The Incredible Daughters of Legendary Athletes

Entertainment | By Julio Childress | August 11, 2018

Genes are interesting. They act as somewhat of a road map for the type of person someone will become. That goes for diseases, physical appearance, and temperament. If your parents are duds, you might end up being a dud too, though don't worry too much. Genes aren't everything, and a person is still an individual despite their parents.

If it's true that your parent's genes could negatively affect you, it's also true that good genes will run in the family. That means that when you have someone who is an incredible human being, like Michael Jordan, they are bound to create offspring who are just as talented, if not in the same way.

The athletes we're going to talk about here have had incredible accomplishments in their respective sports, from championships to world records, but they might argue that their greatest accomplishments are their daughters. That's because these incredible athletes have helped create equally incredible daughters. Wait until you see these amazing women.

Abby Hornacek | Jeff Hornacek

Jeff Hornacek has had a long career in the NBA that spans from 1986 to 2000. That's a lot of time to be playing basketball. I play basketball for five minutes and I'm winded. After he retired from the game, he became head coach for the New York Knicks. He was let go by the Knicks with a year left on his contract. That might have had to do with two brutal seasons.

Jeff Hornacek's daughter, Abby Hornaceck, is a sports journalist. She hosts a show called The Rally, which is a nightly show on Watch Stadium. When her father was fired, she notably came to his defense, saying: "A lot of people only saw what he did on the court, but we saw all of the 4am nights watching game film and the way he poured everything he had into this team. It's the same way he pours everything he has into our family."

Paulina Gretzky | Wayne Gretzky

When I think about hockey, I don't just think about teeth smacking against the ice, or large men slamming into a plexiglass window. I think about Wayne Gretzky. His nickname is literally "The Great One" because of all of his accomplishments in the sport. In many ways, his name is synonymous with the NHL. He's the Michael Jordan of Hockey.

His daughter, Paulina Gretzky, is one of five kids. If you haven't heard of his other kids, it's because they're nobodies! Just kidding. I'm sure they're just fine. They just don't stand out because they aren't drop-dead gorgeous like Paulina. She's a model who has worked the runway in the United States and Europe, and she's modeled for print. Like many kids of famous parents, she tried a singing career, but it didn't work out..

Alexa Flutie | Doug Flutie

Although Doug Flutie has been a part of many different football teams, the team he is most well known for are the Buffalo Bills. His daughter has also been a staple of the NFL for a long time as well. Her name is Alexa Flutie, and as you can see, she's a knockout. Or, if we're talking about football, should I say that she's a tackle? If she played basketball, we might call her a three pointer.

As if you needed any further proof of her beauty, Alexa won the Miss Massachusetts pageant in 2011 prior to her career as a cheerleader for the New England Patriots. She has also cheered for the San Diego chargers as well. She's an industrious woman, working as not only a cheerleader, but also a cheerleading coach, choreographer, and professional dancer.

Brittny Gastineau | Mark Gastineau

Mark Gastineau is an '80s classic. That may be a little too far back for some millennial football fans, but who cares what millenials think anyway? Last I heard they were destroying the avocado industry, or something like that. He was a defensive end back when fantasy football leagues didn't have computers to rely on. To be honest, I don't even know if they had fantasy football back then.

While Mark has been out of the limelight for some time, his daughter Brittny has been chasing the spotlight for quite a while. Can we talk about the spelling of her name for a minute though? I think it could be used as proof of CTE. No one with a functioning brain would name their daughter Brittny. Enough roasting Brittny though. She's been known to hangout with Hollywood elites like Paris Hilton, and had a reality show. She models as well, which is no surprise with those looks.

Gina Carano | Glenn Carano

Glenn Carano played for the Dallas Cowboys for eleven seasons as a quarterback. When quarterbacks take a hit, it can be bad, especially since they aren't the biggest guys on the field. That ability to take a hit must have rubbed off on his daughter, famous mixed martial artist, Gina Carano. Not only is Gina Carano a women's mixed martial arts fighter, she is an important part of the history of females in the sport.

You could easily argue that the division wouldn't have reached the heights that it has without her help. Even stars like Ronda Rousey owe Gina Carano for popularizing women in the sport. Given how attractive she is, it's not surprise that Gina Carano was instantly popular. That's not to say that she didn't have the skills to back it up, because she totally did.

