Ridiculous Photos That Can't Be Logically Explained

Humor | By Cole Damon | April 6, 2018

Back in the day when you wanted to show someone your photos, you'd have them over and you'd show them a binder full of physical photographs. If they showed you a really weird picture, you could ask them about it. Not in this digital age though. If you see a weird picture, you may never get the full story.

If you're thinking that there's no way there's a picture that could be so bizarre that you'd have lingering questions about it, then you're about to have your world rocked to its core. I'm about to hire a private investigator to help find the original photographers so I can get some answers.

Now sit back and enjoy it as we attempt to make sense of these deeply confusing photos, and if you're the photographer, let us know in the comments! We're confused and could use your help! The last photo will make you fall to the floor, so make sure to put some cushions around your computer chair.

Pizza on Wheels

There are many people out there with different passion and likes. These people want to live life in their own merry way and they are not undeterred by whatever comes in their way. Nothing can hold them back from doing things that other might call crazy or strange. These people are hard to understand and we may never get to know what goes on in their minds.

This guy here had ordered a pepperoni pizza and wanted to have a good time rolling with it. But, when he decided to put pen on paper, the idea didn't work out well. People who saw him rolling in his car with pizza on his wheels were taken aback and reminded him of the poor children in Africa who could do with some pizza right now in this era of hunger.


Jenga is one of the most renowned indoor games out there. This game is played on many levels and everyone loves playing in day in and out. Many people love playing the game of Jenga and safe to say it is one game that is loved by people from all parts of the country. We all love playing it and no one backs out of a jenga experience.

While some people would play Jenga when they have the time and resources, others step out of their zones to ensure that they have a good time. This guy was sitting at a park when he noticed two guys on his right playing a game of Jenga with some chicken nuggets. We're having a really hard time explaining this, so you can do some understanding on your own.

Looking For Something?

So we continue the list with this picture, which is a very threatening one to explain and define. We have a lot of questions to ask related to this picture and would go one by one. Why is this person trying to hide under the dashboard of the car? How did the person get inside the dashboard of the car, since it is a constrained place with a lot of wires?

Although, we don't have many people telling us what was really happening here. What we do know is that this is beyond explanation. We partly do not want to hear the explanation for this because it would be so messed up in the head and would not help us sleep peacefully. This picture is best left the way it is, away and far away from the world.


Everyone has a different perception of a perfect shopping experience. While some perceive their perfect shopping experience to have a lot of thrill, others would just want and get what they want without having people notice them doing what they are doing. Some people however are confused when it comes to shopping and cannot think of anything good to do.

This guy here had gone to shopping and had a hard time stopping himself from the urge to roll some weed. He had been tired of the shopping and was feeling hot, which is why he took off his shirt and started taking some weed in the middle of the store. The operator by his side looks like he really is pissed off and may appreciate if this guy just walks away from here to be honest.

Bath Time Bike

There are some pictures that present a lot of questions when you first see them. You are unable to come to terms with what is happening in them, and all you can do is look at the picture and sheepishly smile at your inability to make head or toe out of the image. These pictures can be a big question mark and can make you feel confused.

This picture here is one that falls into this category. We really want to know what is happening over here, but since this picture poses so many questions we cannot get the answers. The first question is why this kid would like to get a bike into the shower. This is the most concrete question and once we get an answer to this, we will continue with the rest.


The world really has progressed a lot in the last couple of decades, but if there is one thing that we have lost in the process, it is our morality. We are no more the humans that we used to be before and our lives are now shrouded by the pains and memories of the past. This lack of morality has meant that we now end up doing things that make us look weird.

This sculptor makes chairs for people to sit on and he wanted to amaze his customer by showing his skills to them. In a bid to amaze customers he crossed a certain limit and made a chair with Jesus on it. Now, we don't classify ourselves as overly religious, but there are certain limits to what you do. We find explaining this picture really hard and believe that we could have done without seeing this photo.


