Life-Saving Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 26, 2018

Being a parent is hard. You have to be in charge of the cooking, cleaning, and making sure that the kids are ready for school on time - not to mention making sure your kids don't accidentally kill themselves. Luckily, there are ways to make life as a parent so much easier.

If you use these 50 life-changing parenting hacks, not only will you need to put in less effort, but things around your house will run soooo much smoother. Some of them save time, others save space, and some could even save a life. Here's one that's not on there - never have kids and you won't have to worry about it.

The parenting hacks below are so simple and yet so effective, you won't believe you ever got through your days without them. If you have a baby, try the pacifier hack as soon as possible! It may be too late to try my hack of never having kids, but at least you have fifty options here.

Safety Bracelet

Ask any parent and they would agree that losing their child at a crowded place is one of the most frightening prospects of parenthood. Whenever you go out to a crowded place with your children, you are literally all eyes on them, because any neglect here can put you under hours of regret later on.

However, there is always a hack that you can implement to ensure that some Good Samaritan helps your children when they are eventually found. One of the simplest hacks in this process is to have your children wear a bracelet that has your number on it. Thus, this will ensure that if your children get lost due to negligence on your part, you may be able to get them back through the help of another person who finds them alone.

Temporary Tattoos

Carrying on from the point we mentioned above, it can really be a catastrophe to have your children lost in a crowded space. Not only do you have no clue about where they could be, but you're also dependent on the sense of judgment of other individuals in the crowded place to locate your child and get them back to you somehow.

However, there is an alternative to the option for a bracelet that we mentioned above, and it is a removable tattoo. Removable tattoos are easy to alter and they can easily be removed or put on. You can have a small message and your number printed on these tattoos to ensure that your children are tagged with your contact information. Anyone who finds them with these tattoos would then contact you (hopefully).

Pool Noodles

Bed time security is one thing that a lot of parents are worried about. Since little children like rolling around on the bed, there is not a lot that can be done to keep them into position. Most parents often run the risk of their children suffering major injuries and have at times cameras placed so that they can always be checking for any anomalies.

However, there is one way through which you can cut down the risk of this incident happening to your children. Pool Noodles are really common nowadays and we expect that you may have seen one or two by yourself. Have these pool noodles placed securely on the sides of your child's bed, so that there are secured on both corners by the equipment. This could work well with children under 5.

Toilet Paper Guide

Teaching kids the necessary manners inside the lavatory can be a tough task. You need to teach them to not only get done with business properly, but also to use as little resources as possible. Exhausting resources like toilet paper and water in the lavatory can mean that you will have to face the brunt later on.

One way you can keep a check on the toilet paper being used by your children in the lavatory is to have a marker made on the wall. Children often end up using more toilet paper than necessary because they don't know what is the sufficient amount required. They just keep tearing away with hopes of getting the right amount. This marker would clear away their confusion, and will save you some toilet paper as well for future use.

Slipper Grips

Children are really stubborn when it comes to walking. Since they haven't mastered the art of walking properly, they keep on slipping at surfaces and might even suffer some injuries in the process. Parents are usually very concerned about this, since they don't want their children to suffer from injuries in this regard. They want safety for their children and respite from injuries for them.

One way to ensure that your children remain safe with slippers on is to stick glue dots on the bottom surface of the slippers your children are wearing. These glue dots attached to the bottom surface will give them way more friction when it comes to slippery surfaces, and they would be able to manage themselves in a better way. This would save them from added pressure and from the risk of suffering an injury.

Lint Roll for Glitter

It is a given fact that children love glitter a lot. There is not a child in this world that would choose any other activity above doing literally nothing with glitter in hand. Children love the sparkling sensation that glitter has and like sticking it to different surfaces and literally throwing it around to enjoy a good laugh every once a while.

While you may like your children playing around with glitter, clearing away the mess when they are done is a really big hassle. Glitter can be a pain in the bottom to clear and you are risking becoming all glittery yourself if you don't act smart. The right way to move on with this process is to use a lint roller on surfaces that have glitter scattered over them. The roller would pick up all the shine.

