and your partner does, too, we don't see this as a problem. But if one partner is putting emotional pressure on the other, it's never a good sign.

Basically, the face off is a demand for intimacy and communication. You literally fall asleep looking at each other, so there are clearly some intense emotions flying around here. As long as you learn to harness that energy and use it for good in your relationship, there's no reason why you can't be super intense with each other. We actually think it's kind of sweet.

The Closed Book

This one is quite ominously named, but don't worry, it's for good reason. The closed book is when one or both members of a couple sleep on their stomachs. To be clear, this only refers to people who never previously slept on their stomach when they were single but happen to do it when they're sharing a bed with their partner. Even people who do this have to admit it's a little weird to change your sleeping style like that.

The reason there is some cause for concern here is widely agreed upon by all kinds of experts - sleep experts, relationship experts, and even chiropractors have expressed worry about the belly sleeping couple. In case you haven't guessed yet, sleeping on your stomach can indicate that you're anxious, insecure, and closed off in your relationship.

The Closed Book (Continued)

Sleeping on your belly protects your heart and makes you feel less physically vulnerable, which is why experts put this sleeping position down to anxiety and insecurity. It also shows that you might have trouble sharing emotions, i.e. you're a closed book. This might be occurring for very good reason, especially if one partner is abusive or overly dominant in the relationship.

If you sleep on your stomach with your partner, it might be time to have an honest chat about why you feel so vulnerable and closed up around them. If you notice that your partner is the one sleeping on their stomach, try to hold them close during the night if they'll let you. Show them that you're there for them both physically and emotionally. Talk to them about what's holding them back and help them release some feelings.

The Baby

We've gone through all of the couples sleeping positions, but now it's time to examine your solo sleeping style. All the single people out there can't escape our sleep therapy assessments! The rest of this list will look at what your sleep style says about your personality. So, let's get started with one of everybody's favorite sleeping positions: the fetal position, otherwise known as the baby.

The baby is a sleeping position we can all relate to. Even if we don't usually go fetal style at night, we've surely spent some days sick in bed where all we want to do is curl up into a ball and be back in our mother's wombs, safe and warm. The baby feels like the most protective way to sleep when you're not feeling so great, but what does it say about you?

The Baby (Continued)

Surprisingly, studies have revealed that the baby is the most common sleeping position. And perhaps not so surprisingly, this is mainly due to the position offering people a sense of safety while they drift off to sleep. An interesting fact about the fetal style is that far more women adopt it than men. More than twice as many, to be a little more precise.

The general consensus among therapists and sleep experts is that those who favor the baby sleeping position are very sensitive beings who present as being stronger than they really are in their normal lives. They can often be a little shy but usually have compelling personalities and tend to have a lot of friends. We really can't blame anyone for wanting to curl up so tight at night - the world is not always an easy place to be, so do whatever makes you feel good.

The Thinker

Before you go assuming that your sleep style is definitely 'the baby', make sure you take a look at 'the thinker'. This sleep position is a lot like sleeping in the fetal position, but with your hands up around your chin area. In case you were wondering, this style is named after the famous bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin, which can be found in Paris or as replicas all over the world. It features a man with his hands under his chin looking very thoughtful.

Thinkers have a lot of qualities in common with those who sleep in the regular fetal position, but there are some differences to take note of. While people favoring the baby tend to have a hard outer shell, projecting a tough image, thinkers tend to be a lot more emotional.

The Thinker (Continued)

People who sleep in the fetal position often appear to be strong, but they're actually quite sensitive deep down. People who take the thinker position are able to be more vulnerable and show their emotions, but they're also very sensitive at their core. Both are essentially sleeping in very protective positions, but the thinker is less afraid of showing their feelings.

Being more open emotionally definitely seems like a good thing, but one of the thinker's downfalls is that their emotions can be very extreme. When they're up, they're up and when they're down, they're really down. It can make them slightly 'high maintenance' as friends or partners, because you never know which way they're going to go. We find that the highs generally outweigh the lows in these types of friendships, so bring on the thinkers, we say!

