Problem Solving Products You Might Need In Your Life Right Now

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | June 20, 2018

There's certainly a whole bunch to complain about at this time in history, but that's only because we have the luxury of complaining. Times are better now than they've ever been. The poor are the least poor they've ever been, and more importantly, we have billions of amazing products that make our lives better.

That's what's great about our society. If someone sees a problem, they can take it upon themselves to fix it and then profit on it. That sounds great to me because I see plenty of problems that need fixing. As it turns out, most of those problems are fixed by things on this list!

I can guarantee you that this might be the best consumer guide you can get your hands on. If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, and a problem to solve, you're going to find something on this list. With that said, check out these fifty problem-solving products you need in your life right now below.

Trim Catching Nail Clippers

Clipping your nails is already one of those daunting tasks that isn't enjoyable but is necessary physical maintenance we all have to do. It's extremely rude and somewhat disgusting when done in public and in the privacy of your own home the possibility of your trimmings flying at high velocity across your bathroom or bedroom is imminent. In some ways, clipping your nails can become dangerous for those around you and if you happen to not be able to find all of your trimmings the clipped nail can become an irritant when stepped on or found in your bed.

Luckily, a brand by the name of Klhip has developed a set of nail clippers that catch those pesky and annoying nail clippings and stores them in the handle of the tool. Goodbye to random nail clippings and say hello to easy fingernail maintenance without the hassle of having to clean up those impossible to find trimmings.

Anti-Friction Defense Stick

Our skin is our body's largest organ and the first defensive shield against infection so, it's definitely important to take care of our epidermis. Some people have more sensitive skin than others and the least bit amount of friction from denim to our own thighs can cause painful chafing which can lead to noticeable irritation, redness, and rashes which increase the chances of possibly becoming infected. This is not only a problem for shapely and curvy women but for men as well and there's a product out there that many might not know about but can stop chafing from occurring with ease.

The anti-friction defense stick resembles a regular deodorant stick but its main purpose is to keep those areas where you might experience chafing well-lubricated without feeling greasy for up to three hours of straight running without having to worry about irritation. Say goodbye to annoying chub rub no matter where it takes place with this useful product.

Stair Drawers

If you've been living and settled in at the same location for quite some time, you might have noticed things piling up around the house and how limited your storage space is in your living quarters. We've all experienced this feeling before and some of us might not be willing to admit our hoarding ways or be willing to pay for extra storage space so, we let things get carried away.

Well, for those of you that might have this issue and live in a home with multiple stories, you might want to consider transforming your stairs into drawers so that they serve a dual purpose for not only helping you reach the next story in your home but for storing all of your small necessities in as well. We're not sure how sturdy something like this is but it definitely is a creative way to create more storage space in their home.

Charcoal Shoe Deodorizers

We have to take care of our feet if we truly want to live a healthy life, surprisingly the feet hold all of the nerve connectors to all of our major organs and bodily systems in which if pressure is applied to a certain area of the foot, it could possibly affect the ailing organ in your body. Not to mention that we're constantly wearing socks and shoes which can result in sweaty and smelly feet that no one would even want to approach for an organ healing foot rub but luckily, a product has been developed to eliminate the foot odor left lingering in shoes.

The Mini Moso air purifying bags are infused with charcoal soak up unwanted foot odor and moisture from your desired sneakers, shoes, and all types of footwear within a matter of days. Only after a couple of usages, the activated charcoal takes effect and eliminates all traces of odor with ease. Shoe bombs and deodorizing balls are dope and a temporary fix but these bad boys are a full-blown solution.

Plastic Heel Caps

First and foremost, we'd like to take the time to recognize and shout out all the women who can successfully maneuver, walk, dance, and even run in heels while willingly choosing to make this a wardrobe choice multiple times throughout the week. You are the real MVP. But every now again, you might not be knowledgeable of the surroundings, terrain, or certain environments you might have to endure while wearing your favorite pair of heels and need to have the proper protection for both your heels and the safety of your ankles as well as the safety from a possible embarrassing moment.

The gogo Heel Stoppers not only add support and stability in different environments whether it be grass, rock beds, and a variety of other surfaces it also preserves the construction of your favorite heels as well. Grab a pair, today ladies.

