Times People Took Revenge On Drivers Who Parked Unlawfully

Humor | By Harriet King | June 2, 2019

There are few things more irritating in life than having to deal with other peoples' inability to park their cars properly. All you want to do is get to and from your home and your place of work, and maybe stop at a store on the way. But you can't.

Either through ignorance, incompetence, or just plain selfishness, other people seem to think they have a divine right to park wherever or however they want, with zero regards given as to how their parking might impact other drivers. It's as if they think the roads were built just for them.

Usually, we just shake our heads, deal with, it and move on, but sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes, the bad parking we're subjected to drives us to the point where we have to take revenge, and let these bad parkers know how awful they are. Here are the best examples!

1. Breaking Out The Monster Truck

We suspect that whoever placed this note on this car had suffered in silence for long enough, and one day they just snapped! Seeing a handwritten note stuffed under your wiper is always a bad sign. It's unlikely a stranger has taken the time to write you a glowing compliment. It's far more likely that the presence of your vehicle has angered them somehow, and they've decided to let you know about it.

In this case, the note is from an angry driver who's found that their own car is blocked in by someone else's ignorant parking. Apparently, that driver also owns a monster truck. Whether they really do own such a truck or not is unknown, but if you received this note would you take the chance of finding out? We suspect they parked more thoughtfully next time.

2. Fire Hazard

For reasons that should be obvious to everybody, it's illegal to park your vehicle directly in front of a fire hydrant. They're there for the protection of the public, and they're used in the event of a fire breaking out. If your car is in the way, the fire service theoretically can't access the hydrant to put out fires when they occur. In practice though, they'll find a way around that - as this rude driver found out to their cost.

As it would have been impossible to put the hosepipe under or over the car, that left the fire crew one option, and then took it. The thoughtless driver lost both of their back windows, and they probably got a little water damage into the bargain, too. Hopefully, when they came back and saw what had happened, they had the presence of mind to accept that they deserved it.

3. We Said No Parking

Apparently, writing the words 'no parking' in giant white letters on two trash cans wasn't enough for this Range Rover driver to get the message, so whoever owns the trash cans (and, presumably, the road the car is parked on) decided to help out by sending an even bigger message they definitely wouldn't miss.

We can't say for sure how heavy those trash cans are. Maybe the driver was just mildly inconvenienced by them, and was able to roll them out of the way themselves. On the other hand, maybe it's a two or three-person job, and so the driver had to go into the building and ask the same people who put them there to help move them away again. They could have taken that opportunity to explain why they suck so badly at parking, and apologize profusely.

4. Special Recognition

There's only one reason why someone would ever park like this - they want attention. They obviously have an expensive car, so they presumably just wanted to make sure everybody noticed it by parking it in the most selfish, ignorant way possible. There's no way this was done by accident. They've parked perfectly right across the center of the line.

It's likely that this was done because the driver of the expensive car didn't want it scratched by someone parking next to them, but if everyone took that attitude, car park capacity would be halved everywhere. Your expensive car doesn't negate the right of the person next to you to park their own vehicle. If it really means that much to you, maybe wrap your car in bubble wrap to eliminate the risk. That way, you won't end up as the star of a passive-aggressive poster.

5. The Royal Treatment

If you're able to drive a vehicle legally, you must at some point have passed a driver's test. During that test, your understanding of the various signs, markings, and other common instructions you'll see painted on road surfaces will have been examined. Either this person has forgotten all about them - and therefore needs to be tested again - or they simply don't care. That's why they think a clearly indicated crosshatch pattern is actually their own VIP parking bay.

We salute how extra the person who's taken revenge here is. Who drives around with colored chalk, waiting for the ideal moment to strike? As this driver obviously believes they're above the status of us commoners, our revenge artist has decided to highlight their 'Princess Parking' bay, so nobody else steals it. How thoughtful of them. Just for the record, not even the British Royal Family would be allowed to park like this!

6. Over The Line

Look, parking is hard sometimes. It's especially hard when you're in a busy car park, and everybody is competing for space. The people who design car parks try to help you out with this, by drawing clear white lines to indicate where you can leave your car, and how much space you should take up. All you need to do is line your car up with the space, and you've done your job. Regardless of what this driver believes, these white lines also apply to Mustangs.

