Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating On You

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | March 17, 2018

Cheating happens on a day to day basis. The majority of people in the world had either been cheated on or have done the cheating. Maybe you're new in the relationship/dating game and because of that, you're not aware of what people are capable of doing to their partners.

As much as we want our partners to be perfect, people aren't perfect. Now, you may say that cheating isn't about being perfect - It's about doing something clearly wrong - but mistakes big or small are still mistakes. If and when it happens, you have to decide what you're going to do: forgive or forget.

These 50 signs are meant to help you notice if someone is cheating on you. So buckle up and let us dive into this subject and hopefully, the advice that is given here will help you and those around you. If your partner does #48, then your partner is definitely guilty!

1. Emotional Distance

Imagine that something happened in your relationship - maybe you had a problem or an argument you couldn't overcome. After that problem, the communication with your partner went lukewarm and you don't feel as close as you used to be. Try talking things through and maybe you could find out why your partner acts the way she or he does. If they refuse to do so (or they just feel distant and uninterested) then begin to suspect the worst.

This might be one of those signs that indicate that your partner is intending to or is already cheating on you. A lot of couples have said that before they caught their partner cheating there was an emotional distance between them. If this is happening then consider your relationship soon to be over. Just wait a bit to see what happens but don't wait too long because that is not in your best interest.

2. You're Spending Less And Less Time Together

This one is connected to the first sign. If there is an emotional distance between the two of you, then there is a strong likelihood that you and your partner will be spending less and less time together. Your partner might want to spend more time by themselves or with their friends and family and you might feel like they are not paying enough attention to you which is not a good sign. Try to work things out.

Try asking your partner why they are not spending enough time with you. If things continue along these lines (where your partner either spends less time with you, or they keep making excuses) for an extended period of time, then your relationship is headed in the wrong direction. There are steps you could take that can salvage the relationship, but chances of that happening are growing less every day.

3. They're Keeping Secrets From You

Suddenly you realize that your partner is withholding secrets from you - the same partner with whom you shared your most intimate moments and even secrets that you didn't tell anyone about. When you ask them about something they are reluctant to tell you what the issue is. They do some things secretively, like for example they sometimes go out and don't tell you and when you ask them where have they been they answer in a furtive manner.

This is not a good sign at all. It means that your partner no longer trusts you and does not want to confide the secrets that they have with you. It means that they are probably having an affair with another person who in their eyes deserves the attention and the trust that you enjoyed in the past. Don't be surprised if you find out that they have had another person in their lives besides you.

4. They're Taking Better Care Of Their Appearance

Imagine that for several years your partner didn't shave regularly - maybe he did so once a week or even once every two weeks. They had some excess weight on them and didn't take baths on a regular basis. Suddenly they started taking better care of themselves, shaving every other day and they even started buying new perfumes. They tend to look themselves in the mirror more often and maybe they even cut some of their excess weight by improving their diet.

Who are they trying to impress? You might be asking yourself. That person might not be you because they were with you all these years but they have now decided to introduce a change in their lives. This is a very strong indication that your partner is trying to impress a person other than yourself. It's worth keeping your eyes open if this is happening because before you know it you might be the one that is being cheated on. So get in shape yourself and be ready when that occurs.

5. They Won't Tell You Much About Their Day

Imagine this scenario: your partner is coming from work later than usual, they suddenly started not telling you where they have been or maybe they said that where they have been (or with whom) is none of your business. Sometimes they want to stay out with their friends later than usual and you're asking yourself what on earth is happening - the truth is that there is something going on that you're not aware of. Be ready for the day when you find out.

This is a very common sign before the end of a relationship. The person with whom you were together for years is all of a sudden acting strangely and they go out and do things that does not include you. It shows that your partner no longer has any interest in you and they want to spend time with other people which is why they have become secretive about their dealings. There is a very high probability that they are cheating on you - so, don't be surprised if you hear that from another person.

6. They Encourage You To Spend More Time With Your Friends

This one is very sneaky indeed. Unlike the previously explained point (the one where they like to spend time outside without you and are very secretive about the things they do when they are not with you), they encourage you to spend more time with your friends and family. Under that pretense, they go out and have all the time to spend it however they want. This sign is particularly disingenuous because they want to look like they are the good guys in the relationship.

