50 Dogs And Cats Who Just Love To Cuddle

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | April 2, 2018

When I think of a cat and a dog spending time together, I think of the cat snuggly nestled in the dog's jaws. After that the cat spends some time in the dog's belly, and then some other stuff happens that I don't want to get into. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they don't normally get along.

Their interactions are best characterized by increased hostility and skepticism about each other's intentions, kind of like Republicans and Democrats. They scrutinize each other, size their bodies up and sometimes even lunge at each other with violent intentions (just so we're clear, I'm talking about cats and dogs, not Republicans and Democrats).

But when it comes down to it, both species can learn to get along - and sometimes they form the best of friendships. The kind of friendships that you see in Disney cartoons about cats and dogs. This article will explore this phenomenon. The last photo is so heartwarming it will make you cry!

Pure bliss

Both the dog and the cat are in a state of pure bliss. It takes an incredibly long period of time to trust someone with your entire being. Now that the two of them have been through that phase, they can finally relax. This is how friendships are forged, when you overcome that initial phase of insecurity, selfishness and skepticism. Merely looking at their peaceful and content faces is enough to induce deep slumber, so don't stare for too long.

It does help that the dog has a coat of heavy fur which serves as the perfect cushion for the cat. This is her blanket, her mattress and her bed. When the owner gives them a morsel of food, they both eat from it. When the owner takes them out to hike, they both walk outside with each other.

"Let me bite your head off"

The dog is up to no good in this picture, he clearly wants to nibble on his little friend's face and extinguish his light from his miserable life. But just as he's about to bring his plans to fruition, the owner steps in. And the clever canine knows that his master doesn't want his cat to get injured by his jaws. This rivalry between canines and felines will continue until a meteor knocks both of them into extinction.

As the owner enters inside, the dog's reaction immediately changes into that of love. He begins to lick the cat's face furiously in the hopes that he can get away with being disciplined by his owner. This is what the dog knows about his cat friend, "Cats are friend, not food and if you eat them up, there is bound to be trouble headed your way."

Life is complete

Rarely do we find peace of such a profound magnitude among creatures that were meant to natural enemies. The look of pure content and joy on the dog's face and those adorable facial expressions on the cat should be something their owner is proud of. The final icing on the cake is how the cat extends her arm on her partner's body, perfectly trusting her wellbeing to the creature.

In different situations, both these animals would have torn each other to shreds. It usually starts out by competing with turf, then competing with food and finally devolving into a standoff before concluding it with a bitter end. This cat and dog however - are different, they are tame, content with their lives and as a result of it - fragile. One of the luxuries of life is the fragility of otherwise dangerous animals.

This dog guards its master

The cat realized since day one that while it clearly had the physical strength and prowess to take down this much larger and intimidating dog by itself, it was far better for its own wellbeing in the long run if she won the monster over with her charms. She would become its master and he would become her slave. These are the nefarious schemes of a cat who can clearly be seen having the time of her life.

Meanwhile the dog has completely been subdued by the cat's charms and can be seen guarding the little creature with fierce eyes, scanning the horizons for any predators that could also include the owner. If so, watch out, the dog could just lunge at you at lightning fast speed. The jaws will swipe at you and he could just draw in blood.

Under his ear

We can't really tell if this is deliberate or purely driven by instinct. If it is choreographed, then it has got to be the most adorable piece of photography taken by a digital camera. If it is driven by instinctive behavior, the cat took shelter under her friend's towering ears. Isn't it frightening to note that her much larger friend could swallow her up and not even give a hiccup?

All it takes is for the dog to run out of food and patience -or both - to let his feral desires take over. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how peaceful you were before hunger and war, because this will carry over into the more peaceful days. From what this picture tells us, the dog was well behaved both in the times of war and in times of peace.

Her charms sometimes fail to work

This cat tried very hard to get this dog to obey his commands. But he clearly wasn't funny or witty enough to get the dog on board his plans. This is what the dog think of the cat, "My fanny to you monster!" is what the dog can be heard speaking to the cat in muffled tones. The owners can also sense the agitation as the dog tries to bury the cat under its heavier set body.

The poker face on the cat shows that it is clearly not in the mood for dog fleas climbing all over her dewormed body. She JUST got dewormed, only for this inferior species to rub its cretins all over her face. Why can't this poor cat be allowed to use her mind controlling powers over the dog in peace?