As the driver decided to take up 20% of someone else's parking space, someone else has occupied the remaining 80%, and left the Mustang driver with nowhere to go. They're completely boxed in by a pair of everyday heroes, who've decided to teach them a lesson about parking like a clown. We wonder how long they had to wait when they got back to their car?

7. That's A Wrap

Someone's been a good citizen here. The car underneath all that plastic wrapping is quite a small one. There's no reason in the world why they shouldn't be able to fit it into the space provided. You can see that there's plenty of room behind them; all they had to do was reverse a little, and everything would have been fine. They didn't, so it's fair to assume they're not capable of doing so.

Anyone who can't fit that car into that space isn't safe to be on the road. If you're than inaccurate with your driving, you're a hazard to everyone else! That's why a caring citizen has tightly bound their car in plastic wrap; if whoever parked the car can't get into it to drive away, everybody else is safe from their dangerous driving. They can have the car back when they prove they can drive it.

8. We Want To Ax You A Few Questions

How angry do you have to be with somebody to do this? We're not sure of the precise infringement that's occurred here, but it's driven somebody to the point of outright rage. They've gone to a store, bought five pickaxes, and buried them all over the body of the car. They're in the roof, and the hood, and the windshield. We're not sure the dents are ever going to come out!

Someone's taken the trouble to use newspaper to cover up the license plate, so it's entirely possible the owner of the vehicle has already seen the damage, and has covered it up because everyone's staring and taking pictures. Who knows what they did to deserve this savage attack. And who knows what it cost to get it all fixed, either. Imagine trying to explain this to your insurance company?

9. The Car That Had A Party

Everything is wrong with this attempt at parking - literally everything. The vehicle is parked across four different spaces diagonally. It's not so much a parked car as an abandoned one. You simply can't be allowed to get away with this, even if you are living the kind of lifestyle where you can afford to drive a (formerly) beautiful red Mercedes.

If you've ever been on the kind of night out where you wake up covered in detritus, and you vaguely remember having a traffic cone on your head at some point, the car looks sort of relatable. It's as if it went for a big night out without its owner, and this is the end result. That might also explain why the parking is so woeful. We think there are eggs and flour mixed up in all that trash, so the owner is in a sticky situation!

10. Spiderman's Community Service

Not every act of parking revenge has to be angry or destructive. Sometimes, writing an eloquent note in your best handwriting - and your best sarcastic tone - is enough to achieve the desired effect. Just think how embarrassed you'd be if you came back to your car to find that someone had taken the time to write you this thoughtful piece of wisdom.

Our favorite part of it is the explanation that the vehicle in question will actually fit into one space, which is delivered as if it's going to blow the reader's mind. Now that's how to be condescending! It's been rounded off with hugs and kisses to drive the message home, too. We doubt that the driver ever found out who Spiderman really was - but then parking superheroes never give away their true identity.

11. Can You See It Now?

Sometimes, parking revenge drifts into the realm of outright vandalism. We couldn't possibly condone what's been done in this picture, but all of us have occasionally felt the urge to do it. Whoever drives this little red car obviously can't see the painted lines which indicate where their vehicle is supposed to go, so someone's decided to give them a hand. We don't think they'll miss it this time - or ever again, for the rest of their lives!

This is one of those pictures where we wish someone had stayed on hand with the camera to catch the reaction of the bad parker when they returned to their car. Their expression must have been a picture. As we can clearly see, though, they were at least 40% outside the line. They weren't even close. We hope that the owner of space 2026 has a good alibi, because they're surely the most likely culprit.

12. Smart Car, Dumb Parking

Smart Cars are intended to be the ultimate in convenience for driving and parking in big cities. Many people use the small vehicles for their daily commute, and take advantage of the fact that they can fit almost anywhere. There's no need to take up a whole parking space when your car's so small that it can just perch on the end of a full row! Not all spaces are available to Smart Cars though; especially when clearly indicated otherwise.

The downside of a Smart Car being so small is that it's really easy for someone else to make it a little wooden prison, like this one. We don't know if the owners of the painting and decorating fan just happened to be there by chance, or if someone specifically called them out to do this job. Either way, they've gone the extra mile with their work. We imagine that the wooden frame could be lifted out of the way with a little effort - but not without everyone noticing you first.