Shoe Stickers

There is a lot of emphasis placed upon ensuring that the child puts in the right foot in the right shoe. It can often be a bit embarrassing if your child isn't able to decipher which foot goes in which shoe in front of other people. Thus, it is literally necessary that you make them recognize the need for putting the right foot in the right shoe.

Now, despite the emphasis being put on this aspect, there is not a lot being done to ensure that children get to learn this process. One thing we can do to teach children which foot goes into which shoe is by having stickers placed inside. Children are almost always able to recognize their favorite stickers and they would have no hassle in following the drill here for you.

Lock-Safe Rubber Bands

Parents really do suffer from a lot of paranoia when it comes to their children. There is not a lot that they can do when it comes to their children's safety and they have to ensure that everything is under check from the limited capacity that they have. Some parents try their best to keep away the impact of small things such as children locking themselves inside doors.

Children often do get themselves in a tangle and getting themselves locked inside a room can be a hassle at times. One thing that can be done here is to use rubber bands on your locks to make them safe. Position the rubber bands in a way that covers the lock as a whole, so that there is no room for error left for children to lock themselves in.

Fitted Sheet

We have come across many parents who want to take their child's crib outside, but cannot do this because they are afraid of the bugs attacking their child. Bugs can really wreck havoc when it comes to children safety and the right course of action is to practice precautionary measures, because children start acting very annoyed when they are attacked by bugs.

So, if you want to bring your child out with you while you are doing an outdoor activity such as gardening, you can always carry their crib out with a fitted sheet awning. Not only with this negate the impact of the sunlight, but will also ensure that the nasty bugs are kept away from reaching your children. You really don't want them to come near your child to be honest, don't you?

Just Enough

Children are not the most efficient when it comes to spurting out lotion or soap out of a pump. They use their full force on the pump, which is why the lotion is splashed out and there is often too much for the kid to use. Then, they end up wasting the lotion and you are left ruing the wasted lotion due to your child's negligence.

The best way to go about here is to have a rubber band positioned just under the pump to stop your children from spurting out too much lotion. Not only would the lotion be saved this way, but you will also be safe from your children rubbing the excess lotion on any surface near the pump. So, be intelligent and have an eye on your children as they do these tasks.

Glue Guns

We talked about this earlier as well for slippers, but you can add a grip to shoes as well with the help of a glue gun. Children tend to be rather clumsy when they are walking, so they are almost always under the risk of falling down during this chore and then injuring themselves. This isn't something that you want to happen, so prompt action should be taken here.

Grab a glue gun and your child's favorite shoe and get to work. All you need to do is make small dots and a big line with the glue gun at the bottom of their shoe. This will add an additional surface and would make life easier for your child as they walk around. No more falling and no more injuries with this brilliant hack for parents to implement.

Sink Helpers

Having children in the family means that you will have to make certain alterations in your bathroom! We have already talked about a few of them, but that is not it for now. Children can have a hard time rinsing their hands in the sink, which is why it is necessary that you make certain alterations in it by churning out the inner craftsmen hidden inside you.

Now, to ensure that your children easily reach the water from the sink easily, you need to open up a bottle of baby's shampoo by cutting it from the face. Then, you need to attach the bottle to the tap on your sink in such a way that the water is brought forward and can be accessed at the corner of the sink. This will make life easier for your kids.

Monster Spray

Children have for ages been scared of the monsters in their room. Children that sleep alone may experience this anxiety, and may feel that these monsters are always after them. This feeling may kill the confidence inside your child and may even kill their sleep because they don't want to expose their weakness to an unseen monster.

Obviously you cannot have your kid sleep with you forever, which is why we need a concrete and an achievable solution to this. The solution we have in mind is that of a monster spray. Children that find sleeping during the nights really troublesome should be handed over a monster spray, which they can pump to make all monsters run away from them. This is a great invention for your children to have on their bed alongside them.

No-Mess Straws

Anyone who has had children inside the house would agree that children and straws don't form a formidable team. Children don't really like working with straws and once they get those easy pull-out straws in their hands they make a lot of mess in the area besides them. They can easily pull out the straws and send splashes of whatever they are drinking across the room.