This trick can be pretty hard to spot, as at first, you might feel as if your partner has good intentions. Yet, as time goes on, you will start noticing the pattern, where they are trying to get you to get out of the house so that they can continue with their "business." The only way to stop this is to be open and summon them about their behavior.

7. They Care Less About You

Winter comes and you fall sick in bed with a high temperature. You ask your partner to do some things for you because of the situation you found yourself in but they seem distant and don't really care what happens to you - you might as well lie there sick forever. But when they fall sick and you take care of them they don't even appreciate what you're doing for them and they might even seem like they want to argue while you take care of them.

This indifference on their part is indicative that they are not interested to be in a relationship with you, they don't even care about you - it seems that they are in the relationship only out of habit. If you partner acts in this way then you should consider ending the relationship for good because nothing good will come out of it. You can never trust a person like that, which is why continuing to be in a relationship like that can only bring trouble in the future. It will be better for you to move on.

8. They Don't Share As Much With You As They Used To

Remember the time when you used to share your likes and dislikes or to make plans for watching movies together? Events like that are enough to bring any two people close to each other. Now that seems like it doesn't happen anymore, they don't share that with you. Now it does not seem like there is much communication going on. They keep things to themselves and don't like to share what was happening to them at work or elsewhere.

Furthermore, they seem as if they couldn't care less about what is happening to you. They just don't care about what's going on in your life, they don't care if you know what's going on in theirs as well. It is just as simple as that. If your relationship comes at a point like that you know that it is not the basis for forming a healthy bond with your partner. It really shows that there is no longer any chemistry between the two of you.

9. They're Nicer Than They Used To Be

For some period of time, your partner becomes nicer, they open the door for you, ask you how have you been doing lately. It is completely normal if they used to act like that on a regular basis but if they suddenly started acting like that you should become suspicious and for a good reason too. You need to find out what has brought this change in their behavior, which is why you must take your time and observe things around you.

You surely heard from people how their partners had cheated even though they didn't expect it from them. They acted like they were the salt of the earth and suddenly you come to the realization that they were sleeping with a colleague at work. Being overly nice and courteous is a great tactic to divert the attention away from them in order to distract you from thinking that they are cheating on you.

10. They're Meaner Than They Used To Be

This one is the very opposite from the previous sign - imagine that all of a sudden your partner has become meaner toward you. Even the smallest mistake or remark annoys them. Nothing you ever do is satisfying to them. The dinner you made never tastes good, and anything you say is dismissed as being stupid. In some cases the problem might escalate, your partner might start yelling at you or in the worst case scenario they might lift a hand on you and inflict physical harm.

According to psychologists, this type of behavior is due to abusive relationships a person has suffered in their childhood. If someone does something like that there is a very high probability that the parents they grew up with were violent towards that person. It is a vicious cycle. Later in life, they might do those same things to their partner. Even the people who are at the receiving end stay in these relationships because the abuse they suffered makes them believe that being harmed by your partner is "love."

11. They Seem To Have A New Circle Of Friends

If your partner started hanging out with people that you are not familiar with you should be concerned. And if they keep you out of that circle of friends on purpose that is even worse. When you try and ask them about their new friends they are reluctant to talk about it. There is nothing wrong with having to meet and socialize with other people but when you do that without your partner it is very suspicious, to say the least.

If you become too curious they can often argue with you and some nasty words might be used in the exchange. At this point there is nothing that you can do, just wait and see what will happen. If this trend continues for a longer period of time then there is a big possibility that your partner is cheating on you. There are numerous stories from people whose partners started having new friends and all of a sudden the relationship ended.

12. They've Become Overly Jealous

You often hear people say that jealousy is a bad thing. It seems like those who say it just repeat a cliche over and over but there might be some truth to it. Jealousy is a human emotion and everyone feels it to some extent. Sometimes it can even produce positive results. Unless you are completely emotionless, you must have felt the sting of jealousy at some point in your life. There is evidence that jealousy exists even in animals.

Philosophizing aside an excessive amount of jealousy in a relationship can cause friction. There is a golden rule when it comes to these things and that is if someone is cheating than the same person will be more suspicious of the partner they are cheating on. So, if your partner suddenly has fits of jealousy it might mean that he/she is planning to cheat on you. It might seem strange but it certainly is true and it has happened countless times before.