13. Going Viral

You wouldn't be able to do this twenty years ago. Thanks to social media, any picture taken by anyone, anywhere in the world, can be uploaded in a single second, and then shared thousands of times within the next hour. That's bad news for people who can't park their cars properly; concerned citizens with cameras are out there, and websites like ours will pick up on the pictures!

At least this driver had fair warning of what was going to happen. The printed note informs them that they suck at parking, and that the picture will be going online, so everyone else knows they suck at parking, too. The author stuck to their word, and this image is now doing the rounds on the internet. Plenty of people like the idea of being internet-famous, but probably not for inconsiderately parking their car on the sidewalk.

14. A Helpful Guide

The most annoying way that bad parking can affect you is when it stops you from being able to move your own car. Everybody knows that you don't park in front of a driveway. That little dropped bit of curb is there to help whoever owns the driveway get their car in or out of their own property. If you park there, they can't do that, and you're going to make them very angry.

The owner of the blocked driveway took the time to helpfully remind this ignorant driver how parking is supposed to work, with a dialogue to make sure they got the point. Interestingly, there are also instructions about how to take a shower. Are they implying the car is dirty, or the driver? If it's the driver, the insult is probably a little below the belt - but then you're asking to be insulted if you trap someone inside their own home.

15. Poetic Parking

This is a whole story wrapped up in one short note. Sadly, we can't see the car in question, so we don't know how bad the parking that triggered this budding poet was, but it was sufficient for them to feel compelled to write about it. "Don't park like a tool," should be a permanent instruction that everyone on the road has to live by. The rest of it is a bonus.

Halfway through the message, our infuriated author starts to question whether the correct description of becoming angrier is 'get more mad,' or 'madder,' and so therefore blame the driver for their grammatical confusion. For reference, either one of them is fine. Just don't park so badly that you provoke anyone into questioning it. We like the way that the point introduced at the beginning is repeated at the end for effect.

16. Interesting Paintwork

While this might seem like an extreme approach to take, we're reliably informed that what we see here is the culmination of a long feud. As we can see from the positioning of the car, and the positioning of the railings, this is a narrow sidewalk along the side of a busy road. If you park on that sidewalk, pedestrians have no option but to walk into the middle of the road to get around your car. That's not fair, and it's not safe either.

We're told that the driver of this vehicle was a repeat offender, and had been asked several times to stop doing this. As they seemingly didn't care what anyone else thought of their selfishness, someone decided to act with not one, not two, but three tins of paint, thrown up the front, side, and back of the car. It's a strong, tricolor look. You might even be able to style it out, and pass it off as art! You'd need to spend time and money getting the paint off the windows and windshield first, though.

17. School Of Bad Driving

This is a rare image of someone receiving their comeuppance for their terrible parking in person! This lady left her car parked diagonally across two bays, and then disappeared to do her shopping. Little did she know that someone who takes bad parking very seriously was nearby. We don't have the time to go chasing around after bad drivers with giant checks and novelty pens, but we're glad there's someone out there fighting the good fight.

We don't think the check is redeemable for driving lessons, but this woman was presumably allowed to keep it as a memento for the day she completely forgot how to park, and someone called her out on it. It seems she was able to see the funny side, as she's agreed to pose for a picture, and it looks like she's smiling about it. Hopefully, she learned her lesson, and she won't do it again.

18. Simple, But Effective

You don't have to go all-out on telling someone that they don't know how to park properly - often, a single word enough, so long as you put it in the right place. In this case, that 'right place' is right across the hood of a vehicle, in giant letters. It's a simple method, but then you'd have to be a little simple if you thought that it was acceptable to block off access to the sidewalk like this.

We're a little curious about what's been used as a substitute for ink here. It's definitely brown. We think it might be chocolate sauce or syrup - not the kind of substances that you want to come into contact with your paintwork. If you're going to park like an idiot, though, you deserve to be called an idiot, and you can't really have too many complaints about the method that people use to inform you.

19. And The Award Goes To...

Whoever parked this car has made two terrible mistakes. Firstly, they've parked like a prize imbecile, and they've done it in a place that clearly shouldn't be parked in. Secondly, they've left either a door or a window unlocked, and they've therefore allowed someone to maximize the chance to call them out on their behavior. With apologies for the swear word, this revenge artist has decided to help this driver celebrate their idiotic parking achievement.

