Hilarious T-Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe

Entertainment | By Harriet King | July 7, 2019

Making a statement with a t-shirt has been an 'in' thing in fashion ever since punk rock music made it popular in the 1970s. Provocative t-shirt slogans are a good way to get yourself noticed if you're someone who likes to have the spotlight on themselves all of the time.

Broadly speaking, t-shirt slogans designed to catch the eye fall into two categories: funny, or offensive. Sometimes, the offensive ones are also funny. On other occasions, people are completely oblivious to how funny their t-shirt is, because they haven't noticed. That's one way to attract the wrong kind of attention!

Everyone you're about to see on this list chose their t-shirt to say something about either themselves, or the world around them. Some of them have nailed their look flawlessly, but some of the others aren't projecting the message they had in mind! Here are the all-time best t-shirt fails.

1. Fake It Until You Make It

We live in a time where people are frequently famous for being famous, and not because they have any discernible talent. Cases in point include Paris Hilton and the entire Kardashian family. It would appear to be Hilton who's the inspiration for this girl, who's copied her look right down to the hair and the bold fashion statements.

Many young people grow up wanting to be famous, and being good looking is often half the battle. As she has that point covered, her t-shirt might not be a lie. Perhaps she has modeling work lined up. Perhaps she has a red-hot demo about to drop. Or, just maybe, she's yet another overconfident aspiring star who's destined to be disappointed in a few years' time. If that happens, we guess that this t-shirt is destined to end up in the trash, and she'll be a little embarrassed that she ever wore it in the first place.

2. They're Not Wrong

We imagine that being arrested on a hot, sunny day, and being bundled into the back of a police car really does suck quite badly. It's therefore hard to think of a more appropriate t-shirt for this person to be wearing on the day it actually happened to them. We have no idea what they did to merit being handcuffed and led away, but it proves that there really is a t-shirt for every occasion.

What's odd about the picture, though, is that the shirt wouldn't make any sense if the person wearing it wasn't having an experience that sucked. It would look wrong if, for example, they were wearing it with a big smile on their face at a Disney park. Sending out a negative message may draw negativity towards you - so perhaps they'd be better off wearing something that says 'everything is great' instead?

3. High Self Esteem

Many of us will have similar memories about our college years, and they involve making bad romantic decisions after consuming far too much alcohol. It's almost like a rite of passage. As it's probably going to happen anyway, you might as well embrace it and make it seem like it's part of the plan, as this girl has done here.

In years to come, she may come to regret the fact that she chose a t-shirt which suggested that she was anyone's after a few drinks, and then allowed people to take pictures of her wearing it that will now be on the internet forever. As long as she was having fun at the time, maybe that's all that matters! We bet people were lining up to buy her shots when she was out on the town, though.

4. Good Luck Hiring A Lawyer

If there's one color which we associate with prisoners, it's orange. Orange is the color of prison jumpsuits, and the whole reason that the television show 'Orange is the New Black' goes by that name. You can wear orange as part of an outfit and not have everybody think you're a jailbird, but if you also decide to have the word 'guilty' printed across your chest, you're just asking for trouble.

Just wearing the shirt wasn't enough for this man though - he decided to complete the 'guilty' look by actually getting himself arrested - the picture is his mugshot! It's not a good look to be charged with a criminal offense when you're wearing clothes which suggest you're a criminal. This can't have been fun for his lawyer to look at. Maybe try a different shirt that says 'innocent' for the trial?

5. Is That An Invitation?

We can't see this girl's face, so we don't know whether she's wearing this message ironically or sarcastically, or she really is inviting people to come and try to unlock her using the method suggested! Anyone who knows a smartphone knows where it comes from - technology has brought all kinds of different new phrases into our day to day language, and this is one of them. Apparently, if you want to unlock the girl's top, all you have to do is rub her up the right way!

Innuendos are commonplace on t-shirts for young people - especially when they're planning a big night out, and they want to show the world how confident they are - so we'll award this one extra points for being quite clever about it, instead of resorting to outright filth! Perhaps she should also consider asking prospective suitors to enter a passcode?

