Groom Stops The Wedding To Get Revenge On Bride

Entertainment | By Eliana Tremblay | November 13, 2019

This clever groom waited for the perfect time to stage his revenge. After discovering his new wife cheated on him the day of their wedding, he took matters into his own hands and plotted his revenge on his new adulterous wife. With his friends and family all there he waited for the moment to let the secret out. If this all sounds awkward, imagine the guests at the ceremony and the family that couldn't take their eyes off the train wreck that happened before their very eyes. When you see the video at the end of this article, you will be absolutely stunned.

It's a famous line, one everyone knows when it comes to weddings. It's the line that solidifies the relationship and boldly asks guests to "speak now, or forever hold your peace."

Usually this is accompanied by roaming eyes and snickers from the guests, but what would happen if someone did stand up to say something? Imagine if someone rose up to stake their claim on the bride or the groom. But what if it wasn't someone from the audience that spoke up, what if it was the groom?

What Better Place to Tell the Story than on a TV Show?

There is a television show in Britain called The Graham Norton Show. It is hosted by none other than the grand comedian himself Graham Norton. The show is pretty straight forward with Norton inviting various guests to appear each week to talk about things in movies, and actors and such. For those in America it's basically like Jimmy Kimmel.

However, Norman does have a cheeky side that draws out the naughtiness of those on his show. Of course a little beverage helps to loosen tongues too. But it's not always celebrities that he pulls out juicy stories from, often he gets guests from the audience on the stage to let slip some personal tales.

The Big Red Chair

At the end the show, Graham calls on regular folks to sit down in his big red chair. The audience member sits down with Graham and gets their shot at telling their story. If Norton like the story his guests tell, the audience member gets to walk away with the satisfaction of entertaining Graham's guests.

Now if the story happens to be dull, boring, or just down right unpleasant, Graham will flip the chair back causing the audience member to fall on his back. During one episode in 2016, a red chair guest took his place fairly confident to win the crowd and Norton over. Graham and the rest of his audience leaned in to listen to the tale with their ears perked and ready.

A Guest Watching On

The man in the big red chair was Sean McInerney. Sean came from Donegal, Ireland and was thrilled for his chance to tell his story. With a mischievous grin on his face, Sean began to tell his story of a wedding he once attended. According to Sean it was a friend he wasn't close to, but attended anyway to show support for the happy couple.

Sean went on to state how he is socially awkward and wasn't fond of going to such events. Yet, he respected the invited and decided to go, anyway. The smile stretch on his face as he stated how he was glad to go... sort of.

The Perfect Day

It was the perfect wedding in every way. The bride blushed, the groom looked pleased and everything showed the couple would be happy forever. After the ceremony and the confetti thrown to wish the new couple a lifetime a bliss, the guests began to take their seats for the feast. It was the time when the food was being prepared and those giving speeches made their final adjustments. The day was perfect all around.

Little did the guest's realize the smile on the groom was fake, his endearments to his new wife were fake, and he was about to make a huge revelation to the guests. The groom happened to have learned a huge secret moments before the wedding, but kept things under wrap as he plotted a way to get even with his new bride. With his speech swirling in his mind, he waited for his moment and it would be epic. Things were about to reach a new level of awkwardness.

A Groom in Despair

Hours before the wedding, the groom learned of a devastating secret about his bride to be. The secret came from multiple sources and even received burning evidence that his wife to be cheated on him with not just one man, but several. The knife twisted in his heart as he learned the men were his friends. With his mind blown and his heart crushed the groom wasn't sure what to do or how to feel. He was in denial and couldn't believe any of it.

After all, he was about to marry the woman of his dreams. Every emotion one could feel coursed through him as he tried to figure out what to do. As rage swelled in him, he knew he had to keep his composure. With revenge on his mind, he knew the best way to serve it was cold. It was her unfaithfulness, and she deserved every ounce of the groom's anger. Meanwhile, the groom remained calm and collective to play his role.

The Best Form of Revenge

Simply looking at his new wife made his stomach turn, but if he wanted his revenge, he would have to see his plan to the end. Keeping his cool, he pretended to his wife and guests that everything was fine. It was during dinner that his plan would come to fruition.

