Celebrity Children On Their Prom Night

Entertainment | By Harriet King | September 26, 2018

Prom Night. We're sure you remember it was every bit as terrifying as it was exciting, way up there with the stress of any exam you did at school! From finding the perfect outfit to finding the perfect partner, it was half celebration and half popularity contest. Everybody wanted to be King and Queen!

Your favorite celebrities were regular kids once, too, and they went through all the excitement and nerves the same way all of us did. Your prom night photo might still be on the wall at your parents' house. For a lot of celebrities, they're all over the internet. But today we're not talking about them. We're talking about their children.

It's time for the celebrity starlets to dress up in their finest and show the parents how it should be done. Does having a bigger clothes budget and a famous parent make you a master of style, or will they be cringing at the pictures in ten years' time like the rest of us? Let's find out!

Cori Broadus (Snoop Dogg's daughter)

When it comes to being cool in school, we can't think of anything that would earn you more points than having Snoop Dogg as your dad. We also doubt Cori has ever had to worry about being bullied or picked on for a single day in her life. That explains her confident smile and pose in this picture. Snoop has four children, but Cori is his only daughter.

As if worrying about whether she'd found the right dress wasn't bad enough, Cori became an Instagram star as the whole family - dad included - shared pictures of her on the social media site. We don't imagine that helped with the pressure. Her date looks pleased to see her, and we expect that he spent the evening on the best behavior of his entire life. Imagine knocking on that door to pick her up in the car!

Brentt Leakes (Nene Leakes' son)

When mom is a reality TV star and basically lives her life in public, that means you're growing up in the spotlight, with cameras on you at all times. For a shy kid that could be completely overwhelming, but Brentt Leakes seems to have taken it all in his stride. Look at the chilled out pose, leaning back on that luxury car. This is no biggie for him at all! We're told that was a brand-new Rolls Royce, bought especially for the occasion.

There's no sign of Brentt's date on the image, but mom was happy enough to pose for a snap as the proud parent, and out of the shot is Brentt's dad, who straightened up his bow tie and sent him on his way. A maroon suit is a bold choice this side of the 1970s, but we think he's made it work for him. We're less sure about the shoes.

Ming Lee Simmons (Kimora Lee Simmons' daughter)

If you have an internationally famous model as your mother, you're probably going to learn how to strike a fabulous pose at a very early age. Ming Lee Simmons is excellent proof of that in this picture. Look at the gaze, and the casual placement of her hand on the car. Straight fire.

With a daring, almost flesh colored dress that clings in all the right places, paired with a simple ponytail and just the right amount of accessories, it certainly seems that Ming has picked up on what good fashion is, and how to work it perfectly. She looks sophisticated, elegant and classy without having to try too hard. It will be no surprise to anybody if she ends up with a career in front of the camera herself. There's nothing wrong with her date's basic suit, but we bet he felt under-dressed when he turned up to collect her.

Sasha Gabriella Fox (daughter of Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox)

The daughter of an actor and a basketball player for a father - there's a whole lot going on with Sasha Gabriella Fox's genetics. Does having two famous parents instead of one increase the pressure or the levels of expectation? If it does, Sasha isn't showing it.

Instead of going with expensive professional hair and makeup artists, Sasha decided to let mom style her for the night, trusting her with pretty much her entire look. We think she got it bang on. The bright cherry shade of the dress - and we think that might be satin - complements her skin tone perfectly, and her hairstyle is perfectly balanced between formal and fun. There's a look in her eye that tells us she knows she's working the style, and we bet she was turning heads all evening.

Zola Murphy (Eddie Murphy's daughter)

Eddie Murphy is one of the most comedians and comic actors of all time, and in the 1990s it felt like he had a new movie coming out every week. Dad must have been away working a lot of the time when Zola was growing up and competing for his time when he was at home can't have been easy either - Zola is one of nine children Murphy has! Her dad's fame, and the issues that came with it, may have made Zola a little wary of life in the public eye. She's got a low profile on social media and seems to like it that way.

We're happy she stepped out in front of the camera for this beautiful picture, though. She looks delicate and boy whilst still being radiant, Pink was the theme of the evening for her, pairing the dress with a matching bag and shoes combination.

Dia Nash (Niecy Nash's daughter)

If a strong look could start a fire, the whole world would currently be burning thanks to Dia Nash. There's an air of absolute supremacy to her gaze that could melt anybody standing in front of her without protection. Her mom Niecy is best known for her time working on a design show, and if she had anything to do with designing her daughter's look for the evening, we think it might be her all time best work.