So, if you want to save your house from this incident and want to ensure that the children do not get to create such a mess when they are drinking from straws please get your hands on one of these no-mess straws. They are tangled around in circles and are very hard for children to pull out of the hole that you have in most containers for drinking purposes.

Babysitter Info

How many times have you tried to give some info to your babysitter, but have desperately failed due to the gap in communication between you two? It is extremely common for parents to give informational advice to the babysitter, but since they have a tough schedule to follow, they don't get time alone with the babysitter.

Not getting the desired time would mean that you aren't able to communicate what you wanted and your babysitter would know nothing about it. This template board can come in handy for such purposes, as it alerts your babysitter on what to do during the day. It also has the time you would be home mentioned on it, so that there is no lack of communication between the two of you. Have a good time communicating with the babysitter.

Pool Noodles

We have already talked a bit about how useful pool noodles can be for keeping a check on your children. They can be used in a variety of ways within your home and all of these methods can help you safeguard the interest of your children. Who knew that pool noodles could turn out to be such useful home accessories?

The latest use we have for pool noodles relates to sticking it on door ends. No one wants their children to get their fingers stuck between doors, which is why it is necessary for you to get these attached on the door ends. Children can be rather swift when it comes to doors, which is why any protection of such sort can be very useful. Moreover, these also look aesthetically pleasing when attached to doors.

Tooth Fairy

Ask every parent in the contemporary era and they would confess to having played the tooth fairy game with their children. For those, who have been living under a rock and don't know what it is, the tooth fairy game is when you tell your toddler to keep their tooth under their pillow, so that the tooth fairy can come in and exchange it for a dollar.

Now, an interesting way to make this game more fun is to put some tooth fairy dust on the dollar note you have hidden under the pillow. Children will really fall to the trap when they see fairy dust from the fairy that came to exchange their tooth with a dollar note. This would add to the excitement and will make them believe in this really exciting drill.

Kid Friendly Hammock

Kids always have an eye for outdoor adventure and want to replicate all of what their favorite cartoon characters do in real life. They want to experience the thrills of adventure and feel really sad when you hold them away from one. Since it is really risky to send your children outside for adventures, it is always good to think of one within the home.

One cool adventure that you can try within the home is to have your children sit in a captivating hammock. Hammocks have been well documented in cartoons, so your child will really like this. All you need to have for creating this hammock is a wooden table and a tough blanket. Tie the blanket over the table and watch as your children enjoy the time inside the well made indoor hammock.

Folded Shoulders

Any mom who has tried a onesie on their baby would agree that this piece of clothing is really difficult to get on a baby. It can be really difficult to stuff a baby into one, as children don't like this suffocating experience. They start crying immediately and will make quite a situation if their needs are not taken into account.

One way you can follow is to seek help from the folded shoulders in the onesie. The folds present on the shoulder of your baby's onesie have a role to play and it is best that you find this out soon. The folds give you the luxury to pull any onesie down rather than pushing it over the head of the baby. Avoid a mess free solution and give your kid some much needed comfort.

Juice Box

Kids are really clumsy when it comes to drinking juice. Since the box for most juices is really hard for children to hold in their hands, they end up spilling most of the content inside and often make a mess that takes a lot of time cleaning. Parents of kids know what a big conundrum they face in this regard and how they have to ultimately transfer the juice into a bottle or glass.

Now, those of us who study juice boxes carefully have found out that the stiff ends on a juice bottle can be used for a lot of endeavors. The perfect use for these ends is to have your child hold them with both hands. The ends are pretty stiff and are as a matter of fact easy for children to hold in their hands.

Diaper Witness

To be very honest, regardless of how dedicated you are to raising your baby up, no one likes having their hands on a stuffed diaper. This becomes even messier if you expect the diaper to be dry and open it in your carefree manner and see that it had been stuffed for quite some time.

