Celebrities Face-Off With Their Animated Doppelgangers

Entertainment | By Harriet King | September 1, 2019

They say everybody in the world has a doppelganger somewhere. You may not know where they are, but somewhere in the world, somebody is walking around with a face that looks exactly like yours. Some people have even met their clone, and it's quite an unsettling experience when it happens!

Imagine that your lookalike wasn't actually a human being, though. Imagine that someone had created an animated character, and that animated character somehow managed to look like you, talk like you, and walk like you. How weird would that make you feel? How much would your friends laugh at you?

It might sound funny if it's never happened to you, but it's probably no laughing matter for the many celebrities who happen to look a lot like popular animated characters. They must wonder if the animators have seen them in magazines or on cinema screens, and used them for inspiration!

Chris Hemsworth & John Smith

Chris Hemsworth is, by anybody's measure, a very handsome man. When Hollywood directors go looking for a dashing guy to play the lead role in their latest movie project, Hemsworth's name must be very close to the top of the list. He was a soap star in his native Australia before moviemakers picked up on his obvious talents and good looks, and picked him up to be the star of blockbuster hits like 'Thor,' which led on to the entire record-breaking 'Avengers' series.

If you're a Disney fan, you might have spent the past few years thinking you've seen Hemsworth somewhere before, but can't quite place him. Allow us to make the connection for you. When Hemsworth grows his hair out a little, he's a dead ringer for Captain John Smith. You'll know the character from the classic animated version of 'Pocahontas.' Same sharp blue eyes, same well-maintained hairstyle, and the same distinctive jawline. Smith may be British rather than Australian - but we're sure Hemsworth could do a British accent if he needed to.

Jason Momoa & Scar

Here's a guy who Chris Hemsworth probably gets competition for the 'handsome' roles from - Jason Momoa. Momoa was a complete unknown until 'Game of Thrones,' but it's safe to say his smoldering appearances in that show catapulted him into the stratosphere. His character may not have made it all the way through to the end of the show, but he certainly left a lasting impression in the minds of many viewers. A lot of people were very jealous of Emilia Clarke, who got to film love scenes with him!

While it might sound odd to say that a living human being looks like an animated lion, we don't think we're stretching the truth when we say Momoa looks like Scar from 'The Lion King.' It's mostly down to Momoa's exceptional mane of hair, but there's something about the eyes, too. Oh, and there's also the fact that they have scars in the same place.

Tom Brady & He-Man

There are quarterbacks, and then there's Tom Brady. If you're a certain age, you probably pretended to be Tom Brady when you were running around with a football in your back yard. In fact, Brady was so successful in the NFL that kids are probably still doing that now. With four MVP awards from the Super Bowl and a record number of divisional titles, Brady is like a superhero that's come to life and decided to play sports.

The superhero comparisons don't end with his performances on the field, though. It hasn't escaped our attention that Brady could have been cast to play He-Man in a movie about the popular animated hero and children's toy. There was a movie years ago, in which Dolph Lundgren played the part, but if they were going to do it all again, we think Brady would make the ideal Prince of Eternia. He's even got the same hairstyle - which should be impossible for a human being!

Josh Saviano & Milhouse van Houten

We think this one might not be a coincidence. We suspect it's a case of Matt Groening drawing on inspiration from something he'd seen on television, and applying it to his brand-new animated series when he first drew 'The Simpsons.' If you're old enough to remember 'The Wonder Years,' (and if you are, welcome to the club), you'll remember Josh Saviano as the nerdy sidekick of Kevin Arnold. He's clever, but he has a thousand allergies, and he's basically the archetypal geek. Remind you of anyone?

Bart's best friend in 'The Simpsons' is Milhouse van Houten, and their relationship is virtually identical. Bart is the cool one, and Milhouse is the nerdy one. It doesn't just stop there though - Milhouse and Saviano more or less dress the same, have the same unfashionable glasses, and the same haircut. Milhouse may not quite have the smarts of Saviano's character, but other than that he's identical in every way. Well, every way apart from the fact he's yellow, anyway.

Christina Hendricks & Jessica Rabbit

Whenever Christina Hendricks walks into a room, people notice. She's the sort of woman and actress for whom the term 'bombshell' was invented. She's somehow never really made it as a movie actress, but she hasn't needed to. Her appearances on 'Good Girls' and 'Mad Men' have seared her onto the hearts of many viewers - especially male ones. She's an excellent role model for girls who aren't stick-thin, too - in fact, her distinctive curves remind us of a certain famous animated legend.

When Jessica Rabbit turned out to be the star of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' back in the 1980s, it caught everybody a little off guard. Rabbit wasn't real - the film was supposed to be a vehicle for Bob Hoskins! The producers of the film had somehow managed to come up with an animated creation so attractive that she stole every scene she was in, and a generation of men was forced to uncomfortably admit that cartoons could be sexy. In terms of her famous proportions, though, she's a silhouette-for-silhouette match to Hendricks.

