50 Lazy Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 28, 2018

Regardless of the background and culture we come from, all of us can vehemently agree that cleaning isn't something that we really like to do. Unless you're Danny Tanner from Full House, then you probably don't like cleaning. And let's face it, Danny Tanner was most likely a serial killer.

Statistics suggest that you're probably neither Danny Tanner nor a serial killer, which means you're like me and you hate cleaning. I'll give myself food poisoning just to avoid cleaning the house. That is unless I knew about some hacks to make the job easier. That's where the internet comes in.

People all over the internet have come together to help each other face off against the injustice of having to clean. If the thought of scrubbing your toilet makes you want to hide under your sofa, these effortless cleaning hacks are for you. You will not believe what you can use to clean your toilet!

Use Shower Cleaner After You Take a Shower

Your shower is one part of the house that you really do despise cleaning. It really does suck to get on your knees and palms and to bend down in your shower to get the job done. This can be a real hassle and it is in fact necessary that you think of an alternative to this. No one likes being on their knees inside the shower, so we have the perfect idea here.

The perfect idea for cleaning your shower is to just spray a shower cleaner on different parts of the area after you are done with a bath or a shower. Make sure to spray it just after you are done, because the product will then do its work itself with the water that is present. The cleaner can clear away soap and grime so that you don't have to do the dirty work later.

Clean Your Coffee Pot With Vinegar

Ask anyone following a routine about what they do first thing in the morning, and they would all agree that drinking coffee is often the first thing they do in the morning. Now, considering that you drink coffee almost on a regular basis, the machine you have with you may be attracting a lot of dirt and may require cleaning over time.

You may also start seeing a skunky edge to the morning beverage and your coffee addiction may take a severe hit. These are all signs of the inside of your coffee machine being filthy, which is why you need to get it cleaned by applying vinegar. Vinegar works really well inside a coffee machine and can clear the pot from all the dirt that has accumulated inside it over a period of time.

Clean Your Couch With Baking Soda

The couch is the first thing that anyone walking into your house sees. They aren't concerned about anything besides how stinky or smelly your couch is. Anyone who has had a couch would agree that couches do tend to gather a lot of stains over time, and they usually have no clue regarding how to clear away these stains. The stains and the stink make for ugly viewing and smelling, which is why homeowners risk feeling embarrassed if the stains aren't removed.

One thing that can be done in this regard is to have your couch cleared of all the mess and the stains on it through the use of baking soda. Scrubbing and watering your couch will end up ruining your fabric, which is why we advise that you use baking soda. Baking soda will clear the area and make your couch sparkle like before.

Clean Upholstery Stains With Shaving Cream

Upholstery stains as we all would agree are really a pain in the backside. These stains require a lot of cleaning to remove and it is imperative that you give all you can to ensure that these stains are removed over the passage of time. Now, we don't say that upholstery stains are permanent, but if you don't use the correct methods, you are pretty much stuck with them for life.

The best method to get your upholstery stains removed is to use some shaving cream on the upholstery in your home. Rub the cream on the stain that you have on hand and wait for at least half an hour to see how the stain absorbs the cream. Once the requisite period has passed, just blot the cream dry with a clean cloth and the stain will be gone.

Clean Window Blinds With Vinegar and Water

Window blinds really do give us a lot of service when it comes to life inside the home. Not only do they safeguard us from the forces of weather, but they also ensure that we are able to create our very own sanctuary inside the comforts of our home. This sanctuary is ours to be had and window blinds add all they can to ensure that we enjoy the warmth.

Now, like every other part of the house, window blinds also require cleaning, which is why you should follow this hack to save time and have good clean blinds on your hands. Make a solution of half vinegar and half water and clean each and every slat by wearing an old sock on your hands and dipping it into the solution. This will clear you of all the stains on your blinds.

Cleaning Your Blender With Soap and Water

Cleaning a blender isn't a really easy task. Shoving your hands inside and ensuring that you don't get cut from the blade inside requires a lot of precision and can only be achieved if you start thinking smart. Anyone who has ever cleaned a blender before would agree that the correct way lies in letting the blender do the work itself, rather than you doing the tedious scrubbing.