The men his wife slept with would be all there attending the ceremony and that's when he came up with the perfect plan to expose all their dirty secrets at once. The groom wanted to see his new wife's face when he exposed her for what she was.

Little Red Dots

In order for his plan to work, the groom needed to know exactly where the men who slept with his new wife were seated. Before the ceremony he slipped away to the banquet hall to figure out where each of them would be.

Once the groom located, the men said to have slept with his new wife, he placed a red sticker on the bottom of their plates. But the groom knew if his plan was going to succeed he needed to keep a straight face. The men and the new bride were about to get the biggest shock of their lives and be exposed to everyone there.

A Twisted Game

As the ceremony winded down, and the guests took their seats for the meal, the groom clinked his glass to get everyone's attention. As the crowd settled the groom stated how he had an announcement. With a straight face he asked everyone to stand up. The guests rose as the groom kept his cool before announcing he wanted to play a little game.

Before the food was served, he asked his guests to flip over their plates to see if they had a little red dot on the bottom. For those with the dot, they were asked to remain standing. The guests looked around confused, but complied and began flipping over their dishes.

A Sudden Realization

One by one the guests sat down, those who remained glanced about the room only to realize the ones left standing were men. The other guests could see the men standing were clearly nervous as a sudden realization of what was coming dawned on them.

Standing awkwardly the men continued to glance around the room until their eyes drifted to the new bride. Everyone in the room was confused as they waited on the groom to speak. Pushing the lump in his throat down, the groom cleared his throat and continued.

One Awkward Ceremony

With tears in his eyes and a weary smile on his face, the groom announced that the men standing all had an affair with his wife. The crowd gasped as the men's faces blushed with embarrassment.

Although the groom was clearly heartbroken, and fighting the urge to bolt from the room, he enjoyed every second of exposing them. The groom did exactly what he wanted to do despite the pain it caused him and he did it in the most spectacular way. Everyone was stunned as the groom continued.

Annulment Already Planned

The groom went on to say that he planned to annul the marriage that afternoon and how he couldn't be married to his adulterous bride.

The fact the groom went through the ceremony simply to see the looks on his new wife's face and those she slept with was enough for him. The bride no doubted began crying along with her parents. And as the groom turned to his mortified new wife, he pressed his lips together and left without another word.


Shamed in front of all her friends and family, there weren't any words that would console the bride. She knew what she had done and everyone's eyes were on her.

Guests quickly reached for the bottles in the center of the table to deal with the awkwardness of the groom's announcement. All the life of the party was sucked out of the door as the groom exited the building. Although the wedding wasn't what anyone expected it to be, it certainly would never be forgotten.

A Stroke of Genius, or a Brush of Craziness?

The way this all played out makes one wonder if it was a creative groom or simply a spark of insanity? There is evidence to argue both sides of the situation, but it's clear that a heartbroken man can and will do pretty crazy things. Especially when given enough time to execute the plan.

With timing running out on what to do about his new bride's infidelity the groom had no choice but to take matters into his own hands. He managed to turn his pain into something unforgettable that also allowed his new wife a taste of her own medicine.

Sadness Kicks In

Exposing such infidelity is a crazy thing to do, especially doing it so publicly. Yet what else could he do? The pain the groom's actions did cannot be underplayed or ignored. After all, the groom did just find out he was about to marry someone he didn't really know or loved him as much as he thought she did.

The wife didn't just sleep with one man, but several men before her wedding day. To add salt to the wound, the men she slept with were all the groom's closest friends. Clearly he was heartbroken and love often times makes one do crazy things.

The Same Reaction

As Sean finished up his story on The Graham Norton Show, it was clear the audience on the show were in awe. But the question remains, did Sean get flipped or did he get to walk out of the room with his pride intact? With a standing ovation from one of the guests on the show, Sean got to walk.

Others in the audience though stared on in amazement trying to wrap their heads around the story. It may not have been a heartwarming story for those who lived through the experience, but it was a great story, nonetheless.

