Decade-Old Photograph Has Mother Learning The Truth About Her Daughters Fiance

Entertainment | By Eliana Tremblay | October 22, 2019

Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt seemed like the perfect young couple. The two knew they were meant together even after their very first date. Their relationship moved quickly and, date after date, they decided to get engaged and tie the knot. Both of their families and all of their friends were very supportive and happy for the two love birds.

However, even though she wasn't against the relationship, Heidi's mother, Kay Parker, had an odd feeling about her future son-in-law. She had a hunch that something might not be right but she just couldn't figure out what it was. That's when she discovered an old photograph that changed everything.

Heidi Parker

Throughout her childhood, Heidi Parker seemed like she had everything together. Her family was always happy and cheerful, they went on summer vacations regularly, and Heidi was doing well in school. She even played sports and later decided to head to college.

She started college at the New Castle University way before she met Ed Savitt. She was aiming for a dual-degree in Economics and Management. She was one of the best students but she couldn't afford to live in the expensive college dorms so she had to go out and look for her own apartment.

Financial Struggles

Even though she had lived in the dorms the first few years of college, Heidi had to look for a place of her own due to financial reasons. Just like any student, she couldn't really afford an apartment on her own so she decided to move in with a few close friends.

A few years went by and Heidi had saved up enough money to move into her own small, one-bedroom apartment. Time went by quickly and, when the time came to move again, Heidi met with the new tenants of her old apartment to give them the keys. She had no idea that one of the two men she met that day would become such an important part of her life.

Her Very Own Place

Heidi didn't have much time to get to know the two new tenants of her old apartment. They wished each other luck and quickly went their separate paths. With all the responsibilities and errands related to moving, they were too busy even to ask for each other's names.

Heidi was more than excited to move into her new place. The new apartment was everything she ever wanted, a quiet and beautiful sanctuary that belongs only to her. However, as time went by, Heidi started feeling lonely. She had lived alone for so long but she didn't want any new roommates. Instead, she decided to look for love! Little did she know that love had already found her.

Getting the Call

A few weeks after settling in her new apartment, Heidi got an unexpected call. It was one of the men she met while she was moving out of the old place. He said that their landlord had given them Heidi's number because they had a question for her.

As hilarious as it seems, the man couldn't figure out how to use Heidi's old washing machine. The machine was old and it had its quirks. There was a special procedure you had to go through just to get it started. Heidi knew that it was almost impossible to explain the entire process over the phone so she decided to head down to the apartment and help him out.

Handling the Washing Machine

When she finally arrived at her old apartment, the man apologized for dragging her all the way there because of a washing machine. He explained that he tried multiple times to get it started but nothing would work. Heidi didn't mind coming over and explaining him what the fuss was all about. It took him a few tries but the man finally figured out how to use the machine.

In an attempt to be polite, the man offered Heidi a cup of coffee. She was glad to take a sip of coffee and the two started talking. They realized that they had quite a lot in common so they decided to meet again. This time they planned something more fun than running a washing machine!

That's Where Ed Savitt Comes In

This man Heidi just met was Ed Savitt and he also studied at the New Castle University, even though neither of them knew this at the time. Besides attending the same college, they were both double majors, which was quite a coincidence. Unlike Heidi, Ed studied Psychology and Business.

Heidi fell for Ed during their short talk over a cup of coffee but it seemed like Ed was way ahead of her. He couldn't help but fall for Heidi when she entered his apartment to teach him how to run the washing machine. The two quickly planned a new date and a dozen of dates followed after that.

Heidi's Mother

Heidi was always very close to her mother so she didn't hesitate to share the news with her. She told her everything about the man she was dating, Ed Savitt. As a supportive mother she was, Kay was happy for her daughter.

However, Kay was aware of Heidi's tendency to get attached too quickly. She began to worry that her daughter would end up being hurt but she couldn't stand in her way. As any mother would, Kay wanted to make sure that Ed was the right partner for her little daughter.

Common Interests

Heidi and Ed continued to date and they couldn't help but fall further for each other. They realized that they had so much in common and they were happy to share so many interests. Soon, they started doing things they both loved such as going on hiking and skiing adventures.

Both of them loved sports and despised art and literature. Not only did they have the same interests but they also disliked the same things. It seemed like they were truly a perfect match. They soon decided to go public about their relationship and tell their friends that they are dating.

College Sweethearts

Since both of them were finishing college, Heidi's and Ed's friend started calling the couple "college sweethearts." They loved the new title and, in a matter of months, the two became completely inseparable. The couple spent time together every chance they got after all the classes and college-related responsibilities.

Time went by quickly when they were together. They didn't even realize that the entire year of college had passed by. It was time to turn to their careers and focus on the future. Despite all the challenges ahead of them, the two knew that they could chase their dreams together.

Finishing College

After college, the two of them faced the challenges of the real world. They managed to get their life together quite quickly. Heidi started working as a PR Manager at the Sony Interactive Entertainment. Ed, on the other hand, took a different route and started opening an independent coffee shop.