All you need to do here is to fill your blender with warm water. When you have filled the blender with warm water, wait for a couple of minutes before adding two to three drops of dish soap. Once the mixture is created, you can turn the blender on and can have the device rev up, while cleaning the mixture inside it as well. This will do the job for you.

Freshening Up Your Keyboard With a Toothbrush

Freshening up your keyboard isn't something that a lot of people can handle. Cleaning up your keyboard from all the debris and dust that has accumulated inside it over the passage of time requires a lot of precision and the ability to think smart. Keyboards are often one of the most germ-laden places at your workplace and home, which is why you are better off cleaning them.

Just like a couple of places above you are also required to make a water and vinegar solution over here! When the half water, half vinegar solution is made, just dip an old toothbrush in it and then rub it on to the keyboard. Make sure to address all crevices and other details to ensure that no dirt has been left on the appliance. This would help you clean your keyboard for good.

Clean Your Sponge In Microwave

All of us have this predetermined perception about sponges that they are perfectly fine during all times of their life, to clean our dishes with. These sponges require a lot of precision and considering that they are in direct contact with your dishes, it is necessary that you take the required precaution.

Since sponges are required for cleaning away the mess from dishes, they themselves can serve to be breeding grounds for a lot of mold and bacteria. This is not something you would like on your sponge, which is why cleaning them up is the best way forward. Just pop the sponge into a microwave for half an hour and you will see all the bacteria go away. Just pull it out after a couple of minutes to ensure that you don't catch it when it is hot.

Soak Hard Water Spots With Vinegar

Hard water spots on any accessory can be hard to clean. You may waste time rubbing your sponge on them all day long, and you wouldn't be able to clean the mess from them. The best way to go about this cleaning process is to think smart and follow the method that we will be mentioning below.

The hard water spots on your glasses and other accessories are left over from minerals presents in water, which is why you need to think of something clever to get rid of these spots. One item that can really do wonder on these stains is vinegar. Vinegar is known for having properties that negate such spots, which is why you can spray a mixture of water and vinegar on the hard water spot to make it go away. Your glasses will soon be back to being spick and span.

Clean Your Microwave With Vinegar and Water

All of us have a fair idea of how dirty our microwave looks, but there is nothing that we do to get the stains cleared from within the microwave. From exploded eggs, to splattered tomato sauces and bubbled over butter, our microwaves are host to all sorts of food stains. These food stains don't go away easily, until you try the right hack.

Water and Vinegar will be your friends in this hack as well, as you need to pour equal amounts of them in a spray bottle and then spray the mixture at the surface of the microwave oven. When you are done spraying the mixture, keep your microwave on high for roughly 10 minutes and wait for the inside to cool down. Open the microwave and rub a clean cloth to get the work done for you.

Clean Grease Stains With Alcohol and Salt

Grease stains are almost impossible to remove from surfaces, including carpets and table. While the first line of precaution would be to keep your home accessories and your carpets save from any such stains, there isn't a lot that can be done in this regard in the case of an incident. When the deed has been committed, there is no need for ruing the carpet, but you should instead get to work.

What you need to do is to create a mixture of alcohol and salt. There should be four parts of alcohol for every one part of salt, so follow the measurement while making the mixture. Once the mixture is created, rub it on the stain and vacuum away the particles of salt once the stain has been removed. This method almost always works for us.

Clean Burnt Pan With Vinegar and Baking Soda

Having a burnt pan on your hands isn't really the most cheerful situation to be in. It really can suck to have a burnt pan on your hands and it may take you a lot of time for you to get over the heartbreak of burning your favorite pan. Now, there is no need to go all emotional over here, since you can remove the burns on your pan without a hassle.

The right way to go about here is to have your pan cleaned with a mixture of water, vinegar and baking soda. All these components will merge together to form the right mixture for you to take away the burn from the pan. This mixture can be sprayed on the pan and then you can rub your sponge or scrub the area to get the desired result. Have your favorite pan back in the condition that you prefer.