The Ultimate Story

Some wonder if Sean's story was the best Big Red Chair story ever to air. It was clear by Graham Norton reaction that even he was taken back by Sean's wedding from hell. Norton roared into a fit of laughter at Sean's story.

The show ended on another hilarious note. But what was the bride thinking if she happened to watch this at home? She probably stated to herself how familiar the story sounded and a new wave of embarrassment washed over her.

Online Reactions

The Graham Norton's Show pulls in over a million views each night it airs so it's no surprise that social media exploded after Sean's story. Viewers of the show quickly turned to social media sites like Twitter to express their views on the situation.

It's clear the bride of the story got what she deserved in the most stunning way possible. Not only was the bride called out for her actions, but the men she slept with too. All exposed in one moment of glory for the groom.

A Turn of Events

Some viewers took to social media to challenge stereotypes stating how women can be cheaters too. Sean's story just goes to show that men aren't always at fault or the serial offenders that so many claims them to be.

Although it's often believed that men are always the ones with the cheating problem, Sean's story was able to flip that norm on its head. Of course, social media was filled with comments and questions from viewers wanting to know more about the tale.

How Could You?

When it comes to serving up revenge, the groom believed the best way to do it was on the back of dinner plates. Can you imagine being the one still standing thinking you've won something special only to find out your darkest secret just came to light? And what of the bride? Surely she must have had some thoughts racing through her mind as she realized who the men were that remained standing.

It was the bride's wrongdoings that caused such embarrassment not only for her, but the men still standing. Although she did get what was coming to her, was the groom out of line for the antics? Was there another way for the groom to get his revenge without such a public display?

A Well-Deserved Serving of Revenge

Some wonder what became of the bride after all was said and done? Did she try to win back her husband? Or was the cut too deep to mend? And what happened to the men standing? After all, they were the groom's best friends. Did they even try to make amends?

And what about the parents? Did they scold the bride? Or shun her from the family after her secret came out? There is clearly more to this story that needs to be told, but the only who has the answers is Sean.

Well Played

Despite the heartache that came from exposing his wife, we all have to give the groom a round of applause and a pat on the back. With all the ways he could have handle the situation, his revenge was the best form. He expressed his feelings and knowledge of his wife's affairs without violence or anger.

To the groom, you are a hero for exposing that which needed to be said in such a well manner. You showed grace through your pain and did it in such a creative manner that deserves to be acknowledged. The way you served up revenge was not only swift, but fair and justified, so well done.

Eight Different Men

One of the most shocking parts about the story was the number of men left standing. It wasn't just one or two men left wondering what was going on, but eight. After the groom's little trick, there were eight men glancing around the room wondering what was going on.

The bride probably recognized all of them right off the bat. However, we can't help but wonder if the men left standing thought they were the only one the bride had been with. The worst thing about all this was that these men happened to be friends of the groom. Little did the groom know his friends who he invited would keep this secret from him.

The Bride

With so many men, we can't help but wonder why the bride went along with the wedding in the first place. If all she wanted to do was have fun, why settle down with one man? Maybe she thought she could continue after the wedding. But what of the groom? Why did he continue with the wedding?

Clearly the bride has some unresolved issues or some wild hair to comb out before getting married. But still, she was engaged, so technically not available for other men to take. Yet, she did and still went along with the wedding.

The Rest of the Night

There is no doubt the rest of the night was awkward and the situation embarrassing for the bride. As for the groom it had to be devastating to realize the woman, he was marrying wasn't committed to him as he thought. But on top of all that, turns out the men the bride slept with were also married.

Questions arise for the guests as they wondered if they should continue to be there. Should they finish their dinner before leaving? Should they return the wedding gifts they brought? And what about all the money the guest's spent to come to the wedding if they were out of town? Seems like the whole situation was a big beautiful catastrophe.

Tell it Again

Out of all the people that heard the story, there was one beside Graham Norton who was fairly impressed. YouTuber Jason Gunn was so impressed by Sean's story that he called Sean to have him tell the tale again over his podcast.

Laughing the whole time, Gunn already knew how it ended, but Sean continued to rehash the story for Gunn's audience. After the story was told, Gunn thanked Sean for telling his story again and Sean simply said it was a pleasure.