Fashion is one thing that is really developing in the world. We see aspiring models and designers come up and astound us with a brilliant show of their skills. This makes for interesting viewership and makes all of us big fans of the fashion industry. While some designers end up making controversial designs, the general notion about the industry is a really positive one.

This model over here wanted to exhibit a new look for a designer and was asked to slightly modify her eye brows. Now, she prided herself on her eye brows, but did adhere to the demands of her superior. She got her eyebrows modified, and this is how she ended up looking. This is not the way a woman should have her eyebrows made and we really hope that someone comes up with a better design.

Creepy Cups

Imagine drinking your favorite beverage from a straw and having to look down on this. This bottle cap for literally all kinds of glasses and bottles really does amaze us. Why would someone in their right mind even want to drink juice or whatever they want to drink from these straws? Not only does it look really idiotic, but we also cannot find any sense to this activity.

We have seen many weird things happening, but drinking from this bottle or glass would be the limit to it. Imagine having to drink from this with a face of a baby made on it. This looks so incomprehensible on so many levels that we cannot even talk about it without losing our temper. We're just hoping that someone bans these cups before they become viral everywhere.

Airplane Madness

Many people have a fear of heights and haven't really had a seat on a plane before. These people don't know the manners that govern being on a plane in mid air and don't know how they should behave. There is a certain amount of ambiguity that rules their mind and they have no idea of how to limit it or combat it.

This guy here was travelling on an airplane for the first time and wanted to have a good sleep on the way. Since he was a very active sleeper, the guy didn't like being confined within the seatbelt. This is exactly why he started maneuvering around in his sleep and ended up being in this position. We are literally amazed that this guy can sleep in such a position. Seeing him makes us uncomfortable.

Can You See It?

If you ever wanted to see a photo that defines weirdness then this is the photo you need by your side. These guys from a neighborhood here can be seen having a good time together. They hang about in this open area every once a while and have a good time partying and all with each other. This is a daily routine for them and they don't overhype it much.

However, there are certain details about this picture that have astounded us. The first one that you will see is the guy's hairstyle. But, before we talk about that, we wanna talk about that guy cycling at the back. Who in their sane mind cycles like that? Who in their sane mind gets a haircut like that? These are some questions that we would want this lot to answer us.

Genius Yet Ridiculous

Whoever made this slide at the terrace of this building needs to be given a prize for the most useless creation of the 21st century. Humans nowadays have decreased the value of slides and don't include them as part of their lives in comparison to the way they used to do back in the day. This has really changed our manners and we aren't the way we were back in the day.

However, this guy was reminded of making a slide in his haste, and for picking the most stupid point for the slide. Why would someone in their right mind want to make a slide and a playhouse for children at the very top of a building? This is a recipe for a major failure and we hope that no players are made to play in the interesting stadium nearby.

Didn't See That

There are some photos in life that you just got to pretend that you didn't see. Not every photo in life exudes the vibe that you would want from it and some people don't go according to the way you want. These photos should best be ignored and you should proceed with your life in the way that you were proceeding before.

This guy was walking through his school's alleyway, when he saw something particularly disturbing sitting at the corner. Upon further inspection the guy found out that this person had been held inside the bag by a bully and was told to quietly sit there. Everyone had a laugh and this guy took a picture of it and posted it online. We cannot understand this picture, no matter how hard we try to understand it.

Coke Heads

People really do love their favorite brands a lot nowadays. The love/hate relationship that people had with their brands in the past has taken a new form and people just love the idea of supporting their favorite brands. This idea is very popular and we hope that it gets even popular. However, some values shouldn't be compromised in the process.

This is Japan and certain fans of Coke had gathered for a Coke Fest. They were all having a good time when someone from within the party came up with these coke heads. Safe to say many of these guys weren't amused, but still had to wear these plastic heads on their head to show their love for the brand. We just wanna know why the woman isn't wearing a coke head on her head here.

Trampoline Epic Fail

Jumping on a trampoline is an experience that all of us love. We just love going back to our younger days jumping aimlessly on a trampoline. However, if there is one thing that should be taken care of, it is that these jumps should be timed well, because we aren't as lean as we used to be back in the day. It is important that you realize your weight gain and jump accordingly here.