The Log

The baby and the thinker are two of the most delicate sleeping positions out there, but now we're taking things in the opposite direction and introducing the log. The log involves sleeping on your side with your arms and legs extended straight. Literally, as though you're mimicking a log. We're still a little confused about how this doesn't give all log sleepers the worst case of dead arm in the world, but we're willing to hear things out and give this one a chance.

You'd probably assume that, being a rather stiff position, people who favor the log would be quite uptight. But this really couldn't be further from the truth. Log sleepers are some of the most laid-back people in the world and they're unique and charming. We definitely like the sound of that!

The Log (Continued)

Log sleepers are very social beings, super popular, and usually have several groups of friends, so they always have something to do. Their friendly and easygoing nature tends to attract people to them like a magnet. Looking at the position, it seems like it would be common, but actually, less than 15 percent of people adopt the log as their regular sleep style.

You might be thinking these people sound perfect, but the one downfall of log sleepers is they are very trusting, to the point of being gullible. Because of this, they are often getting ripped off or double crossed in some way. The good news? This position is great for your spine, as it keeps it very straight throughout the night. Chiropractors highly recommend it! Maybe we'll give it a try after all.

The Yearner

The yearner is a lot like the log, except we feel like they've addressed the issue of potential 'dead arm'. Imagine the log, but with outstretched arms, as though the sleeper is yearning for something. People who sleep yearner-style have quite similar characteristics to those who choose the log, except the yearner is not quite as gullible, which is always a good thing.

As they're a lot less gullible, yearners can be a bit more cynical than logs and they're often suspicious when something sounds too good to be true. But they still have a very friendly and open nature, which seems like the best of both worlds. Yearners often set very high expectations for themselves and others, which is why they can often be suspicious of anyone claiming to be the best at something.

The Yearner (Continued)

One kind of frustrating thing about the yearner is that they can take a lifetime to make a decision about something. They're the type who will spend weeks looking at every review before purchasing a product or visiting a restaurant. Their high standards mean that they're always seeking perfection, but it can often be the very thing holding them back from success.

The good news is that once a yearner makes a decision, it is final. There's no going back and no regrets, they will stick with their choice until the very end, even if things go wrong. This position is also quite healthy and has been known to relieve sleep apnea and other breathing-related problems. It's not too bad for your back either, but the log is still slightly better on the spine alignment front.

The Right Side

We initially thought that 'side sleeping' would just be one position, but according to experts, personalities differ depending on which side you favor. One thing most side sleepers do have in common is that they're usually very willing to learn from others and expand their knowledge whenever possible. So far, so good! We like the sound of these people.

Let's get the health benefits out of the way first. People who sleep on their right side are really doing their hearts a favor. This is because there's no pressure on it and it sits just the way it normally does throughout the day. Chiropractors, doctors, and sleep experts generally agree that sleeping on your right side is slightly healthier than sleeping on your left side. Less pressure on major organs means you'll have a happier body in the morning.

The Right Side (Continued)

There are some very strange sleep surveys out there and we managed to stumble upon one by Sealy mattress manufacturers that studied sleep position and likely careers (it also covered a bunch of other weird statistics). Apparently, those who sleep on their right side are more likely to work manual jobs, such as transport, logistics, and manufacturing. They're also more likely to smoke cigarettes and drink caffeinated beverages.

Are all right side sleepers chain smoking, coffee drinking train drivers? No, definitely not. The survey just showed results skewed in that direction. It is interesting to note, though, that those working physical jobs tend to sleep in a position that is generally considered physically better for your body. We wonder if there's any correlation. We're not scientists, but it certainly seems like a pretty big coincidence!

The Left Side

To continue on with the bizarre Sealy survey results, we may as well let all the lefties know what their sleep style says about them. Career wise, those who favor their left side are more likely to work in corporate roles and professional services, such as marketing and advertising. They are also more likely to be at least degree educated. As for their smoking and coffee habits, we have no idea. Given the corporate job factor, we'd guess that coffee is definitely an important part of the left side sleeper's life, though.