6. True Beliebers

We don't think we're speaking out of line when we say that the majority of people who enjoy Justin Bieber's music are female. The singer himself has had to stop concerts in the past and ask audiences to calm down, because women are screaming at him. He does have his male fans though, and some of them will go to the length of getting matching t-shirts just to prove how much they love their hero.

Just turning up at a concert you've paid tickets for us enough to show Bieber that you support him - it probably wasn't necessary to go for the matching outfits, too! The slogans also make a challenge to the rest of the male gender, too - apparently real men respect Bieber, which implies that men who don't like to Bieber are not, in fact, real men. We don't know who these two young gentlemen are, but we don't recommend wearing the same shirts at a Metallica concert.

7. All Is Vanity

This t-shirt is just a little bit unkind. We can see just by looking at this woman that she's very attractive, and very confident. We don't really need the added extra of her wearing a t-shirt that makes the rest of us feel bad just because we don't measure up! Not all of us are blessed with natural beauty the same way she is, and not all of us have the time and money to spend in the gym to achieve a body like that either.

She'll only be able to wear this t-shirt for as long as she's able to maintain her looks, so perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on her for making the most of it while she's young and beautiful. We can't promise that we wouldn't be this smug if we were this good looking, so we shouldn't hold it against her.

8. More Information, Please

We don't know where to start this. Actually, we do - this man needs to turn his t-shirt around, messages should always be on the front! Other than that, the only thing we can assume is that something very specific has happened, his friend is upset with him, and he thinks the only appropriate way to apologize is to walk around school wearing a t-shirt which offers a full apology.

After seeing this, we have questions which will never be answered. Does anyone really get that upset about being called a duck? Does calling someone 'little friend' convey the right sort of tone for an apology? Why did he think his friend was a duck in the first place? We love how he thinks he was just 'hasty' in his assessment, rather than completely wrong! Ever looked at someone you know and thought they were a duck for a split second? No, us neither.

9. An Arts And Craft Lover?

It's possible - but not very likely - that this girl is a big arts and craft lover, and she just loves spending her time putting collages together. Maybe she's really good at choosing the right pictures to blend together on a wall, or she's skilled with different patterns and materials. We think that's unlikely, though. We suspect that this is just a case of having a spelling mistake on a t-shirt - and quite an ironic one at that - and not noticing.

If the intended message of the t-shirt is to say that she loves college, she may want to get back there and spend a little bit more time in English class. Who's the bigger fool though - her for wearing an obviously misspelled garment, or the person who made the t-shirt for not looking up the spelling before they put it on sale? We suppose it's her. After all, the seller has got her money now!

10. This Seems Unlikely

One idea for approaching fashion is to dress like the person you want to be. This gentleman probably doesn't meet most people's idea of what a 'chick magnet' would look like, but he doesn't care about that. He's living his best life, and he isn't afraid to show it. Plus, based on the evidence it might be working. There's a chick sat right there with him!

The chick in question doesn't look like she's especially in love with the situation, though. We're trying to think of the best way to describe her expression, but we can't decide whether she's surprised or horrified. He looks quite pleased with himself, all the same. Maybe that's the secret of the magnetism - women don't know why they flock to him; they just do. Unless we're mistaken about the arm to the right-hand side of the picture, he might even have a beauty on each arm.

11. Seen Nice What?

We're going back to the concept of 'Engrish' that we were talking about earlier on with this one, and it's the worst example of all of them! If we read between the lines a little here, this is one of those shirts which is intended to be a boast on behalf of the person wearing it. She's basically saying that she's very good looking, and she could spend a fun time with your boyfriend if she chose to do so.

Unfortunately for her, whoever translated the phrase she wanted into English didn't quite get it right. Now, it reads like she's either seen your boyfriend and thinks he was nice, or your boyfriend has seen something nice. It's nearly there with the meaning, but not quite. We'd feel sorry for her, but as the intention of the shirt was to be smug and vain, we have no sympathy.

12. Plenty Of What?

It would seem that this young man has a recurring problem with women. They meet him, and they're so bowled over by his stunning good looks that they assume he must already be spoken for. They have no need to be concerned though; this player has plenty of love for all of them. Why would he tie himself down to just one person when he's got so much to spread around?