13. They Opt Out Of Plans With Your Friends Or Family

You have planned to go out on a weekend to visit your family whom you haven't seen in a really long time and on the night before the trip your partner decides that they had a change of heart. You might be wondering why is that happening and you might not find a reasonable explanation. You planned for this trip for so long, you were eager and your partner seemed eager but at the last moment, they just didn't want to come and spend time with you and your family.

It might not make sense to you but it sure does make a lot of sense to them. They are at the point in the relationship where they just kind of want to break up with you but can't muster the courage to tell you so. That means that they just don't want to spend time with your family because that would seem like a lost cause, it just does not make any sense to them because in their minds the relationship is already over. Instead, they would much rather spend time with the person they are cheating with.

14. They Never Tell You Where They're Going To Be

This is a major one. It is not necessary to know your partner's whereabouts at all times but if they don't tell you when you ask them it might mean that they are hiding something from you. On the surface, it might not seem like a big deal but if they are withholding something from you it means that they don't want you to know something about their private life. These things go hand in hand. There is a secret they are not telling you about.

If they are not telling you where they have been they also don't want you to know with whom they were with. In these situations, it is very natural to guess that they are cheating on you. Remember that they wouldn't act like that if they didn't have something to hide unless of course, they spend time playing World of Warcraft in a friend's basement - who knows that might be possible, though the chance that your partner is playing WoW instead of cheating is slim.

15. They Always Want To Know Where You're Going To Be

This one is closely related with the part about jealousy and the previous paragraph (the one where they are not telling you their whereabouts). This might not mean that they are cheating on you if they act like this. Sometimes it might mean that they are very insecure as a person. Therefore not being with them equals you are cheating on them. If you are in that kind of relationship it will only get worse with time. The only acceptable option is to end the relationship.

On the other hand, if they constantly pester you about where are you or where do you plan on going then they don't want to bump into you by accident somewhere. That would make for a really awkward situation. So, if your partner asks you where you are, you can decide not to tell them, so that you can see what kind of reaction they would have to that information.

16. You Catch Them In A Lie

A good basis for every relationship is honesty. If your partner starts lying to you about small things, this problem might evolve over time to bigger things. First, they don't tell you why they got home from work late then they don't tell you where you are and with whom they are hanging out with. Before you know it every other word is a lie. You no longer recognize that person because they no longer speak the truth to you.

It is actually amazing how many relationships started out with a lie. Women are using makeup and cosmetic products and men lie about the money they have or what they are working. Sometimes these lies continue, but that never ends well. To tell the truth is the basis for every good relationship, not just love relationships. Be wary of lies, you catch them with one lie and before you know it your partner is going to have a whole host of lies you are not aware of.

17. They Get Real Busy With Work

Imagine that your partner has to spend long hours at work because they have to work on the latest project. That might be the case with some jobs, but if they didn't stay at work before and now they started to do so, you have a good reason to believe that something strange is going on in their lives that you are not aware of.

Only time will tell if they had to work overtime or not. What is funny about this is that this is a classic excuse. They don't know how to make a decent alibi so they just went with the most obvious one - work. Try asking them why they stay up so late at work. If they become defensive it means they might be cheating.

18. They're Overly Critical Of Your Relationship

If your partner complains that you don't commit yourself completely to the relationship or that you seem like you don't care, that could be a red flag for potential future infidelity. They do this in order to make you feel guilty about something that they themselves feel guilty about. It is very common in relationships where the one who is cheating blames the other person.

Nothing you do is good enough in their eyes, even when you talk about a certain subject they always disagree with you for no particular reason but just to disagree. Before you know it what began as a simple conversation erupts into an argument. What are they angry about? They probably feel guilty about cheating on you and want to blame everything on you.

19. You're Both Unhappy

You start thinking about the time when you were happy in the relationship and how unhappy you're feeling right now. You don't want to admit to yourself that it is not going well, you don't seem like you enjoy when the two of you are together. It is an indication that your relationship is going in the wrong direction. The relationship is just there out of habit and nothing else.

You can hear people say this all the time, about how happy they were. In most cases this is just a rationalization that they have about the relationship. Most probably they were never happy in the relationship with their partner and after a while, they substituted those feelings of unhappiness with fictional happiness that never existed before. This kind of relationship can go on and be the cause of an unhappy marriage.

20. Everything Seems To Lead To A Fight

You both had a discussion about something and your partner contradicts you on almost every issue for no particular reason. Those disagreements are more and more common until you start fighting on a regular basis. Even when there is no good reason to fight they always seem to find one regardless of how banal it is. This is not a good sign at all.