The streamers all over the wipers and the aerial would have been annoying to get rid of, but how frustrated must it have been to empty the car of all those balloons? And that's before you read the content of the 'prize' certificate that's been left there for them to pick up. This is an award that nobody wants to win - and when they do, they never want to win it again.

20. The Height Of Bad Taste

We really hope we aren't going to Hell for laughing at this. It isn't funny to make Helen Keller jokes, but we can just imagine the frustration that drove someone to feel that this was a necessary or proportionate response. If you're not familiar with Helen Keller, she was an extraordinary woman. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree - the kind many people have - but she was the first person in history to earn one while also being deaf and blind.

While Keller's achievements were incredible, she'd never have been allowed to drive. By invoking her name in such a way, this revenge artist is insinuating that whoever parked their car like this must not only be blind, but deaf. We feel that's a little harsh on Keller. We've seen no evidence that suggests she'd ever have been so inconsiderate as to leave a vehicle like this and assume everything would be fine.

21. Re-Defining The Parameters

What is it about the sort of people who drive luxury sedans which makes them believe that the rules of the road just don't apply to them the same way they do to everybody else? There's been no attempt to park this car correctly; it's just been driven right up the middle of the line, making it impossible for anybody to park on either side.

Faced with this, a passing chalk-bearer has decided to make what the driver believed official; they've been re-drawn their own, purpose-drawn parking bay, with a fresh set of lines either side. Given that they're obviously more important than the rest of us, it's the least they deserve. Now we'll just have to re-draw the rest of the lines across the row to compensate for the wasted space. Perhaps the driver could help with that task?

22. A Moment's Relief

When the owner of this badly parked car returned to their vehicle and saw a blue ticket on it marked 'VIOLATION,' they probably assumed the worst. They likely already knew that their car was parked badly, and so they'd have prepared themselves to deal with the penalty notice they were about to receive. Fortunately for them, this ticket didn't come from a warden or an official; it came from an eloquent and heavily sarcastic member of the public.

We can't help but admire the vocabulary of the person who wrote this up. We imagine that they carry several of these tickets around with them at all times, always on the lookout for someone to hand them out to. The description of the amount of space they took up is probably a small exaggeration, but if all bad parkers got camel flea infestations in their armpits, they might start thinking twice about their behavior.

23. This Is A Disabled Space

Stealing a parking space which is intended for the use of a disabled person isn't just inconsiderate, it's offensive. The spaces are logistically positioned to make it easier for people with mobility issues to get around. If you steal a disabled parking bay, you're choosing to make life harder for someone with a disability. That doesn't just make you a bad driver; it makes you a bad person.

Whoever parked in this spot reckoned without the resourcefulness of the people around them. As they'd clearly missed the signage which indicated that they were in a disabled bay, the local citizens decided to spell it out for them by completely covering their car in thousands of post-it notes, with the universal symbol for disability on the side. It then turned into something of an attraction, with people queuing up to take pictures. That would have been awkward when the driver came back to claim their car.

24. Circle The Wagons

Despite what your first impressions may tell you, this isn't a photo showing multiple people parking terribly at the same time. It's a photo of one person parking terribly, and then multiple other people joining forces to teach them a lesson. Whoever owns that big white 4x4 at the center of the picture decided that diagonal parking across multiple bays was fine, and so the other five drivers decided to prove to them that it wasn't.

If we had to guess, we'd say that this car park belongs to a large office building, and all of the cars belong to someone who works in it. That means the original offender is going to have to make multiple inquiries as to who they're now going to have to ask to move so they can get out - and they'll have to explain themselves multiple times when they do it. That had to be humiliating.

25. Your Parking Is Trash

Parking right in front of the garbage is never a great idea - you're always at risk of getting trash on your car even if people don't do it on purpose. When you completely block it off like this, though, you're asking for trouble. Now, residents can't access the trash to get rid of their waste, and nobody can come and empty the overflowing trash cans, either.

In these circumstances, there's only one approach to take. If you believe that your car belongs with the garbage, then it's only fair that people use it as an extension of the garbage. Your hood and your roof are now extra storage space. This is an embarrassing - and probably smelly - way to find out that other people think your parking is trash. This car is going to need a thorough wash!