One thing he doesn't have much of to spread around is his facial hair. We've seen drawn-on mustaches which looked more convincing than that. Having said that, maybe he's had to try growing a bad mustache in the hope that it will put a few of the ladies off. Constantly being stopped in the street by people asking for his number must get pretty tiring after a while.

13. Her Poor Boyfriend!

We really, really hope that this girl is joking, and that she is in fact single. We don't like to think of the idea that she really does have a boyfriend, and that he's got such appalling self-esteem that he's OK with his girlfriend going out to a nightclub wearing a t-shirt that invites strangers to kiss her while he's not looking. Unless, of course, he's into that kind of thing. We're not here to shame people for their niche interests!

As we'll see with many of the t-shirts on this list, this is a message that says a lot about the confidence of the wearer. She's comfortable with her looks and her sexuality, and she's probably also aware that there will be plenty of people nearby who want to take her up on the offer. We wonder if anybody ever tried to sue her for false advertising when she turned them down?

14. Well, That's Just Disgusting

Is this someone with dreadfully crass taste in t-shirts, or is she actually just trying to look out for the people close to her? There's nothing worse than being caught downwind of someone who's just passed gas, and it's even more foul when you're trapped in an enclosed space with them. Sometimes, you wonder why people can't just walk a safe distance away from anybody else before they let one rip. A warning would be nice.

Anyone walking too close to this woman can't say that they didn't get a heads up when the inevitable happens. Farts happen to all of us whether we want them to or not, and it can be embarrassing both for us and the people who can smell them when they do. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of her book, and show a little more consideration so people can get out of nose range.

15. Wash Thoroughly With Soap

Out in the wilder parts of the internet, there are whole forums where people highlight uses of 'Engrish,' usually on shop signs or posters. The 'r' and 'l' sounds used in English aren't easy to master for those in the Far East, and that can often lead to misunderstandings. As this shirt shows, you're only ever one wrong letter from a completely different sentence.

We don't know if this shirt is an honest mistake, or a joke worthy of the 'Engrish' websites, but we're fairly sure it isn't supposed to be taken literally. Nobody needs to be anywhere near someone who'd consider doing that - although at least if they 'make noise' at the same time we should have enough time to start running in the opposite direction before the worst happens. Please consider carrying hand sanitizer everywhere you go just in case sometime decides to do this in your vicinity.

16. Setting A High Bar

After a few failed relationships, it's common for many of us to 'settle' - by which we mean we start a relationship with someone who isn't quite as attractive to us as our previous partners, but represents an easy and comfortable life. This proud chef has no such intention of lowering his standards; he's only interested in the most beautiful women in the world, and so he wears this shirt to warn anyone who doesn't match that description not to waste their time.

Now his message is out there, we can only assume that it's just a matter of time before the planet's leading supermodels start fighting each other over who's going to win the hand of the man in the greasy yellow t-shirt. We suspect it will be Kate Moss - she's shown in the past that she likes her men to be a little rough around the edges.

17. He Wasn't Lying

Some people should come with a health warning. We're talking about the kind of people who will, suddenly and without warning, take an action which will put themselves and the people around them in danger. They might run into the middle of the road. They might start climbing the nearest building or scaffold. Every friendship group has someone like this, and they always cause trouble.

If everyone started doing what this young boy has done, we'd be able to make much better-informed decisions about who we decide to befriend and spend time with. This guy does dumb things, and they have dumb consequences. We don't know how he injured himself, but based on his clothes, we assume it was probably because he was doing something stupid. Maybe his parents bought the shirt after the event because they didn't want anyone else to have to go through the things he puts them through? He even has the cheek to look quite pleased with himself!

18. Dumbing It Down

Here's one for all the procrastinators out there - you know who you are! The ones who overthink everything, and then end up doing nothing because you're worried about possible consequences. You analyze everything to death, and you spend too long thinking about things instead of doing them. This girl has a message for you - switch your brain off. Give yourself permission to be stupid every now and then. Who knows? You might even enjoy it!

There are a few cases where this advice wouldn't apply, of course. We don't recommend using the philosophy while operating heavy machinery, or studying. There are definitely times when you'll want to stupid less, and think more. For all we know, though, it might say exactly that on the front of the shirt. She could just turn it around depending on which mood she wants to be in.