Pick Up Broken Glass With a Slice of Bread

Picking small pieces of glass with your bare hands is a really bad idea. You wouldn't want to be taking the risk of having your hands cut because you didn't take the necessary precaution. Now, we are not saying that you should just let the glass lie around as it is in the open, but you should use your brains to come up with something better.

A better hack for picking up broken glass is to grab a slice of bread with you. Once you have the slice of bread, just put it on the affected area and see how well the moisture in it grabs hold of the shards of glass on the floor. This is an accident proof method, so you can be sure of the fact that you will not be experiencing any accident here.

Cleaning Tiled Floors With Light Detergent

Tile grime is literally the most unaesthetic thing in the world. Tile grime is literally like the last thing you want to see in a house when you walk inside. If you do end up seeing tile grime on the floor, you soon start judging the person for not taking care of their house and having a deplorable attitude to life. Someone who bears with tile grime is really not the person you want around you.

So, the hack to cleaning tile grime lies is vacuuming the area with the grime on it and then rubbing some light detergent through the use of a rag. The detergent will do a good job in clearing the grime away and will make your tiles exude the same sparkle that you would expect from them. This method has been tested, so you can try it without a hassle.

Cleaning Sneakers With Toothpaste

Cleaning sneakers is one thing that all of us always neglect, but should take proper care for. Our sneakers exude a lot of things about our personalities, so we should try our best to ensure that our sneakers are always looking spick and span. There is no room for error when it comes to sneakers, so you should always assure that your sneakers are clean.

One way that you can implement to clean your sneakers is to use toothpaste on them. Toothpaste goes perfectly well on sneakers and will save you from a lot of embarrassment that comes with worn out and dirty sneakers. No one wants to go through this embarrassment, which is why you need to grab hold of a toothbrush and toothpaste to get the job done in the most effective manner.

Cleaning White Pillows

Ask anyone you want to, and they would agree that no one really wants nasty looking yellow pillows inside their home. These yellow pillows are an indication of a deplorable attitude towards life and exude all the vibes that you don't want to exude through your house. The best way to have your pillows cleaned is to follow the method we have here.

All you need to do here to ensure that you don't have yellow pillows is to put the pillows inside the washer with a hot water delicate setting on. Just pour a small amount of detergent with some bleach as well to get the washer rolling. When you take your pillows out, they would be clear white and all the yellow you despised would be nowhere to be seen on their exterior.

Dust Your House With Dryer Sheets

Dusting is one cleaning job within the house that all of us despise a lot. No one really wants to indulge in the job and we are all hell bent on ensuring that we stay safe from the impact. What's more, the fact that you can often end up being messy makes the job even more deplorable. However, if you do tend to get on the job, there are some options that you can explore.

One option that we find to be really effective is that of using drying sheets on the surfaces. Using drying sheets on surfaces can be great during dusting, as they not only absorb all the dust, but also ensure that you are not inhaling any of it. This is exactly what we wanted to experience and the revolution in dusting is definitely upon us.

Getting Crayon Marks Off Your Walls

Kids tend to be really creative inside the home when they are young. Their creativity can be seen through a lot of ways, but the most deplorable show of creativity is when you see them draw on the wall with crayons. This isn't on at all cost, because cleaning crayons from the walls is an extensive task that requires a lot of cleaning.

So, instead of giving your kids an earful when this happens, you should be more concerned about clearing the walls. The walls ain't going to clean themselves, so all you need to do is to get some toothpaste on you. The toothpaste can be used to rub on the affected area and you will be fine later on. Just rub the toothpaste and see as it does its magic on the walls.

Oven Cleaning With Aluminum Foil

Oven cleaning is one of the most arduous tasks within your home. Those of us who still follow traditional methods of oven cleaning will agree that the method really isn't the safest one. Ovens tend to give away a lot of toxic fumes when you clean them through the traditional methods and often times you are even required to leave the home to ensure that you are safe.