Bianca La Russa | Tony La Russa

If you don't know Tony La Russa, you might know know baseball. La Russa has managed some of the biggest teams (but let's face it, if it's your team then it's one of the biggest teams by default). He's been the manager for the Oakland A's, CHicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, and he's even played the game himself. His daughter, Bianca La Russa, is also familiar to sports, but not the same one as her father.

Bianca La Russa was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, keeping her loyalty close to her father who managed the Oakland A's baseball team (Raiders are a football team for any of you non-sports people). The La Russ family life has been a little sordid, with Bianca's other two sisters suing their father. Bianca was left out of the lawsuit, so we know who's the daddy's girl.

Angela Rypien | Mark Rypien

When you're an MVP it shows. Not just by how you play, but by how high in demand you are. Mark Rypien is a true MVP. That means literally in the sense that he actually is a former Super Bowl MVP, and he's been drafted to some of the biggest teams in NFL like the Eagles and the Colts. As far as the Super Bowl goes, he won along with the Redskins. With football playing prowess like that, it's not surprise his daughter is also a total football badass.

The League of Legends is an all-female football league. Angela Rypien is one of Legends Football League's top players, playing as the quarterback for two teams - the Baltimore Charm and the Seattle Mist. All she has to do is win a championship in the league and then she'll be a true chip off the old block.

Jasmyn Wilkins | Gerald Wilkins

Gerald Wilkins played for the NBA on teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks. He's also the little brother to another athlete, Dominique Wilkins from the Atlanta Hawks. I'm just going to guess that their parents have a VERY nice house.

Jasmyn Wilkins, his daughter, is also known as Jazz, which is pretty much the perfect basketball nickname. If you're playing against someone named Jazz, pack up and just go home. It is, in fact, true that Jasmyn did play basketball. She played in high school before transitioning into beauty pageants. Maybe she listed "slam dunking" under her special skills. Whatever she did, it worked because she was Miss Georgia in 2012, and even came close to the big crown in the Miss USA Pageant. She was able to make it as the fourth runner up.

Brooke Hogan | Hulk Hogan

If you were to ask me who I think the greatest American is, the answer would be easy. The answer is Hulk Hogan. Please understand that when I say that I'm referring to the character of Hulk Hogan, not the real life person known as Terry Bolero. Terry Bolero isn't necessarily a great American, as is evident by the fact that he was caught on tape saying the n-word.

My love for Hulk Hogan aside, Terry/Hulk's daughter, Brooke, has made a name for herself through acting, singing, and modeling. Her personality was given a chance to shine in Hulk Hogan's reality show. That's where most people became familiar with her. She has even been a part of the wrestling industry alongsider her father in the TNA league, though her career didn't last quite as long as her father's.

Alexandria Schlereth | Mark Schlereth

Mark Schlereth is a baseball legend who played for the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins before it was uncomfortable that they were called the Redskins. I say change the name. Think about how valuable all of that old merch will be? Then they can sell old players' jerseys with the new team name as a throwback. People would eat it up. Maybe Mark Schlereth can give his thoughts on that while he provides on-air NFL commentary, which is his current job. His daughter, Alexandria, hasn't fallen far from the tree either.

Alexandria is a sports commentator on Fox Sports, just like her dad. Don't accuse her of not knowing her stuff. First off, you'd be wrong. Second off, she's got a dad who could break you in two. You can see her on a show called Barfly speaking with athletes.

Britney Calcavecchia | Mark Calcavecchia

I myself struggle with something as simple as miniature golf, so I have a deep respect for true golfers. A true golfer has to take on more than just a fake, mini windmill. They're expected to hit the ball several hundred yards. That's exactly the type of skill that Mark John Calcavecchia has. He's a 13 time PGA Tour winner, and father to the lovely Britney Calcavecchia.

Britney Calcavecchia is obviously a gorgeous woman. She currently has a real estate business, and has worked with athletes in the past at Camelback Ranch Baseball. That's where professional teams like the Dodgers and the White Sox spend Spring Training. That's one way to meet a millionaire husband. If you consider it a sport, she also worked for the College Poker Tour. I don't consider it a sport, but who knows Maybe you're crazy.