19. Bad Disney Wear

All of us - even those with a very poor grip of fashion - have an awareness of what kind of outfit is appropriate in certain environments. You don't turn up at a wedding wearing a white dress unless you're the bride, for example. You almost certainly wouldn't turn up at work in pajamas. They're a little more relaxed about the dress code in Disney vacation resorts, but I still wouldn't suggest this t-shirt.

For those who aren't in the know, Deadmau5 is a Canadian DJ who makes house music, and his name is pronounced 'dead mouse.' This man could probably have got away with a shirt that just said his name, but the array of dead mouse skulls with Mickey ears around the logo are a step too far. Now look what's happened - he's made Minnie Mouse cry!

20. Geography Issues

In the world beyond the borders of the United States, there's a perception that American people aren't great with geography. They mostly know where things are inside their own country, but if you ask them to point to Italy or France on a map, the general belief is that the majority of them will struggle. That stereotype isn't helped much by the existence of t-shirts like this one.

Ironic t-shirts are a big thing, so it's possible that whoever designed the shirt made the error deliberately as a joke, but we don't have the context to confirm or deny it. What we can say without any hesitation is that this large continent is not Asia. It's Africa. It's bad enough to incorrectly identify a country, but when we're talking about a land mass of this size it's unforgivable!

21. Everything Is Wrong

This takes some doing - someone has gone to the trouble of printing a t-shirt, and they've got every single detail on it wrong. The words are wrong. The picture is wrong. The spelling is wrong. Everything is just plain wrong! They say that too much fast food might not be the greatest thing for your brain - this might just be the picture that proves it.

Let's get things straight - a well-made hamburger is a wonderful thing, and it deserves better than being disrespected by a terrible shirt like this. Aside from failing to spell 'hamburger,' we have a picture of French fries instead of a burger, and a misplaced 'a' between 'eat' and 'him.' Also, it's weird that you'd assign a gender to a hamburger; it makes you sound like you're eating a person and feeling good about it. If we saw someone wearing this, we'd cross the street to avoid them.

22. Still Got It

It's not often you see men wearing hot pink. There's nothing with those that do - it can look great as part of the right outfit - but it's historically more the sort of color a woman would wear. For that reason, men often laugh at other men they see wearing pink. If anyone was laughing at this older gentleman, the laughter would soon dry up when they see what's written across his shirt.

The implication here is that the t-shirt doesn't belong to him; it belongs to the girlfriend of the reader. This is the kind of shirt you'd expect to see a college jock wearing, as a brag about his success to women. It's the fact that we're looking at a retiree wearing it that makes it shocking - and all the more hilarious as a result.

23. Down With The Kids

Language is always evolving. New words are entered into the dictionary every year, and many of those words are invented by young people. There will have been slang terms that you used when you were younger which now sound dated and ancient to people ten years younger than you. They'll have their own language, which is full of expressions like 'swag' and 'YOLO.' The terms that the young use can sound like a foreign tongue to the uninitiated, but this man seems to be on board with it.

To a young person, nothing will make a term seem less cool than seeing their dad wearing it on a t-shirt. He might even have borrowed this shirt from his child for the sake of this picture. Either way, we're sure they'll never use the expressions again! If you're not sure, by the way, 'YOLO' is an acronym for 'You Only Live Once.'

24. Take Your Own Advice

Wearing high visibility clothing while out on the road is a great idea - it means you're more likely to be seen by the people behind you. Promoting safety on the road by having a suitable slogan on your clothes is also a good idea - it never hurts to be reminded that we should be safety conscious at all times. This man has got so many things right, but sadly he's got the single most important thing wrong.

If you're going to ask others to think safely, it probably isn't a great idea to get into the back of a pickup truck, and let your friend start driving you down the road. He doesn't have any seat belt or safety equipment, and a sudden stop could send him flying out of the truck in any direction. The only positive in that scenario is that he should be easy to see, so other drivers will be able to swerve out of the way when he lands on the road. This is a guy who should practice what he preaches!

25. Duality Of Meaning

Firstly, may we express our admiration for this denim dress. Denim jackets and denim shirts are commonplace, but you don't see many people trying the denim dress, and she's made it work for her. It might be slightly spoiled by the message on the back though - firstly because it looks like it's been painted on by hand, and secondly it could mean several different things.

