25 Photos To Test Your Intelligence, Can You Spot The Differences?

Entertainment | By Harriet King | April 20, 2018

Remember those little puzzle books from childhood? They were full of word games, brain teasers, and spot the difference challenges and they'd keep kids busy for hours. They were vacation essentials! The funny thing is, they never really lose their appeal and it's just as fun playing these games as adults.

We can recall family road trips simply flying by when we had 'spot the difference' puzzles to keep us busy the whole way. It should be totally acceptable to keep on playing when we're all grown up. The other cool thing is that these types of puzzles really test your intelligence.

Of course, it's now the twenty first century and we no longer use simple paperback puzzle books. But the spirit of the challenge is still there when we use our smartphones instead. Only a true genius can probably get all of these right. The Mona Lisa picture is REALLY difficult!

1. Snake Charmer

There's nothing more fascinating than a snake charmer. How did they even figure out that they could do that? We tend to think it somehow happened by accident and then the whole town caught on. If you ever visit Morocco, you'll see the snakes, transfixed, in the town squares as snake charmers play their hypnotizing tunes. It's quite a sight to behold, but also a little freaky at the same time!

These guys aren't only playing an instrument, they're also sitting right by a snake and risking getting bitten. You kind of have to admire it. This picture has three differences to spot. Some are very easy, while others are a little more challenging. Try not to think too much about exotic tunes and creepy snakes and you should be able to find them with no problems.


For all the people with snake phobias, did you manage to keep your cool whilst staring at a possessed snake for several minutes? We hope so! We bet you noticed one stand out thing: this snake has two tails in the second picture. In the first picture it looks totally normal (well, besides the part where it is hypnotized by music).

Next up, the snake charmer appears to be holding a second instrument or perhaps a weapon in the first photo. Kind of like a thin tube of bamboo. In the second picture it is nowhere to be seen. Did you manage to pick the last one? It's all the way up the top. In the first picture the charmer's turban is missing its knot. In the second picture all seems to be well in the world of turban physics.

2. Street Art

Wow, we're not quite sure where this street is located, but this is definitely one of the coolest houses we've ever seen. We wonder what the property owner asked for when they commissioned the work - "hey, just some magical tree trunks and some bright colors would be great, thanks!" It certainly looks like that's what they asked for, anyway.

This picture is slightly tougher than the previous image featuring the swim girl. There's a lot more going on and this time you have to look for two differences, instead of just one. Searching through all of those colors is kind of hard work, but we're pretty sure you'll get there in the end! Try to put the magical trees out of your mind and just focus for a few seconds. You'll figure it out soon.


Did you find the differences? We have to say, this is definitely one of the hardest ones to pick. If you look at the doorway on the left, you'll notice the archway above it is painted orange. That same archway in the second picture is painted green. It's so easy to miss because the trees are almost the exact same shade of green.

The second difference is on the pillar to the right. Do you see the top of the pillar, where it's painted pink? There is detailing present in the first picture, but if you look at the second picture, you'll notice that half of it is missing. Whatever your result, we hope you at least enjoyed looking at this gorgeous house! We're going to start trying to find out where in the world we can find it.

3. Garden Room

Would anyone be able to look at this lovely garden room and not want to curl up inside with a good book and a hot cup of tea? We're sure it can't just be us. The rustic driftwood style of the exterior, combined with that extremely comfortable armchair are a match made in actual heaven. And the plants! We love all of the plants snaking in and out of the room.

We're kind of gradually raising the bar on the volume of differences you have to spot, in case you hadn't noticed. This time, you need to find three of them in order to complete the puzzle. Try not to start day dreaming about your fantasy life as the owner of this adorable garden room and start hunting for a trio of differences instead!


We have to let you all in on a little secret: we totally struggled with this one! After spending way more time on this than we'd care to admit, we finally got there, but we definitely considered taking a peek at the answers to get it all over with. We must have stared at every little plant detail for at least five minutes each...

Did you find all three differences? If not, take a look at the two plant pots on either side of the comfy armchair. In the first picture, the one on the right is blue and the one on the left is orange. In the second picture, the one on the right is orange and the one on the left is blue. They've been switched! The other difference is that the bird in the front left window is missing in the second picture.