Rachel Bradshaw | Terry Bradshaw

For many young people, they probably know Terry Bradshaw more for his work in commercials than his football career. He had a memorable string of commercials for Radio Shack, though maybe bringing up Radio Shack isn't the best thing to do if I'm trying to sound relevant and connect with general audiences. As far as Terry Bradshaw's sports career, he was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and his amiable personality and on-camera flair led him to a broadcast career post-game.

His daughter, Rachel Bradshaw, has a lot of star quality herself, though she isn't involved in sports, mostly due to the death of her husband, a kicker for the Tennessee Titans, Rob Bironas. After his death, she became a musician to help deal with his passing. Now she's part of a band called Stella James Band in Nashville.

Sara Kosar | Bernie Kosar

Everyone loves a quarterback. They are the de facto leaders of their teams, and since there's such a focus on how they play, they often become stars. Bernie Kosar was a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and Miami Dolphins. Maybe people consider him a main staple of the NFL. Considering the long history of the NFL, and the many players who have been a part of it, that's very impressive.

His daughter decided to enter a very different field, yet her field of choice is still in the public eye. In 2001, Sara Kosar became an adult film star under the name, Lexxi Silver. Unfortunately, even a fake name can't hide the identity of a well-known player's daughter. She left the business shortly after, which I never understand. It doesn't matter if you do one porno or one hundred. People will always consider you a porn star.

Charlotte Flair | Ric Flair

You know you're a true pro wrestling fan when you know about Ric Flair. Nowadays you see him in the ring and he's looking a little leathery, but he used to be a young man in the game. His nickname was "the Nature Boy," and everyone knew him by his loud "whooo!" He's in the WWE Hall of Fame, and rightly so. He's spent more years wrestling than I've spent alive.

There is something about professional wrestling that brings the entire family into the business. Like many pro wrestlers, Ric Flair's daughter, Charlotte Flair, also joined the business of slamming people through tables. She's held several titles ever since she began her career in 2012, including the last ever Divas championship. Now you can see her perform on Smackdown. Just listen out for the really loud "whoooo!"

Sydney Esiason | Boomer Esiason

If you play football and you have the nickname "Boomer," it probably means you hurt people really badly. No one ever says, "that's my friend Boomer. He's very gentle." It's usually more like, "that's Boomer. Don't look him in the eye or he might break your neck." Luckily, Boomer Esiason is not a monster off the field. In fact, he's an excellent color commentator for the sport.

Sydney Esiason is Boomer's beautiful daughter. Seriously, she's a ten out of ten knockout. A girl like that could have any guy she wants, so that's what she did. She married a Canadian hockey player by the name of Matt Martin, which she was nervous to tell her father about since he plays in a different sport. Luckily it all turned out well. If things end up falling apart though, I'll take my shot.

Bianca Gascoigne | Paul Gascoigne

Let's talk about soccer, or if we're being respectful to the rest of the world outside of the United States, let's call it futbol. We're talking about futbol because we're talking about Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne, one of England's soccer stars. He's played for many different teams, including England's National Team, Boston United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Newcastle United. If you're like me, a limey American, then you don't know any of those teams at all.

Paul's daughter, Bianca, is a famous television host and model. Take one look at her and you can see why she might have gone into modeling. She's drop dead gorgeous. If you'd like to see more of Bianca in action, she's been on several reality shows including Love Island (highly suggested if you love trash TV), Celebrity Coach Trip, and Big Brother's Big Mouth.

Brittany Viola | Frank Viola

Imagine that you've achieved an incredible accomplishment and personal dream - you've completed a storied career as a pitcher for the New York Mets. To you, there is no bar higher. You have a family, including a daughter, and then that daughter totally shows you up by competing on the world stage of the olympics. You'd be proud, but you'd also be like, "why I oughta." That's the story of Frank Viola and his daughter Brittany Viola, though I can't confirm if Frank Viola has ever said, "why I oughta."

Brittany started out as a gymnast, but didn't want to pursue the sport any further when she realized training would take her away from home. That's when she began to pursue swimming. She entered the olympics as a swimmer, doing very well in several events. That's how you do your father proud.

Deiondra Sanders | Deion Sanders

If you grew up in the 90s, then you definitely know who Deion Sanders is. Even if you don't know the specifics of his life and career, you at least know the name. He is a multi-sport legend, playing cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, and the Baltimore Ravens. He also played for several teams in the Major League of Baseball, including the New York yankees and the San Francisco Giants.