Based on the situation above, what we can guess is that opening diapers isn't really the easiest job in the world. It is painstakingly difficult and any information prior to that can be helpful. Well, all diaper companies provide a hack within their diapers, which can help you find out whether they are wet or dry. Diapers have this yellow line going through them, which can turn yellow if the diaper is wet. Good luck finding this out the next time.

Toilet Target

Telling children, especially boys the art of using the toilet can be a real hassle. Children hardly learn from past experiences and keep repeating the same mistake inside the toilet. Thus, it is necessary that you step out of your comfort zone and try some new ideas when it comes to getting your kids trained in the bathroom.

Creativity can go a long way in a lot of things, which is why you can be creative for good results here as well. One creative and beneficial way to help your son in targeting well in the toilet bowl is to set a target for them in the pot. This would stop them from going insanely haywire and will keep their target inside the bowl rather than outside it, which is often the case with boys.

Untangling Doll's Hair

Those of us, who have daughters and have bought them a doll in life, would agree to the statement that untangling a doll's hair can be a mess. Not only do you have your daughter standing right over your head, but there is also the added pressure of you fulfilling the expectations she has of you at doing the task at hand.

Now, nothing comes easily in life, which is why you would have to get off your seat and walk towards your living room to get a fabric softener. If you don't have one at home, then take the long walk to the nearest grocery store. When you have your hands on a fabric softener, just apply two tablespoons of it on the doll to see instant results. The tangle will be gone and your daughter will be super proud.

Hot Seatbelts

Parents living in generally hotter regions have complained that seatbelts can get really hot in the summer and often end up burning the young ones. This can be a really worrying sign for parents in the summer, as they have to look after the safety of their kids from these burning hot seatbelts. The best way to tackle such a situation is to have a bottle of mist water on you.

All you need to do is just spray the mist around the buckle and the seatbelt when you have your children wear them. The mist water is not required to be cool, as warm water would also work in the situation. The water itself will not be creating any impact; it is the evaporation process that would be working favors over here in such conditions.

No-Mess Creativity

Asking your children to be creative comes with a huge cost. This cost lies in ensuring a lot of mess to your home. Now, someone who has a couple of children wouldn't worry for the child's habits. But, someone who has a lone child would want their kid to develop a good creative habit, because they may not have anyone to look up to.

One thing that can be really helpful in this regard is to not worry about the mess when they are being creative. Let them be creative as much as they want and you can take a backseat here. So, one way to ensure that there is no mess is to have ziplock bags positioned in a way that can help your child add dollops of paint on it to garner his/her creativity.

Brown Apples

Kids really do love apples a lot. It can without a doubt be said that apples are really healthy for kids of all ages and their fascination towards apples is almost always rewarded in the form of good health. However, kids often leave behind apples, which eventually start looking brown, if they have been kept outside for a while.

The best way to go about here is to sprinkle salt on the apples and they wash them with some water. Not only will your apples stay edible for a longer while, but they won't gain the brown color that most apples get after a while. This trick may however reduce the juiciness inside apples and you may no more find them as succulent as you used to. Get the salt out and store the apples for a longer time.

Removing Crayon

Your little Picasso can often get a lot creative with crayons and may start jotting down stuff on the walls. While you wouldn't want to put a stop to their creativity, no one likes the additional layer of crayon on the wall. Not only does it look ugly, but it also points towards a house that is unkept and not well maintained.

While one may find taking off crayons from walls difficult, there is a solution that puts an end to this conundrum from parents. The solution we are talking about is WD-40 and it can perfectly clean up the mess you have on your walls. Nothing looks better than clean walls after a child has worked with his/her crayons on them. This just reduces the hassle and makes life easier for both parents and child.

Keeping Kids Close

Kids in parking lots are just waiting to walk astray. They are really hard to contain inside the lot and there is no end to the number of news items we hear and read about everyday when it comes to parking lot safety for kids. These accidents are just on the rise and parents have no option but to always be around their kids.

However, you can have your own merry time in the parking lot, while having your kids in check through the use of the parking pal magnets. These magnets are a great way to keep your kid close to the car and to ensure that nothing untoward is happening to them. This is also fun to do and kids would really prefer this drill over anything else that you probably have in mind.