People who follow Nash on Instagram were treated to a full behind-the-scenes documentary photo-shoot as the look was put together, and the end result is something that absolutely smolders in yellow whilst giving us slight Disney vibes. It's a triumph. Are we imagining things, or is she actually wearing a miniature tiara on the top of her ear? Absolute Queen!

Reginae Carter (daughter of Lil Wayne and Toya Wright)

Reginae Carter was born to be a star. Having a world famous rapper for a father in Lil Wayne gave her a great head start, but when she partnered up with her mom Toya Wright to star in her own reality TV series, she'd become famous before her peers had even decided which university they wanted to apply to. She has a huge social media following in her own right and is taking her first steps into the world of music. And boy, did she ever dress to be noticed on prom night.

This outfit leaves pretty much nothing to the imagination. It's sheer, it's tight, it's bold and it's confident. There's no wonder that mom looks so proud as she poses with her for this happy snap before she gets in the car, her daughter has achieved more by her teenage years than most people do in a lifetime. This outfit slays. Period.

Karina Gravano (Karen Gravano's daughter)

And they say crime doesn't pay. Karina Gravano is the granddaughter of notorious New York mobster Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, whose daughter Karen became a reality TV star in the popular show "Mob Wives". The show courted controversy, particularly from those who felt that the behavior of the women's criminal relatives and husbands shouldn't be rewarded by making stars out of their families, but it put Karen on the map and meant she's been able to support her daughter Karina very well.

Some of her grandad's attitude must have rubbed off on Karina. Look at the expression on her face. It's one that strongly suggests she isn't someone who should be messed with, at all, under any circumstances. Karina got some screen time during "Mob Wives" herself, and she's confident under the glare of the camera's lens. Her date for the evening looks quite the wise guy himself.

Gia Giudice (Teresa Giudice's daughter)

There must be something that comes with being a reality TV star that makes you used to being 'on' the whole time. Because the camera is always there, you have to look your best all day and all night. It must turn you into quite the hair and makeup artist, and those are skills you can pass on to your children. Teresa Giudice must be no exception, because here she is with her daughter Gia looking a million bucks on her prom night.

Looking sharp with a subtle, understated color scheme and a well chosen flower accessory on her wrist, Gia was treated to a full photoshoot before she headed off to the prom so she'd always have plenty of memories of the evening. She looks so fabulous that we're almost distracted away from noticing how awful that carpet is.

Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son)

Being real for a minute, Jaden Smith stepped out from his father's shadow a long, long time ago. That's no small achievement when you consider that his father is known around the world as the star of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", "Independence Day" and "Men in Black" as well as his rap music career. Jaden started his own movie career at ten years old in "The Day The Earth Stood Still", and later went on to star in the remake of "The Karate Kid". In short, he grew up quick and established his own identity at a young age.

That identity, as we know, is super stylish and cool. You just knew that when prom night arrived for the young Smith, it was going to be a Really Big Deal. That means an illuminated walkway, a smartly tailored suit with all the right accessories, and a laid back style that says "I belong here".

Nina Simone Smith (LL Cool J's daughter)

The children of rap music stars are faring especially well in this list so far, but then with a whole genre of music that spends a lot of its time talking about style and bling, it would feel like a let down if they didn't. Here's Nina Simone Smith, daughter of rap legend LL Cool J, striking a pose that shows the whole world she's got it all going on.

Hot pink is a look that's either really going to work, or really bomb. Fortunately for Smith, this one's a definite win, paired with killer heels. Tightly braided hair means that nothing distracts from the dress, which is the main feature, but she should be careful to make sure she doesn't end up dragging her hairline backwards with a style that tight! She's quickly becoming a social media sensation in her own right, and it's easy to see why.

Aiyanna Epps (daughter of Omar Epps)

Chalk another one up for the school of rapper's children, although describing Omar Epps as a rapper is probably unfair to his legacy; he's also an accomplished record producer and actor. Watching your daughter go to prom is a tough time for a father; it's a visual reminder that your baby girl is all grown up and getting ready to make her own way in the world. When the time came for his daughter Aiyanna to have her big night, Epps thought the best thing to do would be to get involved in it himself.

Here he is helping her to get her choker on in a sweet, candid photo, and Aiyanna looks really happy to have her dad's help. She's gone for a classic little black dress - it's almost impossible to go wrong with them - and paired with with dark lipstick and a winning smile.