Bryan Cranston & Ned Flanders

We're going to have to start this one off with an apology. We really like Bryan Cranston. We think he's one of the coolest actors out there. We love everything he does, and we're glad that 'Breaking Bad' has finally won him the critical acclaim he's always richly deserved. Mr. Cranston, we were always with you from the moment we first saw you in 'Malcolm In the Middle!' With all of that being said, though, we can't change the fact he looks like Ned Flanders.

Flanders is one of the all-time great 'Simpsons' characters. As the God-fearing, relentlessly cheerful neighbor of the Simpsons family, Flanders has been the butt of at least one joke per episode for its entire run. We laughed with him when he was running a store for left-handed people. We cried with him when his wife Maud died. Now we're afraid of him, because we suspect he might be baking a certain kind of narcotic in the basement of his house, and he might have murdered people.

Carrot Top & Lion-O

If you weren't around and watching television during the 1990s, the popularity of TV comic Carrot Top is kind of difficult to explain. As hard as it might be to believe now, all we can say is that his schtick seemed funny at the time. A lot has changed in the years since - one of which is the fact that Carrot Top has seriously been working out. Look at him in this picture. The giant mop of red hair is still there, but he's been putting some serious work in at the gym - and that's gained him a new lookalike!

There's no way that the comedian could walk around with hair like that and not get compared to Lion-O of 'Thundercats' fame. Honestly, we think he's a pretty cool character to look like. Lion-O was the leader of the gang, after all, and he's in pretty good shape. If we were talking about the Carrot Top of the 1990s, we wouldn't be making this connection, but now he's ripped and shredded, he looks like he could wield a sword and shout 'Thundercats ho' with the best of them.

Mamma June Shannon & Ursula

This one might feel a little unkind - but lookalikes are lookalikes, and we don't make the rules! You'll probably only know who June 'Mamma' Shannon is if you're an avid reality television watcher. Shannon has been the star (or secondary star) of two different shows; firstly 'Toddlers and Tiaras,' and secondly 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.' The name of the second show should have given you a clue to her identity - Shannon is Honey Boo Boo's extremely pushy mother.

In 'The Little Mermaid,' Ursula is about as villainous as villains get. She delights in bringing misery to people, and she likes to look good doing it. We don't know what Shannon's views on making people miserable are (although if you were ever forced to watch one of her shows, you probably believe she's worse than Ursula), but there's no doubt that they're a match in the 'dress to impress' stakes. If Ursula had a daughter, she'd be entering her in pageants directly across from Honey Boo Boo.

Martin Scorsese & Carl Fredrickson

Hollywood legends don't come much bigger than Martin Scorsese. You can argue about where he stands in the 'greatest film directors of all time' list, but you can't deny that he belongs at the top end of the scale. Scorsese has been working in cinema for five decades, and has made some of the most iconic movies in history. During that time, he's racked up more awards than we could even begin to count. Perhaps Pixar was paying a little tribute to him when they designed the main character in 'Up.'

If you've never seen 'Up,' we have two pieces of advice for you. The first is to watch it immediately, because it's excellent. The second is to grab some tissues, because you're going to cry. 'Up' is one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful animated films of all time, and Carl Fredrickson is the character at the center of it, deeply missing his wife the whole time. He looks exactly like Scorsese - just a little more somber and wearier of the world.

Ed Sheeran & Chucky Finster

Redheaded people get a bit of a raw deal in life when it comes to people making jokes at their expense. It's been the case for centuries, and we doubt it's going to change any time soon. Music star Ed Sheeran is well aware that people mock him for being a 'ginger,' but he's happy to laugh it off. He even cast 'Harry Potter' star Rupert Grint in one of his videos once, because so many people get the two Brits mixed up. Perhaps next time he could use an old 'Rugrats' character instead?

'Rugrats' was a show that played a big part in the childhood of many people who'll be reading this - and some of us probably watched it long after we should really have grown out of it! Chucky Finster may not have been the main character, but the show wouldn't have been the same without him. We don't know what happened to Finster after he grew up. Perhaps he learned to play guitar, and started writing catchy but slightly sappy ballads?

Steve Harvey & Mr. Potato Head

With some lookalikes, we're filling in the blanks for you to explain why we think the star and the animated character are a match. With others, we don't have to because the star has acknowledged it several times themselves! Steve Harvey knows he looks like Mr. Potato Head. Sometimes, we think Harvey is even trying a hard as he can to look like Mr. Potato Head for the express purpose of making us all laugh. We asked one hundred people to name someone that looks like Harvey - and all of them pointed to the potato!

Mr. Potato Head has been around in various forms since our parents were children, is one of the toys that almost every kid plays with when they're growing up. He's never looked more like Harvey than he does in the 'Toy Story' movies though - which makes you wonder how Don Rickles ended up voicing the character rather than Harvey himself.

Gillian Anderson & Lois Griffin

Remember what we said about Ed Sheeran, and people with red hair being the butt of jokes? That changed all changed for a while for female redheads during the 1990s thanks to Gillian Anderson, who made a whole generation of teenage boys realize they were into conspiracy theories thanks to 'The X-Files.' Smart, brave, and sophisticated, Anderson was hailed as a role model for young girls and women alike, and also topped several 'sexiest woman in the world' polls during those years. To put it another way, she had brains and beauty in equal measure.