The cat's cradle

She has her friend under her deep embraces. He loves the subtle sound of her rhythmic heartbeat, which lightly presses against his ear. Meanwhile, the cat wants to feel her ally's breath over her warm skin. It allows the two of them to forge a deep alliance. One which has been founded on love and absolute trust. We can bet they protect each other against vicious predators and even share the same food.

These two are so tight that you could send them to a battlefield and they would come back in one piece. Sad as it is, friendships do have their ups and downs. We only dread and fear the time when these two friends are going through their own rough patches in life. Here's also hoping they're able to sort out their differences and start anew.

That recovery collar could backfire

Cats have a simple strategy, to make the dog species subservient to its commands or to eliminate it from life. That is the only way they can climb up the hierarchy, to establish their presence as the superior animal. But this action can only be enabled if they are able to eliminate the dog with their fragile paws. It can be backed up by scientific studies, that cats are clearly the more sharper of the two, what they lack in sheer size and strength, they more than make up for in their superior intellect.

This cat is probably doing one of two things here. Either it is trying to strangle this dog in its sleep, and as can be seen from the picture, the dog does seem to have become paralyzed. Or it is trying to massage its face, also working.

The cat took a fancy to the dog

It is incredibly rare for cats and dogs to become acclimatized to each other in such a short period of time. They became so attached to each other that the owner decided it was time to play a prank, to pretend separating the two best of friends and see their hilarious actions unfold. As cruel as it is, we do believe that the owner was in the right to prank its pets because their reactions are clearly worth the effort.

They are like two peas in pod, inseparable. Their mutually shared bond cannot be shaken and they love each other to bits. They complete each other's lives and the gaping hole in their heart seems to have been filled with love of each other. Here's hoping that the two of them get to have more fruitful years in the future.

The cat's plans worked

Although the cat's charms clearly worked and the dog is now completely subservient to her commands, we believe she overdid it. And now the dog won't leave her alone. Just now she was trying to catch a nap and the dog just slammed its heavy set jaw on her face, shaking her up from its nap. It's been 30 minutes now since the dog has assumed this awkward position.

This is what happens when the love just backfires. The cat tries to put on the best poker face possible to not display any fear, otherwise it can give away the fact that she was intimidated by the domineering position of the dog since day one. The owner however, clearly knows what she's been up to, the intellectual capacity she has shown might just be enough to win over the internet.

Cuddling together

We honestly haven't seen two completely different creatures get along so well. There is no malice or hatred on their facial expressions, their brains have become accustomed to the company of each other. It is hard to imagine two cats - let alone a cat and a dog - have such perfect chemistry together. It must have started out with a lot of skepticism before evolving into complete trust and love.

If only humans had the capacity to replicate this behavior with each other. Wars would end and in its wake only peace and ever lasting bliss would remain. Yet we perpetuate hatred because of superficial differences along the lines of creed and race. This picture is a lesson on humanity. It teaches how one should love one another and how one should lay down their weapons in exchange of love and peaceful times.

The roles have been reversed

Seldom do we see dogs being able to win over cats. It is almost as if he seduced the cat using its sharp, photogenic facial expressions. That face is extremely expressionable, and we all know that creatures who are able to communicate better are able to climb up the food chain faster than their lesser fortunate brethren.

The dog has the wits to make sure that the power struggle always lies with it and not the cat. The cat is none the wiser to the schemes the dog has hatched up. Here's hoping that the dog is able to continue this peaceful coexistence with the cat without running into too many complications down the line. But have you ever thought what could happen if the cat decided to not become as subservient to the dog as can be seen in this picture? Madness will unfold.

Were they born together?

It is as if the two of them were actually born together. But you don't need a degree in biology to understand that they have been groomed from the get go to learn to love each other. This should be a wake up call to us all. Set aside our differences and look to work for the betterment of mankind. Just like these two creatures, peace can be accomplished.

Those pitiful differences we have should not get in the way of a good night's sleep, rolling under each other's loving embrace. But some twisted folks among us would rather see to it that we're at the throats of our fellow comrades. No more. Peace will prevail, we will see to it that malice and hatred is uprooted and thrown out of existence. Here's hoping that the cat and dog continue to love each other.