Magnetic Ironing Blanket

To Be honest, we don't remember the last time that we've seen an ironing board outside of our last hotel room stay and there's a good reason why the old school house tool is slowly becoming obsolete. They're clunky, annoyingly loud and screechy, and take up way too much room and for some reason they have this eerie housewife oppressive connotation to them. We've referred to using our beds or even the floor to quickly iron our t-shirts, favorite pair of jeans, and dress shirts. Luckily, a much more efficient product has been curated to make ironing a less dangerous task for your possessions and clothes.

The magnetic ironing blanket observes the heat from your iron and won't burn the surface that you happen to be ironing on. Goodbye clunky, space-taking ironing boards and welcome to the future with this magnetic, heat absorbing blanket.

Avocado Saver

Avocados are one best sources of natural heart-healthy fats, full of beneficial natural oils, contain more potassium than a single banana, they're full of fiber, and have the ability to lower cholesterol. Not to mention, there extremely delicious and can be manipulated in a multitude of ways for our eating pleasure. Whether it be sliced thin and neatly placed on a sandwich or mixed into a smooth paste with cilantro, tomatoes, and onions added for the ultimate guacamole experience. Unfortunately, avocados tend to go bad fairly quickly and become inedible in a matter of days after being cut open.

The avocado saver is a device designed to preserve cut avocados from turning brown by placing the fruit pit-side down and buckling the avocado and placing it into the refrigerator for later usage all the while remaining fresh.

Charcoal Teeth Whitener

Dental and oral health is one of the most important factors when it comes to physical appearance and overall attractiveness. Can you imagine making eyes with that hot guy or girl from across the room, watching them approach only for them to open their mouth they have the same teeth as the possessed girl from The Exorcist? Not sexy at all. No one wants to have their hide their smile or cover their mouths while they laugh due to a jacked grill and with today's technological advancements in the dental realm, it's now easier than ever maintain a pearly white smile.

Thanks to charcoal teeth whitener you can improve the overall whiteness of your teeth and see major improvements in your smile within two weeks of usage. Unfortunately, the charcoal can get caught in between your teeth and gum line so, the product is best used prior to brushing your teeth with your regular toothpaste.

Automatic Brush Spinner

Makeup brushes are essential for the daily preparation of women everywhere whether they're getting ready to head to the workplace for a full eight-hour shift or hit the town with your lady friends for a night on the town, they a necessity when it comes to properly applying makeup. Also, keeping these brushes clean is crucial in order to keep your face from breaking out and applying different shades of foundation without mixing different tones. Luckily, cleaning these brushes have become even easier these days with the help of the product pictured above.

This automatic brush spinner effectively cleans your makeup brushes in under a minute with the help of a little bit of added water and soap in the container as you get to sit back and let the device do its thing without you having to lift a single finger. Ladies, you can't lose with one of these joints.

DIY Fruit Fly Catcher

Fruit flies are probably one of the most annoying pests that have infiltrated households around the world and it seems like every couple of months they find their way their back into our homes until we can find the source of their breeding grounds and eliminate the eggs from our living quarters. Fruit flies tend to lay their eggs on moist surfaces including overly ripened fruit or vegetables, empty bottles and cans, mops, soaked cleaning rags, trash bags, drains, and hard to reach garbage disposals. This time around instead of providing you with a particular product, we have a do it yourself solution for eliminating fruit flies.

The DIY fruit fly catcher consists of a jar dressed with a ventilated plastic wrap cover filled with apple cider vinegar and a small amount of dish soap. Fruit flies can't deny their curiosity and find themselves trapped inside of the container where they ultimately meet their maker. Try it out for yourself and get instant results.

Sticky Window Fly Strip Remover

We think we could all agree on the fact that flies are disgusting, any type of insect that is drawn to and ingests the fecal matter of any living animal is pretty morbid and skin crawling. Not to mention that these hyperspeed flying pests will not only land on your food with their poop feet but will also land on the surface of your eyeball if you give them the opportunity. With that said, fly swatters are somewhat effective but don't totally eliminate the problem, regular fly bags resulting in a disturbing cleanup experience, and fly strips smelling like garbage juice and an offensive lineman's jockstrap they're not the most enjoyable product to have hanging around the house.

Luckily, these translucent sticky window fly strip removers have been developed and lack the odor scented paste that attracts flies but still is just as effective. The cleanup process isn't as pleasant either but it works, we also recommend the source to as why flies like to make your living space their home and eliminate the source immediately.