Dylan Douglas (son of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Dylan Douglas won in life pretty much at the point of conception. He has legendary actor Michael Douglas for a father, even-more legendary actor Kirk Douglas as a grandfather, and even more acting talent in his mother Catherine Zeta Jones, long celebrated as one of the world's most beautiful women. He can thank that combination for his film star looks.

Style choices for men are a little more limited than they are for women if you're keeping things traditional on prom night, but this sharp tuxedo is a winning choice. That hairstyle must run in the family for the men, but he looks so effortlessly cool here that we can't decide if this is a brilliantly well timed snap or something that he posed for. Anybody who follows him on Instagram will know he loves playing dress-up; he recently got into costume and posed as a member of the British Royal Family!

Makayla Epps (Mike Epps' daughter)

It's all in the family! We've seen Omar Epps and his daughter Aiyanna, now he's cousin Mike Epps and his daughter Makayla. We guess unusual spellings run in the bloodline as well as great looks. Mike made his name in stand up comedy before moving on to a career in acting, although he still knows how to make us laugh. His daughter, however, is no laughing matter. She's stunning.

Epps junior has made the brave choice to let the dress speak for itself, with no accessories whatsoever. You can only do that if you have the perfect dress, and she does. That shade of yellow is a bold, bright, summertime choice, and it looks like she got the weather to do with it on her special day. Conditions look almost as warm as that smile she's wearing, Makayla is not to be confused with the women's basketball player she shares a name with, although they're almost the same age.

Phoenix Chi Brown (Mel B's daughter)

Way back in the 1990s, it looked like the Spice Girls were ready to take over the whole world. With a string of hit singles and albums, TV shows, dolls and a movie of their own, they were the biggest girl band the world had ever seen at that point. They were also every little girl's heroes. That means Phoenix Chi Brown has never needed to look further than her mom for a hero of her own; she's the daughter of 'Scary Spice' Mel B!

The Spice Girls were all style icons in their own right at the peak of their fame, so you could do worse than raid their wardrobes to find a memorable outfit if the option is available to you. That's exactly what Brown did for prom night, and it looks like the dress is made to fit her. Girl power!

Lola Ripa (Kelly Ripa's daughter)

"All My Children" is the show that made Kelly Ripa famous, but it was just one of her three real-life children that was taking center stage on this night. We should be fortunate we ever got to see this picture at all, as Lola has had arguments with her mother in the past about photos of her being uploaded to social media accounts without her permission. That may go on to be one of the major issues of the modern age, as children are snapped every day and posted online from the day they're born.

Lola looks positively glowing here, and her date for the evening has an expression that suggests he can't believe his luck. The outfit is absolutely on point, emphasizing everything that it needs to, and the fountain was a great choice to stop for a photo in front of. It's just a shame that neither of them looked at the right camera at the crucial moment!

Brielle Biermann (Kim Zolciak's daughter)

You could be forgiven if you expected that the daughter of an original "Real Housewives of Atlanta" would head off to prom night in a completely over the top creation screaming bad taste and drama, but Kim Zolciak's daughter somehow avoided that fate. Here we see Brielle Biermann going for a more traditional look in white with plenty of frills, and with the natural background the image looks a lot less 'produced' than others we've seen on this list.

Biermann isn't afraid to show herself off on her social media accounts, and her mother's reality TV show fame seems to have given her a desire for the spotlight herself. We're sure she got it on her prom night in this get up, even if it does make us feel a bit like we're looking at a wedding photo. If her mom gave her any advice before she set off, we hope it included 'don't be tardy'.

Ariana Biermann (Kim Zolciak's daughter)

Let's not even try to pretend that this didn't get competitive. Recent years have seen not just one of Kim Zolciak's daughter heading off for prom night, but two. Sibling rivalry is quite the motivator, and there's no way that Ariana would want to come out of it looking worse than her older sister. Nobody asked us to judge it, but if they did, we'd say the younger Biermann just about won.

A total contrast to her sister's look, Ariana has gone deep on the fake tan, heavy make up and strong colors, but she's carried it off. She even managed to persuade her boyfriend to help her accessorize with a matching colored bow tie. With over half a million followers on Instagram, and regular appearances on her mom's reality TV show, don't be surprised if you're seeing this Biermann sister everywhere in years to come.

Omikaye Phifer

Is it possible to have swagger in a still photo? If it is, we think Omikaye Phifer is bringing it here. His dad, Mekhi Phifer, is an actor who's had a varied career, starring in medical drama "ER" before landing a major role in Eminem's semi biographical film "8 Mile" and entering the world of cult sci-fi in "Torchwood: Miracle Day". He also had the honor of being namechecked in Eminem's hit song "Lose Yourself", which sold millions of copies and makes him very cool.