This woman here was catapulted back into her younger days by the trampoline and she wanted to enjoy and remember those days through her own merry ways. She started jumping with force and power and many people did come to warn her. But, she didn't pay heed to anyone and kept jumping and ended up having her head stuck down the middle.


Directions can be really hard to understand for many. Regardless of how much they try to get to a location, they are unable to get to it because of the lack of understanding that they have towards directions. This can be really weird and sometimes not even the internet or Google Maps can come to the help of these people.

Imagine going somewhere and you come across this board. To add to the story, let's imagine you are bad at signs. This board over here has a Stop sign to it and is stopping anyone from going literally anywhere. The board looks weird and is stopping people from going with the flow. We just hope the person who took the photo isn't still standing there. That would be really weird and something that we would want.


If there ever was a prize for the weirdest photos, this picture would come close to bagging the prize. The man in this photo looks like he is having a rather tough time getting through the winters. Winters can be tough on many people, but we never knew that winters could make a Popsicle out of your beard. This isn't the kind of thing you want to happen to your beard.

This guy had gone out after he had had a bath and his beard was still wet from the water. When the cold winds had enveloped him, he felt his beard getting harder, but he didn't make much out of it. It was only after he returned back home that he realized how his beard had turned this way. We just feel sad for this poor guy who just went out after a bath.

The Mud Room

If there is one thing that we can see clearly written in this photo, it is a very big no. We don't know what happened here, or how things went along, but what we do know is that things have gone haywire and something needs to be done here. The bathroom looks like it had a huge burst and whatever that was inside it has been thrown out.

We cannot understand what really transpired for such an outcome, but we do feel bad for whoever has to clean this mess. Just looking at this mess can give us the feels and we just cannot assume what this guy's family may have to go through. There are some pictures that are really hard to explain, and this picture is surely one of them to be honest.


People really love balloons and want to be surrounded by them at all times. They love the idea of balloons around them and love being surrounded by these wonderful creations. However, some people do not understand the idea of balloons and go all out with their love for them. Balloons only look good when they are kept under a limit.

This woman here had no idea that she had a string of balloons rising from her head and it was imperative that she be shown this picture to remind her how odd she was looking. Some people just go with an idea for the sake of it and don't weight the ramifications until they are done with it. We just hope that someone knocks some sense into this woman. This isn't how you treat balloons, dear lady.


Tigers need some alone time as well and can do with a day to the spa. Tigers live a very tough life and we just neglect all that they go through for our own excitement and fun. All that tigers go through may never be understood by us, and no matter how much we try we will never know the importance of some relaxation in the life of a tiger.

These tigers here had had a tough time hunting a bunch of deer down and wanted to have a short time in the spa. We can tell that it was the one in the middle that came up with the idea, because the other two are looking at him with open eyes and aren't impressed one bit with the choice of entertainment. We just expect that someone comes with something better for the gang.

Wait. What?

Some people are called out for not understanding the instructions that they see on doors and other places. These instructions aren't really that hard to understand, but we just have a hard time understanding them because of our attitude. While we are careless in understanding some instructions others can tend to be very ambiguous.

This instruction that we have here is really ambiguous and sounds funny. We really do want to know what the rule makers constitute as garbage and what they constitute as trash. We want to know both of these things because only then can we form an understanding of what these guys are looking for. All they are looking for right now is some angry customers to be honest. Why would you come up with such an ambiguous instruction if you want to help people?

With Chicks

Some people have the weirdest photos on their Tinder profiles. These pictures can be really hard to understand and if you try your best you may find out what the people behind these profiles were even trying to do. This guy here wanted to impress everyone around him with some pictures of chicks. However, since he had no chicks with him, he found himself in a tight corner where he was running out of options.

In a bid to get near some chicks, he got hold of all the hens that were in the farm and did this weird pose while having the hens, aka chicks, run all over him. This picture was then posted on his Tinder, where he expected people to find him and contact him up. However, he got nothing but instead became a viral star on the internet.