Self-Cleaning Toilet Device

To be totally honest, no one wants the daunting task of having to clean the toilet especially if you live in a household with multiple people. We all know what goes down in those bowls and the disturbing things that come out of our own bodies and we cringe at the thought of the waste coming out of the bodies of the people we share bathrooms with so, when it comes to who's cleaning the toilet next it can become an argument that lasts for hours, possibly days. Luckily, there are companies out there that are keeping you from pushing your roommate down a flight of stairs because they refuse to clean the toilet.

The Fluidmaster self-cleaning toilet device can be installed on the inside of your toilet and with each and every flush it reduces the amount of residue, stains, and mineral buildup around the waterline of the inside of the bowl as well as provide your toilet bowl with a fresh scent. The device lasts up to three to four months and definitely is a lifesaver.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Over the past decade, soda sales across the nation have decreased due to the recent spike in health education while water consumption has gone up. Even though this a positive sign for society, there are some environmental downfalls and pits that need to be addressed in regards to how our water is stored which is mainly environmentally harmful water bottles that can take centuries to properly disintegrate. Plastic has polluted nearly every facet of our planet whether it be our streets, lakes, or oceans and it's affecting the balance of our ecosystem and wildlife due to our recklessness.

Luckily, an easy to store, reusable collapsible water bottle has been curated in order to reduce our plastic usage and it's one convenient and environmentally-friendly product to take wherever you go. The bottle itself is easy to fold and when needed can hold a pretty large amount of water to ensure that you stay hydrated.

Stainless Steel Soap Bar

Have you ever been making dinner and touched copious amounts of onions, garlic, fish, or other smelly food product and couldn't get the smell off your hands for the life of you? Or have you been touching smelly dish rags only for the smell to rub off onto your hands and now you're smelling your fingers in public like a weirdo as spectators stare in disgust? It happens but there's a new product on the market that might leave some of you scratching your heads due to the unknown factor as to how it works.

This stainless steel soap bar that only cost approximately nine bucks has the ability to remove strong scents like garlic, fish, and onions after being wetted and used like a normal soap bar. We're not exactly sure how it works but some reviewers have said that it even removes body odor and they've stopped using deodorant. Personally, we wouldn't recommend doing that but, eh, to each his own.

Filtered Plastic Fruit/Vegetable Containers

When you're at the grocery store and happen to impulse buy a massive amount of fruit and veggies knowing that you won't be able to consume all that you've purchased only to wastefully throw away half of what you previously bought, is a shame that we've all previously felt. Keeping our favorite fruits and vegetables fresh seems like a nearly impossible task but luckily there are products out there that can preserve our favorite living eats for a lot longer than leaving them in their original packaging.

The Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver food container has the ability to hypothetically make your fruits and vegetables immortal using a series of filter technology that keeps your food fresh for a total of two weeks. This product is definitely worth copping and can save you plenty of money on your grocery budget.

Electric Wine Opener

Not all of us out there are experienced wine aficionados and have the ability to open a bottle of wine with two twists of the wrist followed by a perfect pour dashing into the wine glasses of our guests. Matter of fact, a lot of people struggle with the old-fashioned corkscrew which can end in tragedy with the cork either breaking half way out or the crumbs of the cork mixing with the wine, tainting the entire drinking experience. And to be honest, nobody in their right mind is trying to drink wine out of a bottle with a twist top, so many prefer to struggle even though wine bottle opener technology has picked up throughout the years.

Now, you can open a bottle of wine with minimal effort thanks to this electric wine bottle opener brought to you by Oster. With a simple press of a button, you can save yourself the embarrassment of attempting to open a wine bottle with a corkscrew. We gotta admit it, this is a necessary purchase for households everywhere.

A Box Of Smart Topics

Everybody hates awkward silences or unnecessary small talk, especially when it comes to family/friendly gatherings or in a room full of people that you might not be as acquainted with enough to spark meaningful conversations. Rooms can become tense and get uncomfortable rather quickly if the subject matter of the conversation is either lackluster or sensitive for one of the parties present. For those of you who might not be the most social or talkative people in the world and have to host an event, we recommend purchasing these for your next social gathering.

The Original Table Topics is a fluid card-based game that features a different thought-provoking question on each card designed to spark meaningful conversations to help you learn more about the people you're playing with. There's also a version for kids and family, a series for couples, and one for dinner parties, it's a fun way to get people talking about a common topic without the awkwardness of having to break the ice.