Now, oven cleaning has gotten easier, but it is still not the most loved house chore. However, one thing that you can do to ensure that you don't feel the need for oven cleaning is to have a sheet of foil placed right at the bottom of your oven. This sheet will collect all the stains and then you can easily take it off once you are done.

Clean Your Dishwasher With Gatorade

Having a dirty dishwashing machine is often very gross. Considering that you eat from your dishes that go through your dishwasher, it is extremely imperative that you clean it on a regular basis. A dishwasher usually requires a lot of cleaning, which is why any hack that you get to know here can be of a lot of use in the long run.

Cleaning away the stains inside the dishwasher isn't an easy job and you are required to be at your creative best. One genius way to get rid of the stains of food, soap, scum and grease is to sprinkle some Tang or Gatorade inside the dishwasher and then run it on superhot mode. The citric acid in these powders will do the job to clear away the dirt from the inside of the dishwasher.

Removing Scratches

Maintaining crockery for a sufficient amount of time is a hard task. As the time passes by, your crockery may soon see a buildup of scratches on its surface. Not only does the crockery look plain ugly when it has so many scratches on it, but there also comes a time when you are just ashamed of serving anyone through this ugly crockery.

One hack that you can implement to save yourself from this massive embarrassment is to use a liquid cleaner and some hard work. Get a liquid cleaner on you and then pour some of it on any plate in question. Once you have poured a sufficient amount, start rubbing a clean cloth to get rid of the scratches that have left you scratching your head. This will get the job done for you in time.

Clean Your Curling Iron With Alcohol

Curling Irons are often found inside a girl's dresser. These are an imperative part of every household and you are required to look after them with a lot of care. Now, these curling irons tend to develop a lot of stains over time and you are required to take care of these stains. Clearing these stains isn't an easy job and you have to ensure that the job is done smoothly.

One way to get the curling iron cleaned in the smoothest manner is to rub some alcohol on it. Rubbing alcohol on curling or flat iron will get the job done for you and will make the iron exude the same sparkle that you would want to associate with it. Just gently rub the alcohol and you would be good to go in this case.

Clean Washing Machine With Vinegar and Warm Water

Just because washing machines wash away dirt and other stains from your clothes doesn't mean that you shouldn't be paying the requisite attention to them. Washing machines also require extensive attention over time and you should be paying that attention. We have seen a lot of homeowners neglect taking care of their washing machines and then eventually paying the price through dirty clothes. This can be a real embarrassment and you seriously wouldn't like going through it.

Considering that you now know the importance of cleaning a washing machine, you should get to the job soon. All you are required to do here is to soak in some white vinegar and warm water in the machine and run a cycle. Follow this procedure up by soaking some more water inside the machine and you would be good to do.

Clean Toys In Dishwasher With Vinegar

Your kids are continuously playing with their toys. For your kids nothing really matters more than their toys and throughout the day, they tend to have a lot of fun with these toys. Now, you need to take a lot of care when it comes to toys, since they are often a mediator when it comes to diseases related to infections and bacteria.

Your kids are in direct contact with toys and put them inside their mouth, so to ensure that they remain safe and you don't have your pangs of paranoia it is necessary for you to clean them. The correct procedure for cleaning these toys would be to put them inside a dishwasher and pour some vinegar into the dishwasher. Once you are done with pouring the vinegar, turn the dishwasher on and see the toys getting back their original color and touch.

Cleaning Oil Splatters With Oil

Cooking on the stove is a routine task for everyone. Ask any family and they would say that they cook on the stove on a regular basis. In fact, such is the procedure that they don't make much out of this task and consider it a daily routine. However, one thing you might have noticed if you cook on the stove regularly is that how the greasy waste can get to the wall above you.

This greasy waste may make you prone to a lot of issues and you wouldn't want having it hanging around your head. The best way to get rid of this soot is to use some oil. This may sound crazy, but like diamond cuts diamond, oil cleans oil. Just rub some oil on a clean cloth and reach out to the top to get this job done on time.