Deion Sanders' daughter, Deiondra Sanders, is an industrious young woman using her family name to make a career and name for herself. She's been seen on television on Deion Sanders' reality show, and she even has her own businesses. One is a hair extension company, and the other is an online shoe boutique; Love Me Extensions and House of Sole, respectively.

Alyonka Larionov | Igor Larionov

What's the one sport where it's not only acceptable to punch the other players, it's encouraged? The answer is hockey! It's crazy how hockey is basically figure skating with a stick, and yet the violence goes up 110%. Igor Larionov is one of hockey's brightest former stars. Not only was he an NHL star, he also won gold at the olympics two times. Did that steer his daughter in the direction of sports? The answer is no.

Igor Larionov's daughter, Alyonka, is a reporter for Vice. As is the case with many Vice reports, she's big on social media. Good looks, intelligence, and a hunger for truth are all qualities of an excellent reporter. The good looks get people to want to pay attention to you, and the other two qualities keep them paying attention to you.

Jordin Sparks | Phillippi Sparks

There are a couple of names on this list where the daughter is more recognizable to me than the father. Way to go, ladies. Girl power. But seriously, some of these daughters have entered mainstream success, which is the case here. Phillippi sparks was a player in the NFL, playing for the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants until 2000 when he retired.

His daughter, Jordin Sparks, is incredibly well known. You may know her as the winner of American Idol, the show that launches new popstars' careers. Other notable names on that list of winners are Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson. The show really worked out for Jordin, because she has released three albums and even won a grammy. It makes you wonder what Jordin Sparks daughter will do someday. It seems like this family can only move up.

Courtney Force | John Force

With a last name like Force, how can you not go on to do great things? I'm just saying, you don't see many people with the last name Force working in Human Resources. Force seems like the last name of a special agent, or in this case, a drag racer. The force known as John Force is a former Funny Car champion in the NHRA. As a 15 time champion, he is one of the top dogs in funny car racing. His daughter, Courtney Force, is a chip off the old engine block.

She's part of John Force Racing Team, her father's racing team, which she joined in 2012. That's quite incredible that father and daughter get to not only compete in the same sport, but also on the same team. I think we can guess who his favorite daughter is.

Kate Mara | Art Rooney Sr.

I hate to break the hearts of any aspiring actresses who are reading this, but let me tell you how most people become famous movie stars: they have famous parents. That's because it's much easier to get in a movie when you help finance it. The reason I bring this up is because famous actress, Kate Mara, isn't just some nobody who got into acting. She's the daughter of one of the NFL's biggest hall of famers, Art Rooney Sr.

Art Rooney Sr. founded the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is insane. How many people can say that they created a football team? Along with being involved with football, Art Rooney Sr. was an accomplished boxer. All of this isn't to say that Kate Mara doesn't deserve any success though. She's a fantastic actress who deserves any success she's had.

Tracy Phillips | Wade Phillips

NFL Coaches are those guys who stand at the side of the field wearing headsets with an extremely concerned look on their faces. They do a lot more than that, but that's all I ever see them do. Oh, yeah. They also scream. All of that is just to say that Wade Phillips is a former coach for several NFL teams, and he's currently working for the Los Angeles Rams as a defensive coordinator.

His daughter, Tracy, is obviously a bombshell, as you can see by her picture. With good looks like that, she should either be an actress or a spy like Jennifer Lawrence in 'Red Sparrow.' Luckily for any enemies of the United States, Tracy Phillips is an actress. She's been in movies such as 500 Days of Summer, Charlie Wilson's War, and Water for Elephants.

Avery Schlereth | Mark Schlereth

You may remember Mark Schlereth from the entry earlier with his other daughter, Alexandria Schlereth. Here's a new fun fact about Mark Schlereth. His name is "stink." That's not a bad nickname for a football player, but if you're something like an accountant with that nickname, you need to reevaluate your life. Whatever is in Mark's gene pool, it's working out well for his daughters who are successful and gorgeous.

Avery is your typical Instagram/social media girl. I don't say that with any disdain or hate. She's working it, and I respect that. If I was an attractive woman, I'd do the same thing. That's how you cash in on your God-given talents. You can check her out on social media if you'd like to see what God-given talents I'm talking about. Her Instagram name is @averyschlereth.