Was it Necessary?

Is it possible the groom could have found another way to handle his bride? Perhaps, but he didn't show any anger or violence towards her in the end. He simply walked away.

Although everyone loved Sean's story of the wedding, it wasn't exactly his to share. Some wonder if Sean told the story to get a spot on television. In the end though it makes you wonder if it was necessary to bring up that painful situation again.

Embarrassing for All Involved

It was clear by the groom's decision to out the wrong-doers a lot of embarrassment went around the room. The bride was horrified to be caught, the groom was devastated by the news and the men standing were left with unhappy wives themselves.

But the bride did it to herself due to her indiscretions that were exposed during the wedding feast. Then of course, there was the eight men called out on what they did for all to see. Can you imagine what the tension felt like after the groom left? Only our imaginations can fill that gap.

Waste of Money

Weddings are not a cheap affair. But can you imagine how much money was lost just so the groom could get his revenge? There is the price of the venue, the flowers, the dress, and food. No doubt the bride's parent's paid thousands of dollars. Not to mention sleepless nights to make the moment perfect.

But all that money and time was completely wasted. Although the groom was put in a bad situation, it was clear he made the call for himself.

Still a Funny Story

No matter who the story was about who was embarrassed, there is no denying that it is a story for the ages. It has all the elements needed for a perfect story. Heartache, revenge, justice, everything everyone loves to hear which is why so many people gave positive feedback on it.

It's hard to believe something like this could happen, and that is part of the magic that makes this story great. It's not every day the underdog gets his dues.

Taught a Lesson

If there is one thing that came out of this situation, it was the fact the bride was taught a valuable life lesson. It doesn't matter if the couple got back together to make things work or if they moved on. She will never do something like that again, or at least be more careful with the next guy she is with.

Then again, she might think twice before cheating. Of course being firm with her decision to stay faithful to one man may be the lesson she still has to learn.

Happily Ever After

It's quite possible the bride got into a heap of trouble over this event, but it was the groom that had more to deal with. After all, it couldn't have been easy for him to do what he did especially after thinking that the woman he was to marry would be with him forever.

Many hope that the groom of the story was able to mend his broken heart and move past this horrific event. It's possible he took the honeymoon alone to feel better about it all, but we'll never know.

Not the Only Time

As stunning as this story is, it's not the only one out there. Brides and grooms all over the world have revealed to their guest's their partner's infidelity.

The typical story of people finding out about their partners moments before the wedding only to go through with it seems to be a trend. Often times the partner knows of how much money and time was spent getting ready for the big day and goes along with it only to drop the bomb at the end.

The Best Man

Weddings are supposed to be a time for merriment and joy. After all, the couple has decided that they can't live without each other. But for those who have had this kind of thing happen to them, they are clever at getting swift revenge. Take one man for instance who decided to give his guests a gift after the wedding. He told friends and family to look under their chairs for an envelope.

Instead of getting something nice, the guests got photos of the bride entwined in intimate embraces with the best man. The groom of this story clearly got suspicious of his bride to be and hired someone to look into the matter. The groom here also went along for the ceremony only to have the marriage annulled later.

Reading Out Texts

But these things don't just happen to grooms. One bride discovered incriminating texts between her husband to be and another woman before her wedding day. She to found a clever way to get back at her husband to be.

When it came time to say their vows, the bride read the text messages and exposed her soon to be ex-husband of his affair before the guests. With nothing to say, the groom left without another word.

Movie Scene

They say movies imitate life. Well, that's true for the 2008 movie called The Art of Travel. In the movie the groom once again takes matters into his own hands to embarrass his cheating fiancée.

In the movie, he tells people to look under their seats for an envelope and then hands one specifically to the best man. The guests find photos of the bride and best man getting it on in bed. Then, the groom takes the honeymoon alone, which would be the best thing to do in this situation.

Taste of Their Own Medicine

There is a very simple reason why brides and grooms want to make the public announcement about their partners. They simply want to give them what they deserve.

Sure, finding out that the person you were to marry cheated is heartbreaking. But sometimes revenge is the only way a person can learn the lesson.



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