4. Beach Scene

Ah, what we wouldn't give for a gorgeously sunny day at the beach after a winter that has felt centuries long. We can barely even remember the last time we put our swimsuits on, so this image is definitely giving us a little FOMO right now. Never mind, summer is on its way and we're going to be ready for the sun and plenty of beach days to go with it.

We're sticking with the trio of differences again. Three was tough when we studied the previous garden house image, so let's just see how it goes again with the beach scene picture. Our advice is to not to be too depressed about the fact that you're not the one at the beach. You can always do that another day. Focus on finding those three differences.


Are these genuinely really hard or is it just us? We are definitely seeing some inadequacies with our difference-finding skills. The beach might be the most difficult one yet. The first difference we found was on the main rock formation on the sand. In the first picture there's a poster stuck to it and in the second picture, it's not there.

The next thing you may have noticed is that the man walking alone near the rock formation in the first picture is not taking a stroll down the beach in the second image - he has completely disappeared. The toughest one was figuring out that where there was no mountain in the first image, one has suddenly grown out of nowhere in the second image. Still can't see it? Look way up the back, past the beach.

5. Carousel

This takes us back to childhood memories of the local fairground. Remember the carousel being the most exciting part? Waving to your parents as you zoomed by on your horse would always provide such a rush. In reality, carousels are actually kind of slow! If you've ever been back as an adult you will totally know what we're talking about.

No matter what your experience of the carousel was, the one thing we can all agree on is how colorful the horses always look. That's why this is one of the most perfect images for spotting differences, though they do tend to hide easily amongst all the brightness and saddle details. This time we're looking for a total of three things that aren't the same in both pictures. Good luck and enjoy the fairground memories while you look.


This one was really hard! All of the colors seem to melt into each other, making it really hard to pick out any differences. We hope you got there in the end and didn't get too frustrated. We'll start with the easiest answer first. Did you notice the different saddle colors? In the first image it's brown and in the second one it is blue on top.

Now, check out the red rings underneath the horses. There's an extra little one that snuck in on the second picture that wasn't there in the first image. Last but not least, glance over to the pillar on the right. The blue decorations at the top are where you'll spot the final difference. In the first image they run all the way across and in the second, the last one is missing.

6. Belle

We've got to admit, we get a bit nervous when someone wants to remake a Disney classic. Beauty and The Beast is one of everybody's old school favorites. The only thing keeping us hopeful was the lovely Emma Watson being cast as Belle. And, of course, she totally nailed it! Who would have thought that the live action version could ever compete with the original?

Being a big Beauty and The Beast fan might not help you out with this next challenge, though. Is it wrong that we wanted to abandon the whole thing in favor of an Emma Watson themed movie night? Pizza and beers included, of course. This time you'll need to spot of total of three differences to progress to the next level of expertise. Stay very focused, you can do it!


Another tough one to add to your list of accomplishments. We struggled a little bit, but we managed to figure it out eventually. Probably the most obvious one is Belle's nail color. In the first image she doesn't appear to be wearing any nail polish. In the second image her nails are painted a burnt orange color.

Next one up is her hair. Belle is looking slightly tidier in the first image, with just one strand of hair out of place. In the second image, things have gotten a little messy with two strands now in the picture. The third one was the most difficult to find. If you notice the wall behind the pillar to the left of the picture, you'll see there is detailing in the first picture that isn't there in the second.

7. Eiffel Tower

Who hasn't fantasized about a luxurious vacation in Paris? Living on cheese, baguettes, and champagne, visiting the Moulin Rouge, checking out Notre Dame Cathedral, and viewing famous artworks at the Louvre. It wouldn't be complete without trip to the Avenue des Champs-?lysées and Arc de Triomphe. And eclectic Montmarte and the Sacré-C?ur basilica would be on the itinerary for sure.

But we think everyone can agree that the main event is certainly the Eiffel Tower. Kids dream about going, couples in love dream about going. Let's be real, everyone dreams about going at some point. This is one of the world's most recognizable icons, after all. Have fun thinking about Paris while you spot a total of four differences in this photo. But don't get too distracted - we almost took a break to go out for croissants.


There was a lot to look for in the Eiffel Tower challenge, so we won't drag our feet getting to the answers. Did anyone notice the horse statue on the left? In the second image its leg is curled around more tightly than it appears in the first. The same can be said for the horse on the right, although in this case the situation has been reversed and the one from the first picture has the curled-up leg.