Some of the cool factor has been transferred down to his son - how many kids show up to their prom in a three-piece suit, and of those who do how many look like they're owning it? The sunglasses show that there really is no bad time for aviators, and he's way too chilled and laid back to look at the photographer when the shot is being taken.

Noelle Robinson (Cynthia Bailey's daughter)

We've been discussing the differences between natural photographs and posed photographs, and both have their pros and cons, but there's always time for a really well done posed shot, and this snap fits into that category. "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Cynthia Bailey couldn't wait to share these pictures of her daughter Noelle Robinson with the world, and if she actually took the picture she may be in the wrong career. This looks like it comes straight out of the pages of a high-end magazine.

Robinson does a lot of the work to make the picture look special. She looks cool, detached and effortlessly beautiful, and the outfit is to die for. The pastel pink long dress is eye catching without being over the top, and the attention to detail to her hair really sells the whole look. She wouldn't have looked out of place stepping up to collect an award for Oscar night.

Atiana de la Hoya (daughter of Oscar de la Hoya and Shanna Moakler)

We think that if you could choose the perfect combination to have as parents, we'd go for the same combination that Atiana de la Hoya is lucky enough to have. A Playboy model for a mother in Shanna Moakler means you're likely to have great looks, and a legendary world champion boxer for a father in Oscar de la Hoya means you're likely to be able to fight off unwanted attention. And if that doesn't work, just call your dad. Oh, and her stepdad Travis Barker was in Blink 182, so she's got that in her cool locker as well.

Atiana enjoys life as an Instagram model and star of 'Growing Up Supermodel', and her ability to strike a pose is on full display here in her prom night photo. She's proven yet again that the combination of a little black dress and a simple accessory is more than enough to look fantastic on a night out.

Maude Apatow (daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann)

When your mother is a film actor, and your father is a successful film director, you don't have to think too hard about career choices unless you're feeling very rebellious. For Maude Apatow, whose mother Leslie Mann has a number of acting credits to her name and whose father Judd directed a lot of those films, progression into the performing arts world has been as natural as breathing. She's already appeared in several movies including "Knocked Up", usually playing her real-life mother's daughter, which isn't too much of a stretch for her.

You have to have some real style and class to pull off walking around with a name like "Maude" as a young person in the 21st century, but she's doing so well she might even make the name popular again. Her classic, silky white dress in this picture is part prom night and part bed time, and she and her date should be congratulated on pairing up the flower accessories.

Lily Mo Sheen (daughter of Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale)

Ah, now here's a real English rose. Don't tell Lily Mo Sheen that, though, because she views herself as being strictly Welsh! She gets that from her father, Welsh actor Michael Sheen, so her English mother, actor Kate Beckinsale, apparently lost the battle for national identity. Both parents are practically British acting royalty, so it's no surprise she looks so relaxed in front of a camera.

She looks happy, confident, and casual here, with a natural makeup look and an elegant dress, although you know a lot of work went into making that hair look as effortless as it does. Her parents caused a bit of a social media sensation when they posted celebration photos on social media after Sheen was accepted into her chosen college, so presumably when prom night arrived they were happy to let her have the spotlight to herself for a while.

Paris Jackson (daughter of Michael Jackson)

How do you even begin to cope with growing up when your father is probably the most famous entertainer who ever lived, died whilst you were a child, and you're left to carry the weight of his legacy? Paris Jackson, daughter of the legendary Michael, is doing exactly that. And she's doing a good job of it, too.

Paris is a real free spirit, performing in a band that harks back to the sounds of the 60s hippie movement in between modeling work and activism, and isn't afraid to tell the world exactly what she thinks and who she is. She went extra on her prom night, dying her hair to match the color of her date's dress. Striking, with elfin features and a style that's truly all her own, Jackson's bright blue eyes burn straight through you in this snap, like she's just daring you to question her life choices.

Sailor Brinkley Cook (daughter of Christie Brinkley)

The apple really hasn't fallen far from the tree here. You're looking at a picture of Sailor Brinkley Cook, although you could be forgiven for thinking you were actually seeing her mother, Christie Brinkley. Mom was the definitive Sports Illustrated girl of the 1970s, appearing on the cover an unprecedented three times in a row. Now life has come full circle, as her daughter made her first Sports Illustrated appearance last year. Cook is a natural for the business and is on the books of several top modeling agencies already.

