Definite Signs She's Crazy In Love With You

Lifestyle | By Harriet King | July 2, 2018

If there's anything society has drilled into our brains it's that women are mysterious beings who are difficult to figure out. But we're here to tell you it really doesn't have to be that hard. Women are just as easy to interpret as men - we might just be a little more discreet with our signs.

Where a man might fly into a jealous rage, a woman might become quiet and passive aggressive instead. Where a man might give an extravagant gift, a woman might make you a cup of tea when you really need it. You see where we're coming from - we're the same, but different.

Actually, most of the clues she's in love with you are the same ones that you would be displaying to her. Once you read through these 50 telltale signs you'll understand that women are not that difficult to interpret after all! Take a look #40, that's the most important and definite sign!

1. She Can't Keep Her Hands Off You

We'll be talking about body language soon, but this is one level up from that. Have you noticed that when you're near each other, your lover just can't keep her hands off you? If you're sitting together at a restaurant, she has to be holding your hand or touching your leg. If you're on the couch at home, she can't resist cuddling up to you and kissing you.

We don't think we need to explain what happens when the two of you find yourselves in bed together. Physical touch is a great indicator that your partner is crazy for you. If you want to be as close to her as she does to you it's a match made in heaven. Just remember not to make too many family members and friends uncomfortable with your constant contact!

2. She Gives You All Of Her Attention

You know how it is these days - it's pretty much impossible to command anyone's full attention. Think about it. When was the last time you had a conversation with someone without them checking their phone or tending to personal errands? It has become pretty socially acceptable to send a text here or there, or even check Instagram or Facebook while you're hanging out with someone in person.

If you have your lady's undivided attention whenever you're together, it's a sure sign that she's madly in love with you. She won't even be thinking about her phone when the two of you are together. She is way too focused on the amazing conversations you always have. Likewise, the thought of distracting yourself with Facebook or something else on your phone doesn't even cross your mind when you're with her.

3. She Remembers Everything About You

Want to know if your woman is well and truly in love with you? Take note of all the little things she remembers about you. Seriously, if she remembers that you dislike tomato or where you spent your summer vacations as a kid, she has definitely been paying way more attention than any normal person would.

It's not like she has been taking notes and studying them late at night or anything. When you're in love you simply love finding out these little details about your partner. They stick in your mind because you care about them deeply. It's these small things that make up who you are as a person, and your lady can't get enough of it. It's these building blocks of knowledge that end up creating a super strong power couple destined to go the distance.

4. Her Body Language

It doesn't take an expert to read someone's body language. It's just a matter of paying close attention. If the object of your affection is in love with you, the way she holds herself when she's around you should be a dead giveaway. When you're sitting next to each other does she cross her legs towards you? Is she always leaning forward when you're sitting opposite one another?

Some negative signs could be that she folds her arms across her chest a lot, crosses her legs away from you, or doesn't make eye contact very often. This doesn't necessarily mean she's not in love, but it definitely doesn't indicate that she's head over heels either. Try not to be discouraged, it might still just be early days. Some women need a bit more time to feel relaxed and comfortable around a new partner.

5. She Compliments You

Your lady thinks you're the bee's knees and she doesn't mind letting you know about it. Whether it's your new shirt, your gorgeous smile, or your hilarious jokes, she'll always be the first one to tell you how amazing you are. The key here is that her compliments are completely genuine. She's not simply telling you the things she thinks you want to hear - she really feels this way about you.

A great way to show her you love her too is to compliment her back. Try to take notice of the little things, such as whether she's wearing a new dress, has done her hair differently, or has been doing really well at work lately. She'll appreciate that you've taken the time to pay attention and it will make her love you even more.

6. Her Face Says It All

When we said women aren't as complicated as they're made out to be, we really weren't joking around. You can literally tell if she's in love with you or not just by looking at her. Seriously, talk to her, look at her facial expressions. Make eye contact with her from across the room and really pay attention to the way she looks at you.

Does she look like she simply can't believe how lucky she is to have you? Does she look like she couldn't be happier to be exchanging a secret glance from across the room with you? If so, congratulations! We'd say she's probably head over heels in love with you. That wasn't too much detective work, was it? We told you it was going to be pretty easy to figure this one out...