Historically, the word 'hustle' has always meant 'to work hard,' and so it's possible that she could just mean that hard work brings its own rewards, which is true. In more recent times, though, to hustle someone means to deceive them, and usually to rob them of their money in the process. With that in mind, is she a hard worker, or is she eyeing up the woman with the umbrella, and thinking about stealing from her?

26. Thanks For Sharing

You'll have heard it said a lot that honesty is the best policy, and it usually is. Telling the truth is often better in the long run than telling a lie. Some people, it would seem, just take things too far though. Nobody asked this man whether he pees in pools, and so there was no reason for him to answer a question that hadn't been asked. Now, we bet everyone around him just feels uncomfortable.

If the 'too much information' admission wasn't bad enough already, have a look at his surroundings. It looks very much to us like he's on vacation somewhere, and he might even be headed for the pool. If that's the case, we hope he paraded around the pool and gave everyone the chance to read his shirt before he got in. Either that or the lifeguard stepped in and sent him away in the other direction. Nobody should pee in pools, and it's definitely not something you should ever be proud of!

27. Everyone Else's Fault

When we reach a certain point in our lives and we're still single, we begin to wonder if true love is ever going to happen for us. We start to question why it is that we're alone, and everyone else is either married or has children. This man has been through that process, weighed up the evidence, and come to a conclusion. It's not his fault that he's single, it's the fault of every woman he's ever met.

This is the type of shirt a man wears when he knows he makes every effort to look after himself, make himself presentable, and treat women with respect, and yet he still ends up without a date after it all. Now he's moved onto this new tactic; he's going to try to shame someone into dating him. It's an interesting approach. We wonder if it ever worked for him? We're guessing not.

28. We're Sure It Did

This might be the first shirt on our list that we wish we owned ourselves - it would be perfect in so many situations! How many times have you found yourself trying to explain something you've done to someone, and found that you don't have an adequate explanation? The only thing you can say is that no matter how stupid your actions might look in the cold light of day, they seemed like a good idea at the moment you took them.

Take these two gentlemen, for instance. However, they've ended up veering so badly off course that they've completely beached their boat, we're sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. What we'd really like to know is whether he was already wearing the shirt, or whether he carries it around with him for moments like this?

29. See A Doctor

There's only one type of person in the world who would welcome seeing this on a t-shirt, and it's a doctor. We bet that doctors would find life much easier if everyone in their waiting room wore a t-shirt explaining their symptoms. It would make them all much easier to treat and prioritize. For anyone else, though, this shirt is just a case of too much information.

Given the design of the shirt, it's possible that this man works at a gas station, and is being forced to wear it by his employers. Maybe they haven't noticed the horrific double meaning that it suggests? If it's a genuine cry for help about an embarrassing bodily function, though, then all we can humbly suggest is that he drinks some peppermint tea and lets nature take its course. Also, is it us, or are the arrows pointing down totally unnecessary?

30. Serious Swag

This is a little like the older gentleman we saw earlier wearing the 'YOLO' t-shirt, only taken to the next level. When we reach a certain age, society expects us to start dressing more conservatively. We're supposed to throw away the t-shirts, and perhaps get a nice sweater or cardigan to keep us warm. Shirts with slogans on them are the sort of thing this man's grandchildren should be wearing. Maybe he's even borrowed it from one of them!

We actually like his choice of style, though. Not caring about other people's opinions of us is a trait that's equally desirable at any stage of life, and it even doubles up as a message to the people who think he should be wearing more age-appropriate clothing. Got a problem with what he's wearing? Well, wussup haters?

31. Smells Like The Wrong Teens

One band gave the world grunge music, and redefined the sound of rock and roll for an entire generation. The other gave us 'MMMBop.' Can you tell which is which? This shirt may have the name of grunge pioneers Nirvana on it, but the family of brothers on that photograph is Hanson. Worst of all, we suspect that whoever made this t-shirt knows that, and simply doesn't care.

There have long been debates about whether people should buy shirts that relate to bands they've never heard of or listened to when they become a fashion statement. Ramones and Motorhead t-shirts were everywhere a few years ago, being worn by people who didn't even know they were promoting bands. This is a case of someone subverting that trend by making nonsense band t-shirts, and selling them to unsuspecting punters!