In the worst cases, these kinds of fights become worse and worse and can even lead to the use of physical force. Then you have domestic violence which is much more common than you think. What is surprising is that even men can be victims of domestic violence. That is why it is important to leave an abusive relationship before that transforms into something even worse.

21. They're Secretive About Their Phone

You see your partner texting more often than usual and sometimes when they go to the bathroom they go there with their phone. You occasionally notice a smile or two and when you ask them about it they always say it is nothing. You also try to have a peek at their phone and they are evasive about that. This secrecy seems really suspicious to you and for a good reason.

If you further try to ask them about what they are smiling about or who do they talk to, they probably won't want to tell you anything or the question itself always leads to a fight. They tell you things like the fact that they are entitled to their privacy and you don't have any right to intrude upon that. Be careful around people who manifest behavior like that.

22. Too Many Friends Of The Opposite Sex

While these days it is normal to have friends of the opposite sex, it can be a cautionary sign if your partner has too many such friends (and too few same-gender friends). The reason for this is simply statistical - the more opposite sex people your partner hangs around with, the higher the likelihood that at least one of those friends is going to try to flirt or otherwise show signs of attraction.

It is normal to have friends of the opposite sex but what is not normal is when they have new friends and talk all the time about it. It can be a colleague at work or their gym instructor or anyone else. Even if they don't have the intention to cheat there might be a situation where you're not around and they are drunk and magic happens.

23. They Over-Explain Where They've Been

Earlier we mentioned that they don't want to tell you anything about what they were doing or what they were about. In this case, it's the exact opposite: they have a feeling of guilt and they over explain what they did in order to conceal the real reason for why they did what they did. When they start explaining you see their eyes shift all the time and they feel uncomfortable.

If you guessed that they are hiding something from you then you've guessed right. What is interesting is that this tactic is used by people in other life situations and not only when they are in a relationship. So if this over explanation is obvious to you it means that they are very bad liars. There are also some good liars out there and those are the ones that can spin a story without you knowing whether it is true or not.

24. They Never Initiate Love Making

When was the last time that your partner initiated sex? If they haven't then there must be a reason for it unless of course, they are on their period. If they are not trying, then try initiating sex yourself and see what happens. When someone is cheating or wants to break up a relationship one of the first signs is they lose their initiative for sex with their partner.

After that, this can lead to a break-up. In some cases, your partner might have sex with another person beside you and they no longer feel as attracted to you as they used to. If it continues like that you will be increasingly unhappy and might even go out by yourself and try to meet new people. It is just the way things deteriorate in the relationship.

25. They Evade Harmless Questions

Even the most harmless questions are answered evasively without giving away much information. When you ask them about their day or how are they feeling they just give you a suspicious look and mutter a few quiet words to themselves. They act as they don't want you to know something. In many cases, this could be taken as a red flag towards future problems in your relationship, so you should be prepared for the worst.

This type of behavior is reported by the partners of the cheater. The answers that are usually given are constructed in a way so that they want to give you as few details as possible. What could be hiding behind this behavior? It could be another person with whom they time and the most intimate moments with that you don't know about.

26. When You Confront Them, They Turn It Around On You

When you confront them about a simple problem you had in the relationship they suddenly become defensive and even start arguing with you for no particular reason. That can affect things negatively in any relationship. They are constantly on edge and don't want to talk to you about anything. Curiosity on your side is always met with hostility on their side.

Doing this in a relationship is a real cliche when it is used time and time again. One indication might be their childhood as is the case with similar situations in life. Maybe their parents didn't treat them with respect and kindness or maybe they have a trauma from a previous relationship. It can be very difficult to stay in a relationship with such a person.

27. Major Changes In Routine

You notice how they start doing different things, maybe they have a new hobby or they started taking dance lessons and you know that they have never before expressed a desire to do that. They are up and running in the morning and you also notice unexpected euphoria in their mood. If the changes are gradual that might not be as suspicious as changing them overnight.

A smart thing to do is to check their schedule and if there are major changes then ask questions and try to find out why those changes happened in the first place. If there is no particular reason for that then guess what? They might be cheating on you behind your back. It's always smart to keep track of their habits and routines.

28. They Avoid Eye Contact

When you talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend (or spouse) they seem absent and don't register the conversation. They also avoid eye contact. It is needless to say if someone avoids eye contact it means that they are not interested in you or they are hiding something and are afraid that you will find out through looking them in the eyes.