In the first image, standing right by the horse statue to the left, are two people. In the second image, one of them has disappeared. Now for the final and trickiest difference. All the way underneath the Eiffel Tower, on the left side of the road, there are missing street lamps in the first picture. In the second picture, they're there.

8. The Birth Of Venus

Botticelli's famous renaissance painting, 'The Birth of Venus' is truly an iconic symbol of the exciting rebirth that took place in Europe so many hundreds of years ago. Sometimes we end up day dreaming about what it would have been like to be an artist living in Florence at the time. The creativity and spirit in the air must have been unlike anything else before it. Or after it, for that matter.

The Birth of Venus has continued to captivate audiences throughout the ages, proving that Botticelli's work is truly timeless. As well as the work of many of his well-known Renaissance peers. We loved being able to look at this beautiful painting while we spotted all of the differences in it. Just so you know, you should be looking for three in this picture.


Did you find them all or did you get too distracted looking at Venus's flowing locks? We won't lie, we kind of did! Once we finally snapped out of it, it was actually pretty tough locating where the differences were. The first thing you probably noticed was the additional flower hovering over Venus's right shoulder. It doesn't appear in the first image, but it's quite obviously there in the second one.

Next, our interesting winged man on the left revealed a hidden difference. In the second image he is definitely missing a finger. Maybe that's why he looks so sad. Finally, the reeds at the bottom left are the last giveaway. In the first picture, the buds of the reeds only exist on two stems. But we can see three buds in the second picture.

9. Scooby Doo

Can you even look at a picture of Scooby Doo without singing that theme song in your head? "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you, we've got some work to do now?" For some reason, even though the 'monster' was always unmasked as just a regular human, we still got freaked out when the Mystery Machine and the gang would head inside some abandoned fairground to investigate strange reports of monster sightings.

In this image, Scooby Doo seems like he might just be enjoying a vacation. He's certainly not acting like his scaredy-cat self while kicking back in his beach chair. Or he might be doing some casual lifeguarding work? Seems like an odd fit, but he has all the gear. This time we're looking for a whopping six differences. Best of luck finding them all.


We don't usually have so many differences to find, so this Scooby Doo lifeguard challenge was quite fun. Did you manage to locate them all? The first one we spotted was Scooby's eyes. They're totally normal in the first picture and then a bizarre shade of bright green in the second one. It looks freaky! Next up, his binocular lenses are clear in the first picture and then dark blue in the second picture.

Scooby wouldn't have been a great lifeguard in the second image - his whistle has disappeared from around his neck. He has also had a collar change. In the first image he's wearing his classic blue collar and in the second one he has changed it to hot pink. There's a spot under his right arm that isn't there in the second image and there's also a bolt missing from his chair.

10. Big Ben

What a classic photograph of London! We're not sure when it was taken, but one of the most reassuring things about this exciting capital is that it always looks the same. The red buses, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey have always been around in our lifetimes and it's actually quite comforting to know what you're getting when you visit this beautiful city. Sometimes it feels like you might even see the Queen walking her corgis, that's how classic London feels when you're there.

If you've ever visited Big Ben, you'll know that this isn't just another clock. Ben is imposing and totally steals the show. Try not to get to lost in him, though, you've got some work to do! This time we're looking for a total of four differences between the two photos.


Well, one or two things in this picture kind of indicate when it may have been taken. First, you've got the airplane in the left corner of the second photo that isn't present in the first photo. So, we know that planes were in the sky at the time. Secondly, the bus displays are not digital, which could indicate that this picture was taken pre-90s. Did you notice the different route numbers in each photo?

Okay, enough detective work from us! Let's get the rest of the answers covered. The lamppost on the right is missing its top in the second picture. And last but not least, Big Ben's clock face is displaying a different time in each image. In the first picture it's ten o'clock and in the second one it's twenty past twelve.

11. Spongebob

Oh Spongebob, such a modern-day meme sensation. It feels like every time we look at social media there's a new Spongebob meme doing the rounds. We have to admit that most of them are totally hilarious, though. Now that we think about it, we're not sure if we've even watched an episode. When does it air? Is it a thing that everyone just watches online?