32. That Depends What They're There For

This is the kind of shirt you buy to demonstrate to people that you have a sense of humor. The kind of man who wears this shirt lives life with a smile on his face, perhaps playing fast and loose with the law until they show up to calm everything down. He probably meant it as a joke, but on this occasion, it's actually happened.

Of all the things you want to be wearing when you have a mugshot taken, this would be fairly close to the bottom of the pile. Whatever he was doing when the police turned up, they obviously didn't consider it to be harmless 'fun and games.' More to the point, the police don't arrest people just for participating in harmless fun and games. The shirt is a lie, and this man needs to re-evaluate his life choices!

33. Relationship Goals

When we're older, we hope we're just like this couple pictured here. Although we don't know the full story, we bet we can work most of it out. They've gone on vacation, they don't want to be separated from each other in an area they don't know, and so they've taken sartorial steps to make sure it doesn't happen. They're both clearly labeled, and so returning Rita's man to Rita shouldn't be any problem for a helpful passerby.

We can't help but wonder what made this necessary though. Does he have a track record of getting lost, or does Rita sometimes just wander off and leave him fending for himself? The style choices certainly put a smile on the faces of the people around them - one of whom thought it was noteworthy enough to get their camera out and take a picture. Image what a strange statement Rita's shirt makes when he isn't around, though.

34. Don't Tempt Fate

From a purely practical view, this man is correct with the assertion on his t-shirt; it is harder to kidnap fat people. Fat people are harder to pick up and carry away, and therefore it requires more physical effort. We're not sure we'd ever feel the need to wear a shirt pointing it out to other people, but we can't disagree with the scientific accuracy of what he has to say.

Given that he's surrounded by portable toilets, though, we suspect that this man is at a festival, or a similar public gathering. If it's one where people are drinking alcohol, he might have put a target on his back just by wearing this. All it takes is one group of drunk people to look at it and say, 'that sounds like a challenge,' and a few minutes later he'll find himself being bundled into the back of a van and wondering what's going on.

35. Dude With Attitude

If you're above a certain age and you go to nightclub and parties, you're going to draw surprised glances from people around you - especially younger people. That's not fair when all you want to do is dance and have a good time. People can't help it, though - the last thing anyone expects to see when going out clubbing is someone who's old enough to be their grandfather getting on down with their bad self.

As this chap knows everyone is going to stare at him whatever happens, he's taken things to an extreme. A crop top would be a bold look on a man of any age - on him it's incredibly brave! He's got no time for people who don't like it though; he's got one message for them on the front, and another on the back. Keep moving along, hater. There's nothing to see here except a man enjoying his evening!

36. Wrong Way Around

We'll preface this entry with a quick word of warning: Nobody should ever get so drunk that they don't know what they're doing, or what they're saying. It isn't big, it isn't clever, and you're only going to regret it the following morning! Now that's out of the way, most of us will probably admit it's happened to us at least once. When it does, it can often be hard to string a sentence together. Even when we try very hard, the words come out in the wrong order.

This t-shirt is basically those moments, in clothing form. When you're no longer making sense, it's time to get to the safety of your own home and sleep it all off. That's when you stand up and announce to your partner, friend, or taxi driver, 'take me home, I'm drunk!' If things are really bad, you might mix a few of the words up, and this might come out instead.

37. Keep It To Yourself

We really only have one word to describe this, and we're not even convinced it's a real word. The word is 'ew.' We're not even going to get into why this is a disgusting thing to have printed on a t-shirt; it's self-explanatory, and nobody with any sense of dignity or pride would walk around promoting their toilet habits to people they don't know. We hope they're not sat inside a restaurant; this would put us right off our food!

On closer inspection, beneath the offensive slogan, there's an image of a dumper truck. The most likely explanation for the shirt's existence is that the man wearing it is either a truck enthusiast, or works for a trucking company. Even so, we can think of better marketing campaigns to promote the fact than this one. 'I love trucking' would get the message across without turning anyone's stomach.