7. She Always Wants To Know More About You

If she's really in love with you, she'll want to know everything about you. And it's not so she can hold it against you later. She truly wants to discover who you are as a person and use that information to make herself into a better partner for you. It can start with little things, like knowing your favorite foods so she can cook them for you. But it can get a lot deeper than that, too.

For example, if she knows of a particular trauma you've been through, she'll do everything in her power to never remind you of it. If she knows you have a difficult relationship with your mom, she'll stop suggesting that you introduce her. Tell her everything, be open and honest, and you'll notice the improvements in your relationship almost instantly.

8. She Makes Time For You

Let's face it, we're all so busy. Do you know anyone in your life who doesn't seem to have a million things to do on a daily basis? Somehow, even your retired parents are 'too busy' for anything these days. While we're not sure everyone is telling the truth on the whole busy front, we are sure that most young people do have a lot of competition when it comes to locking in dates and social events.

If your woman is working around her busy schedule to make sure she sees you, it's pretty much guaranteed that she's in love. How could she not be? Nobody just cancels existing plans or even gives up a relaxing night on the couch for somebody they don't care that much about. Congratulations, you've definitely made her fall for you.

9. She Does Cute Things For You

Ever wake up to find a cute little note from your girlfriend on the pillow next to you? Maybe she has surprised you with your favorite bakery treat and a coffee in the morning. Or perhaps she has offered a massage when you were feeling sore after work. If she's always making these sweet gestures, she's most definitely in love with you.

Though they might sound small and insignificant, a constant flow of gifts, treats, and other lovely things is a sure sign that your lady can't stop thinking about you. She knows exactly what you need and she is thoughtful enough to follow through with her ideas. Admit it, you love it! Don't let her be the one doing all the work, though. Try paying some attention to the little things your partner would love to receive, too.

10. She Wants To Get To Know Your Friends

We're absolutely positive that in a normal setting, your partner probably wouldn't get along with your crazy friend Billy who always seems to be stoned. Or your other friend James who tends to get very out of hand at parties. However, if she really loves you, she'll want to get to know every single person that is special to you.

Don't be surprised if she says yes to any invitation that involves hanging out with your buddies. Even if it's watching a sport she hates or drinking too much beer at a dive bar, she'll always want to make the effort with your friendship circle. Though it might not be her ideal Sunday afternoon, she loves you and recognizes that it's important to you that she becomes part of the gang. Hold on to this amazing woman!

11. She Loves Hanging With Your Family

It doesn't matter if your family is the best one a guy could ask for or if your family is somewhat of a nightmare to navigate. If your woman loves you, she's going to love hanging out with your family, too. Why? Because they're part of who you are and she can't get enough of you! We guarantee she's going to adore your grandmother and form a bond with your parents.

In fact, it won't be too long before your mom starts going to her directly, since she can never seem to get a hold of you when she needs to! Don't be surprised if you discover your mom and your girlfriend have been hanging out and having coffee without you - this means your relationship is getting really serious and she's 100 percent in love.

12. She Can Get A Little Jealous

We want to emphasize how much we mean just a 'little' jealous. The kind where she starts holding your hand and getting really close if she senses another woman is after your attention. A strategic kiss to show everyone in the room that you're hers. That kind of cute stuff. There's nothing wrong with loving someone and wanting to get the message out that they're taken.

The kind of behavior we're not talking about is crazy stuff, such as throwing a drink on a woman she suspects is after you, sending angry texts or calling people she perceives as a threat, or constantly making like difficult for you whenever you're going to be hanging out in a group that includes other women. That definitely isn't love and we'd encourage you to have a talk with your lady if this is happening.

13. She Wants You To Be Friends With Her Friends

In the same way that she wants to be friends with your friends, she really wants you to be friends with her friends. Trust us, most women don't bring just anyone into the inner circle. You have to be really special to get an invite to the more intimate events. So, if you love her, jump on the opportunity, because it's a telltale sign that she's very much in love with you, too.

When we say she wants you to be friends with her friends, we mean in that nice way where all of her friends think you're amazing and the best boyfriend ever. We don't mean that you start texting the gang without her knowledge or become such good friends that you start hanging out without her. She wants you in the circle, but not that far in!