There's a broad, natural smile on display on this image which speaks of genuine happiness, and this well-cut lacy pink dress is a great fit for her. We're not sure her date's hands should be quite so low around her waist for the snap, though. Down, boy.

Ava Phillippe (daughter of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon)

Before we tell you anything about Ava Phillippe, we need you to accept that both Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon are old enough to have an adult daughter. We know that's difficult to accept, but the Hollywood power couple had Ava when they were young, and today she's all grown up with a life of her own.

She's also almost identical to her mother - so much so that they could pass as sisters. She's not in love with this idea though, and has spoken of feeling sick when she was once also mistaken for her father's sister. A talented photographer and sketch artist, she looks willowy and enigmatic on this prom night photo - qualities which no doubt attracted the attention of several modeling agencies who now have her on their books. She looks to have the choice of either a future in front of a camera, or one behind it.

Mingus Reedus (son of Norman Reedus and Helena Christensen)

It's not just the daughters of the rich and famous who go into modeling - Mingus Reedus is in the trade as well, presumably inspired by having supermodel Helena Christensen as a mother. Her and Mingus' father - "Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus - were no longer together by the time their son's Prom Night came around, but both made a point of publicly showing their pride in him as he set off on his big night.

We think he's gone for a traditional, basic, white shirt and black tie combination for his prom, but it's hard for us to tell. His date looks wonderful in that dress, but she's almost completely enveloped him in that hug and it's blocking out all the finer details. He doesn't seem to mind too much, though! If we did have to draw attention to something, how big are his feet?

Maya Thurman-Hawke (daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke)

When you have two famous surnames, you might as well keep them both and make use of them. That's what Maya Thurman-Hawke did, and with parents as well-known as Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke who could blame her? Both of her parents are huge American stars of the movies, but their daughter's own nascent acting career actually got started in England, with a BBC production of "Little Women". On the back of that she'll soon be appearing in the third series of cult hit "Stranger Things".

Having a double dose of film star looks, she also works in modeling, and again there was a British influence on her life as UK firm "AllSaints" chose her to front some of their collections. Everything about her prom night photo breaks the mould, from her seated position to the non-traditional dress, but then it's her uniqueness that really makes her stand out.

Presley Gerber (daughter of Cindy Crawford)

Presley Gerber is keeping it all in the family. His date is doing everything to steal the show here, from her short white dress to her carefree pose, but our eyes are still on Presley, who's definitely inherited his looks from his supermodel mother.

Gerber is Cindy Crawford's son, and as well as the looks, he's also decided to make the same career choices - he's yet another who's gone into the modeling industry, and he's already on the books of IMG Models who are one of the largest agencies in the world. There's nothing formal about his prom photo, and we're not sure if his date is trying to escape or just enjoying being presented for the camera by Gerber! Either way, it looks like they're having a lot of fun. We think this is the same girl you can see him with in many of his Instagram photos.

Delilah Belle Hamlin (daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin)

When you're young, it's important to have an optimistic outlook on life, believing anything is possible and there's no limits. Delilah Belle Hamlin shouldn't have had any problem with that, given that her father is Harry Hamlin. He's a man who's done everything from acting to writing to becoming a successful businessman, whose company are trying to develop clean nuclear energy. She also has all the style and grace of her mother, actor Lisa Rinna, who starred in "Days of Our Lives" and "Melrose Place" before coming a Real Housewife of Beverley Hills.

You should be used to the theme by now, so yes, Hamlin is a model, specializing in swimwear. Although this picture looks like it may have come from a modeling campaign because both her and her date look the part, it really is from her prom night. That black velvet dress is an absolute show stopper.

Amelia Hamlin (daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin)

We have a second pair of siblings on the list now! How do you think Amelia Hamlin did compared to her older sister Delilah Belle? She certainly took a different approach, choosing a black dress with a neckline that's well on its way to her navel. This picture is much less formal than her sister's, and because of that it has a more relaxed feel to it, capturing two young people who are happy to be there in the moment.

Her date for the evening seems to be her long-term boyfriend - they appear in several Instagram pictures together - and although she currently models just like her sister does, according to her bio she actually wants to be an astronaut. That would be a major break from the norm, although she also describes herself as an activist.