38. This Is A Mood

When you're as old as the lady in this photograph, you've seen a few things. She'll have seen the good and bad of life, and she's seen the world change around her. That gives you the right to an opinion - even if that opinion is that she hates the world and everything in it. Grandma, we totally feel you. We have days like that, too.

What really makes this a great picture to us is that the message on her t-shirt just doesn't go with her demeanor. She looks like a happy, smiling lady with joy in her heart, and we can't imagine her hating everything! Even the t-shirt is a cheerful shade of yellow. Perhaps she's wearing it as a joke? On the plus side, we bet it stops her getting hassled by anyone she passes on the street.

39. Keeping Up Spirits

Of all the activities that people do to keep themselves fit, running is the most popular. It's something that almost anybody can do, even if you're a little slower than the runners around you. By the look of this photo, this is an organized race, possibly for charity, involving many different people. While we commend the man at the center of it for doing something to improve his health, we feel a little sorry for anyone reading it!

We all have our own limits when it comes to how quickly we can move, and how long for. The last thing any of us need to see when we're moving at our own pace is that an overweight person with a serious health condition is beating us. In its own way, we guess it works as a motivation to push harder and move faster. Who wants the embarrassment of still being behind him when you cross the line?

40. Do I Know You?

Going to a farm can be a little scary for a young person. They have much less experience than an adult regarding which animals bite and which don't, and therefore which animals are safe to pet. This little guy looks like he'd try to win over some cows by wearing a t-shirt with a cow's face on it, showing that he's on their side. It's an adorable idea, and it actually looks like it might have worked!

Look how startled that cow looks. It's almost as if it's seen the face on the t-shirt, and recognized it. Perhaps it thinks it's a picture of a close friend or relative. Either way, it's brought the cow and the boy a little closer together, and that can only be a good thing. This is a nice, wholesome image. We wonder if he wore different shirts for the horses and the pigs later on?

41. That's Very Specific

Right at the start of this list, we saw some examples of beautiful young women making bold claims about their attractiveness. That habit apparently doesn't always end when youth does - sometimes, it carries on well into our later years; apparently becoming a lot more specific when it does so. Shirts that suggests you're more attractive than anyone else are ten a penny, but we're not sure we've ever seen someone state that they're precisely one fifth better looking than the rest of the population. How did she go about working this out?

There is a second possibility; she could just be complaining (or boasting) about how warm she is. Perhaps the shirt has a special layer of insulation which ensures that she's always 20% warmer than anyone else who's just wearing a standard t-shirt. If she's too warm, though, she shouldn't be wearing black. It's only going to make the problem worse!

42. Know Your Role

Not everyone is designed to be academically bright. All of us have different skill sets. We can put lists together, for example. You might be able to play the piano, or do the floss. It's important in life to know what you're good at and focus on those skills, while avoiding the things you're less talented at wherever possible. This guy has got the right idea - he's down at a campsite, and he's already letting people know what he's useful for.

If you want someone to study the plans for a tent, or work out a route to the nearest town, he's probably not your man. If you want the tent putting together, or things loading into the car before journeying to the next town, he's the first person in line. Smart people will always need strong people, and strong people will always need smart people. It's good of him to make himself so available!

43. Redress The Balance

How do you end up in police custody? By doing something naughty. If you already know that you're naughty, you have to take extra care to stay on the straight and narrow. Given that this woman has her precise ratio of naughty to nice spelled out across the front of her t-shirt, she can have no excuses. We bet she stood out like a sore thumb when the police came looking for her as well - just arrest the one who's openly advertising themselves as a sinner!

After she had her mugshot taken and was placed into custody, we're hoping she did some work to increase that 2% angelic content; she'd likely need it in order to avoid further trouble. Whatever it is she's done, nobody can say that they didn't have fair warning about the content of her character.

44. Speak Louder

If this statement is true, then this lady's household just sounds like Hell for everybody. She doesn't get listened to when she's trying to make a point, and so when she tries to force the point, it must smell awful. Something has to give here. Either the people around her have to start paying her more attention, or she has to find another way of communicating. Maybe just start a WhatsApp group and use that instead?