"I use this inferior dog to massage me"

If you can't beat 'em, control and manipulate them with your powerful mind. The cat has been able to make this dog obedient to its commands. The two can be seen sharing the same space without turning it into a blood bath. But why does everything have to be about power struggles? Both the dog and cat realized that they could get along so much better if only they strip aside their differences and embrace the soft side of each other.

Unlike other cats and dogs on this list, these two little creatures aren't up to any schemes and don't have any dodgy plans for each other. They are intelligent and witty enough to realize that there is no use at all in trying to act like enemies when they can exercise the best of diplomatic practices.


Now there are a lot of puns and innuendos we could write here, we would rather avoid them and talk about the complete mutual trust the three animals have built over the years. It must have taken quite a lot of grooming between these two creatures for them to be able to get along so well. We can only imagine the hard work the owner had to go through before he got these animals to cooperate.

Today they are like peas in a pod. Like siblings. Like the best of friends who are inseparable. Nothing ever gets the better of them, whether it is the hostility of the outside world, their own carnal desires, hunger and expectations of war nature has embedded in their beings. After all, that is not how you get a good night's sleep.

Let me carry your pains

The dog must have hit his head on a high ceiling and bruised it so hard that he couldn't contain his whimpers. All this onset of pain generated motherly love and warmth in the cat's empathetic heart and she rushed to embrace him under her powerful arms. They communicate with each other over the muffled sounds of their heartbeat.

All the pain gets swept away by the gentle breeze of the cat's breath. The dog knows he is incredibly fortunate to have found his partner. His friend. Perhaps even his lover. Yes it is abnormal and a twisted way to go about things, but in our bizarre world, is normal ever a good thing? Sometimes going against the norms and shattering stereotypes is the best way to approach life. Let the cat and dog form an everlasting friendship.

Leave them in peace

The dog looks on lazily on to the camera while his cat friend knows that the owner is probably going to upset their perfect arrangement by petting the two of them. "Oh is it time already for you to 'pet' me? Get it over with human!" Says the grumpy cat. Meanwhile the dog couldn't wait for it to get over with. They want to cuddle together because it drives away the nightmares.

Yes, cats and dogs do get nightmares. But when they're able to sleep together, it serves as the perfect way to get it all over with. We wouldn't be surprised to find out that they have watched each other's backs on more than one occasion, shooing away hostile predators who don't really have good intentions. Eagles are known to swoop down from above to grab unwary cats and dogs to their nestlings.

The blanket dog

The dog serves as both its blanket and mattress. One thing which can be deciphered from this picture is that the dog is extremely well behaved and well mannered. It does not put up any sort of resistance against the advances of the cat, if anything, the dog is actually allowing it to climb up all over its body.

This is what we call true friendship. They both empathize with each other and realize that if they re to move forward as friends, then they will have to unite with each other. Become friends and live happily ever after, or end up enemies and constantly watch over each other's shoulders. And it's a neat arrangement because the two of them provide heat to each other, this is especially useful during cold winter days.

Protecting his master

Since when did cats and dogs get along so well? Apparently since the age of the digital camera. The cat used her hypnotic powers to tame the beast into absolute submission. Gradually they were able to form a mutually beneficial alliance. A strategic partnership which helped them drive away predators, conquer new land and tame their owner together. This gradually lulled their completion into submission.

This relationship could have easily turned into an ugly battle of power struggle, but it turned into so much more than a deadly showdown. It turned into friendship. While its true that the cat first had to use her charms to get over his territorial instinct, her efforts finally paid off. We can tell from this picture that the owner is absolutely happy with the cordial relationship between his two feral creatures.

Never let go

This picture tells a thousand words. The two of them must have gone through a lot in life to form such a deep alliance. Her subtle way of touching his formidable whiskers is a way of letting him know how much she cares about him. The dog meanwhile remains gentle with his small friend, knowing full well that he can easily end its frail life with the swipe of his paw. But he chooses not to.

Because he is tame. Because he is civil and docile, unlike the savage street dogs he has seen hunting for prey and small creatures. He fears ever having to go back to that savage lifestyle, loving this cat is his way of driving away that instinctive fear. We hope the dog never has to go back to his bitter, savage way of life.

True friendship

This picture clearly shows that the cat shows warmth and empathy toward its friend. These are true feelings, not hidden behind a guise. Not behind a false veil. How many of us can boast loving each other without harboring ill intentions? These two animals have been able to not only get along well with each other but also truly love each other.