As far as health benefits go, there are some good and bad things to go through with you. Some sources insist that the left side is no good for sleeping, as it puts pressure on major organs, such as the lungs, liver, and stomach.

The Left Side (Continued)

Other health-related sources have different opinions and it seems that the truth lies somewhere in between good and bad. There is some compelling evidence, which suggests that sleeping on your left side may relieve heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. So, it's great if you tend to suffer from those kinds of ailments on a regular basis.

The reason it relieves heartburn is because sleeping on the right side relaxes the esophageal sphincter to the point of it leaking stomach acid. Sleeping on the left doesn't result in any leakage. Sleeping on your left side while pregnant will also improve your baby's health. When you sleep on your left an increased amount of nutrients makes its way to the placenta. So, it's a yes to left side sleeping if you experience heartburn or if you're pregnant.

The Face Down

The face down position is probably the most controversial of all sleeping positions. People who don't sleep on their bellies are often baffled by how anyone actually sleeps this way all night, while stomach sleepers swear by it and wouldn't have it any other way. We appreciate their dedication to a sleep style that is definitely not the most popular among us.

We're feeling responsible right now, so we're going to throw out some health concerns real quick. The majority of doctors and chiropractors do not recommend this sleeping style for people with large breasts or people who are pregnant. It's also no good for people with existing neck and back injuries. It puts unnecessary pressure on the body and can often make things worse. If this is you, it's time to come up with a new position - we suggest the log.

The Face Down (Continued)

Anyone who has fallen asleep on their stomach by accident will probably be able to recall terrible neck pains and cramps upon waking up. This is because the neck shouldn't be in this position for very long, let along a whole night. It's not unusual for regular stomach sleepers to experience muscle spasms and chronic pain. But some swear they feel better than ever after some tummy time.

Sealy's sleep survey revealed that people who favor the face down position were heavy drinkers and worked in agriculture or other outdoor jobs. Stomach sleepers also tend to have a bit of an attitude and can be quite blunt at times. We don't mind, though, we appreciate all the honesty we can get from our friends and loved ones. Who doesn't love a sassy partner in crime?

The Freefall

A close relative to 'the face down' stomach sleeping position, the freefall involves sleeping on your belly, but with your hands up and wrapped around your pillow. We're not sure if this is just as bad for your neck as the normal stomach sleeping position, but apparently the freefall can be good for digestion, which is always a nice thing.

Much like those who like sleeping on their tums, people who favor the freefall can be a little brash at times. They make up for it, though, with their confidence, sociability, and tendency to be the life of the party. We can definitely put up with a little bit of attitude if it means we always have someone fun to go to parties with. This doesn't mean they can't be sweet-natured, it's just not their usual style.

The Freefall (Continued)

People who favor the freefall position are enthusiastic and confident, but their sleep style also indicates that they're not very thick-skinned when it comes to hearing criticism about themselves. You would never pick it, due to their sociable and excitable nature, but they will take things personally, even if it was only intended as constructive criticism or an offer of help.

This is a slightly confusing combination of traits, especially as freefallers are known to be risk takers. However, they also get anxious when they don't have control over a situation, which does align well with not being able to take criticism lightly. But like we said, it's not all bad if you're friends with a freefall sleeper - their playful spirit and ability to make any event or social occasion fun is well worth the effort.

The Soldier

It's not hard to imagine what this sleeping position entails. Just think of a soldier lying down and you've pretty much got the picture. Fans of the soldier position sleep on their backs with their arms straight by their sides and their legs straight. Only around eight percent of people report sleeping in the soldier position, so they're definitely a rare breed.

Much like the name of the sleep position, those favoring it often have very soldier-like demeanors. They follow a strict moral code and are often described as the strong and silent type. They take themselves very seriously, as well as those around them. As a result, they have extremely high standards set for both themselves and others. They can be very reserved and they really don't like to make a fuss about anything.

The Soldier (Continued)

While a lot of these tendencies sound a little negative, there is a lot of value in people who keep to themselves and don't like making a big deal of things. They're calming to be around and will never want or expect you to throw them a big surprise birthday party. Having said that, they can be tough taskmasters when they do expect something from you.