14. She Loves When You Spend Time With Her Family

Family is so important and it's most likely going to be very important to your woman. These are the most special people in her life. The people who she wholly accepts with all of their flaws. She thinks they're perfect and she loves to see you hanging out with them. You know she's definitely in love if this happens, because everybody knows you only bring home really serious contenders to meet the family.

Even if her family can be a little nutty - what family doesn't have a crazy aunt or a weird brother in its midst? - if you're really in love with her, you'll put those issues aside and enthusiastically spend time with the people she loves the most. And trust us when we say that this will make her love you even more than she already does.

15. She Calls And Texts Just To Say Hi

Some couples only text for organizational purposes. You know, things like where to meet, if you can pick something up from the store on your way home, or to say they're running late. But you know your woman is crazy about you if she texts just to say hi or calls just to hear the sound of your voice. She can't get enough of you and thinks about you constantly when you're not physically together.

This is particularly adorable when the feelings are mutual, because you won't be able to stop calling and texting her either. The two of you can barely handle a day without seeing each other, so of course, the lines of communication are always very open. Enjoy this time of being so in love that you can't stop talking to each other.

16. She Can't Stop Checking You Out

It doesn't matter if you're over six feet tall and ultra-muscly, or you're on the shorter side with a bit of a bald patch. Your girl thinks you're the hottest guy in the room and she won't try to hide it. She will never miss an opportunity to give your body a once over with her eyes and it's a sure sign that she's madly in love with you. Especially if you know that you're kind of 'average' on the looks scale.

Whether it's your cute butt or your gorgeous eyes, she'll always take notice, and all of the attention will have you feeling super confident. Luckily, you're also in love with her and you can't get enough of checking her out either. Everyone is a winner in this arrangement! Keep enjoying admiring one another.

17. She Tells You She Loves You

Okay, okay. We can already hear you guys calling us crazy for including this one in the list. But hear us out first. So many women are fooled by men who say that they love them, only to discover later down the line that it was all lies. When it comes to women saying those three little words, we're rarely making it all up. About 99 percent of us mean it when we say it.

So, if your woman has confessed her love for you, take it seriously, because she wouldn't just be saying it to keep you happy. And when you feel like you're ready to share your feelings, go ahead, she will welcome the honesty. Never jump into it too early if you're not ready yet - it's better to wait until you really mean it.

18. She Tells Her Friends Everything About you

The important thing here is to take this a compliment and a sign of her love, rather than get annoyed that her entire girl gang knows way too much about you and your relationship. The thing is, women won't do more than mention you in passing if you're just some guy she doesn't care about. It's when she starts sharing intimate details with friends that you know she really cares.

She cares so much that she has to source second and third and fourth opinions about certain things in the relationship. She wants her friends to help her stay on track and she also wants to share the exciting details with them. You're such a big part of her life that she can't not talk about you. Just try not to disappoint her, because you'll have her friends to deal with.

19. She Understands Your Sense Of Humor

If your woman is truly in love with you, she'll only take a couple of months to really 'get' your sense of humor. Before you know it, she'll be tagging you in memes that are so on point you couldn't have picked better ones if you tried. Even if what you find funny isn't always necessarily what she finds funny, she'll still know exactly how to make you laugh.

She knows which movies to pick, which pranks to pull, and which games you're going to absolutely love playing. She pays attention to all of this stuff because she loves you and she loves it when you're having a great time. If you both have the same sense of humor, hold onto each other and look forward to millions of laughs over the course of your lives together.

20. She Takes Care Of You When You're Sick

First, let us tell you what a woman who isn't in love with you will do when you get sick. She might feel bad for you, she might even send a 'get well' selfie or offer to drop some soup over to your house. But she probably won't do much more than that. After all, she has a busy week of work ahead of her, she can't risk getting sick too.

A woman who is really in love with you won't care at all about whether your illness is contagious or not. She won't just offer to bring some soup, she'll show up at your door with all of the ingredients and she'll make it right there for you. Let's not forget the best medicine: hugs, lots of hugs! She will have you back to full health in no time at all.

21. She Talks About Moving In Together

When it comes to moving in together, nobody wants to jump the gun. It's such a huge undertaking and if you're not ready it could be a disaster. Which is why the 'moving in together' talk is a dead giveaway that your lady is crazy about you. Women don't love to trade in their personal space for a typically messy housemate who snores loudly. But if she's willing to do it for you, she's definitely head over heels in love.