We have all heard about the new interior design trend to bring the natural setting to the workplace. It has been found that people work better when they are near their natural background, which is why this setting is gaining a lot of prestige. But, no one expected that the office could go into a natural setting of wild grass and trees.

Looking at this picture one can see that this person has shifted his office space out into the nature and is having a good time sitting in between the grown grass and the wild trees for doing his work. While he may experience some temporary pleasure, all of it will surely be gone once the bugs come biting. We wish this guy all the best with his endeavors and hope that he has fun outside there.


Some people really do tend to freak out when they get to know that exams are coming. Exam time can be the most worrisome time of the year and students have to not only prepare for acing the papers, but they also have to keep in mind the fact that they cannot let the opportunity slide away from them in such a blatant manner.

This student here wanted to prepare for his exams, but missed out on the chances due to his lavish lifestyle. However, he didn't want to fail, which is why he came up with this trick. All the notes that he has on his body may look like a part of his clothing, but they basically hold the answers to different questions that he has no idea of and will come in the paper.

Start-up Idea

There are so many start-ups coming in the market out there and all of them have a different idea of their own. They come with a different idea that talks about a latent need of the customers that isn't being met. While some of these startups are well thought out, a few others aren't well thought out and end up failing in the process.

We aren't really sure what the startup over here is selling. This supermarket is selling bedroom dust for over 2 bucks and we cannot come to terms with why it is so. Why would someone even pay this amount to buy bedroom dust, when you know that there is no need for it in your life? Just be a bit careful with your purchases and avoid dissonance later, otherwise marketers would rip you off.

Cockroach Party

Costume parties really have become a rave in the world today and you can tell that many people want to be part of these parties. These parties include almost everyone from any segment of life and give them a chance to be a part of a movement. As humans we just love being part of movements and there is nothing stopping us from success here.

These guys over here were big followers of the cockroach gang and had gathered in full attention for a party to pay respect to all cockroaches that had lost their lives inside houses. Cockroaches haven't really been in favor of homeowners and have had to suffer the brunt in the form of excessive regimes and a lot of regulations. This party will help talk about these needs and will put an end to it.

Fixed Clock

There are often times when you have a clock that isn't working anymore. Whenever such a thing happens you want to fix the clock as soon as possible. This is because everyone looks at a clock and they have their attention towards it at different times of the day. Thus, having a clock that isn't working correctly may put everyone off place.

This is why you need to check a clock that isn't working and you need to repair or replace it as soon as possible. These guys had a clock at work and it wasn't working. At this point they realized that they needed to replace it, and the idea that one of them came with was implemented. This is the idea they had come up with and we cannot explain what was going through their mind here.

Corn On The... Escalator.

This list is about pictures that are hard to explain and talk about, and we think we have got the winner here. This picture is really hard to understand and talk about, and regardless of how hard we try, we cannot talk about what is happening here. On paper, what we do see here is a woman trying to carry a large piece of corn over an escalator. The lady seems to be having a hard time carrying the corn and that's about it.

The description we have mentioned above is literally all that can be said about this photo. There is nothing else that can be said about this woman carrying corn to the top. We cannot really explain why she is carrying it up and whether this is real corn to begin with. The questions we had here are unanswered and we cannot answer yours until we get our initial answers.


Love is something that cannot be defined in words. We talk a lot about love ruling the world nowadays and regardless of how much we put down the institution of love, people will never stop falling in love and doing special things for the people they love. These special things are what make a relationship interesting and love even better.

This girl's boyfriend had gone to the beach during his spring break and had promised that he would bring a lot of sea shells for her. When he had gone to the beach he found a lot of seashells for her girl and made a compilation. The girl appreciated the efforts, but when she took a picture of the jar that he had gotten, she realized that almost half of the shells that were there had come from pistachios.


Some dogs can really be very active with what they are doing. These dogs don't know how to remain in place and you can see them hovering from one place to another. They really like jumping from one place to another and tend to be really mischievous. This guy's dog was of the same kind and he would climb everywhere he could get to.