It is universally known that the eyes are the gates to the soul. If they don't have any eye contact with you it shows that they are hiding something from you. Liars often do that because they know that what they do is dishonest and it is wrong but they still do it. You might choose to confront them on that but the conversation might be futile and cause an argument.

29. They're Always Changing Or Backing Out Of Plans

Both of you were making plans about how to spend your summer vacation. Just a week before you're supposed to go on vacation your partner backs out and does not want to go on a vacation because it just might be a waste of time for them. What they might do is encourage you to go with your friends on a prolonged vacation.

They not only encourage you to do that but they also seem happy about it. Then while you go on a vacation they have the time of their lives and spend it with another person. If you really want to catch your partner in adultery the best course of action would be to return from vacation at an earlier date and catch them in the act.

30. They Say That They Want a Small Break

If they ask to have a small break, then accept the fact that they are cheating on you. At first, they tell you that they want to have a break for a while, then during that period you wait for them to come back, they go ahead and have multiple affairs, and you still wait. After a couple of months, there is no indication that they will come back. During this period you might have sex from time to time but it is highly unlikely.

The best course of action is to not beg them to come back and just accept things as they are and move on with your life. If you act indifferently then they might come back and you might "score" some before breaking-up sex. Whatever happens, just keep cool and try to make them jealous by going out with other people.

31. They Vilify You

As the old saying goes, "everyone's the good guy in their own story." They're trying to justify what they're doing to themselves by making you out to be a worse person than them. They obviously know that they are the bad guy but don't want to admit it. It goes hand in hand with the inability to accept responsibility for their actions. No matter how guilty they are - they never admit this.

Because they don't want to be the bad guy they make you be that person. Whatever bad happens they blame you even though you had nothing to do with it. If you discover that they cheated on you then they would say that you are responsible for it. You never tried hard enough and that is why they did what they did.

32. They Have The Least Reliable Phone In The Universe

When you call them they are always unavailable because the battery had died off or they couldn't hear the phone because the speaker was not functioning properly. This happens very often and many relationships dissolve because of it, especially at the beginning of the relationship. So be wary if your partner keeps using their phone as an excuse to not contact you.

Try and notice if they are hiding something on purpose by observing if they do that with other people, or is that just something that happens with you. If they immediately pick up the phone when someone calls them then that might be their paramour. To discover who they are talking to you might secretly pick up the phone when they are not around and do a little bit of detective work.

33. They've Done It Before

If someone cheated before it means that they are capable of doing it again. It is a good idea to find out before you enter a relationship with someone if they cheated before. Some people just cannot resist the urge to cheat because it is so tempting. If the opposite sex pays them a lot of attention and they act like they like the attention, then that could lead to cheating.

This might even happen with people who never cheated before. If someone hasn't cheated it doesn't mean that they are unable to cheat. It means that the opportunity to cheat hasn't been presented to them. When someone suddenly receives a lot of attention they might not know how to deal with it. Therefore they might consider cheating on you in the future.

34. They're Tired Or "Sick" A Lot

When you ask them to go out or to have sex they often give you excuses. If this happens once, twice or even three times or if your partner is really sick then it should not be a major concern but if this proceeds to happen over an extended period of time (weeks, sometimes even months) then you should become suspicious.

This sign is very common and is a pretty obvious one. When your partner is cheating on you and is no longer interested in you it is only natural that they would stop wanting to have sex with you. You might try spicing things a bit in your sex life or try and improve your looks in order to attract your partner's attention. You might win them back. If you don't succeed in that then your relationship is a lost cause.

35. Your Gut Says It's Happening

Sometimes there are no outward signs that you detect but you sense that something strange is going on. In some cases, you might be over-jealous but in other cases, your gut might be telling you something. Try and figure out what is the reason for that feeling if you notice some of the signs that were mentioned here as that could be an indicator that your partner is cheating on you.

There are countless cases where someone just had a gut feeling that their partner was cheating on them and that proved to be true. So never ignore what your intuition is trying to tell you. People are very complex beings and your intuition is what some consider the sixth sense, something that is much more powerful than your other senses.

36. Your Relationship Started Off As An Affair

Your relationship started by cheating. What more could you expect from a person like that? It is often the case with a cheater that they never stop cheating. It kind of makes them happy. They love those situations where they are in a relationship but they always have someone whom they meet on the side. Therefore the moment of perfect happiness for them is that situation.