Hopefully, you feel the same way about her and you're busting to move in together, too! Remember to keep the lines of communication open. If you have any doubts about whether it's the right decision for you as a couple, make sure you're honest about it. It's better to wait a few months than to move in too soon.

22. She Celebrates Your Milestones As A Couple

Your lovely lady can be counted on to celebrate all of your couple milestones if she really is in love with you. She won't even need to set the reminders in her phone. She will know exactly when your six-month or one-year anniversaries are coming up, as well as other cute little dates, such as when you first kissed or your first date. She can get totally sentimental when it comes to these celebrations because she loves you so much.

So, go with the flow, let her make a big deal about the day. But you need to put in a little effort, too. Take note of your anniversaries and set reminders in your phone so you can remember to buy her some flowers or get her a small gift. Celebrating helps you grow stronger as a couple.

23. She Gives You Space When You Need It

We all love that honeymoon phase of the relationship. You can't get enough of each other and even a few hours apart can feel like weeks. When you're not together you're constantly texting back and forth. However, there are some times when you just need your free time. Whether it's to pursue your hobbies and interests outside of the relationship or if it's just to chill out and watch TV alone, we all need a little 'me time' every now and then.

Your girl totally gets this, and if she's in love with you she absolutely won't mind that you need a little time out occasionally. In fact, she'll probably welcome it, as she enjoys her spare time too. It's a great way to reenergize so you're both fresh for each other the next time you meet.

24. She Doesn't Mind When You're Out With The Boys

In the same way that she doesn't mind giving you some space for yourself, she definitely won't mind when you're out with the boys. She loves you and understands that maintaining friendships is important. She knows you'd never stop her from hanging out with her friends, so she's happy to let you be social without her.

Let's be clear, though; you can't abuse her lenience on this one. If you're out with the boys every other night or you cancel plans with her in order to hang out with your buddies, things won't be looking so good for you. Your woman supports your friendships, but she still expects to be treated with respect. As long as you keep her informed of your plans, there shouldn't be any problems, just remember to not take advantage of her kindness.

25. She Participates In Activities You Like

We know you have this idea that if she just gave surfing a try, she'd end up really enjoying it. It's one of your favorite things to do and you know she would get into it eventually. We hate to break it to you, but if she says she's not really interested, she probably means it! However, someone who is madly in love with you will go along for the ride anyway. She'll give it a try again and again, just because she knows it's important to you.

Whatever the activity - sports, games, obscure movies - your lady will be happy to join you. That's just how much she loves you. Obviously, this should also go both ways. If she wants to take you to salsa class or soccer practice just give it a try and see where it goes.

26. You're Her Person

How to tell if she's really in love with you? The best way is by knowing that you're her number one, her 'person', her best friend. You guys can talk about anything and you always put each other first. You know that if you call her she'll drop everything to help you out and that you would absolutely do the same for her. When you've reached this stage, it's safe to say that you're both deeply in love with each other.

She trusts you completely and knows she can always count on you in a crisis. These days she even relies on you more than she relies on her friends. There's really no turning back now that you've made it to this point. The two of you are in this for the long haul, so hold on tight!

27. She Will Always Choose The Seat Next To You

When it comes to picking a seat, your woman doesn't play it cool. She'll always want to be sitting right next to you. Preferably with her hand on your thigh or your arm around her shoulders. Better yet, why not both? She can't get enough of being by your side and she doesn't care if your friends and family find it a little 'too much'.

This doesn't just include group social events. The two of you can't even sit opposite one another at a restaurant. She'll always pick the seat next to you instead. It's better for cozy conversations and flirting at the dinner table. And don't try to deny it - you love it just as much as she does! This is a very fun time in the relationship, so just enjoy being in love with each other.

28. She's Your Number One Fan

If it's possible, your partner is even more dedicated than your mom was when you were a kid playing sports. She'll be at every single one of your games, cheering you on as though you're a professional. If you're not a sportsman, she'll still be cheering you on in other ways. Whether it's a theater performance, a work of art, or an article you've written, she'll be your number one fan and a constant source of support.

She's so in love with you that she'll even support you in endeavors that sound less than sensible. That reggae bar you dream of opening or the furniture business you're certain will be a success. If you think it's a winner, she'll back it with you. This kind of encouragement is what leads to a stronger, healthier relationship.