26. Nature's Bike Rack

There are a couple of images to show you here, and they combine together to tell a story. In the first picture, we can see that it isn't just car drivers who don't have a clue what appropriate parking looks like. Someone honestly believed that it was reasonable to leave their bicycle - which can be parked anywhere, including indoors - right in the middle of a car parking space, taking up all the room. Just in case there's anyone reading this who would agree with that idea, we want to be very clear. It isn't.

When someone drove into the car park and found all the spaces taken, they did what they felt they had to. They took the car parking space, put their car in it, and relocated the bicycle to another location. As indicated by the red circle in the second picture, 'another location' in this case is up a tree. It's to be hoped that the owner of the bicycle had a ladder handy.

27. Divine Intervention

Whether or not you believe in karma is up to you, but if it does exist, then we'd have to look at this picture as solid evidence of karmic balance in action. A storm has blown through this area overnight, and uprooted trees, doing untold damage to both vehicles and buildings. In amidst all the carnage, though, there's a lesson for all of us about parking.

The two cars which have been parked in accordance with the clearly marked bays have been spared nature's wrath. Miraculously, the trees have fallen right between them, blocking off the road but not leaving so much as a scratch on the paintwork. The illegally-parked black vehicle hasn't been so lucky. That car isn't supposed to be there, and the tree has landed right across the roof. If you were ever looking for a sign from the beyond that you need to change your ways, then here it is.

28. Potato Fury

One of two things is possible here, and they're both fairly terrifying. Possibility one is that someone has been so angered to come home and find someone parked in their spot that they've gone inside, carved up a little tribe of potatoes, put little faces on them, and then taken them downstairs to place on the hood. The second possibility is that whoever did this has a permanent potato army which they carry around in their pockets all the time, looking for an opportunity to strike.

We think that if you were faced with someone who was prepared to go this far to make a point, you'd probably just do what they wanted, and avoid parking in their space again. In fact, you'd probably just park as far away from them in the future as physically possible. None of us need to find out what the wrath of the whole potato army looks like.

29. Going Over Instead Of Around

Having someone park right across the middle of a path is extremely annoying. You're left with the prospect of having to walk around the obstruction - often into the middle of a busy road - and you're left cursing the name of whoever thinks it's appropriate to park like this not once, but apparently every single day. How can anybody be that oblivious to their surroundings?

The cheerful soul who wrote this note has found a way to get the best out of it though; instead of walking around the car, they just slide across the hood, as if they were in an action movie. They enjoy it so much that they've suggested that the owner of the car gives it a try themselves! We wonder if the driver ever noticed that their hood always looks like it's just been buffed?

30. Return Of The Monster Truck

Be honest; when you read that note at the start of the list, where someone was warned that their vehicle would be crushed with a monster truck if they didn't keep parking in the wrong place, you probably thought the author of the note was bluffing. This picture demonstrates why you should never, ever take that chance. Whoever owns this white car decided to park sideways across two bays, showing no regard to anybody whatsoever. This time, someone really did have a monster truck, and they decided to teach them a lesson.

Looking at the angle, the badly parked driver could probably reverse out of the situation they now find themselves in, and drive away. What we sadly can't make out is how bad the damage to the front of the car is. There's only one way that monster truck got there; it must have driven right over it. We have a sneaky suspicion that this parking dispute probably ended up in court.

31. Funny Kind Of Spiders You Get Here

By this point, we've firmly established that parking in an around the garbage is a very bad idea. It annoys other drivers, it annoys people who want to use the trash, and it annoys the people who come to collect the trash. Why would you park there at all? If you do, maybe you just really love trash. If you love it that much, why not seal the deal by becoming physically attached to it?

In our list's second great use of plastic wrapping, this time the spider-web like sheets haven't just been used to seal up the vehicle, they've also been used to attach a dumpster to it. That dumpster is likely covered in years of filth, and probably stinks. Who knows how long it was bound to the car before someone was able to cut away all the wrapping? Long enough for the driver to learn a valuable lesson, we'd wager.