Lily-Rose Depp (daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis)

A whole lot of rock and roll went into the creation of Lily-Rose Depp. Her mother Vanessa Paradis is an actor, model, singer and songwriter who was a worldwide child star with a song she released before she was old enough to leave school. Her father is celebrated Hollywood superstar and bad boy Johnny Depp. Considering all of that, LIly-Rose looks surprisingly normal.

You could almost mistake her for a regular high school girl here in her prom photo, with natural makeup and pink velvet gown, but she's got superstar potential inside her, and has already started her acting career, with movie roles in her own right, as well as the modeling work we've come to expect from all our celebrity children. She struggled with an eating disorder in her teenage years, but we're pleased to report that she's fully recovered from it and become the happy, smiling young woman seen in this image.

Harley Quinn Smith (Kevin Smith's daughter)

If you think the background of this photo looks a little familiar, that's because you just more or less saw it in the previous picture. Kevin Smith's daughter Harley Quinn Smith actually went to the same prom as Lily-Rose Depp. They're best friends and were schoolmates together. We suppose that her dad, who's starred in and produced movies like "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma", must move in the same Hollywood circles as Johnny Depp.

Smith is another girl who's realized the value in owning a little black dress, which she's working to maximum effect here, with a broad, happy smile. We presume she got her name from her father's love of the comic book character Harley Quinn. Very few people probably noticed that until the "Suicide Squad" movie came out and the character became everybody's favorite Halloween costume. We bet that was a really fun time for her!

Alexandra Feely (Jay Feely's daughter)

This photo is a tale of two facial expressions. On the one hand you have Alexandra Feely, daughter of former NFL star Jay Feely, looking beautiful in a light pink dress, well accessorized with her hairstyle and earrings. She's looking up adoringly at her father. On the other hand, there's her date for the evening. That's a forced smile if ever we saw one, and he's probably scared to death of the massive man standing almost on his feet!

Feely, who prefers to go by the name of 'Lexi' than her full name, unwittingly found her prom photos going viral after dad had the bright idea of including a firearm in the pictures. He later said that it was intended to be a joke and found himself having to issue a public apology for any offense caused after people accused him of using the weapon inappropriately. Still, if your prom night causes headlines all around the world, you're definitely never going to forget it.

Chloe Lukasiak (daughter of Christi Zook Lukasiak)

You may remember Chloe Lukasiak - and indeed her mother Christi Zook Lukasiak - from their appearances on the reality TV show 'Dance Moms'. They didn't have the greatest of times on the show, with mom frequently butting heads with teacher Abbey Lee Miller because she felt like she was constantly giving prime opportunities to other students when her daughter should have been receiving them. The show was really all about pushy mothers, and it found plenty of them!

Lukasiak has been doing just fine since she left the show, signed to a talent agency and pursuing dancing as a full-time career. She's even said she's grateful to the show for letting everybody see how much passion she has for chosen profession. She chose a bright and impactful color scheme for her prom night, and it highlighted her features perfectly.

Stephanie McMahon (daughter of Vince McMahon)

They call her the "Billion Dollar Princess" in WWE, and the heiress to the entire company does her best to live up to the nickname. Stephanie McMahon is the daughter of billionaire WWE owner Vince McMahon, and over the years we've watched her grow from being a damsel in distress into a fierce in-ring competitor, even stepping up to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania.

Before she was ripped enough to tear a grown man to shreds, she was just another girl trying to find a prom date, and here she is! Looking at the picture she might even have started the whole 'wear flowers on your wrist' trend. If we were being mean we might point out that the dress has a hint of 'French maid' about it, but we don't want her and her husband Triple H coming down here to take our heads off, so we'll leave it there!

Yara Shahidi (daughter of Afshin Shahidi)

There are many candidates on this list who may eventually become more famous than their parents. In the case of Yara Shahidi, it may already have happened. Her father Afshin Shahidi is a well-known photographer, popular in celebrity circle and particularly well known for his work with Prince, who usually refused to work with anybody else.

Yara has a liking for the camera's lens as well, but she's much rather be the person in front of it. Her acting career is in full bloom, starring as Zoey in "Black-ish" and its spin-off series "Grown-ish". An activist for social causes, her work for charities even moved former First Lady Michelle Obama to write a letter of recommendation to help her get into Harvard. Here she is in prom night, celebrating her Asian roots with a two tone green dress that definitely has a flavor of Middle Eastern fashion about it, with a modern twist.