Drip Snacks

Snack time can often take a nasty time when it comes to children. The children often won't adhere to the rules you have governing this time and it may become impossible for them to keep themselves and the things around them neat and clean. While children run the risk of making things messy all the times, there are double the chances of this happening when it comes to a Popsicle.

Popsicles are really hard to stop from dripping, which is why children cannot purely be put to blame in this regard. The more logical option in this case is to use protection to keep the Popsicle from dripping. This can be achieved by using a cupcake liner in an inverted form to block the drip from reaching the ground or making the hands sticky and dirty.

Crayons on the Go

Being stuck at the doctor's or the dentist office with your children can often be boring for them. While you wait for the appointment to come by, they are flustered by all the waiting and want to do something productive, or more productive than waiting around like this. So, if you take your children along with you, make sure they have an activity to do.

One thing that you can have with yourself on the go is a box of crayon. This box of crayon can be with you throughout your excursions and you can take it out whenever your kid wants to do something productive and has nothing else to do. This would make sure that he keeps busy and you don't have to worry about them roaming around aimlessly, while you wait somewhere.

Ice Pack

How many times have you given something fresh to your children for lunch only for them to open the lunchbox at lunch time and to find that the freshness has gone and that the warm weather has spoiled the food? This is a major source or worry for almost every mom as they come to grip with the fact that their son may not always be having a fresh lunch at school or anywhere outside.

What can be done here is to use a hack for an icepack. One such hack is to put a sponge inside the freezer and then place it inside the lunch box when it is frozen. This would ensure that there is a cold source available to counter the impact of the warm weather and to keep the food fresh at all times.

Turn It into a Game

Kids like playing games and are always up for one. They love the competitive appeal they get from games and want to experience it at all times. One way that you can use to make this habit useful for you is to gamify the chores that they do on a routine basis. For example if you want your children to clear up the toy room after playing with the toys, then make them run against the clock to make the whole room clean.

This may sound too good to be true, but you'll only see how effective this is when you try it. Moreover, you can also make eating a fun game by getting this brilliant food tray that makes eating look like a very interactive board game that every child would love to play on.

Trace Their Feet

We might not have our children along with us on every shopping spree. Children are hard to manage at shopping malls and with the looming threat of them being lost in the rush; most parents prefer leaving them home before going out for a shopping trip. Considering that kids are left at home before shopping excursions, it is always good to have their sizes on the ready.

One way to have your child's shoe size on the ready is to trace their feet on a piece of paper. Once you have traced their feet, keep that paper safe with you for future reference. It can come useful when you see a special sale going on for children footwear in the market. This act will save you from a lot of hassle later down the line.

Misplacing Socks

Whenever you are doing laundry, there is always the off chance of you misplacing your socks. This can be heightened if you have kids around you, as they might have a lot of socks to be washed on a routine basis. Now, there is not only the threat of misplaced socks, but there is also the threat of children not wearing identical socks and looking like fools in school.

The hack to this method is to get a mesh laundry bag and put all the socks inside the bag. Once the socks have been stuffed inside it, you can put the mesh bag inside the laundry. The mesh bag will let the soap come in and would help clean the socks without letting the socks get out of reach from you. Do try this hack.

Upcycling a Crib

Cribs are really expensive to get. Thus, instead of just throwing them away when your child gets too big for them, you can upcycle them to use them in a better manner. One interesting use for cribs is to use them as an awesome desk as your child grows up.

Instead of throwing the crib outside your premises and trying to make room for new updated items, you could just make a few adjustments and make that crib a perfect place for your kid to practice the creative instincts within them. The crib can perfectly be made into a table for your child to work on through just a few minor alterations. Once you are done with the alterations, your kid will love what he/she has in front of them and they would appreciate the effort you have put into it.

Matching Outfits

When you have more than one kid with you, it can really be a hassle to manage both of them in a public place. You have to be alert at all times, and even a minor lapse in attention would mean that your children are not safe. It is hence extremely necessary that you keep an eye on your children. However, one thing you can do to ensure that your kid is easily found once they are lost is to make all your kids wear the same outfit.