They are not about power struggles; they are about sharing the food, sharing the same spaces, sharing the love of their owners and protecting each other. They cover each other's blind spots and nurture each other back to health should one of them become sick or injured. If only the rest of us could put aside our differences and accept each other for who they are, the world would be a much better place.

"I'll protect you little one"

The cat knows that the dog was commissioned by her owner for protection. He is skillfully trained in the art of war and can sense predators from a mile away. The owner made sure that the dog was well trained enough to guard all his blind spots. No eagle can swoop from out of nowhere undetected, because the dog can sense the muffled whirring of the wind and swiftly turn around to put an end to his latest threat.

The fragile body of his cat partner makes her incredibly vulnerable to dangerous predators, and many have tried to claim her life. No one has prevailed - thanks to her guardian angle, the docile yet powerful Labrador. The gentle caress shows just how much he loves the cat. "I'll protect you from harm little one", says the powerful beast.

They trust each other

After years of struggle, the two of them decided it would be better to become good friends instead of enemies. They sleep over each other, play with each other and share the same food. It must have a tiresome day which has allowed them to become this sleepy. There used to be a time when they would snap their jaws at each other's flesh in the hopes of inflicting harm.

They would halt their violent activities once the owner enters into the picture. But the owner would see right through their tricks, and would admonish them for their violent tendencies. After a few instances of disciplining by their master, they realized it would be so much better to just get along. They are the best of friends today, inseparable and insurmountable against the worst of admonition.

The calm before the storm

Could this be the silence before the storm inevitably destroys everything in its wake? The peaceful world the two creatures call home could be disrupted by an incoming tornado, a hurricane or even a meteor crashing down on their beautiful home. But the look of absolute content on their faces shows that they are not concerned about the worst. They are merely concerned with spending the rest of their time peacefully and content.

If only humans could learn to set aside their differences and focus on the things that unite them. If a dog and cat, two frenemies locked in a constant virtual struggle can achieve this, then why can't we? Why is the world engaged in a desperate struggle for power? Why can't the powers that be just settle down and let each other enjoy life?

This cat can be swallowed without a hiccup

It is so incredibly fragile that you would be forgiven to mistake it for a mouse. No one would miss its tiny, frail body if it were to get swooped up by the wind or an incoming hungry eagle. When you are this incredibly tiny, life becomes very dangerous to survive into. But this cat has found a guardian, a massive, intimidating dog who would come to it rescue when predators try to surround it.

No one can swallow this little cat up as long as its fierce guardian is present in the way of the challenge. Here's hoping this cat is able to survive into the night and even all the odds which are stacked up against it. It is incredibly young, but we can tell it would mature into a large, dominating cat.

Dogs have massive furs

Dogs tend to have large furs covering all of their skin. This allows it serve as the perfect cushion against a drop. Sometimes when the winter is particularly chilly and the snow is a little too cold to the touch, the warmth of its fur gives this tiny little kitten the much needed comfort. All it does is climb on top of the pooch's back and just lay there.

Pure bliss. This is the look of absolute peace and content, the owners must be so incredibly proud to witness their two pets getting along so well. After all, it is not easy to mull your ill intentions and instinct from kicking in at the sight of a vulnerable little cat, especially when you are more than thrice the size of the little creature both in terms of weight and size.

Under his chokehold

Don't wake the cat from its deep slumber, because doing so will result in the destructive wrath of the fierce dog around it. The massive weight of its legs envelops the entire being of the tiny cat under his body. He is able to provide the warmth which the owner can't possibly do so. What is the first thought which crosses the mind of a dog when it sees a tiny creature? To swallow it whole? Or to protect it?

Both circumstances are subject to the living conditions of the dog. If it is in abject poverty and finding it hard to gather all the food, we can reckon the dog would prefer to eat the cat. But if the boxer is well fed, it can easily forget push its killer instincts at the back of his mind.

The world is a peaceful abode

Years of fear has conditioned cats into assuming the worst when it comes to the intentions of a dog. They try to make up for it in charm what they lack in strength and it can work sometimes. In this case the Rottweiler has allowed the cat safe sanctuary against the elements. This content cat has all its paws up in the air, it has completely dropped all its guards because it has placed complete trust into the dog.

The dog knows full well that the cat poses no harm, it is well fed, safe from the threat of predators around it and the cat actually turned out to be a good ally. This make sit incredibly easy for them both to be consider each other as the best of friends instead of natural enemies.