The other thing we're never sure about is whether Spongebob is a show for children or not. Some of the jokes seem like they're meant for adults. Whatever your thoughts on Spongebob, we don't mind, as long as you manage to find the differences in these two pictures. You should be on the look out for a total of three discrepancies. We're trying not to focus on Spongebob dropping all of the things he's juggling right now.


There's a lot going on in this picture. We were sure the differences would be in some tiny underwater bubble, but we were very wrong. They're quite obvious when you finally locate them. Spongebob's nautical themed hat was the first thing we saw. In the first image his hat features an anchor, while in the second one it has changed to a snowflake. We think the anchor is more his style.

The ketchup top is another pretty easy one. In the first image it's red and in the second image it's green. Now, for the third difference, we don't actually know how to describe it. It's some kind of special flower that appears in the second image but isn't there in the first one. It even has a little plate that it's resting on during the juggling process.

12. Miley Cyrus

Is there anyone in the world who can't get up and dance to a Miley Cyrus hit? Whether you prefer her Disney Channel Hannah Montana days, her early pop career ('Party in the USA' anyone?), or more recent hits, such as 'Wrecking Ball' and 'Malibu', you've got to be into something. Miley has changed her image so many times that she almost becomes a completely different artist with every album release.

In this photo, our favorite pop princess is looking gym casual, but still smoking hot, of course. We'd suggest switching on your favorite Miley tune and trying to find all of the differences before its over. You'll need to find a total of four differences in this one. We don't know about you, but we're going to go old school and turn on 'See You Again' - a certified Miley classic!


Assuming you didn't end up having a spontaneous dance party in your house, how did your difference spotting go? We have to admit, we struggled with some of these ones. Or maybe we just got too busy singing. First up, Miley freakishly has no belly button in the second image. It looks so weird when you first notice it, but it's sort of hard to pick at first.

Another difference is that she has a shooting star on her t-shirt in the first image, but it's missing in the second one. The print on her gym shorts is also slightly different in each picture. In the second one it appears to be denser. Finally, she's missing her wrist bling in the second picture. We just love that she wears such chunky jewelry to the gym!

13. Disney Gang

Yay, it's the whole gang of Disney favorites right here! Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck are some of the first beings we're introduced to as kids, so we can't deny there's a little nostalgia present when we look at this picture. Did anyone else pretty much beg their parents to take them to Disney World when they were younger? We feel like we asked for it non-stop!

This challenge is either very easy or very difficult depending on what your style is. The reason for this assessment is because there's only one difference to find. For some people they'll be done in two seconds, while others might scour the image for at least five minutes trying to find that one discrepancy. Either way, we have faith that you'll get there in the end!


If you're like us, you probably spent way too much time studying that big Disney castle. We honestly peeked in every single window and examined every turret, positive there would be some little detail there. We legitimately counted every single pointy bit with no luck at all. Next, we assumed the flags would be it. There's quite a bit of detail on them, surely it had to be there.

But no. Of course, the one difference was right under our nose the whole time. It's not Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, or Pluto. It's the star of Disney, Mickey Mouse. Did you see that his left ear is totally blacked out in the second image, but in the first one it's a shade of gray inside? We didn't pick it for quite some time, but then it seemed so obvious!

14. Spanish Steps

Anyone been to the Spanish Steps in Rome? It must be one of the most romantic places in all of Europe, maybe even the world. If these stairs and the accompanying water fountain don't immediately transport you back in time, you must be doing it wrong. Either that or there's simply too many tourists around these days to concentrate.

If you remember the film Roman Holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn, you can blame it for making these fairly little-known steps super famous to American audiences. You may have also seen them in The Talented Mr. Ripley, starring Matt Damon. Actually, they've appeared in so many works of art, it's no wonder they're so popular. We'll give you another famous reference of the beautiful Spanish Steps if you can find four differences in these pictures for us!


Okay, you did it and now we're going to deliver. If you know the song 'When I Paint My Masterpiece' by Bob Dylan, he references the "Spanish Stairs" several times. Now we're going to give you the answers to this challenge. Up on the right side of the church, you can see the sky through the bell tower in the first image. In the second image it's completely blacked out.

Keeping our eyes up on the building next to the church, you'll notice a weird little dome in the second picture that isn't there in the first one. Now take your vision to the top of the stairs. There's a dude looking very relaxed as he takes in his surroundings in the second picture. But he doesn't appear in the first. Last difference is the change in t-shirt color for the man at the bottom left of the photo.