Throughout everything they went through, Heidi and Ed stuck together and supported each other's goals. However, as they continued chasing the career life, they had less and less time to spend with each other. They decided to find a place to move in together. After lots of hard work and months of saving money, they were finally ready to settle down together. However, this also meant it was time to meet each other's families.

The Dinner Party

When the time came, Heidi and Ed invited their moms, Kay and Fiona, to a dinner party at their apartment. They were nervous about this first encounter, especially since they wanted everything to go well. This was an important moment for the two of them, and for their families as well. The couple had planned everything out and it was time to see how everything will turn out.

Fortunately for Ed and Heidi, their mothers went along quite well. They enjoyed the evening and the lovely dinner they shared. Heidi decided to step up and tell them that they are planning to spend the rest of their lives together. "We knew we were going to be together forever," said Haidi.

A Mother's Blessing

Soon after, the couple had realized that there was nothing to be worried about. Both of their mothers were very happy and excited to get to know each other more. Kay realized that Ed truly loved Heidi and the two really seemed like a match made in heaven. After giving Ed her blessing, Kay wished them nothing but love and happiness.

While Kay and Fiona were getting to know each other better, they both realized that they shared similar interests. It was such a coincidence that all of them felt as if they knew each other already. They all enjoyed the dinner party but the topic they brought up next made Kay feel odd about Ed being her son-in-law.

A Shared Love for Sailing

As the party went on, they realized that Ed and Heidi weren't the only ones who had things in common. Fiona and Kay shared quite a few common interests. Coincidentally, both of them were mothers of more than two children and they spent time enjoying similar hobbies. What was strange was that both of them were passionate about sailing. Once they discovered this, they started sharing each other's stories and adventures.

Both families were very fond of the Mediterranean. Interestingly, both families loved to go sailing during the holidays. They started sharing stories about their adventures and vacations at the sea. They had no idea that they were about to discover something unbelievable.

A Forgotten Vacation

Kay decided to tell the story of one of her favorite vacations back when Heidi was younger. When Heidi had turned six, the family traveled to Gumbet, Turkey, where they stayed for two very memorable weeks.

Key also remembered that Heidi became friends with another six-year-old boy who was also on a vacation with his family. They even called each other boyfriend and girlfriend after only a couple of hours. The two kids held each other's hands and they were practically inseparable during the vacation. Ed wasn't so impressed by a story about one of Heidi's past "boyfriends."

Old Memories

Even though Ed wasn't very fond of this story, his mother Fiona seemed to love it. However, things got a bit strange once Kay mentioned another detail. She said that Heidi's vacation boyfriend was also named Ed, which was quite a coincidence.

Even though this seemed to be too big of a coincidence, they didn't look further into it. Instead, they took the conversation to a new direction and Heidi and Ed decided to reveal their plans. They wanted to get married by the end of the year. Both moms loved this idea but Kay still felt a bit weird after the conversation about Heidi's vacation boyfriend Ed.

An Unbelievable Coincidence

There was no doubt that Kay was happy with her daughter's choice. Ed seemed like a really nice guy who loved Heidi so she had nothing against them getting married. However, she still had an odd feeling that wouldn't leave her mind. No matter how much she tried to shake it off, she couldn't help but feel that there was something strange, almost familiar about her future son-in-the-law.

She realized that the only way to calm her thoughts was to find out more about her daughter's vacation boyfriend. She started her little research project in hopes to learn more about the identity of this long-forgotten boyfriend. There was something about this story that just couldn't let her rest.

Contacting Fiona

Days have passed since the family dinner but Kay still couldn't let go of the idea that something was not quite right. She even reached out to Fiona and asked for her help. The two decided to further look into the situation in hopes to find more information about the six-year-old Ed.

The next two weeks, Kay and Fiona kept talking about their little research project. They searched everywhere they could in hopes to find something. One day, when Kay was cleaning her storage room, she accidentally found a clue that the two of them were looking for.

Looking for Answers

Weddings usually create a lot of clutter that ends up laying around all over the place. Since Heidi and Ed decided to get married as soon as possible, they needed all the help they could get. Kay decided to help them by cleaning out her storage room to provide some extra space. Little did she know that she was going to find an old photo album that revealed the truth.

Later on, Kay admitted that cleaning the storage room was nothing but an excuse. She was well aware that this photo album was hiding somewhere and she wanted to find it. Now that Kay held the album in her hands, she was ready to find the answers she was looking for.

Two Decades Ago

As soon as she spotted the album, Kay stopped cleaning and picked it up. She set down and started flipping through the dusty pages. It felt like she was on the path to discovering the truth. She was excited to find out who the six-year-old Ed really was.

She finally found the pictures from the family's vacation in Gumbet, Turkey. Now she flipped through the pages slowly, paying attention to every detail. Then she came across a photo that answered all the questions and cleared the doubts she had in mind every time she looked at her future son-in-law.

An Extraordinary Discovery

It didn't take long for Kay to find the old photo of Heidi and her vacation boyfriend. When she saw the photo, she just couldn't believe it. It was astonishing! The vacation boyfriend Ed was actually the same Ed that was about to become her son-in-law. How was that possible?