This dog would wake up early and roam around the home. One day when the guy woke up, he found his dog wasn't in his location. He gave the house a search and saw him on a beam inside the basement. This really was a very scary place for the dog and he was relieved to have him back. The rescue mission really was amazing and was even top notch in finding and feeding the dog.

Opening a Carton

People that don't know how to take out milk from a packaged carton should never be trusted. Some people don't know how to proceed with pouring some milk out of a package and have a hard time doing this. This can be really hard to follow for some considering that the big red moving tab on the top is hard to understand.

Some people are really too dumb to know what the correct method to pouring milk in a glass is. They do not know how to open the package. This guy's roommate wasn't intelligent enough to know what was going on, and ended up cutting the whole package in a bid to get some milk. This kind of intelligence really appalls us as this doesn't work all the time for people that want to drink milk.

Dumb and Adorable

Having pets inside your home, you should know that you can expect both dumbness and cuteness at times from them. Your feline friends can be both dumb and adorable at the same time, which is why it is time for you to become accustom to this. Some of the photos that you take of them would be cute, but you would have a hard time understanding them.

This guy's cat was having a good time getting some fresh air and was getting some much needed water. However, the cat didn't know what the best way was for her to get some fresh water. Instead of just going down into the sink and doing what normal animals would do, the cat tilted her head and went down on the faucet. We cannot stop laughing at how hilarious this is.

Aircraft Crash

Everyone loves these aircraft devices, where you can operate the device standing from your floor and the aircraft flies up towards the roof of your room. This is a really special movement and everyone gets amazed at what they are seeing. The aircraft, although small, soars through your home and excites everyone that is watching it.

However, you need to be really careful when flying this aircraft, because any kind of mistake here can make you regret the decision. This aircraft was not being operated perfectly and it ended up being stuck at the corner of the room. This has got to be pretty much the only aircraft crash, where the pilot and the craft will never get back to the ground. We really love how the aircraft is balanced perfectly at the corner of the room.

Regretting Decisions

Some dogs really regret the decisions they make in life and don't like how things are going for them. This puppy made the decision to climb this tree and it was all going fine until the cute little puppy reached this stage. This was when the puppy realized that it was climbing way above its weight and maybe it was time that it stopped the climb and had some senses.

The dog was now surrounded by regrets of all sorts and didn't have any other option but to look at its parent with the regret in its eyes. This picture is hard to understand as the parent pulled out his camera to take a picture of the dog before rescuing. Poor little thing really looks like he could do with some real help right now.

Clearing Things Out

We really cannot understand why some people are so poor with giving instructions or rules. Instructions or rules should really be concrete and should guide people in a definite manner without having people worry about anything in particular. This is the exact reason why it is important that you realize the importance of designing instructions really carefully.

The guy designing this instruction didn't have much to write about, but still wanted to come up with something. This instruction looks like it repeats the same message again and we cannot come to terms with why someone would want to have such a weird message. Just finish the damn message at the patio not being open. Why continue it ahead? This is the exact reason why we believe that people should follow the idea of conciseness when creating any type of content.

Baking Cookies

We never knew that we would ever be seeing this photo, because it is a weird sight to see someone bake cookies on a cooling rack. This girl over here had asked her boyfriend to bake some cookies for her and he had adhered saying that he knew what the drill to getting the cookies baked was. The girl had her doubts, but the guy proceeded with it and she trusted him.

When she came back home, expecting some freshly baked cookies, this is what she got to see. The guy had put the cookies to bake on a cooling rack and that had meant that the cookies were now distorted. This is as stupid thing that no matter what we do, we will not be able to justify. Someone needs to give this guy a lesson in not only baking cookies, but also in realizing when you should say no.


The only reason we find this picture so hard to understand is because we are overtaken by all the emotion that we see here. While we consider our pets to be our subjective property, we never realize the fact that our pets have their own lives as well. We never account for the fact that our pet friends have their own preferences as well and will be really grateful if we account for them.