Stephanie Turner | Norv Turner

Norv Turner, who may have one of the most unfortunate first names, is a recently retired offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. Seriously, Norv? Is that short for Norvert? Not that I would ever say any of this to his face. I'm sure he could palm my face with one of his hands. That's why I hide behind the anonymity of the internet. Boy, do I feel safe.

Norv Turner's daughter is someone you may have seen in movies or on television before. Not that you would have thought, "hey! That's Norv Turner's daughter!" or anything like that. After reading this article you might though. She's been in the movies 'Paper Cuts' and 'Monster In Law,' and television shows like 7th Heaven and CSI. Let's hope she got a better role in CSI than "dead body number one."

Deepika Padukone | Prakash Padukone

There's one sport that I don't hear a lot about in regards to the professional circuit. That sport is badminton. The last time I heard anyone talk about badminton was in highschool. I figured no one played it after that, but apparently I'm wrong. Prakash Padukone is a former badminton player. He made history by winning the 1980 All England Championship. It was a historic event because he was the first Indian to do so.

His daughter, Deepika Padukone is a famous Bollywood star and model. Just like her father, she can't help but make history. She was recently named Time's 100 most influential people in the world. If you'd like to see her act, but don't have access to Bollywood films, check her out in the American movie, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

Nicki Meyer | Urban Meyer

One way to stay in the game after you've retired is to become a coach. Hopefully that means that you're coaching in the same league that you played in. If you used to play for the NFL, and now you coach peewee football, you might actually be in a movie and not in real life. Urban Meyer is a football player turned coach. He's coaching the Ohio Stat Buckeyes right now, but in the past he had coached the Florida Gators.

His daughter, Nicki Meyer, doesn't play football, but she has continued the family name in the line of sports. I guess it would be pretty difficult for her to continue the family name in football given that there is only one professional women's league and they don't even pay their players well, if at all.

Kristen Saban | Nick Saban

Nick Saban was the head coach for the NFL's Miami Dolphins before he became the head coach for the University of Alabama. For some, that may seem like a move down the ladder from NFL coach. In fact, college football in general may seem strange to anyone who, one, hasn't gone to college, or two, doesn't like football. All that college football is is more football. Who wouldn't want that? More football means more excuses to eat chicken wings and drink beer.

Nick Saban's daughter, Kristen, is also known for her involvement at the University of Alabama. She went to school there, as well as joining a sorority associated with the school. Unfortunately, she ran into trouble when she was accused of physically assaulting a sorority sister. I wonder if she tackled her sorority sister? Penalty! Five yard!

Leigh Mayok | Mike Mayok

It's always good to have a back up plan if you're playing professional sports. You're only one injury or indiscretion away from never playing again. In terms of football, there aren't many other jobs that can use your skill of running into other men at high speeds. For Mike Mayock, after he was done playing for the New York Giants, he became a notable writer and analyst for the NFL. That's how you keep that money coming in, even when the tackles stop.

His daughter, Leigh Mayok, has gotten involved in football, just like her father, though she's not playing or anything like that. She used to do PR for the Minnesota Vikings, and currently works in sports entertainment. She's active on twitter, promoting an organization to stop blood clotting. Surprisingly, according to the site 274 people die every day from blood clots.

Laila Ali | Muhammad Ali

You can't talk about boxing without talking about Muhammad Ali. In fact, you could ask a layman to name you one boxer, and the name they'll most likely say is Muhammad Ali. His presence went beyond boxing as well. He was a social activist, and a larger than life personality who could capture anyone's attention just by speaking. Watch any interview with him and you'll see that he had plenty of personality to go around, and his daughter, Laila Ali, is no exception.

Laila Ali is also a championship boxer, just like her father. She competed for eight years from 1999 to 2007, continuing her father's name in the sport. She held at least six different titles in different divisions during her time in competition. It has yet to be reported if she stings like a bee or flies like a butterfly.

Nastia Liukin | Valeri Liukin

Valeri Liukin may not be a name you're totally familiar with given her origin is from the Soviet Union. I say that as if she's some sort of superhero with a crazy origin story, but she's not. She is an excellent gymnast though, which is how she came to prominence. After the Soviet Union was no more, Valeri Liukin moved to the United States with her family. That's where her daughter, Nastia Liukin, began her gymnastics career.