32. A Sticky Situation

Having just one sticker left on your hood to point out that you've parked badly isn't the worst thing in the world. It can be a pain to get it off, and the content of the sticker might hurt your feelings a little bit, but you'll at least be able to go about the rest of your day unencumbered. When dealing with a single sticker turns into dealing with thousands of them, though, things are a little different.

This is a clearly marked diagonal parking bay. This driver has gone into it sideways, shoved the front of the car into the pay next to it, and probably blocked off the driver in the bay to the left. They've managed to obscure three bays with one car; an impressive move. In return, they're now going to have to work out how to get hundreds of stickers off their car without peeling the paint. Even if they succeed, they'd never shift the residue. That might be a job for a professional.

33. Nobody Is Immune

As much as we're all enjoying laughing at people who park badly getting what's coming to them, we can all agree that nobody likes to get a parking ticket. There are times when it doesn't feel like it's our fault - we were parked somewhere for five minutes too long, or at the wrong time of day. Other times, we were only there for two minutes to pick up or drop off, and we still had to pay for the privilege. On those occasions, it can feel like parking enforcement officers are being overzealous.

If it makes you feel any better, even those parking enforcement officers have to play by the rules. If they've stopped their vehicle somewhere it shouldn't be, and there's another enforcement officer nearby to see them do it, they'll end up with a ticket just like the rest of them do. We wonder if they just took the cost of the fine straight out of this officer's salary?

34. A Winner Is You

It would be insulting to those of us who park properly to describe what we see in this picture as 'parking.' This isn't parking, this is just leaving your car in the middle of the road, and walking away. You could fit two motorcycles side by side in the gap between the car and the pavement! To make things worse, it must have been left like this for some time. If it weren't, our revenge artist wouldn't have had enough time to devise their punishment.

Someone - probably someone who lives very close to the badly parked car - has taken the time to snap a photo of the vehicle, run inside, load their chosen photo editing software, add a rosette, and print it out. That might seem excessive, but parking jobs this bad deserve the reward that comes with them. We only get better at things if people give us feedback, and this super sarcastic feedback is precisely what the driver needed.

35. Triple Pain

Too often, bad parking goes unpunished by anybody, so it's gratifying to see that this person has been called out not just once, but three times. The story starts with a polite (ish) notice, under the right-hand wiper as we look at it, which is informing the driver that they're causing inconvenience to an office block by parking the way they are. There's obvious frustration in the tone, but the author has at least taken the time to explain why it's such a problem.

The person who wrote the message on cardboard under the other wiper didn't' have time for any of that. They've just gone straight in with 'You're a moron,' and allowed the facts to speak for themselves. To round things off, we can just about see an actual parking ticket away to the left-hand side. This person has been educated, insulted, and fined in one fell swoop. Good work, everyone.

36. Everyone Loves A Meme

We obviously don't advocate handing out physical punishments to people who park in the wrong places, and we doubt that the person who drew this was being serious, either. Anyone who's familiar with 'The Simpsons' will know the character of Jasper Beardsley, who once threatened the children of Springfield Elementary with 'a paddling' for any breach of the rules when he stood in as an emergency teacher. It's since developed into a meme, and conquered the internet.

If we'd received this on our windshield, we'd have kept it. Whoever made it clearly has some real artistic skill! As a way of showing thanks, we'd make sure we never parked in their spot again. But then we're not the sort of drivers who'd steal your clearly-identified parking space from you in the first place, so we're hopefully never going to receive a parking paddling from anybody.

37. Room For A Little One?

Often, the best way to make people understand how awful they are at parking is to demonstrate the effect that it has on you. When the driver of this off-road vehicle arrived at his spot to find that someone had parked their brand-new shiny white luxury vehicle across it diagonally, they decided to make a point. They rode up on the curb, and squeezed themselves into the remaining space.

With a bit of luck, when our luxury-car driving friend returned to their car, they'd have immediately realized the consequences of their own disastrous vehicle storage attempt. They might also struggle to get the driver's door open without getting a thick coating of mud from their new neighbor. If everyone parked like this, there would be cars splayed out diagonally everywhere, and it would never be safe for anyone to take a casual stroll down the sidewalk.