This dog had been indoors for quite some time now and he wanted to go out to have a good time. Such was the stint of him being kept indoors, that the poor dog went out to a painting on the wall and thought it was the window and he could see the outside world through it. If this doesn't make you cry then nothing else in life ever will.

One Job

We really are amazed when people who just have one job to do end up messing up that job. If you have just one job to do then the least you can do is to ensure that the job you are doing is done through perfection and has no flaws whatsoever. Your work should exude perfection and should be a masterwork.

There is nothing like doing a job that exudes both perfection and class. However, this guy didn't have an idea of both these metrics and did a job that ended up making us laugh. All this guy had to do was to put the image up on the bus for marketing purposes. But, the image of the dog has been distorted and the whole body and the ad look out of place and position.

Dating an Idiot

No matter how much we try, no matter how much we exert our brains, no matter how much we flex our brain muscles, we never will be able to comprehend what this picture is showing here. We do know that this is a lock with two keys to it, but why these two keys have been put inside the lock is beyond us. Why would someone lock the two keys to opening a lock inside it?

A guy posted this picture saying that he now knew that he was dating an idiot. This really is an idiotic thing to do and we just hope that someone comes and guides this person towards why they shouldn't be locking their keys inside the lock. This is one picture that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to understand. This is weird and unimaginable to say the least.

Police Car

By the looks of it, this looks like a police car, but no one can tell what really happened to it. This car has a lot of arrows on its hood, but where these arrows came from is the question that needs to be answered. Most people don't have bows and arrow nowadays, because they use other forms of arsenal. Since they are limited in people, the use is very limited.

But, this police car was attacked by someone with a lot of arrows and both the police and the media have not been able to get hold of who may have been responsible for this. It will always be hard to comprehend what happened to this police car, but what we know is that the police department here has some enemies roaming around the vicinity carrying bows and arrows.


All of us love Avocado a lot and it is one healthy fruit that is being consumed a lot by Americans. Americans have normally had a tendency to opt for unhealthy foods, but with Avocados they have rubbished all previous trends and have come up with one eating habit that the whole country can be proud of.

Since Avocados are really loved by everyone, almost everyone on social media took offense when a man posted this picture of his wife cutting avocado. This isn't the right way to cut avocado and we cannot come to terms with why someone would even want to humiliate the concept behind avocados in such a hilarious manner. Please have some love for the fruit, please we beg you. This isn't the way to cut it, please get the drill behind it.


Regardless of how much you try to look at this photo and try your hand at deciphering it, you wouldn't be able to do so. This picture shows a charging port that has places for both sockets and USBs. Anyone who has a phone would agree that charging directly from the USB saves a lot more energy and is faster than the conventional method. This is really impressive and can speed up things.

However, this person here didn't realize the benefits of this and ended up plugging his charger to the socket and then plugged his USB inside the charging port. This isn't really something that you can explain, since no one knows why this person didn't want to save on the time and plug in his charger to a proper device. This is beyond our comprehending abilities.

Hanging Photo

Many restaurants nowadays have interesting photos of families hanging on their walls and interior to make everyone fall in love with their restaurant. This is an interesting idea and everyone would love it. Restaurants would look better with some added fun to them and nobody can dispute the role of these pictures here.

However, the key to getting a good reaction towards these photos from customers lies in hanging them correctly. This restaurant had a family picture to hang on the wall, but one of the employees ended up hanging it in an inverted position. This really spoiled the fun of the picture and it was only after a couple of employees complained about it that it was changed. We would love to see some more care in this regard to ensure that no one gets such an error again.

Christmas Cookies

This guy came back home on the day after Christmas and saw his girlfriend eating these saying they were Christmas cookies that she had found lying on the table. Only after seeing what was inside the box was he able to realize that his girlfriend wasn't devouring any Christmas cookies, but was having some dog treats. This really confused him.