Unlike her mother, Nastia Liukin competed for the United States. Not only has she competed, she has won the gold at the world's biggest stage: the Olympics. Her gold medal came during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. We all know gold is the medal we're all after, but she also won a bronze and three silvers which should be commended.

Mariah Woodson | Mike Woodson

You know you've got something special when you've competed at the highest level of a sport, and then you go on to coach two great teams in that same sport. That goes to show that you not only have the playing chops, but you also understand the game on a whole other level as well. That's the story of Mike Woodson,who used to play in the NBA and now coaches the Los Angeles Clippers. In the past he has also coached the New York Knicks. That's quite a resume.

His daughter, Mariah Woodson, played for Georgia Tech, but not as a basketball player like her father. Mariah played volleyball for Georgia Tech. Oddly enough, her sister is also a volleyball player. It looks like despite their father's influence, a different sport called to them.

Kylie Jenner | Caitlyn Jenner

This just goes to show you how great those Jenner genes really are. The Jenner jeans aren't too bad either. They make my butt look very good. Was that sharing too much information? What can I say? The Jenner/Kardashians make some very high quality products. The focus of this Jenner offspring topic is Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner pops up in the news a lot, whether it's for her products, her relationships, or her pregnancy. One thing is for certain, she's a complete success.

You may remember such fads as the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, where people suction cupped their lips to make them puffier, but Kylie is about more than that nonsense. She has an extremely successful makeup business. Recently, Forbes honored her for her status as a near-billionaire. She's worth around nine hundred million dollars. Wowza.

Simone Johnson | Dwayne Johnson

What can be said about Dwayne Johnson? Here's the problem when talking about Dwayne Johnson: there's too much to say. I could write an entire article just about how he makes me feel, let alone his accomplishments. Who else can say they went from college football player, to professional wrestler, to the biggest movie star in the world? Not only has he done all of that, he's done it without any horrible #metoo-level indiscretions.

It's no wonder that the legend known as 'The Rock' created an equally impressive offspring. Simone Johnson is still young, but she recently announced plans to pursue professional wrestling, just like her father. Something tells me that all it's going to take is one call from her old man to get her into the business. Vince McMahon over at the WWE owes him one.

Dalma Maradona | Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is a now retired soccer player, as well as a renowned manager. I spent some time watching soccer recently and was surprised how many injuries there were. These guys would walk past each other then fall to the ground in pain. I don't get it. Are they paid by the injury? Do they get workman's compensation or something like that? Anyway, Diego Maradona isn't one of those players. He's the greatest soccer player of all time. He would never fake an injury.

His daughter, Dalma Maradona, is an actress, having acted in several Spanish language films. She hasn't acted in a film since 2010, but I'm sure she's kept busy. When your father is known as the greatest soccer player who ever existed, you can do whatever you want with your life.

Jasmine Jordan | Michael Jordan

I'm a huge Jordan fan. I'm not even a huge basketball fan, but as a kid who grew up in the 90s, I'm a huge fan of Jordan by default. I also need to stop calling myself a kid, because I'm thirty-one and it's getting sad. If you're one of these youngins who is all about Steph Curry and Lebron James, check out some Jordan highlight reels. If you really want to see him play his heart out, watch 'Space Jam.'

Jasmine Jordan is Michael Jordan's daughter, which can't possibly be easy in terms of both public scrutiny and paving a way for herself. It is probably even worse than being one of Obama's daughters. She has grown up to be a sexy, powerful woman. She's even contributed to her father's legendary shoe collection. She has the Jasmine Collection which is part of the Jordan brand.

Rayna Tyson | Mike Tyson

I'm guessing that when you think about Mike Tyson, the last thing you think about is paternal energy. That's not just because he's a former boxer. Mike Tyson was more than just a boxer. He was an absolute animal in the ring. He bit Evander Holyfield's ear off, and that isn't even the most violent thing he's done in the ring. Combine all of that with the fact that he's been accused of sexual assault and "good father" tends to slip from your mind.

That being said, his daughter Rayna Tyson has grown up to be a wonderful woman. Though a lot of Mike Tyson's past could have caused his family to be torn apart, his relationship with his daughter has stayed strong. At twenty two years old, Rayna Tyson still has a lot of time to figure out how she's going to make a name for herself beyond her father's name.