This is also similar when someone talks to you about someone behind their back. What are the chances that they are talking behind your back as well? We'd say that they are pretty big. If your relationship began as an affair then don't expect much from that person. They will cheat as easy on you as they did with the previous person.

37. They Regularly Accuse You Of Cheating

If all of a sudden they accuse of cheating and you can't wrap your mind around it. Guess what? It might be them who is cheating on you. It often happens that when someone cheats they knowingly accuse the other person of cheating meaning they "project" their character onto you. So if they cheat it means that you are also capable of cheating (in their mind).

It is just how human psychology works. Be wary if they start accusing you of anything that you aren't doing. It will be bad for you if you don't want to lose them and start feeling guilty for no reason in order to please them. It will only get worse and worse until they break up the relationship. After a week or two, they will be with another person and you will wonder how that came about.

38. They're Taking Out a Lot of Cash

Has your bank account suddenly started to diminish? It is a bad idea to give your credit cards to your partner. They might start taking a lot of cash from them and spend them on nefarious things. Before you know it you will be left without money and a relationship. It is a psychopathic way to act especially if you have been with someone for a very long time.

There are numerous cases where the cheater suddenly disappears with a large amount of money. You are especially vulnerable if you have a large income. There is a whole platoon of gold-diggers (not actual diggers) waiting out there in order to leech onto your hard earned money. If you came by a lot of money don't get into a relationship with someone but just fool around for awhile and gather experience until you feel you can trust that person.

39. They Have An Overnight Change In Musical Taste

You have been with your partner for a long time and you know his or her musical taste pretty well by now. Overnight, something weird happens and they suddenly have a radical change of taste in music. For example, if someone listened to rap music and they suddenly started listening to latino music, know that it is possible that something is wrong there.

Most likely they started listening to the same type of music like the person that they are having an affair with in order to be closer to them. You know when a relationship is over, first they stop having sex, next they avoid telling you where they went and lastly they have a change in music taste and then you catch them having an affair with someone.

40. They Are Constantly Talking About How Everyone Else Cheats

You should be really concerned when your partner starts to spew this nonsense. This belief is even supported by some writers and psychologists. Their thesis is that cheating is an integral part of the relationship and that having an affair can be a positive outcome. Basically, cheating will lead you to have a longer lasting and happier relationship.

Maybe it works for some people but it certainly is not a healthy way to maintain your relationship. This rationale might even be used to justify why they are cheating at the moment. This will certainly have deleterious effects. If your partner starts cheating on you and says that it is normal then you might as well cheat and it will become an endless cycle of cheating.

41. They Start Saying They Want To Have An Open Relationship

Open relationship equals cheating without feeling guilty about it. If they come up with this proposition to you then break up right away. In their mind, they want to meet people on the side and want to engage in sexual escapades. Meanwhile, you sit at home by yourself and cannot find a person with whom you can spend quality time with. It really is a bad place to be in.

At first, the prospect that you will finally have threesomes is great, but the reality is much worse. They will start bringing strangers into the house while you go about your work. Sometimes you will feel hopeful about joining them but when you do it is usually with more people of the same sex as you and that is not so exciting. It is really bad especially if you have children, they could grow up as disturbed as their parents.

42. They're Paying More Attention To Their Looks

They have a new style of dressing and buy more expensive clothes. Some even start going to the gym because they decided that they want to look better. Your partner starts looking at his/her reflection in the mirror more often or starts visiting cosmetic studios. For whom do they want to look better? Normally if you ask them about this, they will answer that they want to look better for themselves, but that is not what is happening.

This is just a cover-up, they want to look better for someone else. There once was a documentary about how a husband started cheating on his wife by visiting the local brothel. He took her money and instead of spending it to pay the bills he spent it in the brothel. His wife noticed that over the period of a few months he started to keep track of his diet and lost some pounds. It certainly is a great motivation to lose weight because of a lover.

43. They Forget What Stories They Told You

You have told them stories about yourself but when you're talking to them they seem absent-minded and after a few days when you tell the same story, they react as if it was the first time they've heard it. Not paying much attention when you're speaking to them is a disinterest on their part. But what are they thinking about when you tell them these stories? Maybe physically they are present with you at the moment but in their thoughts, they are intently thinking about another person.