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep technology has vastly improved over the past five decades. Praise the powers that be for removing the waterbed trend from the face of the earth and providing us with better mattresses for a multitude of different ailments being that we're all physically built different and have different sleeping styles. Some of us prefer to load up on pillows and hyke up our necks, some sleep with a pillow in between our legs, some of us sleep with a ton of blankets in order to maintain a decent body temperature while others run hot and can't even sleep covered by a single sheet, or with clothes on at that.

Luckily, for those of you who might get a little sweaty in your sleep causing you to wake in the middle of the night soaked in your own juices, a cooling gel memory foam pillow has been developed to ensure that you stay at a cool temperature throughout the night.

Polyester Sneaker Wash & Dry Bag

Sneaker culture is more complex than ever and the resell market is actually turning some people into millionaires believe it or not. Sneakers have always been a lucrative business and many people prefer to keep their current footwear rotation in tip-top shape by any means necessary. We can all probably agree that we've attempted to throw a pair of some of our favorite kicks into the washing machine hoping that we can restore the shoes back to a decent and wearable aesthetic. Unfortunately, things don't always work out for the best, especially when it comes to drying your shoes which results in your neighbors thinking you're possibly committing a murder so, we've found a solution for that.

This polyester sneaker wash and dry bag is obviously machine washable and keeps your sneakers together and in place during the entire washing and drying process. This is yet another cop worthy product any real sneakerhead could use.

Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker

Cleanliness is next to godliness and we all need time to unwind and enjoy a long hot bath or shower and from time to time enjoy a tune from Taylor Swift or perform our best Tina Turner rendition in the shower, which is extremely dangerous and we wouldn't personally recommend but do what makes you happy. Anyways, at one point in time, we were forced to bring speakers into the bathroom or play or favorite music or podcast on our phones but the audio can end up drowned out by the sound of the shower so, we have yet another product that solves this very issue.

A Bluetooth showerhead speaker enables you to connect your desired device to the speaker which in turn is connected directly to your shower head piping system allowing you to listen to your favorite songs without fear of getting your phone wet or not being able to hear the content.

Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

It's always a good time when you invite your boys, family, or friends over to barbecue and watch the game, a movie, or latest pay-per-view boxing match but attempting to do both simultaneously is a nearly impossible task without having to transfer back and forth from the living to the kitchen or backyard. Plus, if you have a rather extensive list of invitees to your watching parties and your television might not be up to par in regards to size, you could be staring the ultimate party fail right in the eyes.

Luckily, inflatable outdoor movie screens are the wave of the future and easy to both install for those watch/movie party nights and easy to store away for future use. Projectors are sold separately while the sixteen-foot screen is available via Amazon for a retail price tag of $270.

Geodesic Dome Animal Pen

Becoming self-sufficient is more important than ever these days especially in regards to our food sources. People are becoming more and more aware of how our food supplies are being manipulated with harmful additives that could possibly affect our bodies for the worse in the future. So, now many patrons are literally doing for self and controlling their nutritional sources with their own two hands.

This twenty-foot diameter Geodesic Dome animal pen is perfect for housing chickens, ducks/geese, turkeys, and a number of other type of animals as well. The dome is constructed out of galvanized steel tubing, avian netting, and wood protects the housed animals from outside predators. This might require you to have a nice sized piece of property of your own but, who doesn't want free organic eggs and poultry to call their own?

The Laundry Pod Washer

There's no better feeling than washing and folding a load of clothes fresh out of the dryer but, there are few issues in regards to the environment as to why such an innocent task could become harmful to the ecosystem. In most high-efficient and modern washing machines use up to fifteen and thirty gallons of water while some older machines use approximately twenty-nine to forty-five gallons of water per every use, which is a lot of water that could be used for plant-life, irrigation systems, and a source for animals to stay hydrated.

Luckily, the portable laundry pod was recently introduced to the market and uses only about six liters of water and a minimal amount of laundry detergent to wash your necessities with the use of a foot pedal or hand crank. It only takes about ten minutes total to wash, rinse, and remove your clean clothes to dry. The Laundry Pod is perfect for camping, quick washes, boating, or RVing.