Kendall Jenner | Caitlyn Jenner

It's hard to talk about Caitlyn Jenner without deadnaming her, especially since we want to talk about the accomplishments that served as the foundation for her success. Of course I'm talking about her career as Bruce Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist. My apologies for doing so, though to deny Bruce Jenner's history as a part of Caitlyn would be equally as wrong. That being said, to me Caitlyn Jenner's biggest accomplishment is creating Kendall Jenner.

Although people like to put the Jenner girls on blast for being spoiled rich kids, Kendall Jenner has proved that she's an excellent business woman and a person with high morals. Not to mention she is one of the most beautiful women in modeling today. Brains and beauty? Way to go, Caitlyn. We thank you.

Anne Marie Carbonneau-Morrow | Guy Carbonneau

Guy Carbonneau is a well-known, retired professional hockey player in the NHL. He played for 20 seasons on several different teams. Famously he played for the Canadiens, but he also played for Dallas Stars and the St. Louis Blues. He may be a tough guy on the ice, but he cares about the children. He was the president of Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Imagine being a young hockey player and meeting him. A president and a hockey legend. How intimidating.

His daughter, Anne Marie Carbonneau-Morrow, did something that might upset many fathers out there. She married Guy Carbonneau's teammate, Brenden Morrow. That's got to be awkward. You've already seen the guy naked in the locker room, so you know what he's working with. That would definitely throw me off my game during Thanksgiving dinner.

Stephanie McMahon | Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is the whole reason that the WWE is as big as it is today. He's helmed the ship of that business for decades, and even competes. I don't know if you can call it competing if you just slide in the ring and slam a chair against somebody's head, but if that's the sport, then that's the sport. He's turned the WWE into a family business, with everyone from his wife to his kids performing in the ring. His daughter, Stephanie McMahon, is a big star in the organization.

Stephanie McMahon has played many roles in the WWE. I don't mean that she's played different characters. I mean she sometimes plays the damsel in the distress, and sometimes she plays the evil boss. The girl has range. Just like her father, she has a natural knack for the business, so anytime she comes on screen she completely lights up the stage.

Chloe Trestman | Mark Trestman

Here's something you don't hear about often: a coach in different countries' leagues. Mark Testman is a football coach, but not just for the NFL. He has been a coach for both American and Canadian football. The only difference is that in American football you say, "let's play hard out there." In Canadian football you say, "let's play polite out there, eh." All jokes aside, he practically made Jay Cutler, and helped the Chicago Bears become a team to beat.

As for his daughter, Chloe Trestman, she's smoking hot. All you have to do is a simple Google search of her name and you'll see articles just about her. I think it's a fantasy to date a hot girl who is the daughter of your favorite football team's coach. It's like a two for one deal.

Cassie Trammell | Judy Trammell

We've been talking a lot about professional athletes as in people who throw a ball, swing a racket, or some other combination thereof. The fact is that those aren't the only ways to be an athlete. In the case of Judy Trammell, she's an athlete for cheerleading. Don't think that's a sport? Try throwing someone in the air, or getting thrown in the air. I'd rather shoot a basketball than do that.

Judy Trammell was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. If you know anything about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, then you know that they are very popular. Her daughter, Cassie, followed right in her footsteps. She's also a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys. I hate to be crass (no, I don't), but that is one hot mother/daughter duo. Fellas, don't tell me that mother/daughter cheerleaders isn't one of your fantasies.

Brittany Favre-Mallion | Brett Favre

Brett Favre is a famous movie star known for his role in 'There's Something About Mary.' I think I just heard the collective screams of football fans after reading that. I'm just joking, though he did play a role in that movie (as himself). He's the legendary quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He was a fan favorite for his play style and his good looks. Don't try to hide it, ladies. We know the truth. It was painfully obvious whenever you wanted to watch all of the Green Bay games.

His eldest daughter, Brittany, has done a lot to make her father proud. She's married and in her late 20s, living a respectable and quiet life without any public issues. On to of that, she's a mother with a law degree. Now that's a woman who everyone can look up to, male and female alike.

Elizabeth Montana | Joe Montana

Joe Montana was a huge deal for me since I lived in the Bay Area during his heyday playing for the San Francisco 49ers. He was also a huge deal for me because his name sounded like famous Italian actor, Joe Montegna. I don't know why, but that always tickled me. Try to think about Joe Montana without pronouncing it Montegna. His nickname was Joe Cool, probably because anyone with the name Joe gets that nickname, and because he always kept his cool no matter how intense the game got.