Lois Griffin in 'Family Guy' is intentionally designed to be attractive, and we wouldn't be at all surprised to find out Seth McFarlane was a big 'X-Files' fan when he was younger. That makes it possible that he used Anderson as a template for Peter's long-suffering wife. If he did, he left out some of the smarts. Mrs. Griffin might be smarter than her husband, but that's a very low bar.

Freddie Mercury & Mr. Slave

'Queen' was one of the biggest bands in the world during the 1970s and 1980s. They sold out stadiums, had huge world tours, and rolled out hit after hit whenever they had new music to sell. Freddie Mercury - who many people consider to be the greatest rock and roll lead singer of all time - sadly passed away in 1991, but he's recently been discovered by a whole new generation thanks to the biopic movie 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' Never have mustaches looked so cool or iconic.

'South Park' makes crude parodies a calling card, so if Matt Stone and Trey Parker had Mercury in mind when they designed the character of Mr. Slave, we wouldn't be at all surprised. He looks like he's part Mercury, and part Village People. Very few people have rocked the handlebar mustache though - and Mr. Slave is something of a hit with the gentleman - so we suspect that he's more Mercury than anything else.

Donatella Versace & Janice The Muppet

Our chances of getting free clothes for life from Versace are going out of the window with this one, but we were never counting on that happening anyway! When Gianni Versace's life was cut short, maybe people feared for the future of the fashion brand. That's because they weren't counting on the knowledge and skill of his sister Donatella, who took over the reins of the company and has managed to take it to new heights. She looks stylish and scary at the same time, but she's only scary until you realize she resembles a Muppet.

There are two features you notice before anything else on Versace's face - the eyelashes, and the huge lips. While you're thinking about that, take a look at the face of Janice from 'The Muppet Show.' Same lips. Same lashes. Depending on how Versace wears her hair, they're even sometimes a match in that department! Janice is something of a vain character on the show, always taking her style as seriously as her music. We wonder where she gets it from?

Jesse Jackson & Cleveland Brown

Jesse Jackson is the sort of man who doesn't translate well to comedy. Everything about his life screams of high achievement, but also solemnity and sincerity. Jackson has, at various times in his life, been a Baptist minister, a civil rights firebrand, and a politician. In his home district of Columbia, he spent six years as shadow US Senator during the 1990s. Throughout all that time he's had the exact same appearance - a thin mustache, and his hair kept tidy in short curls.

The creators of 'Family Guy' have been fairly honest about taking inspiration from real people for some of their characters, so now we're eyeing Cleveland Brown with some suspicion! As one of Peter Griffin's best friends, Brown briefly had his own (mostly unsuccessful) spinoff 'The Cleveland Show' before landing back on 'Family Guy' when that didn't work out. He's also a dead ringer for Jackson during his younger years.

Gary Busey & Hades

Gary Busey is, above anything else, absolutely terrifying to look at. He's lived something of a wild life, and every day of it is visible on his face. He's also incredibly charismatic, and has had a remarkable Hollywood career that's seen him rack up more than one hundred and fifty movie credits. At his peak, he was starring in films like 'Lethal Weapon.' He nearly lost his life to a terrifying motorcycle accident, but he managed to beat the odds to come back and resume his career. He's a walking miracle.

For some reason, whenever Busey sees a camera, his usual response is to open his mouth and eyes wide and stare at it, like he's peering into your soul. When he does that, he looks just like Hades from Disney's 'Hercules' film. With wild hair, sparkling eyes, and teeth that look like they could chew through bone, they could be brothers.

Amanda Seyfried & Rapunzel

For an actress who's barely over 30, Amanda Seyfried has already had a remarkable career. She was marked out for stardom early on when she appeared in 'Mean Girls,' and managed to translate that early success into even bigger roles in films like 'Mamma Mia,' and 'Les Misérables,' - you can't do 'Les Mis' unless you're a seriously gifted performer. It's easy to see why casting directors love her so much. With her perfect skin, big soft eyes and flowing blonde hair, she's like a Disney princess come to life. In fact, we think she might be.

Take one look at Rapunzel in the Disney film 'Tangled,' and tell us that isn't Seyfried's face. It's such a close match that we're surprised Seyfried didn't sue the company for copyright infringement. The least they could have done is pay her to voice the character, but they went for Mandy Moore instead. That's just rude!

Kevin James & Joe Swanson

At this point, we're just going to go ahead and presume that all of the main characters in 'Family Guy' were based on real people. Kevin James might want to ask a few questions of McFarlane and his collaborators if he ever meets him! We know actor and comedian James best from 'Mall Cop,' 'Grown Ups,' and other comedies aimed at the family market. He has quite a distinctive appearance; his upper half is a lot thicker than his lower half, and his chin looks like it could break down walls.

The same could be said about Joe Swanson from 'Family Guy.' The effect is a little different because Joe's in a wheelchair, but there's no denying that the bulky upper torso, the granite-like chin, and the short brown hair are a match in every other way. Plus, Swanson is a police officer, and James has been in 'Mall Cops' We rest our case!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau & Prince Charming

Many of the 'Game of Thrones' fans out there will have a deep and lasting affection with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who will forever be associated with the character of Jaime Lannister in the show. We booed him when he was the worst of all the villain in the first season. We warmed to him as his character slowly had a change of heart as the following six seasons changed him. We then reacted with confusion and outrage when all of his character development was thrown out of the window in season eight. He never quite became the Prince Charming we hoped he might be.