38. Getting Cozy

If you're going to scrape your car own the side of any other vehicle, a jeep would likely be the last thing you wanted to scrape against. They're big, they're angular, and they're covered in edges that are bound to dent your bodywork and peel away paint. To avoid that problem, don't park two feet away from the car on your right-hand side, and therefore intrude on the very place that a jeep wants to park in.

The jeep driver decided that they had just enough remaining space to park their car properly - so long as they got so close to the offending vehicle that they totally blocked off access to the driver's side. The owner of the badly parked car is now going to have to get in the passenger door, shuffle across awkwardly, and they pray they can reverse out without doing themselves any damage.

39. Shrink Wrap Strikes Again

Somewhere underneath this green wrapping is quite an expensive looking car. We don't imagine that coming into contact with this particular variety of sticky shrink wrap is going to be great for the paintwork, but as it had no business being there to begin with, we can't say we have all that much sympathy.

Where people find all this shrink wrap is beyond us - someone, somewhere must be stockpiling it - but once it's been wrapped around something like this, it's difficult to get off. It doesn't cut away as easily as you might think, and pulling at it can often make it tighter. That's not great news when someone has decided to attach your car to a steel pole. When this driver got back to their car, we imagine they weren't able to resume their journey for quite some time.

40. Coach Party

These parking spaces are reserved for coaches. That should have been obvious from the sheer size of them. You shouldn't be parking in them at all, but if you do, it's absolutely unforgivable to park over the lines when you have so much space to aim for. As you can see in this picture, this clumsy and careless parking attempt meant that one of these coaches had nowhere to go, so it did the right and decent thing. It parked horizontally, and blocked the thoughtless driver in.

This is likely to be a bigger problem than just being blocked in by a regular driver. There's no guarantee these coaches had anywhere else to go that day. They might have been there overnight. That leaves you without your car, and with no means of getting it back, until the coach drivers return to move them. This awful driver inconvenienced them, and now has to deal with a much bigger inconvenience in return.

41. Party Foul

There's a gang of black cars here, and it looks like everybody was getting along just fine until someone decided they didn't want to be like everybody else. It's never acceptable to park sideways when nobody else is. We have no idea why anyone would ever believe that to be the case. If it ever happens, we're always pleased to see other drivers taking action about it, as they have here.

No less than three other drivers have got involved in making sure that this parking joker has nowhere to go when they come back for their vehicle (unless they want to take a sharp right and risk high-tailing it across a building site) and so there's going to be an awkward conversation. We wonder if they'll be asked to hand in their membership card for the black car club? That might be the greatest punishment of them all!

42. Now That's Sarcasm

We suspect that this picture must have come from Britain - there's something very British about the sarcastic, demeaning tone that's been taken in lecturing this parking offender! We don't get to see their car to scale, so we have to take the author at their word, but it's not hard to understand why they'd be so upset.

If you have a small car, parking should be easy for you. There's plenty of space between the lines, and maneuvering into it shouldn't be a worry. Parking across two lines once - on a bad day - might be just about understandable. To do it regularly just tells everyone that you don't know how to park your car. When that happens, you find yourself winning prize certificates like this one, written by someone who's politely reached the limits of their patience.

43. Child's Play

This is the height of wit! Staying between the lines shouldn't be hard to do. You just use your eyes, line the car up, and go in. If you don't get it quite right the first time, reverse out and try again. If you can't get it right at all, then don't just leave your car where it is. Turn around, drive back to the place you got it from, and return it. As a next step, rip up your driver's license, because you don't know how to drive!

Only children struggle to stay between the lines, as the clever author of this poster correctly points out. Children's coloring books are full of untidy scrawl, which pays no regard to where they're supposed to start or stop coloring in. Perhaps going to back to childhood and spending a little time with crayons would help bad parkers with their hand and eye coordination? It has to be worth a try, right?

44. Just Do It Anyway

This spot couldn't have been any more clearly reserved for motorcycles. It says, 'Motorcycle Parking,' in big, bold type. Even if you missed that, you'd surely wonder why the space you're trying to fit into is so much smaller than your car? Apparently, none of that bothered this driver, who just parked up in it, took the keys out, and went about his business, having parked not only in the wrong place but across the lines.

This motorcycle rider decided there was just enough room left in the space to park in it - so long as he did so horizontally. In the process, he's blocked the rude car driver in, but he's taking a risk in the process. If the ignorant driver decides he's just going reverse out of there anyway, there's no way that the motorbike is going to stand up to anything more than a strong shove. We hope this act of defiance didn't result in a damaged bike.