Shayne Murphy (daughter of Eddie Murphy)

You remember us saying much earlier on in the list that Eddie Murphy had nine children? That means he's no stranger to seeing them head off on their prom nights. Here's another of his daughters, Shayne, having her own prom celebration a few years back. That gown is just flawless, and she looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

We're not one hundred percent clear on what Shayne does for a living, but looking at her Instagram account she's yet another model, and she's not afraid of a provocative post, either. She gives little away on social media other than pictures - even her Twitter account contains more images than it does text - which is quite ironic for someone who, according to her Instagram bio - is an "oversharer". Share more please, we want to hear it!

Elisa Johnson (daughter of Magic Johnson)

If you want a prom night photo that's truly magic, look no further than Elisa Johnson's famous father, Magic Johnson. Here are the two proud parents posing for a happy picture with their daughter just before she heads out for the night, in a glassy long green dress that's superbly accessorized by the belt. We wonder if she took some tips from her brother EJ, who certainly knows good taste when he sees it.

She isn't actually Johnson's biological daughter; she was adopted at an early age, but was raised no differently to her brothers. Her social media accounts don't offer much in the way of clues to her profession other than a link to her management company. Based on their website - which is full of achingly beautiful young people - we'd guess that she's yet another who's gone down the path of modeling as a career. It's certainly allowed her to travel all over the world.

Zonnique Pullins (daughter of T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle)

You're looking at the offspring of rap royalty here, ladies and gentlemen. You may not know the name Tameka Cottle, but she's been behind some of huge hits down the years. She was a member of Xscape in the 1990s, and as a songwriter she had credits on TLC's legendary "Scrubs" as well as more recently on Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You". As for her father - he's T.I. Do we really need to say more than that? T.I. is one of rap's most notorious and controversial bad boys.

Here's their daughter Zonnique Pullins stepping out of the car on prom night! You know you're doing well when there's someone there to hold the rain off for you. Her dress has fairytale qualities to it, and we think it pulls away so she can have some fun dancing in the shorter, funkier sparkling gold dress beneath it. She's a girl who knows when to pose and when to let go.

Lourdes Leon (daughter of Madonna)

Well, she's certainly got her mother's smile. Apologies for the blurry photo, but it's the only one we could find, and it's so rare that we see anything of Lourdes Leon beyond the little she chooses to share with the world on Instagram. This is a candid photo of Lourdes from her prom night, and she got mom to take it. Mom just happens to be Madonna.

She got more than just her smile from her mother - from what we can see in the photo, this quirky polka dot style dress is something that she could have stolen from her wardrobe. Leon prefers to go by 'Lola' than her full first name, and although information about her is hard to find because she was closely guarded by Madonna whilst growing up, she looks like another one destined for the modeling world; she recently caused a stir in fashion magazines by displaying underarm hair during a photoshoot for Converse.

Miley Cyrus (daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus)

OK, we'll admit that this is cheating a little bit. Miley Cyrus is way, way more famous than her country music singing father Billy Ray ever was, and she's probably one of the most photographed women in the world. Sometimes, the wild child even has clothes on. But how many of you have ever seen her prom night photo? We found it!

After she was "Hannah Montana" - but years before she became a wrecking ball and taught the world how to twerk - Cyrus went to prom just like every other girl her age. And she looked quite demure whilst she did it, too! This floral pink design is light years away from anything you'd expect to see her wearing now, and is almost conservative. We love the expression on her date's face. It says "Dude, can you actually believe I'm here with Hannah Montana?"

Bindi Irwin (daughter of Steve Irwin)

When you go with black as your choice of prom dress, the temptation is to keep it simple and traditional. It's a fashion choice that's worked for decades, who why change it now? Bindi Irwin isn't the sort of girl who goes with what's safe. Like her father Steve, she has a flair for the adventurous. The lace sleeved style dress paired with the flower wrist ornament almost - almost - feels like too much, but when you look that great in it and wear it with such a confident smile, you get away with it. Plus, we're not arguing with the guy next to her about it, he's huge.

Bindi is the only daughter of famous Australian adventurer Steve Irwin, who was killed in a tragic accident while filming a TV show in 2006. She has inherited her father's love of nature, taking up the cause of conservationism, although she finds time to fit in a music and TV presenting career, too.

Kim Kardashian (daughter of Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner)

If you don't know who Kim Kardashian is, firstly, get out from that rock you've been living under, and breathe the air. Secondly, we hate to break it to you, but the Kardashians completed their takeover of the world some time ago now. This is their planet, and we're all just living on it. Robert Kardashian was a famous lawyer and played a major part in getting OJ off, but it's his daughter the world is interested in.