Perhaps we were expecting too much of Coster-Waldau's character. He was, after all, someone who would happily push a child out of a window. Our expectations might have been distorted by the fact he looks so much like Prince Charming from 'Shrek.' We might have something in that, though - in every other fictional tale, Prince Charming is a handsome hero. In 'Shrek,' he's a handsome rogue. Maybe Coster-Waldau was Prince Charming after all!

Russell Brand & Captain Hook

Deliberately eccentric British comedian and political commentator Russell Brand isn't everybody's cup of tea. Some people find him hilarious; others find he jumps up and down on their very last nerve. Even his detractors would have to admit that he's a captivating man, though. He oozes charisma, sometimes appearing to move more like an insect than a human being. There's something other-worldly about Brand, and we think we know where he got it from.

If Brand decided to put a pirate's costume on for Halloween, he'd look exactly like Dustin Hoffman's Captain Hook from the aptly-named movie 'Hook.' He's one of the very few people in the world who wouldn't need to wear a wig to play the part. Brand would probably make an excellent pirate - he'd charm you into handing your treasure away. Hook is quite the charmer himself, but he has nothing on Brand.

Lily Cole & Merida

It's people like Lily Cole who should make the stereotypes about flame-haired people a thing of the past. The English supermodel is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She's been a popular choice for high-end fashion magazines like 'Vogue' when they're looking for people to star on their front covers, and she's even broken out of modeling to appear in television shows like 'Doctor Who.'

Disney princesses are always beautiful, so it's no wonder they sometimes end up looking like real-life models. In the case of Cole, we think she's more than a match for Merida, who was the first-ever female lead in a Pixar film when she was the star of 'Brave.' Merida was something of a game-changer - rather than being a damsel in distress, she was a strong-willed and independent woman, marking a change in the portrayal of Disney's representation of women and girls.

Benedict Cumberbatch & Butthead

Aside from having one of the most delightful names in showbusiness, Benedict Cumberbatch is an outstanding character actor. The Brit completely disappears into every part he's asked to play. Fans of superhero movies will instantly recognize him as Doctor Strange from 'The Avengers,' although he's also played a larger-than-life character in 'Star Trek' when he played the superhuman villain Khan. Fan of cult television probably preferred him as a modernized version of Sherlock Holmes in 'Sherlock.'

For all of Cumberbatch's fantastic achievements, there's still one role he hasn't played that he'd be perfect for. If somebody decided to turn the iconic adult cartoon 'Beavis and Butthead' into a live-action movie (which happens to be a great idea - take note, Hollywood!), then he'd be the first in line to play Butthead. He might be playing against type by becoming crude and lewd, but there isn't a closer physical match for the character anywhere in the acting profession.

Michael Moore & Peter Griffin

We did say that every major character in 'Family Guy' was going to turn up on the list eventually, and here's the star of the show! Michael Moore is loved by socialists, and hated by everyone who isn't a socialist. He's been a thorn in the side of every US President since George Bush, and isn't showing any signs of calming down as he gets older. His documentary films, including 'Bowling for Columbine,' and 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' have shone a spotlight on aspects of American life we'd rather not look at too closely.

Peter Griffin might not be a match for Moore in the cerebral stakes, but in every other way, they could be identical twins. Without wanting to be rude, both of them could use a little more time spent in the gym. We don't think it generally crosses Griffin's mind to think too hard about what the Government is doing when he's not looking, but as the many complaints about 'Family Guy' prove, he's just as capable of making people angry.

Nicole Scherzinger & Princess Jasmine

Whether she's in front of a microphone or a camera, Nicole Scherzinger is a bonafide star. It might have been her time as the lead vocalist in the Pussycat Dolls which put her on the world stage, but the girl group was really just a vehicle for Scherzinger to go on and do grander things. She'd had a successful solo career since leaving the band, been a judge on 'The X Factor,' and brought glamour to the race-track as the girlfriend of Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton.

As iconic as Scherzinger is, she's not quite as iconic as arguably the most famous Disney princess of all time. For the avoidance of doubt, that princess is Jasmine from 'Aladdin.' She might not have been the star of the film, but she was every bit Aladdin's equal, and a step forward in Disney's portrayal of non-white characters. Sadly, Scherzinger didn't get the part of Jasmine in the recent 'Aladdin' live-action film. We can't help but feel that was a mistake.

Tom Selleck & Bob Belcher

We might have said earlier on that Freddie Mercury has the most famous mustache of all time, but if we were compiling a list on the subject, we'd have to put Tom Selleck in second place. Selleck managed to make facial hair sexy even during the 1990s, when it was very much out of fashion. 'Magnum P.I' is still the first thing most people think of when they see him, but many TV viewers will always see him as Monica's ex-boyfriend from 'Friends' instead.