Two cats one dog

Does being a bigger dog equate having a bigger heart? It certainly looks like it because both the cats have placed complete faith into the dog. They can be seen resting comfortably on its warm, brown fun, knowing full well that it has no ill intentions. Although the dog can swallow them completely should it desire, but it has the intellectual capacity to suppress the predatorial instinct.

After all, this is what separates the good dogs from the bad ones. The ability to put aside your differences in favor of what the other species has to offer as a cat. They are after all warm and cuddly buddies that the dog can use as a blanket should the time come for that. For now, its time to lend its fur to the little creatures and let them slumber in peace.

They are incredibly alike

Perhaps the fact that they share the same fur and color patterns make it incredibly easy for the two of them to get along well. When they first saw each other, they assumed they were meeting their siblings, but the difference in their mannerisms allowed them to quickly decipher that they were two completely different creatures. But when has that deterred them from getting along?

They ooze out empathy for each other and always protect each other's blind spots. This particular dog is eyeing up any incoming predators, scanning them for potential weapons and can instantly lunge at them in self defense should it come to that. Meanwhile the cat has completely curled up on top of its canine pal's warm, fur which has the same color schematic as its own body.

The deadly embrace

It is incredibly heartwarming to see this cat allowing its body to completely submerge itself inside the loving embrace of the dog. It just fits in there like a jigsaw puzzle. Gliding inside to find a new home. Although it is not exactly feeling sleepy, and would rather just go outside and hunt for rats, the cat believes it is much better to just slide in and feel the dog's impulses against its own.

They can practically hear each other's heartbeats, and the slow, methodical sound of their muscles contracting and expanding stimulates their nerve endings. This serves as the perfect means of finding sleep when they are fully wide awake. What would they do if they were somehow separated and placed under a different owner? There would be withdrawal symptoms which could result in mental depression.

Climb on top of its body

Although the dog isn't exactly much larger than the cat, it has allowed it to climb on top of its body and sleep on it. Much like a mother locks her children in her loving embrace, which allows them to sleep once they come in physical contact with it. These two share the same bond, the pooch there is much younger than the cat, but overtime as it grew in size, it began to realize that the cat has a lot to offer in the way of experiences.

This experience could be used to the benefit of the dog's own growth as a pet. What harm could the cat do to it? What's the worse that could happen? The cat ends up passing stool? Puking on the dog's fur? The dog probably won't care given how it regularly sniffs its own fanny.


They are both extremely photogenic animals, shining under the glory of the digital camera. Perhaps they are deliberately putting on a charade for the camera, once they exit out of the limelight, they will turn into enemies once again, turning virile and fierce, swiping their sharp, pointy paws at each other.

This is how humans behave any way. When they see that the camera is watching, it makes sense for them to pretend to get along, once they get removed from under the watchful eye of a camera or an authoritative person, they devolve into violent outbursts and berating each other with vile language. Could these two animals be up to the same intentions? We can never find out unless we're able to contact the owner and learn first hand whether the two really do love each other.

A new born kitten

This kitten was taken from its mother at a very early age. As such it is incredibly frightened of the new world, when just a few days ago it was in the safety of its mother's womb. Today its mother is nowhere in sight and there is no one to call 'mother'. The dog however serves as a useful substitute and instead of eating the little kitten whole, it nourishes and trains the cat.

Just observe how the cat tries to hold on to the protective body of the dog with its frail paw. It still has its guard up because its ears are pointing in the upward direction, this makes up for a very concerning sight. The cat has probably been through rough times as a tiny creature still learning to trust the world.

Under its spell

Cats are known to have the larger intellectual capacity than dogs, although the latter serve as man's best friends. This is because cats know better than to devote all their emotions to a human owner, nine times out of ten, they're just looking after their own skin. They are intimidated by the size of the much larger creatures they have to put up with.

This also includes dogs. But what if they were to find a way to make dogs subservient to their whims and desires by using their thoughts alone? This cat has achieved exactly that and much more. It can now call the warm body of this dog a new home. The cat does not need much in the way of a blanket, the dog serves that purpose amicably and poses no threat whatsoever to its continued existence.

It looks like Cheetos

Struggling to find a new bed to sleep, the cat quickly realized that it was far better to use the warm body of this dog as its bed. The trick was simple, hop on board whenever it goes to sleep and you can go into deep slumber. We wonder the dog would do when it finds out that the cat has been up to no good. It is in deep sleep and probably doesn't have any idea that a strange cat has climbed up on top of it.