Clean Cabinets With Baking Soda and Lemon

Nothing in your kitchen, we literally mean nothing, is safe from grease stains. These grease stains can attack almost any accessory or appliance within your kitchen and you may end up regretting not cleaning the soot when it first appeared. Even the wood on your cabinet doors can fall victim to this grease and soot, which is why stains start to develop on them over a period of time.

Don't stress if you see the soot, because it can be cleared. However, the procedure over here is long and there is no simple hack to it. You need to start by scrubbing the cabinet doors with baking soda and lemon. Once you are done with the scrubbing, rub some dish soap on it to make the door repel all kinds of grease on it. Dish soap is a good way to clean the grease from any substance.

Organize Bottles With a Rod

This comes across more as an organizational hack then a cleaning hack, but since we're talking about making your home look cleaner, you can implement this method without a problem. Many cleaning agents come in spray bottles, but we all agree that jamming these spray bottles inside one cabinet can increase the clutter and may make your cabinet space look very crowded.

The hack to clearing this space and making the arrangement look aesthetic lies in evaluating your options and hanging a rod within the cabinet. With the rod created, you can hang all your spray bottles on it to have a good setting that reduces the need for you to search through a pile of spray bottles whenever you need one. Implement this hack in your life to organize things and make searching for spray bottles easier.

Clean Coffee Stains With Baking Soda

Cleaning coffee stains can be a pain in the butt, however this little hack should do the trick. Coffee stains tend to worsen over time and you would prefer a solution that clearly cleans the coffee stains and makes your carpet look as good as new. Carpets often tend to lose their color after you have coffee spilled on them, which is why it is necessary to have it cleaned as soon as possible.

The best way to clean the coffee stains from your carpet is to use baking soda on it. Baking soda can make life really easy for you in this regard as it clears away all the impurities on the carpet and makes your carpet look the way you want it to. Don't neglect any stains on your carpet, because the people near you would directly notice it.

Clean Your Showerhead With Plastic Wrap and Vinegar

All of us remember those days when our shower was new and it had a nice even flow of water to it. Those were the days and safe to say that all of us enjoyed these days to our core. Now, to be honest showerheads tend to lose their spark over time and we feel that they aren't giving the performance that we expect out of them anymore. This can be a major sign of worry.

However, the water flow loses its spark because of the fact that the showerhead now has particles stuck inside it. This can significantly alter the flow of water and may be the reason behind why the showerhead isn't performing the way it should. The best way to go about things here is to soak the showerhead in a plastic wrap of distilled vinegar.

Deep Clean Your Mattress With Baking Soda and Essential Oil

Nothing in the household really matters as much as your bed. Your bed is an important part of the household and you have to look after it with a lot of care and precision. You cannot neglect the importance of the bed inside your home and the mattress plays an important role in it.

There are two major threats when it comes to your mattress. These threats lie in dust and bugs. Both bugs and dust can spoil the sanctity of your mattress and you may start hating the same mattress that you so dearly loved before. However, there is no reason to worry over here as you can clean your mattress through the right combination of baking soda and essential oil. All this takes is a little effort from your side and nothing more.

Unclog Your Drains With Baking Soda and Vinegar

A clogged drain is something that all of us have to face on a routine basis. A drain can get clogged because of a variety of reasons, but the most common one among the lot is when you see sediments gathering inside the drain. These sediments tend to clog the drain and impede the flow of water going through your drain.

However, regardless of whatever problem you are facing in your drain, there are times when the solution lies in the simplest thing. One method that you can adapt here is to have a combination of baking soda, hot boiling water and vinegar at the ready. Pour all of these inside the drain and hope that the clog subsides. This method will ensure that you get rid of the clog in the timeliest manner and it doesn't impact you later on in the process.