There' a certain style and glamour about Selleck, none of which exists in his animated lookalike. That's the eponymous Bob from 'Bob's Burgers,' which still enjoys a cult following today. Belcher may not be quite as suave as Selleck is, but he still has a certain stubbornness and inner steel which his doppelgänger would respect. If he didn't respect that, he'd at least compliment him on his fine mustache.

Aubrey Plaza & Nocturna

For someone who knows exactly how to make people laugh, Aubrey Plaza doesn't do much smiling of her own. We think (or hope) that's just part of her act, rather than a genuine maudlin nature. Plaza entered the world of performance as a stand-up comedian - and still likes to get up on stage whenever possible - but she transitioned into acting when she landed a role in 'Parks and Recreation,' which allowed her to show off her skills to a wider audience.

There is, admittedly, quite a marked difference between Plaza and the character of Nocturna from 'Spongebob Squarepants.' One of them is that Nocturna is blue, and that's just one of the minor details. The larger difference is that Nocturna is a fish! Regardless of that, there is a similarity between the two. We think it's mostly down to those big, sad eyes - and the fact that both of them seem to spend most of their lives frowning. The fact that they appear to share the same hairdresser seals the deal.

Macklemore & Roger Klotz

When two people get together to make music, they usually settle on a great band name that will look good on posters and get them recognized. When Macklemore met Ryan Lewis, they settled on the can't-miss name 'Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.' Despite that complete lack of imagination, they made it to the big time anyway. With songs like 'Thrift Shop,' they couldn't fail, even though Macklemore appears to have spent his entire adult life deliberately trying to look as much like Roger Klotz as possible.

Macklemore is the perfect age to have grown up watching 'Doug' on Nickelodeon, and so Klotz has probably been his style inspiration for as long as he can remember. Klotz is a bad guy in 'Doug,' whereas Macklemore, by all accounts, is nice to his fans when they meet him in person. We wonder if that would change if someone pointed out that he's stolen his leather jacket and haircut from a children's television character.

Eartha Kitt & Yzma

This entry is the first on our list where we can say without any hesitation that the resemblance is 100% intentional. Eartha Kitt was a musical legend, although that doesn't cover even a tenth of her talents. In all her years in showbusiness, Kitt performed as a comedian and actress too, and was even a prominent activist when she felt the need to speak her mind. If you've ever heard the original recording of the song 'Santa Baby' at Christmas, you may not even have known you were listening to Kitt sing. Kitt passed away in 2008, although her legacy lives on.

Given her performance skills, Disney thought that Kitt would be the perfect choice to play Yzma, the villain in 'The Emperor's New Groove.' They were right. Kitt made the part her own, and brought a sense of fun to the character that made her hard to hate, even though she was supposed to be evil! Disney took Kitt's appearance into account when they were designing the character, so even though she's purple, you can still see a facial resemblance.

Pete Davidson & Nick Birch

It might be hard to believe it now, but there was a time when Pete Davidson was known as something other than Ariana Grande's ex-fiancé. Once your name gets attached to Grande, you're permanently in her shadow, regardless of how famous or talented you are in your own right! It all started for Davidson when he joined the cast of 'Saturday Night Live' in 2014, and he's since been able to translate his success there onto the movie screen.

Davidson is known for tossing out the occasional barbed insult or joke, and he's been accused of having a big mouth several times in the past. We can't help but wonder whether that's why Nick Birch - a character from Netflix's adult-themed show 'Big Mouth,' happens to look so much like him. Unlike Davidson, Birch is something of a sheltered boy, lacking confidence in his own abilities. Maybe he should try getting engaged to a famous singer, and see if that does anything for him.

Larry King & Mr. Burns

Sorry, Larry King. We hate to do it to you, because you're a TV legend, but you really do look like Mr. Burns from 'The Simpsons.' These days, television is littered with chat shows and talk shows, where famous people come to sit on a sofa and chew the fat with a charismatic host. Most of the people doing that today - from James Corden to Jimmy Kimmel - owe their profession to King, who almost invented the format on 'The Larry King Show' during the 1970s. In truth, he started even longer ago than that - he was already interviewing people on the radio during the 1950s.

Nothing we've ever seen from King suggests that he's anything like as evil as Mr. Burns, the megalomaniac billionaire arch-villain from 'The Simpsons,' and Homer's boss. Burns is a man so wicked that he once tried to block out the sun so he could sell more nuclear energy to Springfield's residents! One thing the two do have in common is their age - they're both octogenarians - so perhaps the dress sense and the matching hairstyles is just the fashionable thing to do when you pass your 80th birthday.

Angelina Jolie & The Evil Queen

For the past twenty years, Angelina Jolie has been one of the most in-demand female performers in Hollywood. She's stunningly beautiful, but also convincingly tough. That's allowed her to break out as an all-action leading actress - she was the first person to bring Lara Croft to the big screen in 'Tomb Raider,' but she also ripped our hearts out with her performance in 'Changeling.' When she was married to Brad Pitt, they were the definitive Hollywood power couple.

Because of Jolie's steely persona, it's easy to believe that she might have something of a mean streak. Perhaps that's why we find ourselves thinking of the Evil Queen from 'Snow White' when we look at her. You could even argue that Maleficent was just an alternative take on the Evil Queen, and Jolie was the woman Disney went to when they wanted a real-life Maleficent.