15. Samurai

When you think of action movies, samurai flicks are some of the best out there. The precision with which they deliver deadly blows, those crazy swords, and with all of that armor on too. How do they do it? We know it's often just the movies, but we like to think that real life samurais are just as skillful. Maybe even more so than what they show us from Hollywood.

There's a lot to unpack here in this samurai picture. So much protective fighting gear, so many weapons - the differences could be anywhere. We'll let you in on a secret: you should be looking for a total of four discrepancies here. When you've discovered them, why not reward yourself with your favorite samurai action film? Get the popcorn started now and it should be ready to go just in time!


This one was certainly a bit of a mixed bag. Some differences were immediately obvious, while others were much harder to spot. We had a really tough time with one of them in particular. We're sure you must have instantly noticed the blade in our samurai's right hand, though. In the second picture there is much more shading than what you see in the first.

The shoes are another giveaway. In the first image he looks like he's almost wearing flip flops. In the second one it looks more like a boot (much better for fighting, in our opinion). Next are the swords tucked into his waistband. In the first image you can see the ends of them sticking out past his left hand. In the second image the ends are removed. There's also a line on one of the handles that isn't there in the second picture.

16. Moonlight

What a perfect scene this picture paints. In fact, we spent way too long trying to guess where this seaside image is. First, we thought Scotland, but wouldn't it be too cold to leave the window open at night? It has to be somewhere in Europe, though. But is it the southern Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Malta, or Spain, or maybe somewhere in Scandinavia, such as Norway or Sweden? Where ever it is, it looks magical.

We wouldn't mind a bedroom looking out to the sea, but for now we'll just have to settle for finding all the differences and winning this game instead. This is one of the easier ones, so you won't have to stare at the billowy curtains and perfect evening for too long. Find two differences and you can move on.


We told you it was an easy one. In the first image the moon is nowhere to be seen, giving the picture a much moodier feel. In the second image it is high in the sky, glowing bright in the left corner. We kind of preferred the gloomy version with no moon if we're being totally honest with you. But we guess both images still look pretty special.

Finally, an imperfection has been spotted. In the second image there is a little mouse cave present near the woman's right foot. Maybe she's only awake because a rodent has been scurrying around her room, keeping her up. In the first image there is no sign of the mouse, which again leads us to prefer this scene over the other one. We'd probably still move here, even with the mouse house, though.

17. Homemade Soap

There's nothing like high quality homemade beauty products! Just looking at this photo makes us want to jump in a hot bath and soak for a few hours. Let's not forget to bring a large glass of red wine and a good book with us, too. We can just imagine the wonderful scents taking over and relaxing us to the point of almost falling asleep. Anyway, enough of that day dream! We've got work to do.

To finish things on a high note, you'll be looking for a total of eight differences amongst the soaps. It's the final frontier - you've come so far and we're proud of you making it all the way to the end. Some of these were tough! So, time to get going and maybe afterwards you can reward yourself with a nice bath.


Wow, there's a lot to unpack here, so let's get straight into it. Probably the most obvious answer is that there's an extra slice of lemon in the second picture. The first picture only features two, while the second one has three. Next, the soap in the top left corner is green in the first picture and blue in the second picture. You'll also notice that the blue soap in the middle of the image has an extra bit of string tied around it in the second picture.

The white soap is missing a dried rose petal and there are a few other missing and extra bits of petals in other places, too. Check out an additional petal near the lemons, missing petals above the bath salts, an extra grey petal to the right of the blue center soap, and a new petal in the top right corner.

18. Toy Story

Toy Story has got to be one of the best Pixar movies of all time. As little kids watching it for the first time, it really gave us hope that our toys were living regular lives while we weren't looking. Watching Woody ride his horse and Buzz Lightyear pretending to fly was both totally hilarious and very uplifting. Or were we the only ones who thought our toys might be alive after seeing it?

So much of the old Toy Story gang is present in this picture, it's hard not to replay some of the best moments in our heads as we look around for the differences. We are left wondering why Woody isn't in this scene, though? But that's not as important as finding three differences as quick as you can. To infinity and beyond!