Digital Highlighter

Being able to efficiently study without distractions, interruptions, and with as few steps as possible has become a frustrating task especially these days where information is constantly coming and going and despite the fact that we're living in the age of information, it's become harder than ever to retain information. Luckily, as technology has advanced, being able to utilize tech for the benefit of studying for an upcoming midterm, SATs, test, or presentation is now easier than ever with the help of this useful tool.

This digital highlighter known as the ScanMarker allows a reader to scan written text and have it digitally transferred to your laptop or computer via Bluetooth or USB cord. The ScanMarker simplifies note taking so, you don't have to keep opening up that textbook scrambling for where the spot you left off at. The note-taking tool is available online for a retail price tag of $80.

A Bag Re-Sealer

Sometimes, we forget how blessed we are to live in a society where food is so readily available and easily conserved. We have the ability to walk into an establishment and selectively hoard whatever foods and supplies our heart desires. This isn't a reality for the majority of the world but at times we take it for granted, so much to the point that we choose to stuff our bodies with processed junk foods solely just for the taste and if we're not feeling gluttonous we have the opportunity to reseal those bags for later consumption.

Thankfully, we developed a heat transferring bag re-sealer so we don't have to roll up plastic bags or hope our favorite snacks don't get stale after applying a chip clip to the bag. The handheld heat bag sealer keeps your food airtight and works on both aluminum and plastic bags.

Shower Wine Glass Holder

At the end of the day, we all have our post-workday rituals, whether it be cracking a beer and catching up on some ESPN, spending quality time with our significant other and/or children, reading some literature, or enjoying a glass of wine while enjoying some alone time in a hot bath. Sometimes, instead of being able to unwind and relax in the bath alongside a glass of wine, it can get hectic attempting to balance your wine glass on the edge of the bathtub or placing the glass out of reach forcing you to move from your comfortable position.

Thanks to the invention of shower wine glass holders, this problem can officially be eliminated as the device sturdily holds the stem of the wine glass while a suction cup end can be placed on the wall of your bathtub allowing you to fully enjoy your bathing experience with your glass of wine safely in reach.

Temptation Timer

We all have our own personal vices in which we turn to in order to find some type of release from the realities and cruelties of the world. Unfortunately, these vices do come with judgment from others and some with harmful health benefits that could permanently damage our bodies. Whether it be drinking to excess, smoking cigarettes, recreational drug usage, overeating, there are so many vices that people are unwilling to admit they participate in.

But for those of you that recognize these flaws and want to be able to tame them and maintain control of these vices, a kitchen safe has been developed to help you defeat the urge of whatever you might think has control of your will, or it's an easy way to keep your kids from running through all their favorite snacks. The temptation timer safe is a multifaceted tool that can be used for so many purposes, and you get to choose what enters and what exits the safe.

Automatic Measuring Spice Containers

We're not all born with the gift of gab and have the natural ability to properly season our food/meals to perfection. Cooking can become stressful especially when it comes to trying out new dishes that you have no experience preparing. Not to mention that you could end up accidentally adding too much paprika to your deviled eggs, or drenching your steak with too much pepper unintentionally ruining all of your meals due to having a heavy shaker hand.

Well, say goodbye to under and over seasoned meals with the KitchenArt 25000 Select-A-Spice automatic measuring carousel which allows you to properly and perfectly add the perfect amount of seasoning to your desired meal with its one-quarter teaspoon dial for each individual shaker. You can find one of these bad boys on Amazon right now for under $40.

Citrus Atomizer/Sprayer

There's no way that any regular human being can live without all of the citrus fruits we've become accustomed to. Whether it be lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, or the other thirty-plus citrus fruits around the world, they provide us with the necessary nourishment and flavors to take our meals over the top. Unfortunately, handling citrus can turn into a rather painful experience after squeezing lemon juice into your tea or your on your salmon and unexpectedly watching the fluids jet directly into your eye like an old Ron Jeremy movie.

Luckily, this is an issue of the past with the invention of citrus stem sprayer. The stem can be injected directly into the fruit and the spray nozzle can be used to evenly spray your selected dishes with your favorite citrus juices. They're only about ten bucks a pop and totally worth purchasing.

The Mesh Bottom Beach Bag

It's summertime so you know what that means, road trips, family and romantic vacations, barbecues, and endless beach trips. With beaches everywhere being flooded with tourists, children on summer vacation, and frequent beachgoers, being prepared is essential to make sure that the entire experience run smoothly and maximizes the amount of fun in the sun one could possibly have.