Perhaps the new weight of the cat on its body has triggered a dream or a nightmare sequence in which the dog tries to shake something heavy off its back. As the dog escapes that nightmare and gradually opens up its yes to the world around, it realizes that a strange cat is sleeping on top. What would its reaction be?

The dog will bite you

This dog has made its goals very clear, you will have to go through it before coming anywhere near the cats. It will lunge at you with furious anger and swipe those sharp jaws at you. They make for extremely efficient hunters and once they fall in love with someone, they will guard it with all their life. Dogs don't know of fear and cowardice, they just don't have the instinct for it.

They survived through the ages purely because of their killer instincts and their clever use of strength, intelligence and those deadly jaws. Those two cats have placed their complete trust at the dog which has probably rescued them from various hostile situations on more than one occasion. But what if this dog's killer instinct kicks and it ends up swallowing one of those kittens?

Those adorable expressions

Both the cat and dog have these absolutely adorable expressions on their face. You can make out their thought process by reading their facial features. The cat is completely drunk out of its wits and wants nothing better than to sleep on this dog's back. The dog on the other hand is almost about to collapse into deep sleep. But it is observing the world around it, checking for any vulnerabilities and the looming threat of potential predators.

It can be seen eyeing up both the owner and the camera. "You better not come near me or my little buddy here or you get the sharp end of my teeth into your flesh human!" The dog warns any who try to come near it. That warning also includes the owner who should tread very carefully.

Let us sleep in silence

Let them sleep in complete silence, try to bring them inside your home if possible because any oncoming cars are going to destroy their sleep. But if you were to try to bring the cats inside your home, it would only result in total and utter annihilation of their deep slumber. It seems counterintuitive because they will consider you with extreme hostility if you disturb their sleep.

The expression on that cat is of pure contentment. We wonder if humans can experience the same level of peace. Imagine lying on your bed without a worry in the world, without having to fear missing out on paying your bills and getting your groceries in order. But as humans we have far too many concerning matters to tend to before finally collapsing on the bed with the sheer exhaustion.

The cat is guarding her dog

Seldom do we see cats having the empathetic ability to guard dogs. It is always the other way round because dogs typically have larger bodies and assume the role of protector by default. This cat however seems to be looking into the camera with pure skepticism, "You better not be getting in the way of my buddy here or you'll get the paw".

The dog on the other hand probably wants to ease the cat's fears and anxieties. "Learn to trust the owners, they only have our best interests in our." Advises the much more experienced dog to the cat. We feel it is better for the cat to the dog's advice, and not eye up the owner with so much hostility, because it could backfire. After all, dogs are man's best friends - not cat's. That is a conflict of interest.

They survived through thick and thin

We probably know what's going on in this picture. Both the cat and dog survived through the odds, looking after each other and protecting their guard. They probably saw something approaching and assume a natural, calm demeanor to ooze an aura of confidence. This is their means of self defense which keeps natural predators at bay.

The next level of defense is for them to both display their sharp jaws at once and roar in unison. But when push comes to shove, both the dog lunges at the predator while the cat tries to provide 'cover fire', flanking the enemy from the sides and rear. This method of self defense works against opponents who are much larger than them both. It doesn't work when they are outnumbered, the two of them know when to retreat.

The dog gets it

This cat probably overestimates the capabilities of its paws and feels that a single swipe can actually result in the dog's throat getting slit. It probably worked on some tiny little cretin and gave the cat lots of confidence. It now believes that the same can be done to this dog which is covered by thick fur.

The cat believes that it has held the dog hostage. The dog doesn't know its own strength and probably saw what the cat had done to the fly, it fears the same happening to his neck. Its heart rate has began to flutter rapidly and the only reaction of the dog is to stare at the owner in pure fear. The cat demands ransom in exchange for the dog's life. "Get me my food or the dog gets it", "Get me my bed or the dog gets it". Works every time.

They are both content

Seldom does it happen that both the cat and the dog are able to get along so perfectly well. What's even more heartwarming is how they both share the same color pattern. It is as though the owner decided it would make them feel they are brethren instead of natural enemies. And it seems to work, because, while they seem to have extremely varying body sizes, their same color pattern allows them to perfectly bond with each other.