This way you will find explaining how your kid looked easier to all the other people and if someone has seen your kid around, they will find it easier to explain their whereabouts to you. Not only are matching outfits really fashionable, but they can also save you from a lot of embarrassment in such cases.

DVD Coloring Case

Thrifty parents with creative children are always on the lookout to make life easy for everyone involved. They have their own methods for making life more bearable and follow their techniques. If you are one really thrifty parent and have a creative kid with you, then you can try out this innovative DVD coloring case.

This case has been made through the use of an empty DVD case and makes use of the ample space in DVD cases to make life easy for your child. Your child will love the coloring innovation they have and will find storing things in here really fun. You can keep this case along with you; to not only show it off to other parents, but also to ensure that your kid has something to do when he/she is feeling bored or inactive.

Backpack Station

All mommies with more than one child will agree that mornings are the most hectic part of the day. This is further amplified if your child is going to school and has to get up and be ready every morning. Getting them ready takes a lot of time and you might have to pay full attention here.

One thing that is the cause of much concern in the morning is the backpack. Most kids are unable to find their backpack and end up moving around at the last hour. The best thing to do here is to have a backpack station in your home that can serve as one place for all backpacks positioned in a safe and brilliant manner. This will not only help children when they are going to school, but also when they are coming back from there.

Inflatable Pool

Sometimes the key to success in life lies in being thrifty. Parents that are thrifty and creative often come up with the most innovative and cost saving ideas for all of us, which is why we feel that all of us benefit from them. We hope that more parents end up being thrifty, so that we have more interesting ideas coming up for others.

Parents that spend their hard-earned money on expensive playpens believe that their children soon outgrow these and they spend a fortune on it for nothing. One interesting idea for a playpen is to inflate your pool indoors and have your children play with each other and their toys inside it. This is a good way to utilize resources and to keep costs low. This can work for growing children of all ages.

Cookie Cutters

Anyone that tells you that kids don't have preferences when it comes to food is lying to you. Kids are often very picky when it comes to food and they want only what they prefer to be good for themselves. This is why they don't touch any of the greens in their plate and stay away from all the healthy fruits, because yeah they don't find these exciting.

With cookie cutters coming in literally all kind of shapes, you can go crazy with the designs to make items that your kids despise look attractive to them. Once your children start eating these items as normal food, they would drop the bias and would inadvertently be taking care of their own health. This is a miraculous way to help children eat what is good for them and to help them grow up fast.

Send it to Santa

Parents that are tired of their kids asking for a gift every once in a while have started the trend for a new hack that goes by the name 'Send it to Santa.' How many parents have had an experience of their kid continuously asking them for a thing that they cannot immediately afford? The kid dearly wants that specific item and wants his parents to provide it to him. This can get a bit tricky for parents as they need to think of a way out.

The way out that, parents have thought of, is to tell kids to write a letter to Santa about what they would want for this Christmas. This would not only help parents buy time to arrange finances for the gift, but will also make the child rant less about it.


People with a garden will affirm that the kids they have in their home are outside more than they are inside the house. Kids just love bigger spaces and the sun, and wouldn't mind going outdoors if they have a garden available to them. Thus, knowing that your kids really love outdoor spaces, what you can do is to have an extra tent installed in your garden.

This tent would not only serve the purpose of keeping your children safe, but will also ensure that they have a place to jump into if they feel that the sun is draining them out. There is nothing better than a small tent in the garden, so implement this hack and start enjoying the days with your child outside. Make the days count and save your energy for later.

Week's Outfits

Preparing for the week ahead can be a really tough task for moms. The tasks become even heftier if you have multiple kids to manage. The most tiring task of the week according to most moms is ensuring that the children have their outfits for the week all ready. Fishing for an outfit on an urgent basis really can suck, since kids don't like waiting.

So, the best way to manage this problem is to have the outfits for all days of the week ready at all times. This would save you a lot of time and would ensure that you have everything at the ready before you head into the week. Micromanagement is good and will help save you a lot of time and effort when things require urgency or in an urgent emergency.