29. She Is Always Ready To Listen

You've just had an awful day where every little thing has gone wrong. You finally make it home from your long commute and collapse on the couch. The thing that makes it all better again? Your lovely partner is right there and always happy to listen to your latest batch of woes. If she's really in love with you, she'll let you go on and on and on because she knows you need to get it off your chest.

So, let it all out. Tell her everything that happened and let her comfort you. She genuinely enjoys making you feel better again. But just remember that listening is a two-way street. Obviously, there will be times when she needs your ear just as much as you need hers. Make it a pact to always listen to each other.

30. She Loves Cooking For You

First up, we just want to clarify that we don't mean she should be cooking for you every night (unless she really wants to). But if she is in love with you, she'll definitely love making you your favorite things from time to time. Even if she wasn't much of a cook before you met, she'll get right into the spirit of it, desperate to make you a meal you'll love.

She loves the feeling of setting down dinner for the two of you and opening up a nice bottle of wine to go with it. We're 100 percent positive that you also feel the same desire to cook for her. When she said she loved lasagna we bet you started looking up recipes almost immediately. Continue to cook for each other and really enjoy making every night together something special.

31. She Dresses Up For You

Even if you guys have been dating for a few months, she will always want to look good for you when you're going out together. Even if it's just a movie night at home she'll still save her cutest pajamas for when you come over. She loves looking her best whenever you're around because she's deeply in love with you and wants to make sure you feel the same way, too.

She knows she's not going to win your love with a sexy dress, but she can't help herself, she just loves it when you check her out. It's not even just that. When the two of you dress up and hit the town together she loves being that good-looking couple that other people are jealous of. So put on a nice shirt and strut your stuff!

32. And Dresses Down For You

Forget dressing up! It's what she has going on beneath those fancy clothes that will be the real giveaway. You can tell she's super into you if she puts effort into buying new underwear for you. You can just tell when something is brand new. The colors are bright, the lace is fully intact, and she'll have a look on her face like she's waiting for your reaction.

Thinking about you while she's purchasing new lingerie is a sign that she's in love with you. We don't know if you're aware, but that stuff is expensive! You wouldn't just buy it for any old date. The man has to be pretty special to warrant a shopping spree. So, enjoy all of the effort she has put in and appreciate the trouble she has gone to for you.

33. She Will Attend Boring Events With You

That awfully dull company dinner you have coming up, your grandmother's 90th birthday party, and your nephew's elementary school performance are no match for a woman in love. She will happily attend any event, as long as it means she gets to be by your side the whole time. She knows how hard it is to struggle through some of these functions and she wants to be that little bit of fun for you.

If you're in love with her, you'll not only appreciate the effort she's going to, but you'll even enjoy the events you were originally dreading. Worst case scenario, you two get to hang out all night and hold hands. Everybody wins! Remember, the same goes when she needs a date to her weird cousin's wedding, a charity fundraiser, or a family friend's annual barbeque.

34. She Happily Runs Little Errands For You

Your woman is no servant, she does whatever she wants. But if she's in love, one of the things she'll want to do is help you out when you need it. This includes running those little errands that tend to pile up and become one giant chore. If you've been having a big week at work, don't be surprised if she notices and turns into your errand fairy to take some of the pressure off you.

Whether it's picking up your dry cleaning, buying some essential groceries, stocking up your wine rack (which is probably very necessary if you're having a massive week!), or cleaning up around the house, you can count on her to look after you when you really need it. The best part is that you won't even have to ask - she's got it covered.

35. She Finishes Your Sentences

We realize this probably sounds like an annoying habit. And we don't mean that she will literally cut you off and finish your sentences for you. What we mean is that she's so in tune with what you're thinking that she definitely COULD finish all of your sentences if she chose to. This is a telltale sign that she's really in love with you. Why else would she know what you want so instinctively?

Of course, sometimes she does accidentally finish your sentences. But since you're in love with her too, you find it adorable and probably finish some of her sentences, too. Your friends and family will also think it's pretty cute at first. But enjoy it during the honeymoon phase, because after that everyone will just think it's annoying! Don't be THAT couple.

36. She Lets You Pick The Movie

When women let you pick the movie, it's not because they don't care what they're about to spend the next two hours watching. And it's generally not because they have exactly the same taste as you and trust you to make a good choice. It's because they love you so much that they want you to watch whatever you want. No compromises necessary.