Simon Helberg & Victor Perkins

This lookalike is absolutely uncanny - so much so that we find it hard to believe that one wasn't based on the other! Simon Helberg may or may not look like Victor Perkins from 'Despicable Me' in real life, but when he got into character as Howard Wolowitz in 'The Big Bang Theory,' it looked like the animation had come to life. Wolowitz was the stereotypical nerd in a show that was already full of them, somehow managing to look even more socially awkward than the rest of them. Helberg played the role to perfection.

In 'Despicable Me,' Perkins - who's also known as his alter ego 'Vector' - is every bit as intelligent as Wolowitz is in 'The Big Bang.' He's also just as socially awkward. Where Perkins differs is that he has all the confidence that Wolowitz lacks, although he uses that confidence for evil rather than good. Perhaps it's for the best that Wolowitz never developed an attitude!

Katy Perry & Snow White

Whenever a beautiful woman becomes famous, many people describe them as a Disney princess come to life. That's not always accurate, but in the case of pop princess Katy Perry, we'd have to accept that there's some truth to it. Perry, who once famously kissed a girl and liked it, almost doesn't look real at times. Her physical proportions defy description, and it's little wonder that seemingly everybody who meets the 'California Girls,' singer falls in love with her. Even famous Casanova Russell Brand fell under her spell for a while.

If we had to pick a specific Disney princess to compare Perry to, we'd have to go with Snow White, the fairest of them all. This comparison is helped along a little by the fact that Perry has even dressed as Snow White on occasion, and suits the part perfectly. When Perry puts her hair up and paints her lips red, we almost expect to see seven dwarfs marching along in formation behind her.

Danny DeVito & Mr. Spacely

Everybody has a favorite Danny DeVito movie - although which one your favorite is might depend on your age. If you're in your mid-thirties, you might remember him best from 'Twins' with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or his turn as the Penguin in 'Batman Returns.' Younger fans probably recall seeing him in 'Matilda.' If cult comedy is more your thing, he's probably made your sides ache from laughing in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'

Aside from appearing in front of the camera, DeVito has also lent his voice to plenty of animated characters. 'Hercules' and the atrocious Michael Jordan vehicle 'Space Jam' were both enhanced by his talents. If he'd been a little older when the show was made, he might have been able to voice the character that looks the most like him - the eternally-grumpy Mr. Spacely from 'The Jetsons.' If they bring the show back, they know who to call!

Haley Joel Osment & Shaggy

He sees dead people - but does he ever see Scooby-Doo? Haley Joel Osment was the biggest child star of the late 1990s and early 2000s, inheriting the crown from Macauley Culkin. He creeped us out to no end in 'The Sixth Sense,' but when he got a little older, he started growing his hair out and developed a shaggy beard. So shaggy, in fact, that it reminded us of an animated star from our youths.

Scooby-Doo is a television icon, but he'd be nothing without his human sidekick Shaggy, who's there to translate for him and throw in the occasional catchphrase. With his laid-back approach to his dress sense, hairstyle, and fuzzy facial hair, Shaggy is someone who doesn't seem to take life too seriously. With all the money he made as a child actor, perhaps Osment has the same mindset. Perhaps he should start practicing saying 'zoinks' in the mirror just in case the role ever comes up.

Bill Murray & Papa Smurf

If you don't love Bill Murray, we don't know how to help you. 'Ghostbusters' would never have been half the film it was without Murray's deadpan comedic style. 'Lost in Translation' wouldn't have achieved the same level of tender poignancy - and without that - Scarlett Johansson's career may never have blossomed! He even managed to make 'Garfield' tolerable, and legend has it he still roams the streets of New York, sneaking into student parties and doing the washing up. He's truly one of a kind.

Now he's a little older, Murray is something of a wise old head of the acting profession, just as Papa Smurf is the wise old head of the Smurfs. Granted, Murray doesn't look like his Smurf counterpart all of the time, but catch him in the right outfit, and the resemblance is there. You can't look at this picture and tell us that we're wrong! Knowing Murray's sense of humor, he probably does this on purpose.

Vanessa Williams & Esmerelda

Even in her mid-50s, Vanessa Williams is still a siren whenever you see her on a screen. True beauty lasts forever, and Williams was born with plenty of it. She made history when she was the first African American to be crowned 'Miss America' in 1984. That was her platform to go on and carve a career as both a singer and an actress, with her first album hitting the shelves four years later in 1988. She loved singing, but acting turned out to be her true strength, and her career continues today in movies like 'Suicide Squad.'

We're calling on yet another Disney princess to provide an animated alternative to Williams, and this time it's Esmerelda from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame.' Esmerelda made history in animation in much the same way as Williams did in her beauty pageant - before her, we'd never seen a character with dark skin cast as a love interest by Disney. The similarity rings true all the way through to the distinctive green eyes.