Absentmindedness is a symptom of a possible cheating. Their eyes are far off fantasizing about having intimate moments with someone else. Even if they haven't committed the act, the emotional cheating is just as bad. Sharing stories is important for a relationship and if you don't appreciate your partner's stories then you're not appreciating them as a person.

44. They Keep Strict Tabs On Your Schedule

Suddenly your partner becomes overly interested in what you're doing during the day. Not just what you do in general but also what you do hour by hour. They want to know where you are every minute of the day because they want to avoid those same places. Your partner wants to spend some private time with their lover in peace while you are somewhere else.

You might think that this sudden interest is because they are interested in you as a person but the truth is quite the opposite. Don't take this as flattery and don't be naive about it. Your partner has planned this very meticulously. This is reason enough to become suspicious of him or her. Maybe tell them where you don't plan to go and just go there.

45. They Have Random New Interests

These new interests can range from listening to new types of music, taking up new hobbies or watching movies. These new interests correspond with some person they have met and have an interest in them. Sudden habitual changes are always suspicious because people don't tend to change overnight. Habitual changes often go hand in hand with changes in mood, like for instance, sudden bursts of happiness or tears.

You might remember that when you first started dating you always tried to compliment each other's tastes in music, movies, and books. Your mutual tastes were influenced, you started listening to the music that they listened to and they started watching the movies and series that you liked to watch. So the change of interests is the same as that, only with another person.

46. Cheating Was Accepted In Their Family

Scientists say that most of our behavior is predetermined by our genes and the rest of the environment that we grew up in. If your partner grew up in a family where it was acceptable to cheat on the spouse then there is a high probability that they will take that for granted and cheat themselves. This type of behavior is seen by them as something that is normal and accepted in the relationship and they will not understand when you tell them that cheating is not acceptable.

When you grow up in such an environment your values and conception of how a proper relationship should look like become eschewed. If it was understood that cheating represents something you do on a regular basis then you yourself become a cheater. What is more, you don't even feel guilty about it. It is recommended to avoid having a relationship with someone who grew up in this abnormal family environment.

47. They Get Irate When You Try To Confront Them

You've been meaning to confront them because you feel too suspicious of their behavior. When you finally do that they don't know how to defend themselves in any other way and become irate with you. They do that by saying that you don't know what you're talking about or they might even blame you for cheating on them. This, of course, is just a scheme to try and make you guilty of the crime that they committed.

If you insist on them admitting their guilt it gets worse and worse and you end up fighting each other. Clearly, at this point, your partner is cheating because there is no other reasonable explanation for the behavior that they are exhibiting. Some might never admit that and they are those that will make you the antagonist in their version of the story.

48. They've Suddenly Got New Love Making Moves

In bed, you notice something different, something new and exciting. By now you know what you did in bed and it was same old, same old. Now your partner has new moves that you were not aware of, something to spice things up. It is great to introduce new concepts while making love, just to keep things fresh. But that is not always a good thing, especially if your partner is cheating on you.

When you think about it those moves they learned could be from another person they had sex with. It is really wicked to introduce those same moves when they have sex with you. On one hand they want to look like they are making an effort in the relationship by coming up with new moves but on the other hand, they are just double-faced liars. Don't bother asking them where they learned that from. They will just say "the internet".

49. Showers As Soon As They Come Home

You might not notice this one at first because it does not involve keeping secrets and hanging out with new friends. If it happens for a period of time, then you will notice it. You know that your partner took a shower in the morning before going to work but in those days when they say that they worked overtime as soon as they come back home, they jump in the shower again.

They do this for a pretty obvious reason and that is to remove the smell from the person they had an affair with. There are other ways to discover that. You can volunteer to do the laundry for the whole week and start going over their clothes and try to find a scent that you're not familiar with, most probably a perfume from the opposite sex.

50. They Come Up On Your Friend's Tinder

This is a really bad sign, we all know what Tinder is for and it is not for meeting new friends, maybe friends with benefits. It is not as subtle as other signs but if it happens, know that either your partner cheated on you or is planning to cheat which is equally worse. In that situation, you can confront them and break up the relationship in time.

They can either tell you excuses, that they just made a profile on Tinder out of curiosity to see how it works. You should call their bluff and make them admit that they are cheating on you. Then the next logical step should be to put an end to the relationship once and for all and open a Tinder account yourself.



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