Clean Your Microfiber Couch With Alcohol

All of us have at some stage of our life played with the tiny and soft fibers coming out of our couches. These fibers are called microfibers and add a lot of aesthetic appeal to a sofa set. Children like making shapes out of these microfibers and like the feel of this softness on their hand. While they are fun to play with, microfibers look very unattractive if they are left unattended for long.

These stains look extremely unattractive and may shoo away any guests coming to your home. Guests like to see the best in your home, and you need to impress them. Thus, the best way out from this conundrum is to have the microfibers in your sofa cleaned by spraying alcohol on them. This will save you a lot of undue effort.

Use Vinegar To Clean Shower Door Tracks

Shower door tracks are without a doubt one of the most neglected nooks in any house. People often ignore the fact that they should attend to their shower door tracks as well. This neglect can prove costly and these tracks may soon have a lot of soot stored inside them. No one likes seeing this soot, which is why it is advised that you clear this away with a lot of precision and care.

One way to clear away all the dirt and grease that you have inside the shower door track is through the use of vinegar. Vinegar mixed in water is a brilliant cleaning agent and may clear away all the soot away from your shower door track. The door will also start sliding in a better way and your shower area will look better after the job.

Try Cleaning Items Using Nail Polish Remover

Nail art has for ages been one of the most favorite hobbies for women across the globe. Women just like decorating their nails in the most fashionable manners and nothing woos them over more than the fact that they can have any color of their choice on their nails. Now, nail art requires a woman to get rid of the previous color, which is why women use a specific accessory named 'nail polish remover.'

This nail polish remover can not only be used for removing polish from nails, but can also be used for a variety of other cleaning purposes. With nail polish remover, you can clean your china tea cups, remove permanent marker marks, sanitise and make razors last longer, Keep your patent shoes shiny, dissolve superglue, smooth minor scratches from your watch, get rid of ink stains, remove stubborn stickers from glass and metal, clean paint from windows, sanitise your beauty tools and clean your bath tub.

Cleaning Walls With a Towel and Pole

Cleaning your walls is seriously one of the most outdated tasks nowadays. People just shy away from this responsibility and cite many reasons for this. The arduous task of cleaning the walls is something that our generation cannot handle and we more often than not end up hiring external help for the process.

However, you can save the cost you spend on external help by arming yourself with the right tools and knowledge. Even if you don't have the right tools with you, you can become creative to select some tools out of the many you have. This can give you a lot of options to hover around. One option is to have a big pole like stick and attach a rag to it. This would give you the height and the strength you need for this job.

Clean Your Floors With Microfiber Slippers

You guys remember the Baby Mop? It was a onesie lined with microfibre finger pads that cleaned the floor as your toddler crawled around. That was an awesome product! Well now you can have the same sort of "innovation" for the rest of the family. The Floor Cleaning Slippers' soles are lined with microfibre finger pads as well, which pick up dust and small debris as you walk around. Sure, it's only going to clean the most walked-around areas in your home, leaving corners to collect all the dust bunnies you didn't pick up. But we suppose it's better than nothing. The soles do detach easily for cleaning. And at $5 for a pair, who not get one?

Like the Swiffer technology these house shoes employ dust-grabbing fibers to pick up household dust. But they're not as wasteful as the disposable Swiffer cloths because the slippers are easily washable, either with the laundry or in a dishwasher.. They claim that the biggest benefit is that the slippers eliminate bending and stooping to pick up debris.

Make Your Own Homemade Bathroom Cleaner

No company has ever thought about making an all round bathroom cleaner. All these companies are concerned about is there capital stream and they don't want to lose out on these streams by having a homemade bathroom cleaner made. The fact that there is no all round bathroom cleaner in the market means that we don't have any one single cleaner that looks after the cleaning of tubs, tiles and grout in the bathroom.

However, this does not hold you back from making your own concoction while doing the job, because there is nothing stopping you here. Most of the cleaners available in the market are made from very strong chemicals, so you would be better off making your own creation, because this will aid you better. Mixing baking soda, vinegar, lemon and water will give you the mixture you need and will be an all round bathroom cleaner.