Paris Jackson & Tinkerbell

As the daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson hasn't had an easy life. She's spent every day since she was born under an intense media spotlight, and since her father's death she's been the most outspoken and passionate defender of his legacy, constantly rejecting unproven claims about his conduct. Given all of that, it's remarkable that she's managed to remain as well-adjusted as she seems to be; and she's also effortlessly beautiful at the same time. With her blonde hair and baby blue eyes, she looks like a star from Hollywood's Golden Age.

If we're going to talk about the Golden Age of Hollywood, then we should also draw on a classic animated star to compare her to. Who better than Tinkerbell? The character has an ethereal beauty, and also has Jackson's blue eyes, prominent cheekbones, and hairstyle. Oh, and they both grew up in a place called Neverland. Jackson always loved 'Peter Pan,' and his daughter seems to have stepped right out of the film.

Paul Giamatti & Homer Simpson

As famous and loved around the world as the character of Homer Simpson is, we suspect that most people wouldn't want to be known as the real-life version of the goofy character. For that reason, Paul Giamatti has our sympathies. In fairness this isn't his fault - by the time he got his career break in 1997 with 'Private Parts,' 'The Simpsons' was already very well established. The fact that he bore a strong physical resemblance to Homer wasn't exactly something Giamatti could do anything about by then. He's just had to roll with the punches.

What can be said about the father of the Simpsons family that hasn't already been said? He's one of the most famous TV characters of all time, and directly inspired Peter Griffin in 'Family Guy.' The senior Simpson is a lovable idiot, who the whole world has affection for despite his complete incompetence as a father. Giamatti may look like Homer, but we have no doubt he's far more intelligent.

Gabby Douglas & Princess Tiana

Had there not been a few years between the exploits of Gabby Douglas at the Olympics and the release of 'The Princess and the Frog,' we'd have believed anybody who told us that Douglas was the inspiration for Princess Tiana. She's certainly qualified to be - Douglas wowed the world when she became an Olympic gold medal gymnast in 2012, and repeated the trick again in 2016, making her one of America's all-time greats. She was one of the 'Fierce Five' of the US team, and won the press over with her stunning smile.

Looking at how similar she is to Princess Tiana, it's almost like Disney had a premonition when they were designing the character. They have the same facial structure, the same skin tone, the same hair, and the same smile. The only thing that's off-kilter is that the movie came out two years before Douglas picked up her first Olympic gold. Maybe Disney is now so rich that they've invented a machine which can see into the future?

Jack Gleeson & Jack Frost

Come on now, Paramount Pictures. If you're going to create an animated character which is so obviously based on Jack Gleeson, the very least you can do is ask him to play the role instead of handing the part to Chris Pine. That's very poor form! Jack Gleeson is, of course, famous for playing Joffrey in 'Game of Thrones,' who has to be considered one of the evillest characters in the history of television. Legend has it that when his character died, the cheers could be heard from space.

The character of Jack Frost in 'Rise of the Guardians' - which wasn't one of Paramount's finest hours - was ice cold from his control of the weather to his demeanor. With his fair hair and his thin, cruel smile, it looks like someone simply scanned Gleeson's head and put him in the film without paying him for it. Perhaps that's the real reason Gleeson has since walked away from the acting profession.

Slash & Otto

We have very little doubt that when the creators of 'The Simpsons' designed the character of school bus driver and part-time rock star Otto, they based it directly off one of the most famous rock and roll musicians of all time. Slash is one of the very best guitarists who ever lived, writing the riffs which made Guns n' Roses such a huge deal in the 1980s. Every time you hear 'Sweet Child of Mine,' you're listening to Slash at his fret-melting best. Slash quit the band in the 1990s, but has since returned to the fold, and the legends are back on tour again.

The only difference between Otto and Slash is that the 'Simpsons' character never made it as a rock star, and doesn't appear to have a top hat anywhere in his wardrobe. He's not afraid to pick up a guitar and play, though, and when he does, he seems to be quite adept at it. Given that Slash is now well into his 50s, maybe it's not too late for Otto to make it as a musician after all.

Prince & Jafar

While we're talking about legendary musicians, let's bring Prince into the picture. The tiny guitar hero is simply one of the best musicians who ever lived. Slash was incredible with a guitar, but Prince could play any instrument he laid his hands on, and do it better than almost anybody else. He wrote hundreds of songs during his life, from 'Purple Rain' to 'When Doves Cry,' and when he decided one of his creations wasn't for him, he'd sell it to somebody else. Sinead O'Connor owes her whole career to him because he gave her 'Nothing Compares 2 U.'

With his flamboyant style of dress and his slightly surly character, we can't help but wonder if Jafar from 'Aladdin' was capable of playing a few smooth licks if someone handed him a Fender Stratocaster. Both men have a definite flair for the theatrical, to say the least. We just doubt that the evil Jafar has enough love in his heart to write something as delicate and beautiful as 'Purple Rain.'

Joe Jonas & Ash Ketchum

If you didn't experience it when it was happening, it's hard to imagine how huge the Jonas Brothers were at the peak of their fame. What people sometimes don't realize is that their first album was a huge commercial failure, and they were lucky to get a second bite of the cherry in 2007. That release made them stars, and they subsequently went on to become fixtures of the Disney Channel, which made them icons to a generation of children. Now he's grown up, Joe Jonas is married to 'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner.