You would think the soldier position would be good for spinal alignment, but apparently, you're better off in the log position if you want to do the best thing for your back. The soldier can also be really bad for those suffering with sleep apnea and other respiratory problems. An unusually high number of soldier sleepers snore, due to the position being one of the least conducive to good breathing.

The Stargazer

What a romantic name for a sleep position! This one involves sleeping on your back with your hands wrapped around your head. Just imagine the position you take when you're outside on a blanket looking up at the stars. Based on the research conducted, the people who sleep in this position embody a lot of stargazer-like qualities, too. Though the position isn't that different from the soldier, the personalities of each couldn't be more different.

Stargazers are typically romantic souls who have very easygoing natures. They like to socialize and they also have great imaginations. Without even hearing anything further we can already recognize some of the lovely stargazers in our lives! Most people will have some stargazer friends, as they tend to be very popular and are known for nurturing their most important friendships.

The Stargazer (Continued)

The great thing about stargazers is that they really appreciate life and they make sure they don't forget to enjoy it. They are honest, hard-working, and very loyal friends. One of the downsides is that they do always want to be the center of attention and they can be very stubborn. But there are more than enough positives to make up for that!

Probably the most meaningful quality present in those who favor the stargazer sleeping position is how much time and effort they put into their friendships. Relationships with friends are a top priority in any stargazer's life and they'll go to the ends of the earth to help or defend those closest to them. They're the type of person you can call at two in the morning because you've just had a middle of the night crisis.

The Starfish

Here's another sleep position that looks exactly the way it sounds. People who sleep starfish style lay on their backs and make the most of all the mattress space available, arms and legs outstretched. We talked about the 'bed hog' as a couples sleeping position, which involves one generally very selfish person doing the starfish while the other fights for more space. But making the most of the starfish position while you're in bed alone doesn't make you a selfish person at all.

In fact, it's pretty much the opposite. Starfish sleepers are known for being great listeners and they're always ready to help a friend in need. They will be the first person to drop everything they're doing to help somebody else. They're extremely loyal and go to a lot of effort to prioritize their friendships.

The Starfish (Continued)

People who choose the starfish position are the types of people who are immediately likeable. When you meet them, they just give off a good vibe and make everybody feel comfortable and relaxed. It's almost as though their laidback attitude is infectious. While generally sociable and easygoing, starfish sleepers don't love being the center of attention (though they wouldn't mind if they were every now and again).

You should count yourself lucky if you have a couple of starfish sleeping friends. But you might want to advise them that their sleep position of choice isn't exactly doing them any favors in the health department. As with other back sleeping positions, it has been known to worsen breathing problems such as sleep apnea, as well as other respiratory conditions. A starfish sleeper will almost always snore.

The Freestyler

We all know someone who just can't make up their minds or refuses to commit to one thing. In the sleep world, people who don't stick with one position are known as freestylers. They'll try a bit of everything, as long as it gets them to sleep eventually. One night it might be the soldier, another night the log, or the freefall. They'll mix it up until they find the one that's just right for that particular night.

Freestyle sleepers definitely exist, but they are quite rare. Most of us have our set sleep style and stick with it. Not committing to one sleep position doesn't reflect on any kind of commitment issues in real life - that's one thing we know for sure. As for the rest, not a whole lot of research has been done on freestyle personalities, due to the rareness of it.

The Freestyler (Continued)

Though it's only a small portion of people who knowingly freestyle when it comes to which position they sleep in, experts have revealed that plenty of us change positions while we're asleep and don't even know about it. We'll generally wake up in our old favorite, but who knows what we were up to at three in the morning?

Moving around in your sleep is actually very good for your body, even though you wouldn't think it at first - tossing and turning is almost always spoken about as a negative thing. If we all stayed in the exact same position for the whole night, we'd constantly be waking up feeling stiff and sore. Moving around in your sleep also helps maintain muscle health, and keeps blood, hormones, and nutrients pumping around the body. Bring on the freestyle sleeping!



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