Kay just couldn't wrap her head around this situation. The same six-year-old her daughter met years ago is now about to become her son-in-law. "I was screaming, it was just unreal," Kay said. All of her doubts were now confirmed. There is no doubt that Ed was the perfect husband for Heidi.

It Was the Same Ed

Kay continued to look through the photos to make sure she wasn't mistaken. There was absolutely no doubt that it was Ed in those pictures. This little boy on the photos was the same man who was about to marry Kay's daughter. This was truly an extraordinary coincidence.

As she was thinking about the vacation, Kay started remembering other details from the trip. She remembered all the adventures and the fun that they all had together. She also remembered how happy Heidi was back in the day. Ed was her first love and it seems like he is going to be the last one too.

The Blonde Boy

There were more photos of Heidi and Ed in the photo album. Kay found all of them and, in each photo, the two kids were always smiling. There's no doubt that they had no idea what love was at the age of six but it seems like these two were definitely meant to be together.

Kay also discovered some photos that she never remembered. One of those was the photo of the kids wearing bathing suits with huge smiles on their faces. That's when Kay realized that absolutely no one knows about this. She was so excited to tell the two of them but she knew that she had to tell someone else first!

Fiona Knew First

Interestingly, Kay didn't want Ed and Heidi to be the first ones to know about this discovery. Instead, she went straight to Fiona, Ed's mother. Fiona and her family were also a part of this extraordinary mystery. "Of course I sent it to Fiona. Then loads more photographs came out.

None of us had any idea whatsoever that Heidi and Ed had met before university. But during that two-week vacation, they held hands most of the time," said Kay. Right after she saw the pictures, Fiona started recalling the details of that trip and she realized that this discovery was true. "When Kay sent me the photo of a little boy called Ed I shrieked 'oh my goodness, that's Ed!' it was unbelievable," said Fiona.

Sharing the News

It was now time to share the photos with the two main roles in this situation, Heidi and Ed. When the couple saw the photos of them holding hands years ago, they were completely astonished. In fact, Kay's discovery changed everything!

"When my mom found the first photo of us, she sent it to me, and I was stunned. I actually had to lie down! Ed's family then dug out their photo album from the same vacation and found about five other photos of us together with our siblings too. It was unbelievable!" It didn't take a while for the entire family to find out about the discovery.

They Couldn't Believe It

The young couple always believed that their love story started when Heidi came over to teach Ed how to use the washing machine. The truth is, they knew each other from a while ago, they just didn't realize it. Perhaps they would have never realized it if Heidi's mother hadn't found the photo album from that two-week vacation that took place decades ago.

"It absolutely blows my mind that we could have never found out that we first knew each other all those years ago," said Heidi. Fate brought the two of them together after decades and they still felt that unavoidable attraction toward one another. This discovery was like a sign, a confirmation that they were meant to be together.

Brought Together by Fate

Heidi wasn't the kind of person who believed in fate until this miraculous discovery. "I didn't believe in fate before finding that out, but there's no arguing with it - we're clearly meant to be together," said Heidi.

Heidi has changed her mind about her beliefs, as it is evident that everything happens for a reason. Meeting Ed once again couldn't have been a coincidence. Fate brought them together and this discovery cleared every doubt that Kay had about her future son-in-law. The hunch she had was only a sign that Ed was the perfect man for her daughter.

A Subconscious Realization

Kay firmly believes that Ed and Heidi "had a subconscious realization they had shared that time together when they met as adults." On the other hand, Ed and Heidi didn't want to overthink this situation. They thought of it as a sign that they were doing the right thing.

"From the moment we started dating we were inseparable and knew we were going to be together forever," said Heidi in an interview. This seemed like a perfect foundation for marriage so they went on with the set plans. The wedding day came and the couple happily tied the knot in front of their families.

The Wedding

The two got married at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire back in 2017. This was definitely the perfect place for their wedding since, just like their relationship, the Hall had stood for decades. The wedding party went on until the early hours in the morning.

The wedding party was so crazy that everyone ended up in the pool at the end of the night. It was definitely a night to remember for the couple and for all their guests. A wild party was the beginning of Ed's and Heidi's life together and we all know how long they have been waiting for this.

The Mother Knew Best

After all, a mother's hunch was responsible for this amazing discovery. If Kay hadn't been so persistent in finding out what was bothering her, the couple would have never known about their extraordinary connection. Ed and Heidi are far from an ordinary married couple and they deserved to know this. The photos Kay found in the storage room only brought them closer together!

"It was not just Heidi and Ed who met on that holiday but all of us as well," Kay said. "It is just such a lovely, incredible story." After all, the old, dusty photos brought the entire two families together and proved that extraordinary tales we see in movies can also happen in real life.

Tied the Knot

It's not only Ed and Heidi who found each other. Their parents also got reunited with old friends! This was a very happy time for both of these families. Today, Kay and her husband Keith are best friends with Fiona and Jonathan Savitt and they enjoyed spending time together.

The two families share their love for travel and they also go on vacations together all the time! Things really worked out for Ed and Heidi who are happier than they could have ever imagined. It's good to be reminded at times that things like this can happen, especially since Ed and Heidi weren't the only ones brought together by fate.



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