Jonas is a good-looking young man, and if he wanted to spend his days going from girl to girl, he could probably 'catch them all,' just like his animated lookalike. Stick a baseball cap on Jonas, and he becomes Ash Ketchum, of Pokémon fame. We wonder if Jonas and Turner have a little Pikachu somewhere in their home? Admit it, if you'd seen Jonas out on the streets playing 'Pokémon Go,' you'd have done a double-take.

Emma Stone & Kim Possible

Emma Stone is already a Hollywood A-Lister, and her career is still going from strength to strength. 'Superbad' made her famous, and 'La La Land' made her a superstar. Debate still rages about whether she was the right choice to play Gwen Stacy in 'Spiderman,' but she did a fine job in the part if you ask us. She's now one of the highest-earning female performers in the movie business, and Time Magazine had repeatedly ranked her as being among the hundred most influential people anywhere in the world. The short version of all this is that she's a very big deal.

Stone's rise to fame started in 2007, which is the same year that the Disney cartoon 'Kim Possible' ended. We're not big believers in coincidences, so is it possible that the Kim Possible character simply became flesh and bone, and renamed herself to become an actress in the real world? Look how close a match she is in her eyes, lips, and even the shape of her face!

Christopher Walken & Fat Tony

Christopher Walken hasn't spent his whole career looking like Fat Tony from 'The Simpsons,' but in recent years the veteran actor has become, shall we say, a little larger than he once was. If you comb his hair and put him in a suit jacket, the transformation is complete. Walken is a legendary actor even to other actors, and can play any role he puts his mind to. Often, he plays eccentric criminal characters - and we're sure you don't need us to join the dots for you.

Fat Tony is a mafia boss in 'The Simpsons,' and has been a popular recurring character for years. He's even survived a highly questionable storyline, in which the 'original' Fat Tony was killed off and replaced by his thinner brother, who put on weight and simply assumed his brother's identity. Like Walken, Tony has a distinctive speaking voice and a brooding, unsettling presence. Unlike Walken, he's never been in a music video for Fatboy Slim.

Dr. Phil & Mr. Johnson

As with when we put a Muppet forward as a comparison to Donatella Versace, we have to make an admission - a Muppet is not strictly an animated character. They are not, however, human. They're cartoonish characters brought to life by human actors, and that makes them animated to us! Feel free to argue in the comments. Besides, how could we resist pointing out the delightful resemblance between Dr. Phil and Mr. Johnson?

Mentioning Dr. Phi, & Mr. Johnson in the same breath makes it sound a little like we're talking about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but to the best of our knowledge, Dr. Phil is not a dangerous maniac. In fact, he's quite the opposite, having spent years of his professional life trying to solve problems on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' and then subsequently on his own, self-titled show. Mr. Johnson doesn't appear to be a qualified therapist, but you never know.

Neil Patrick Harris & The Riddler

Neil Patrick Harris serves as a constant reminder for people never to ask their parents how they met. If the story is anything like the one which was told on 'How I Met Your Mother' - in which Harris starred - it will probably drag on for years and then end disappointingly, having lost all its steam halfway through the tale. Harris shouldn't be defined by the show, though - he's an immensely gifted actor, having won as many awards for his appearances on stage as he has on-screen.

Aside from his charm and skill, Harris has always struck us as an intelligent man. Is his wit sharp enough for him to be the Riddler from the animated version of 'Batman?' We only as because if you put a little green hat on him, along with a cute purple eye mask, you're basically looking at the same person. We didn't have Harris pegged as a criminal mastermind, but 'How I Met Your Mother' was something of a cruel joke, so now we're not sure.

Helen Kane & Betty Boop

We're going to give you a little bit of an entertainment history lesson here! The iconic cartoon character of Betty Boop was inspired by a real-life film star by the name of Helen Kane. Boop was created in the 1930s, but her inspiration had been appearing on the big screens a decade earlier. You might not know Kane by name, but if you always thought 'I Wanna Be Loved by You' was Marilyn Monroe's song, you're wrong. It was Kane's work, and she was famous for it at the time.

One of Kane's fans was Grim Natwick, an animator for the Fleischer Studio. Bizarrely he initially created the Betty Boop character as half-human and half-dog in 1930, but two years later (presumably after sobering up), he changed it into a fully human woman, at which point the resemblance to Kane became obvious. The character was a sensation, and made hoop earrings popular with young women of the time.

Justin Bieber & Peter Pan

One of them is a perennial child who refuses to grow up and deal with the responsibilities of becoming an adult. The other is Peter Pan. Sorry, Justin Bieber, we don't mean it. We love you! Bieber broke through into the world of music after becoming a YouTube star in his teens, and became such a huge star that his level of fame was compared to the sensation of Beatlemania during the 1960s. He's since taken a step back from the music world after having a few wayward years in his late teens, although a new album is believed to be in the works.

Perhaps one of the reasons Bieber resonated so well with a young audience during his breakthrough years is because he looked so much like one of the most beloved animated characters of all time. With his slightly elfin looks, Peter Pan has starred in many movies and animations, always depicted with bright eyes and a sandy-blonde mop of hair - just like Bieber.



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