Given the size of the shirt, it may be the case that it belongs to a child instead of the woman pictured holding it, who's finding it hysterically funny. If it were for a child, then it might be slightly more forgivable to have a lack of control over bodily functions, but we'd still like to believe there are less smelly ways of attracting attention. Maybe buy a drum to bang, or something similar!

45. Saying It At Length

When we go away on vacation, we like to bring one or two souvenirs home with us, so we can show our friends and family that we've been. One of the most common is a plain t-shirt which says, 'I love,' followed by a love heart, and the name of the place you've visited. 'I Love NY' is a common one, as is 'I Love London.' Just 'I Love Thailand' would probably have worked fine for this happy chap, but he wanted to go into more detail about why he was so fond of the nation.

He apparently loves Thailand because someone there loves him. That's very nice for him, but the rest of us have no reason to know. This would be like wearing a t-shirt that says 'I love New York Because I Love The Empire State Building' - it just looks odd, and it's telling the audience more than they care about. Plus, what about the people who love him closer to home? Do they get t-shirts, too?

46. That, Sir, Is Just Mean

It's not so much the t-shirt that's the problem with this issue than the combination of t-shirt and subject matter. Here we have a gentleman who really loves bacon, and isn't afraid to tell the world about it. We understand that. Unless you're vegetarian or vegan, there are few greater pleasures in life than a bacon sandwich early in the morning. We've seen shirts like these before.

Look closer, though, and you'll see that the shirt wearer is staring intently at a tiny, defenseless piglet like he's about to snatch it up and eat it. This is like going into a chicken farm wearing a t-shirt proclaiming your love for KFC, or petting a cow while eating a hamburger. It's just wrong! Our only hope is that his meeting with the piglet was unplanned - because otherwise, he's a monster.

47. Sage Advice

We're back on the college party scene with this picture, and we've found a young man who's developed an unusual tactic for finding some romance on a night out. He's well aware that he probably isn't at the front of the queue when people go looking for a potential partner, but his chances go up immeasurably when those people are intoxicated. That's why he's put a little advice on his shirt.

It even looks a little like he might have found the ideal candidate to take heed of his advice. That girl's drinking like there's no tomorrow, and he's stood so close to her that it's almost like he expects the magic to happen the moment she turns around and sees him. She must consider it to be quite a task though - there's no other reason why she'd have poured herself such an enormous beer.

48. Second In Command?

Part of this shirt is probably accurate. God probably is busy. God has a whole universe to look after, never mind the noisy six billion people who live on this planet, with all of their trials and tribulations. If your prayers are going unanswered though, this guy has you covered. If you're talking to God and nobody is getting back to you, then you're cordially invited to come and spill your heart out to him instead.

What makes him think he's qualified to act as an assistant manager to God isn't immediately clear, but even in our most confident moments we've never felt like we're anywhere near suited to that position. We don't think he's thought this through either. Think about all the things that people confess to God when they pray. Does he really want to expose himself to all that? If so, rather him than us!

49. The Other Place Drunks Go

Ah, this shirt. We've seen it on sale in marketplaces far and wide, and every corner of the internet. Never have we seen it put in an appearance in a police mugshot, though. The original intention of it is to be defiant - not everyone who drinks has a drinking problem, and not everyone who's drunk needs to go to rehab. Many people get drunk regularly and go about their normal life.

The place drunks might go when they become a problem - other than meetings and rehab - is a prison. That's where she was when this picture was taken. This is yet another mugshot where the person being pictured wishes they'd worn something - anything - other than the shirt they eventually chose! If she was arrested for an alcohol related offense, it's safe to bet that she was ordered to attend a few meetings because of it. That would turn the shirt into a lie!

50. That's Not A Real Job

'Female Body Inspector' is not a real job. The closest thing to it would be 'doctor,' and we're not sure the gentleman having his mugshot taken here is qualified for that role. He's also a little old to be wearing the kind of shirt that suggests he might be a player, although we guess that somebody has to be the oldest swinger in town.

Sadly, we have no information about what he was arrested for, but we're happy to speculate. Our favorite theory is that he's been picked up for impersonating an FBI agent, which would be a case of a shirt that was supposed to be a joke somehow turning into an arrestable offense. We're sure that the officers in the station enjoyed a good laugh while they were processing this offender. The picture is probably still up on the wall of the station!



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