45. Parking Disapproval For The Social Media Age

Take a moment to think about the mindset of the person who presumably paid to have a whole batch of these stickers made. We doubt they stopped at one or two, so there is probably a whole range of these out there somewhere, stuck to offending vehicles wherever the endeavoring printer found them. In this age of social media, when seemingly every aspect of everybody's life is uploaded to the internet for the approval of our peers, someone has borrowed the language of Facebook to use as a parking critique.

The message couldn't be more simple - and descends into a few swear words lower down which have been censored out - but it's clear that the driver in question isn't going to get any 'likes' from the person inconvenienced by their parking. Quite the opposite. There's even a threat of vandalism if they repeat the offense, which we don't condone. It was probably enough to make the perpetrator get it right next time, though.

46. Yes, That's Peanut Butter

How many substances do you consider smearing across a badly parked car before you arrive at peanut butter? We're not sure, but we'd say it's probably quite a long way down our list. Looking at the way it's been applied to the windshield in neat lines, someone took their time to do this. It's a strange way of going about telling people that they don't know how to park, but as it says in the peanut butter, it's cheaper than paying for someone to come and tow the vehicle away.

We think it would last longer in the memory, too. Getting your car towed is annoying - and expensive - but it's the sort of thing that might happen as part of any day, so you just accept it. You'll never forget the day your car was covered n peanut butter, even if there was a polite note along with it which explained why it had happened.

47. The Cable Guy

From a distance, this doesn't seem like a particularly severe way to punish someone for parking that far outside the lines in a car park. Someone's pushed a shopping cart up to the driver's door to make a point, but that's it. Only it isn't. When the driver eventually got closer, they would have realized that what at first appeared to be a mild inconvenience is now a much bigger problem.

Some enterprising revenge genius has attached the cart to the door handle with a cable tie, and we all know how difficult those things can be to get off when they don't want to budge! Nine times out of ten your bare hands won't be enough, so unless the driver had a knife or a pair of scissors on their person, they'd have been helpless. The best thing to do would be to go back into the store, and purchase something capable of cutting your way to freedom - and then never parking like a fool again.

48. This Sounds Unlikely

Where are all these resourceful people, who have the time and money to draw up professionally-printed stickers and cards to hand out to bad parkers? Here's another strong example of the genre, which comes with a heavy dose of sarcasm. We don't get to see the bit of parking that's incurred the ticketer's ire on this occasion, but it would have to be a bad one to merit the use of this card.

We have no idea what it would actually feel like to try to park a car in the circumstances described on the card. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle while blindfolded is awful advice to begin with, and that's before we have to work out how and why a wild animal would become involved. We'd have to say therefore that we don't think that's what caused a vehicle to be so parked so badly on this occasion; we think it was just that the driver couldn't park.

49. Trolley Dash

It's one thing to park inconsiderately at a large car park, where there are plenty of spaces, and people can usually find somewhere else to park if someone has blocked off two or more spaces by leaving their car somewhere stupid. Outside a small store, where parking spaces are limited, it's a much larger inconvenience. There might be no other spaces available, meaning shoppers are left having to haul their shopping further down the road.

There's no way the situation we see here occurred without the support or assistance of the store which owns all of those shopping carts, so we presume that this is an example of a business taking revenge on behalf of its customers. That's a circle of steel, all connected together. We're not sure how you get out of this, to be honest. The answer probably lies in going into the store, admitting you're the terrible driver, and pleading for mercy.

50. On A Pedestal

This is the action of someone who's wholly, truly, and absolutely had enough. We don't know how long this parking dispute had been going on for, but we're guessing it was a long time. There's no way that a one-off incident would prompt someone to hire a steel cage, and then a crane so they could lift the car onto the top of the steel cage. There's no way for the driver to get away from this situation without getting a crane themselves. As parking revenge goes, this is extreme.

It gets worse for the driver, too. Although you can't make out the content of the note on this picture, it contains the contact details of the crane rental company, for the attention of the driver. Apparently, if they want to get their car back, the standard rate for rental is $100. They should have just found somewhere less contentious to park.



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