I wonder if Joe Montana kept his cool when he was making his daughter, Elizabeth Montana (gross, I know, but I had to). Not much is known about her, except for some sexy bikini pictures, but with a father like Joe Montana, she can just chill if she wants.

Diana Larionov | Igor Larionov

We spoke about Igor Larionov before, but he has a second daughter, so we get to talk about him all over again! The great thing about that is that I have a fun fact about the family. Both daughter, Alyonka and Diana, have had dreams of having a music career. While you may not find their music on the Billboard top 100, all it takes is a quick Google search and you can find their Christmas song. That's right, the family recorded a Christmas song called "What Christmas Means to Me." The reason they made the song was to donate to Hockey Fights Cancer.

You can be the judge whether or not she has the chops to be the next Britney Spears by paying ninety nine cents to download the song. Maybe wait until December though.

Candice Wiggins | Alan Wiggins

We haven't had a lot of baseball players on this list, which makes you wonder what's going on with baseball player's children. Are they only having boys? What's going on here? We want to see some amazing daughters, people! Alan Wiggins played in the MLB back in the 70s to the 80s. He was a pretty big hot shot, known for his incredible speed. His daughter followed in his footsteps of playing sports, though not baseball. In fact, there is no women's professional baseball league. What a shame.

Candice Wiggins played in the WNBA, mainly for the Minnesota Lynx. She retired in 2016, but she was incredibly dominant during her tenure. As you can see, she's beautiful and looks incredibly strong. She belongs on the Wonder Woman island with all of those other amazing, Amazonian women.

Alexandra Stevenson | Julius Erving

I love when a sports athlete gets the nickname "Dr." Most people have to study for ten years and spend two hundred thousand dollars to earn that nickname. These guys just need to be really good at the game. You don't see many athletes with the nickname "Dentist" though. I guess that nickname is a little more ominous than "Dr." One such athlete is Julius Erving. He was known as Dr. J. Erving. That's way better than Dentist J. Erving.

His daughter, Alexandra Stevenson is a tennis player. Her last name is different than his due to her keeping her mother's name. Not using her father's name to her advantage didn't seem to hurt her at all. She's competed in Wimbledon and the Grand Slam, and took on Lindsay Davenport, though she ended up losing to her.

Sloane Stephens | John Stephens

We're going to talk about another tennis-playing daughter in this slide. John Stephens was an NFL player for the New England Patriots. He was a first round draft pick in the 1988 draft. I was always a last pick draft pick on the kickball field, so I have no idea what that's like. Even the kid in the wheelchair got picked before me. You can't blame him. He played wheelie hard.

His daughter, Sloane Stephens is a tennis player. She's not just any tennis player either. In the Summer of 2018 she was ranked as number third in the Women's Tennis Association ranking. Can you imagine being the third best at something in the world? I can't, but I'm sure you already knew that by the fact that I was picked last in kickball despite having two working legs.

Courtney Paris | Bubba Paris

William "Bubba" Paris was an offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers from 1983 to 1990. He went on to play for the colts and the Lions later, but as a 49ers fan, I don't care about that. What I love most about this player is that his nickname is Bubba. That's the perfect name for a football player. "That's Bubba. He hits hard." Then Bubba looks over at you and grunts. That's how I imagine most Bubbas. The real "Bubba" Paris is much more eloquent than that.

His daughter, Courtney Paris, is a WNBA player for the Seattle Storm, though her best playing came when she played for the University of Oklahoma where she was a absolute beast in rebounds and points per game. That's not to say that she didn't do well in the WNBA. She's been in the final four.

Jennifer Lacy | Lee Lacy

Lee Lacy's real name is Leondaus, but no one knows how to say or spell that, so he goes by Lee. Most baseball players have weird names though. It's often names like Buster. If you name your kid something like Buster or Fox, they are destined to become baseball players. Leondaus played in the MLB for sixteen season for the Atlanta Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

His daughter, jennifer Lee Lacy, is a WNBA player. She's been playing in the WNBA since 2006, and she even played in China for Beijing Shougang during the WNBA off season. I imagine that if you play basketball in an American league then you can pretty much play anywhere else and destroy the competition. Sorry, rest of the world, but we got some amazing athletes in the US.



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