A woman in love will sit through as many action films as you request. She simply loves cuddling up to you while it's playing. However, if you're in love with her too, she knows you'll sit through all the movies she wants to see, too. This is how the strongest partnerships work. It seems like such a small and insignificant decision, but it's ultimately about figuring out how to make both people happy.

37. She Gives You The Passcode To Her Phone

Woah! This is a big one. And let us just say that handing over the passcode to a phone is the same feeling for both genders. So, imagine you're giving her your passcode and that's how much of a big deal it is. Of course, if you two are in love with each other you know you're not going to go snooping through each other's messages, but you've got the capability to, and that's the significance here.

The fact that she's giving you her passcode also means that she has stopped talking to any other potential love interests. We all play the field a little until we're sure we're with a good one, so this is a sure sign that you've wiped out all of the competition. Keep her trust and don't rifle through her phone unnecessarily.

38. She Wants To Go On Vacation With You

Have you ever gone on vacation with someone when you weren't feeling 100 percent excited about it? It's not a plan that most people consciously enter into, because it's just a plain bad idea. If you're going to be with someone in a foreign location for 24 hours a day (and most probably sharing a tiny hotel room with them, too), you want them to be pretty special.

That's how you know she's in love with you. The moment she starts talking about going on a romantic vacation together, you know she's head over heels. You don't try to go on a couple's trip if you're only half-hearted about the relationship. This one is a double whammy, because it's a dead giveaway that she really loves you AND you get to start planning that sweet trip to the Bahamas you've been dreaming about.

39. She Loves Pleasing You In The Bedroom

Women are kind of lucky when it comes to bedroom activities. If they don't feel like working for it, they don't have to. And they know you'll have a pretty good time anyway, even if it is just you putting in most of the physical effort. However, a woman who is in love with you will want to get totally into it with you and be an equal participant.

You won't find her just laying on her back letting you do all of the heavy lifting (sometimes literally!). She wants to please you and make sure you have an amazing sexual experience with her. When you love someone, it's doesn't even feel like hard work. You just genuinely want to do it. So, sit back and enjoy the ride, because that's what she wants you to do!

40. She Can't Stop Smiling When She's Around You

You know those days where everything is falling into place and good things keep happening? The kind of days where you can't wipe the smile from your face? If your girl is in love with you it will be like she's having one of those days every time she's around you. She can't get enough of you and the fact that you're a couple always leaves her feeling like the luckiest person in the world.

When you look across the room at her, she can't help but give you one of her biggest smiles. She'll even smile to herself when she thinks you're not looking. Basically, every time you're even on her mind it will bring a smile to her face. That's what happens when you're in love, so it's a sure thing if your lady is behaving like this!

41. She Responds To You Immediately

Forget about relationships with women who will leave you on read all day. Or worse: don't even bother to read your messages until later. The right woman for you will respond to you the moment she gets your text or call. And it's not because she has nothing better to do. It's because you're her top priority and she's always ready to drop everything to help you.

This isn't a totally selfless act. She loves communicating with you, so it's not a chore at all. A text from you is a bright distraction in an otherwise boring day at work. When you're in love, receiving a text from your partner is a highlight, not something to ignore until later. So, text away, because you're likely to receive a pretty fast response if she's really in love with you.

42. She Values Your Opinion

Does your woman listen to your opinion? Or does she ignore it? This can be a real telltale sign of whether she loves you or not. It doesn't mean she always agrees with your opinion, but as long as she respects and values your thoughts, you can be pretty sure she loves you. Think about it - does she make any big life decisions without running them by you first? Not so she can get your approval, but to hear what your thoughts on the matter are.

This doesn't just entail the life decisions she makes. She'll also respect all of your other opinions, too. As long as you can back it up with why you feel that way. This is the base of all successful relationships - knowing you're both different, but making it work anyway.

43. She's Always Flirtatious

Not an exchange goes by where your lady doesn't have a twinkle in her eye or a smile on her face for you. Unless, of course, you've managed to upset her or make her angry! But at all other times she'll consistently maintain flirty banter with you and make you feel like you're the only one in the room. The two of you are so cute together that you frequently make all of your friends burn with envy.