Wow, this was another tough one for sure. Some of the differences are so discreet, we were staring at this picture for ages. We guess the most obvious difference is Buzz Lightyear's chest plate. In the first image it has a bright red button on it (presumably so he can do all of the astronaut things he needs to do). In the second image it's not there at all.

We can't get over how subtle this next one is. Take a look at the door. Have you noticed that in one image the key slot is vertical and in the other one it's horizontal? This is some next level attention to detail. Last but not least, our alarm clock. In the first image, dots denote the hours on the clock face. In the second image, we can see the number two instead of a dot.

19. Gasoline

We've never been to a gas station like this, but we definitely want to try now. There's a lot going on - the vintage pumps and crowded signage give it such a vintage feel. Almost like a road trip taking place in the 1960s. Of course, we imagine a totally retro car to go with it. Like a Mustang. Or a Cadillac. Sadly, a lot of this stuff has been lost to the past, but we're happy there are at least some photos for reminiscing.

Before you start thinking about taking that all-American road trip you've been thinking about doing for years, why not find the four differences between these two images? We'll give you a hint: most of these ones are pretty easy compared to previous challenges, but you might struggle with one of them.


We can just imagine your thought process as you started scouring this retro gas station for clues. So many signs, so many colors, so much distraction. You probably also checked out the lady in the background to see if any of the differences were tucked away in the corner. Let's start with the hardest one for a change. Did you pick the 'one way' sign in the first image that changes to 'one day' in the second one?

If you caught the 'one way' difference you probably got the rest of them. The first gas pump has a different brand in each image. The 'G-A-S' sign hanging above the pumps changes to 'G-S-S' in the second image. Last but not least, the brands on the last pump switch around, too. Dinoco Gasoline becomes Tulsa Tea.

20. London

We already had a Big Ben picture before, but as far as we're concerned, you can never have too much London. Plus, you'll be fully prepared after all of your practice now. This one puts the famous double decker buses into the spotlight. If you've ever ridden up top, you know how exciting it is riding past all the London attractions you've seen in the movies.

Before you get ahead of yourself and start looking right away, we'd like to let you know that there are more differences than usual to spot this time. Four of them, to be exact. Don't waste time thinking about how another Europe trip is in order. We definitely fully support all of these travel plans, but you should spot the differences first and then get back to those thoughts.


With four differences to go through, we won't waste time going through these answers. First up, did anyone notice the route number on the bus to the right? In the first image it's the 148 and in the second one it has changed to the 203. Just above that bus, there's a cloud in the first image. When you look to the second image you can see it has disappeared.

Big Ben's pillars are looking magnificent in the first picture, but by the second picture, the furthest one to the left has somehow gone missing. Finally, let's reveal the most difficult. Anyone with a keen eye will have noticed that the time is different on each clock face. In the first image it's quarter to ten and in the second image it's ten past twelve.

21. Gladiator

Full disclosure - we don't even know if this guy is a real gladiator. We mean, he definitely looks like one and he is definitely wearing gladiator-style armor. But we're not quite sure what the deal is with the dead bear on top of his head. This is way more over the top than a bearskin hat - it's an actual full bear perched up there! Animal rights activists would certainly have something to say about this if it happened in modern times.

Luckily for us, we don't have to worry about ever encountering men wearing dead animals as hats. Or the activists that would surely be making noise about it. Let's be grateful for that and start hunting for the three differences hidden in these pictures instead. A little hint: they're not in the bear hat.


Upon studying the image, things started becoming a little confusing. Here we were thinking this picture was set hundreds of years ago, yet there's an airplane in the second image? There's no way this guy should have been around with that kind of technology! The first image without the plane makes so much more sense.

The first image also shows our gladiator holding a spear or some other kind of weapon, which totally fits the scene. But in the second image it's gone. Maybe he found it unnecessary due to it apparently being modern times? Lastly, there's a detail missing from our man's face armor in the second image - there are only three screws instead of four. We'll still never understand what exactly is going on with this gladiator, but we wish him and his weird hat the best.

22. Hogwarts Express

All the Harry Potter fans will get a kick out of this one. How exciting is it to see the Hogwarts Express on this list? As kids, and, let's be honest, as adults, we've always wanted to take a ride on this famous yet totally imaginary train. Preferably with Harry, Ron, and Hermione as our carriage buddies. Though the idea of running into the wall at platform nine and three quarters isn't tempting, we'd definitely do it in exchange for just a moment on the Hogwarts Express.