Clean Oven Racks With Baking Soda and Vinegar

All of us tend to show some signs of carelessness while cooking in the oven. From minor spillages to over cooking and undercooking, we don't really pay a lot of detail to things inside the oven. Whatever the reason, we do know for sure that oven racks go through a lot. One method you can follow to ensure that you don't have such a problem is through your own oven cleaning spray.

Homemade sprays for such tasks are always best because they not only save on the cost, but also do a better job, minus the chemicals. You will require baking soda and distilled vinegar water for making this spray, because baking soda bubbles up in vinegar and acts as an agent to kill rust on these oven racks. Spray this mixture you have on the racks and you will be good to go.

Clean Stove Burners With Ammonia

You may already know this, and this may not sound anything new to you, but the burners inside a stove have to go through a lot of hell. They are not only subject to really ferocious flames, but also have to endure the everyday spills. Food items including oil, milk and grease are spilled on these grills and make them dirty over time.

While the traditional way to clean the stove burner was to rub it like crazy, this method has now been replaced with a better alternative. The alternative we are talking about is to spray some ammonia on to the burner. This would work like magic and all you have to do after spraying ammonia is to mildly rub the area with a clean cloth. You'll soon have a new burner on your hands.

Vacuum Tight Spaces With a Toilet Roll

While vacuum cleaning is something that all of us have mastered, there is a reason behind why we have included this task in this list. The reason we have done so is because vacuum cleaning in tight spaces can be a real hassle and you have to look after a lot of details. Obviously, your cleaner is too big to put into tight spaces, which is why you may require some help in this regard.

You don't need to get a fancy and expensive vacuum head when you can just make one of your own. The top of a ketchup bottle or a used toilet roll can fit this purpose. This is a great resource as you may have felt the need for a better vacuum head in places your current vacuum cleaner isn't able to access as of yet.

Clean Your Cutting Board With Lemon and Kosher Salt

The chopping board is seriously a great accessory to have inside your kitchen and can make life really easy for you. The board is of great use and can be used for multiple purposes. However, since we use the chopping board on so many occasions, it does tend to get overused with the passage of time. This means that the chopping board goes dirty.

Now that we are cutting most of our edibles on a chopping board, it is extremely necessary that you clean it with a lot of precision and care. The best way to clean your cutting board is to make use of lemon and kosher salt. Sprinkle some kosher salt on the cutting board and then apply some lemon on top for best result. This would make the cutting board look as good as new.

Remove Paint on Clothes With Vinegar And Water

Anyone who has had paint on their clothes would agree that it is very hard to remove. Paint on clothes may never be removed and you may be required to dump your favorite clothes just because you were stubborn with paint. Now, the best way to remove paint from your clothes lies in using a razor along with a mixture of water and vinegar. This mixture is extremely necessary and it helps give your clothes a renewed life.

As soon as you get paint on your clothes, take them off and apply a mixture of vinegar and water on it. Once you apply the mixture of vinegar and water on it, you can then rub it with a razor to have best results. The razor will take away the shards of paint from your clothes the moment you rub it on the surface.

Remove Water Rings On Wooden Surfaces With Olive Oil and a Hair Dryer

A lot of water rings can accumulate on your wooden surfaces, and to be honest, they are very difficult to get rid of. Water rings are the last thing that you would want on your wooden surfaces, and the best way to go about this drill is to have a foolproof plan in the ready. The foolproof plan we have here will save your wooden surfaces and will also put an end to this issue.

What you need for removing water rings from wooden surfaces is a hair dryer and a few drops of olive oil. Start the drill by blowing some air onto the wooden board and wait for it to blow away the signs of the water rings from its exterior. Once you are done blowing away the rings, you can start rubbing olive oil on the wooden surface to not only refresh the wood, but to also have a soothing impact on the structure.

Clean Oil Stains With Baking Soda

While oil stains are a hassle to remove from almost everywhere, we have to agree that having an oil stain on your carpet isn't really the best thing that can happen to you. A lot of us have carpets inside our home and regardless of what the world says about carpets becoming a trend of the past, we still love our rugs and aren't gonna let go of them soon.