And look at her! There's no way Kim would let this picture out into the public domain now, and you don't want to know what we had to do to find it. She's unrecognizable. Before the surgeries, and the makeup, and the superstar persona, Kardashian was just a regular girl who was over the moon to be going to prom with her date. She looks adorable in that up-do with the bangs.

Shareef O'Neal (son of Shaq O'Neal)

When your dad has a strong case for being the biggest name in basketball history outside of Michael Jordan, should you really have to drive your own car to prom? We say no, but Shareef O'Neal apparently felt differently. The young man - as you might have guessed, the son of the legendary Shaq O'Neal -looks like he was happy to do the driving for his date. He's gone for the classic tuxedo look as well, paired with a strong set of statement glasses. We hope he's brought a jacket with him in the car.

His date looks way happier to pose for the picture here than he does, and that might be because he's ashamed! Apparently, what was supposed to be a simple couple of drinks at the O'Neal residence to celebrate their son heading off to prom turned into quite a big house party, and one that took his mother Shaunie several days to recovery from. Whoops!

Jeffrey Atkins (son of JaRule)

Hmm. We're not so sure about this one. We totally get that when your dad is a rap icon, you're going to pick up a few style tips from him. Jeffrey Atkins has got a lot of this right. His dad is JaRule, and that means there's enough money in the family to indulge in some expensive tastes. We're sure the tuxedo isn't cheap and turning up in a white Rolls Royce is a major way to make a statement. The accessories? Not so much.

Atkins decided that the best footwear to set off the sharp tux would be a pair of sneakers, which is way too casual, and that hairstyle just doesn't know what it wants to be. Even the flower seems to be wilting. His date seems to have an expression of uncertainty on her face and we're not surprised. This is one of the biggest nights of her young life, at least go to the effort of putting some shoes on for the poor girl!

Ava Dash (daughter of Damon Dash and Rachel Roy)

When you mom is a fashion designer, prom night takes on a little extra pressure - like you didn't already have enough to deal with! You're not only stepping out for the biggest date of your life so far, you're also a walking advertisement for your mom. That was the situation for Ava Dash when prom night came around for her - as the daughter of fashionista Rachel Roy, and famous music producer Damon Dash, all eyes were on her and everybody wanted to know what she'd be wearing.

Fortunately, she rose to the occasion. We're sure she did get a little parental help with the outfit, but it's all about the way you wear it. Ava Dash wears it like a golden goddess. She's got everything on point in this picture - the dress, the pose, the shine, the hair, the cool look into the distance. It's a win all round.

Avery Singer (daughter of Ramona Singer)

We have another child of a Real Housewife on our list, and this time she comes from New York! Ramona Singer was an "OG" of the "Real Housewives" of series, appearing in the very first series of the show way back in 2008. She stayed with the show for the whole time it was on air, during which time her daughter Avery was slowly growing up in the background. Then one day, before she knew it, it was time for her to head off to prom!

Flower accessories for the wrists and hands must have been all the rage in recent years, because they've been in many of the pictures we've shown you, and the younger Singer is no exception. She's paired it off with an elegant red dress and opted for a traditional handbag instead of a clutch. There's no sign of her date, but we're sure he couldn't want to see her.

Angelina Jolie (daughter of Jon Voight)

Here's another entry in the "child more famous than parent" series, but it's not by much. Angelina Jolie might seem like a global icon now, but her father Jon Voight was every bit as big in his prime, winning an Oscar and appearing in major films like "Deliverance", "Midnight Cowboy" and "Coming Home". He hasn't always enjoyed the best relationship with his daughter, although they're understood to have healed their rift in recent years.

All the success and fame was still to come for Jolie in this picture, although the strong facial features that made her famous the world over are all on display in this image. The outfit is very basic and conservative, and she looks like she may have bought a dress that she could use again if she was ever asked to be a bridesmaid. The flowers don't help with that idea.

Hailie Mathers (Eminem's daughter)

If you're an Eminem fan, you've been hearing about Hailie since almost the day she was born. Her dad had a habit of mentioning her in several of his most famous raps, making her known by name to the public whether she wanted to be or not. Perhaps because of this, she's mostly stayed out of the public eye her whole life, choosing to focus on her studies and not even having any social media presence until 2016 when she appeared on Instagram. Even though she posts very rarely, she still has over a million followers.

She looks more than happy enough with her life without the glare of fame, especially in her prom night photo. She's gone or the fairytale approach with a puffy dress in pink shades, and her classmates obviously appreciated the style because they voted her Homecoming Queen.



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