In this one, you've got three differences to spot, and no points for getting distracted and heading to your bookshelf. It's too easy to lose yourself in the wizarding world, so it's best to stay focused for now. We would also like to clarify that there's no magic going on here, it's the same deal as the previous challenges.


Remember Harry's excitement when he took his first train to Hogwarts? We were almost that excited when we finally managed to locate all of the discrepancies between these two images. We have to wonder if the train in the first image is really ready to get to Hogwarts, as the plume of steam out the back is not present like it is in the second one.

We've also noticed that the number on front of the train is different: 5972 in the first image and 3816 in the second image. We don't know what it means, but we're going to put it down to magic. Next, we have some mysterious footprints in the second image that aren't visible at all in the second one. We just love all the Harry Potter mystery, even in spot the difference games!

23. Craftswoman

Look at this lovely, happy craftswoman sitting by a canal, enjoying her work. Where do you think she is? We're kind of leaning towards the Netherlands. Or maybe that's only because we can't think of many more places that have canals. It's kind of hard to see what exactly our craftswoman is crafting, but with a smile like that, it's got to be something good. At least you'd know that a lot of love went into making it.

There's a lot going on in this sweet, potentially European scene. While that can make things more entertaining, it can also be a real pain for spotting differences. There's just too much to look at and we definitely want to take a ride in one of those boats to see more of the area. Try to find three differences in less than five minutes.


Though this craftswoman looks just as happy in both images, we can't help but notice that she has a very nice watch on her left wrist in the first image. In the second image it's gone, but we're glad to see it hasn't affected her positive spirit in any way. If you take a look over her shoulder, you might see that there's a blue flag in the window behind her.

In the first image, the flag's logo is small and circular. In the second image it's completely different and more spread out over the entire flag. The last difference was the hardest for us. Check out the pavement next to the chair opposite the craftswoman. You can see that the tiles are not defined in the second image, but in the first image they definitely are.

24. Swimmer

This one is a really tough one! This swimmer is clearly just out of the pool and she is not looking super happy. Maybe she has realized her swim record has been broken by a competitor. Maybe she was hoping to smash her own personal best and failed. Maybe the dude in the background has been causing trouble. He does look kind of annoying if you squint really hard! I guess we'll never really know what's going on.

Something we can know, though, is what the difference is between these two pictures. There's only one, so don't go looking for hundreds of different things at once. Take a close look at her swimsuit, small details, such as logos, as well as items in the background (like the annoying guy behind our female swimmer).


We have to admit, we did try to throw you off there for a while by hinting you should be looking at other things, such as our swimmer's swimsuit logo. But you're way too smart for that, we bet. Of course, the one difference is that in the second picture she is wearing an earring. We wonder if that's what was holding back her swim time in this race. Sometimes the tiniest things can make all the difference.

We're not even joking - it's why male swimmers shave off all of their body hair before a race. In the water, it might end up holding them back. So, we're not sure if our swimmer made the right choice by getting into the pool with her earrings on. Hopefully she'll make some better swimwear choices next time!

25. Mona Lisa

We already talked about Paris and visiting the famous Louvre art gallery before. Well, the mysterious Mona Lisa is just one of the many works of art housed within its walls. One of the coolest things about her is that no matter where you are in relation to the painting, she's always looking at you. Which can also be a little creepy, too. She has the kind of look that says she knows exactly what you're up to.

We won't let a picture of a painting intimidate us while we're trying to spot the two differences in it. And you shouldn't either. Just ignore Mona Lisa's perpetually roving eyes and focus on the task at hand. It might be tough with that creepy stare fixed on you the whole time, but we have faith in your abilities!


This could have ended in several ways. A - you spotted all the differences like a normal person. B - you got too freaked out by the Mona Lisa stare and couldn't concentrate, thus failing the task. C - you booked flights to Paris to meet her in real life. Okay, the flight to Paris is kind of outrageous, but we've been thinking about it a lot these days.

The first difference might be one of the easiest ones on this whole list. In the first image there is no ring on the Mona Lisa's right hand. In the second image, it's very much there, and she even looks kind of smug about it, somehow. The second difference is a little subtler, but it can be found right by Mona Lisa's right elbow. A ledge present in the first picture has been completely removed in the second one.



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