However, there really is a big catastrophe that strikes you, once you spill oil onto your carpet. The stain looks really deep and ugly, and you are required to come up with a quick solution for it. The best solution for removing an oil stain from your carpet is to use baking soda. This really is comprehensive and reduces the impact of this horrific spill.

Clean Faucet Stains With a Lemon

Faucet stains really are a thing and something needs to be done about them. We have been using faucets for such a long time that we feel that we can keep using them for over a decade at times. All of us take the faucets in our life for granted and never make any changes to the faucet to make sure that they remain clean and neat.

One way you can ensure that the faucets in your bathroom remain clean is through the use of lemon. Lemon is a very effective cleaning agent and has become a good agent for cleaning faucets. Just get hold of a lemon and apply it on the faucet. The faucet will soon have the liquid on it, which is why you should clean and wash it. Your faucets will be shining with glory.

Clean Iron Dishes With Sea Salt

Anyone that has iron dishes inside their home would agree that they really are a big hassle to clean. You really have to look into a lot of details before even thinking about using iron dishes in the house, leave alone making food in them. People often opt out of buying iron dishes, because they believe that people shouldn't be cooking food in them.

However, if you do have an iron dish, you cannot do anything about it other than cleaning it with precision. This is exactly why you should clean your iron dishes with sea salt, because sea salt can help clean these dishes in the most profound manner. There is no room for complains left and you have a clean dish right in front of you. Do try this method out once.

Use Chalk To Get Rid of Greasy Stains

All of us tend to have a lot of greasy stains on our clothes. These greasy stains require a lot of time and effort to address, because they do not tend to go away easily. You literally have to give them a lot of attention, and we cannot stop laughing at how some women get angry when they are unable to get the grease stains away.

This can really be a hassle and the best way to making grease stains go away lies in using chalk before you wash the people. You don't want people to follow the old useless methods, which is why you should be telling them of the newest method in town. The best method that we have here is the use of chalk as it takes away the greasy slime from your clothing.

Get Rid of Nail Polish Stains On Your Carpet

Women that use nail polish on a consistent basis tend to feel addicted to the accessory. They love how makeup literally completes them and how important a role nail polish plays in the process. They feel attracted to the art of applying nail polish and don't stop at minor setbacks. However, there is a major drawback when they drop the nail polish on the carpet. The stain on the carpet can be hard to remove.

Seeing a shiny object spilled on your carpets is not cool, as literally everyone pays attention to it over anything else. While there are some good ways of getting rid of nail polish stains, one method that is really helpful is to have alcohol used on the spill through a microfiber cloth. This would take away the stain and will make your carpets sparkle.

Clean Your Grater With a Potato

A dirty grater can often pull you out of cooking a lot of dishes. The fact that what you eat is in direct contact with the grater makes you want to not eat anything when the grater is all dirty and slimy. Thus, you want to make it look clean. Since the grater has a lot of different hooks and edges coming out of it, you wouldn't want to clean it with your naked hands due to risk of injury.

Thus, the best way to clean a grater is to make raw chunks of potato go through it. Grating raw chunks of potato will clear away all the slime from the grater and will make it look interesting and cleaner. Your grater deserves better care than this and you should be giving that to it. Clean your grater through this method regularly.

Get Rid of Toilet Rings With Coca-Cola

Coke or Coca-Cola is one of the biggest brands in the world. We have been drinking it for quite some time now, but if there is one use that we haven't really tried as of yet, it is the use of coke inside toilet bowls. Toilet bowls tend to get really dirty over the passage of time, and if you don't look towards cleaning them as soon as possible, the soot and the dirt on them will eventually grow and you may have no outlet left.

One way to clear the soot is to pour some coke inside the toilet bowl. Pour the coke in splashes, so that goes through the toilet bowl and that there isn't any area left unattended. Through this way you would find a good use for coke, and you will be able to put an end to the problems of a dirty toilet.



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