We certainly hope they are both dewormed because this close contact is only going to make the infestation problem worse. The fleas could transfer over into each other's bodies by merely hopping over, tasting the flesh of both dog and cat. Now that would be extremely dangerous and harmful to both of them. What's more adorable is how the cat's paw just hangs in the air against the skin of the dog.

They are both street animals

So far we've seen cats and dogs who have been heavily domesticated and nurtured since the very first day to trust each other. This picture however was taken in the wild of these two animals who were dumped on the street. They have been able to trust each other since the very first day, learning to protect each other and watch their guard.

The cat watches the dog's rear end while the dog looks after the cat's rear end. That way they're both protected against predators who might decide to jump them in their sleep. This has probably happened with them in the past, but they were always able to persevere against the odds. Their unique partnership has allowed them to prevail in their local habitat and have come out as the dominating species at the top of the food chain.

Two dogs one cat

The cat has become the de facto protector of both the dogs, looking after them when they're both sleeping, acting as a buffer between them. It shares the warmth, exchanging the heat and allowing to flow from one place to another. Sandwiched between them both, the cat also serves as the perfect hedge for the dogs, because they can detect slight movements in the cat's body, this can be a sign of things to come.

Although the dogs are in safe sanctuary, they have experienced danger in the past as well. The both work in collusion with each other to protect the cat when a predator approaches, and given how the trio have fierce combative experience, no one dares to encroach upon their territory, even the owner knows better than to cross her pets.

That monster German Shepherd lets the little one sleep on its body

This giant German Shepherd can hold its own when push comes to shove, but it always helps to have a side kick into the mix. Having trained the cat in the destructive art of war, this German Shepherd has perfected its defensive tactics. It has successfully managed to eliminate all it natural predators because the little cat can detect predators from a mile away.

Even if an eagle tries to swoop in from the skies above, the dog will be able to detect the subtle movements the ct will make to warn its larger buddy. And before the eagle can claim its prize, the dog will have it clasped under its powerful jaws. That has probably happened on more than one occasion because cats do face frequent threats from monster eagles trying their luck against them.

They're the best of friends

The owner originally wanted both the dog and the cat to fill the emotional void in each other's hearts. After all, he had other responsibilities to tend to, including his job, wife and the kids. This left little room to cuddle with the dog. Hence he decided it would be much better for the cat to fill enter into the dog's life and enrich it with cuteness.

Today the dog and his little cat cannot be separated, they are two peas in a pod and sleep together. This move probably backfired because the owner has now been replaced by the cat. Think twice next time you try to get your pet dog a pet cat. They will replace you in a heart beat if the cat is cooperative with a tender personality. Can this duo turn against their owner? Let us know in the comments below.

The look of concern

This cat has probably experience the separation from her dog. When it first happened, it was supposed to be a prank and the owner promptly returned the pooch to the scared little cat. She has since been traumatized and always gives a watchful eye over the dog to ensure the same doesn't happen again. The sad thing in this picture is that both these adorable creatures are tiny.

They cannot put up a defense even if they wanted to because they're both tiny. Whatever force you put their way, small or big will eventually overwhelm them. It's good for them both that they have a good owner taking care of them. They have been suitably pampered but are completely dependent on the generosity of their master. If they were to be discarded tomorrow, they would be chewed up and spit out.

The dog is like their mother

This massive dog is like their very own mother. She knows the ins and outs of everything related to the world of cats. They try to snuggle their way into her warmth in hopes of filling the dark void in their hearts. While they were still young, the cats were separated from their mothers and needed someone to nurture them.

The dog was with them since the very first day of their separation, it seems they got the right person to adopt them because it wouldn't have worked out any other way for them. They are far too little to be left on their own. The owner must be incredibly proud of his pets because they get along so well. They are healthy and take care of each other when he isn't around to support them.

Two little cats - one giant dog

What is the likelihood of this cat getting swallowed up by the dog? Zero. The dog is well fed and has no incentive to expend its energy into eating something which will net no positive energy at the end. From the looks of it all, the cats are still young and need to be looked out for. They were a result of a botched pregnancy and their mother died not too soon after.

Fortunately, they were able to find their new home and the dog worked as their mother. The three of them continue to support each other through thick and thin. Here's hoping that their friendship continues through to the very end without any hiccups. That bed does look a tad bit too uncomfortable, we feel that the owner should purchase a better one for them.



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