If you have babies inside the house, there is no way that you would want to live life in the same old bland manner. Everyone wants to change and alter their life according to the needs of their children and they often back away because of all the costs they will have to incur for altering everything inside the home.

One way to make your home the perfect place for your child and to ensure that you don't spend a fortune on it is through stickers. Stickers are brilliant for adding a bit of bling to everything within your home and will make your child love the home environment. Adding stickers of their favorite cartoon characters to things of daily use is a good idea to implement here. This will almost always make things better for you.

Color Coded Wall Clock

It is necessary to teach children the importance of following a routine from this tender age. You cannot neglect the importance of following a routine at all costs and should help teach the lessons to your children as well. One way to help your children gain this lesson and to make it interesting for them is through the use of color coded wall clocks.

Color coded wall clocks are an instant hit with children and parents, but the use we are mentioning today is for helping build a routine. You can color the hours in a wall clock to depict the activity that the children should be doing at that time of the day. This would make following a routine easier and fun for all children. Children tend to love colors and will like the idea behind this drill.

Cut Tip of Pacifier To Ween Baby Off of it

One of the most popular pacifier-weaning tricks is cutting off the pacifier's tip. After the ability to suck is removed, many children quickly lose interest. Try telling your child that the pacifier is broken, and let her throw it away. If you cut off the tip of the paci nipple or poke a small hole in it, your child doesn't get the same sucking sensation and might just abandon it.

If the initial snip doesn't do the trick, moms like Christina M., a mother of one son, suggest gradually cutting off more of the pacifier: "I tried cutting the end of the pacifier off a little bit every few days until there was nothing for him to suck on, and then he didn't really want it anymore." Just be careful that your child isn't chewing off pacifier pieces, which could be a choking hazard.

Chore Jar

Children hate doing chores from the core of their heart. These little mischief-makers would do literally anything to escape chores and have fun doing what they are doing. They love being active, but only when it is for their own gain. So, what you can do to make life easy for yourself and to motivate your children into doing chores is to make a chore jar.

You can have chores written on Popsicle sticks, and whoever does the chores should be rewarded by adding a Popsicle stick of the chore to their jar. The one with the most sticks at the end of the week would win. This would give room for healthy competition in your children and would help infuse the habit of doing chores all the time through the use positive reinforcement as well.

Clean Pacifiers

Considering that babies are in direct contact with pacifiers and put them inside their mouth one cannot run the risk of not looking after them with care and assurance. These pacifiers need to be looked after with a lot of care to ensure that they don't get bacteria on them. Having pacifiers lying around the kitchen or the room can be a basic health hazard for your child.

Keeping in mind the need for safety, what you need to do here is to ensure that your child's pacifier is not lying around in the open. You just need to get your hands on a clean portion cup so that the pacifiers are safely stored without any hassle. Also make sure that the portion cups you use are cleaned regularly so that your child's health and safety is prioritized at all costs.

Using Marshmallow

Kids love eating Marshmallow a lot and who even thought that parents could use this to their advantage to get a job done. Yes, parents nowadays are becoming really intelligent and there is no denying this fact. They have come to terms with what kids like and don't like and are trying their best to reach out to their likes.

This one hack that is doing rounds across social media is to place marshmallow at the bottom of a cone and then see madness unravel right in front of your eyes. This will be interesting to see and would make for some good time saving. Marshmallow at the end of a cone stops the ice cream from dripping off and would even give your kids a savory end to the dessert they love so much.

Morning Routine Flashcards

Routine instructions for the morning can be of much use for any child. Children have a hard time following a routine in the morning, and this process becomes easier through the use of flash cards. Children that follow a set morning routine come to school well prepared and are bound to be better at studies and all.

So, what you can do to inculcate the habit of a good morning routine in your children is to have them follow instructions. These instructions will work out in their favor and will mean that they are always ready for what they are doing without any issues. These flashcards can interactively be placed inside their room, so that they help get their attention. Children should be attracted by the routine flashcards first thing when they wake up in the morning.



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