How high does someone needs to be to start eating dog treats in the form of Christmas cookies? The Christmas cookies we eat have a distinct taste to them and it is important that you differentiate them from something as different as dog treats. This guy really found it hard to understand why his girl was eating dog treats over Christmas cookies. These are things that you often find hard to understand yourself and may never be able to explain.

Cutting Hair

One thing that we know about hairstyling is that you should not be cutting your hair by yourself. We have many capable hairstylists out there and you should trust them with your hairstyle. This is a given fact, because cutting your hair by yourself has many ramifications that can come haunt you later in the day.

This guy was not unfazed by all the doubts against cutting your hair by yourself and he wanted to experience this. In a bid to do something innovative he sat on his chair and cut his hair off himself. Like we had said above, you do not cut your hair yourself, because this is the impact that you can have if you try being a barber yourself. Please avoid this absurdity and stay away from such stupid decisions in life.


Some photos really do tell a story of dire straits and situations. This guy was fixing the wire for the internet and had brought a ladder with himself for the job. The wire passed through the tree near his house, which is why he needed a ladder by his side. The ladder was used to climb the tree and helped him out on his quest.

Just as he had fixed the internet, the ladder fell down and he was made to sit at the top of the branch without a ladder and no one to help. One thing that was in his favor was the fact that the internet was working and he was getting strong signals where he was waiting. He contacted a couple of friends and told them to come to his place for help.

The T-Shirt

While teenagers back in the day had aspiring dreams and wanted to achieve a lot in their life, this is a virtue that is dwindling by the day. Teenagers now don't have many dreams in life and tend to live their life on their own terms. They don't realize what is good or bad for them and just go on with life in their own merry manner.

This teenager was spotted by a snapchatter at a local store, wearing a shirt that said, 'temporary pornstar.' Now, we all know what a pornstar is and what they do, but we haven't heard of a temporary pornstar before. You're either a pornstar or not a pornstar, there is really no in between when it comes to both of them. Please display some sense here guys and make life easy.

Taking The Dogs Out

We cannot tell whether this picture makes us laugh or make us feel weird. While this is a really weird picture and you might never ever see such scenery in your life, the way things are happening here does make us laugh a bit. The woman in the picture seems to be having a generally nice time and we are amazed how she isn't concerned about the cameras.

The woman here seems to be taking her pet humans for a walk and they seem to be enjoying every bit of the excursion. This is the kind of bond that you need with your humans that you can boast around everywhere. This woman is a diva and she has her priorities sorted out, as it can be seen by the way the people in front of her are crawling on their hands.

What Is Going On Here

There are some people in life that you have never heard of and have never seen. But, you see one picture of them and you know that you need a restraining order from them. This can be said about many people and many pictures available on the internet. These pictures aren't really welcoming to the eye and you have all the weird thoughts when you look at them.

This guy is the kind of person we would want to have a restraining order from. The person here looks like he has a very peevish sense of humor and we don't like his thoughts one bit. The person has done a weird job at imitating the birth of a child and we just hope that someone reminds him all that women have to go through at the time of birth.

The Plunger

What comes to your mind when you hear of a suction pump? One thing that comes to mind is that it is used for plumbing purposes. But, people have really started evolving and have come up with weird ideas that we will never be able to comprehend. This guy over here came up with an interesting use for a suction pump and we cannot really come up with one reason behind why this is becoming famous.

The guy used a suction pump to hook it up against his cap and then stick it against the wall at the back. This way he could easily sleep in the subway without falling sideways and to the front. It does take a lot to put so much trust on a suction pump. The girl by his side seems to have an interesting look on her face and is as perplexed as we are.

Amusing Yoga

Yoga is one activity that we as humans really love participating in. We really like being part of yoga and try our hand at this activity every once in a while. Yoga is becoming a growing activity and people really love being part of it. A lot of people enroll themselves in yoga programs from all walks of life and it can be seen that they have a good time.

These guys were having a good time and the photographer took a picture of the members in the group to post on the Facebook group. This image of two of the participants came out a bit NSFW and if you look at this you will have a lot of questions. This is something that the world needs to take action against because such practices in yoga sessions just make life difficult.



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