All of this flirtatious activity, which includes texting throughout the day, certainly leads up to an exciting time in the bedroom for the two of you. The best part is that this doesn't take much effort on her behalf. If she's really in love with you, you'll make her feel like a teenager again and she'll naturally flirt with you all the time.

44. The Conversation Is Always Flowing

Once couples get past the initial 'getting to know you' stage of the relationship (usually the first five to seven dates), the conversation can sometimes come to a grinding halt. It's not that you never have anything to say, it's just that there's a lack of flow going on. In this case, it probably means you're incompatible as a couple.

However, if the conversation is better than ever, you could be onto a winning combination. If anything, the discussions you have improve once you get past the first few dates. Now you can get into the real stuff! If she can't wait to talk to you, the chances are high that she's in love. Do you feel the same way about her? If so, you're going to have plenty more conversations to look forward to.

45. She'll Forgive You Faster Than She Probably Should

Let's face it - we all mess up from time to time, and that includes you. You're only human and there's no doubt there will be a few occasions when you let your partner down. Sometimes it might be small, like forgetting to pick her up from the airport, and other times you might make a much bigger mistake.

As long as it's not a relationship-ending blunder, such as cheating, your woman is sure to forgive you if she's really in love. In most cases, she will let you off the hook far sooner than you deserve. But that's just the kind of lady she is. She doesn't hold a grudge because she wants the time you spend together to be happy. Try to remember how kind she has been to you, because one day she'll mess up and need the same forgiveness from you.

46. She Will Rearrange Her Schedule To Fit You In Last Minute

Look, she would rather you just had your schedule a little more organized, but if you must know, she will definitely shuffle some things around in order to spend time with you. If you realize you have the night off but she has drinks with her colleagues planned, she will figure out a way to get out of it in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Let's be clear, though, you can't be suddenly available at the last minute all the time. She has got a life outside of you. Have some consideration for her schedule and lock in your nights with her in advance. However, it's always nice to know that if your plans with other people are suddenly cancelled, she'll do everything she can to spend the time with you instead.

47. She Drunk Texts You

Even when you're at the peak of your honeymoon phase, there will be nights when the two of you have to socialize without each other. Whether it's a work function, a girls' night, or a family gathering, your lady might find herself a little intoxicated without you by her side. This is a great opportunity for you to receive hilarious drunk texts.

One thing about this type of text is that you have to be on the person's mind in order to receive them. So, if you're getting sweet little love messages from your lady, there's no doubt she's in love with you. Return the messages and watch the replies come in. This will end up being one humorous and adorable text exchange. Not only that, but you can fall asleep knowing that she's always thinking of you.

48. She's Patient With You

If we're being honest, women are sometimes a little more 'efficient' than men. They can do two or more things at once, they are organized, and they don't mess around. Men, on the other hand, can be a little slower and they tend to be a bit more useless around the house. But no need to worry, because if your girl is in love, she will be super patient with you.

Even if she likes to run a tight ship at home, she'll chill if that's not your style. Don't leave your dishes for more than a day, though. She might start freaking out after that! She loves you so much that she'll always remain patient when it involves you. We can't say the same for the other people in her life, so you're one lucky dude!

49. She Encourages You To Be Better

Everybody is plagued with self-doubt from time to time. Sometimes it's easier to just live a comfortable life and never reach your full potential. This is the way most of us end up spending our days - knowing we could be doing something productive or fleshing out that cool idea we had, but instead choosing to watch that new comedy show on TV.

When you're with your woman things are different. She truly believes in you and she's always encouraging you to be the best version of yourself. Whether it's the novel you want to write, the trip you want to plan, or the business concept you keep talking about, she'll always encourage you to pursue your dreams, because she knows you can do it. Take her support on board and start doing all those things you've been thinking about!

50. She Appreciates You

No matter what kinds of mistakes you've made in the past, a partner who is madly in love with you will appreciate you for who you are. Your woman doesn't care if you have a fancy job or a cool talent. She only cares about you and the love you guys share together. We just know that you feel exactly the same way about her, too.

And it's not just you as a person she appreciates. She also notices and is thankful for all of the things you do for her. All the times you picked her up from work, cooked her a lovely meal, or gave her a stress-relieving massage - none of them went unnoticed. To your woman, you're her knight in shining armor and you probably both wouldn't have it any other way.



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