Which would include this mesh bottom beach bag that could be used to eliminate as much sand as possible from coming back home with you after a day full of beach activities? You can place your sandy belongings into the bag and shake it until all of the sand from your possessions falls out of the bottom of the bag, making your post-beach clean up go a lot smoother than carrying your things in a regular tote bag. Save yourself the hassle and get some of these and stay prepared.

Smartphone Thermometer

Some technology seems so dated, especially when it comes to basic healthcare tech that used to be common household items. Growing up we all somehow acquired a stethoscope, a humble reflex hammer, and of course the mercury-based thermometer. Now, it seems like all of these tools have either been replaced by more advanced technology or now obsolete. Electronic and digital thermometers are more common these days and affordable being that the mercury-based thermometers can become hazardous.

What many people don't know is that you can actually transform your smartphone into a thermometer that can be inserted into the headphone input of your phone and accurately determine your temperature. If you have children or find yourself feeling ill often, this is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is the perfect tool for you to make sure that your temperature has been regulated.

Magnetic Storage Wristband

As we've moved forward as a society it seems like fewer and fewer people are willing to get their hands dirty and actually work on carpentry or automobile projects. Hell, some millennials can't even change their own tire despite the fact that the necessary information is more accessible than ever. Luckily, there are still some people out there that are construction savvy and have the ability to curate and build their own desired items.

For those of you out there that might be into working wood and other types of construction projects and can't hold all of their necessary connecting materials whether it be nails, screws, or other metallic products, you might want to look into the Mag-Mate General Purpose Wrist Holster. It keeps all of your metallic materials within close vicinity to you so you can continue to work on what needs to be done without having to go back and forth in search of additional materials.

The All-Purpose Cooler

Once again, it's that time of the year where everybody is ready to let loose and enjoy the warmer months of the year across the country. Which of course means that many of us will be participating in cookouts, barbecues, and other summer activities that involve large gatherings and of course, cool refreshing beverages, so that means that having a suitable cooler is a must. Those cheap styrofoam coolers you can find at the local convenience store are horrible for the environment and only good for one-time usage while regular coolers tend to age terribly but it looks like even the cooler is getting a tech upgrade.

This all-purpose cooler that is known as the Coolest Cooler that features detachable wireless speakers for entertainment purposes, USB charging ports, flashlights, multiple storage compartments, a bottle opener, and even a rechargeable blender. Bring this to your next gathering and you're sure to be the life of the party.

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Dogs are known as man's best friend for a reason. Our canine friends are always supportive and provide us with this unwavering love that most can hardly find in other people. Dogs take care of us just as much as we take care of them. When they need to be bathed, catered to while feeling under weather, or even provided with basic necessities of life including food and water, that's our duty as pet-owners to complete. When we need attention and the pure unadulterated love from our pets, they never fail to provide. We invest in them and they give us their hearts.

And we should definitely invest in their hydration, this dog bowl water bottle is perfect for those hot days and routine walks/outings to ensure that your favorite four-legged friend remains hydrated and happy while out on the town and they're pretty reasonably priced as well.

The French Fry Cup Holder

This is definitely proof that America has a problem with fast food and even though a lot of us are slowly becoming more health conscious that doesn't hide the fact that majority of the country is obese and live sedentary lifestyles. Not to make excuses for anyone but it is true that a lot of us also might not have the luxury of being able to prepare a healthy meal due to our hectic schedules and travel necessities so, we end up looking for the first thing we can grab and go resulting in a lot of us eating while traveling from point A to point B.

Well, for those of you who might be constantly on the run and don't have time to cook, we have a product that might be just right for you, the french fry cup holder. It's perfect if you're tired of reaching over and feeling in the bag for your fries or if you're tired of wasting french fries in your car only to find them days later, this might be the product for you.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry is to be cherished, especially if it the precious jewels were gifted by the ones we love. Whether it be an engagement ring, a necklace signifying love/friendship, a bracelet, earrings, or body jewelry we tend to take extra care of these positions. Whenever we purchase a brand new piece of jewelry we tend to forget that these precious metals and stones need maintenance just like any other type of other possession we own.

The Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner doesn't only clean your jewelry, it can also effectively remove grime eyeglasses and additional eyewear as well as coins, hygienic products such as toothbrushes, tools, shaver heads, and other valuable metal objects. All the cleaner needs is tap water to operate, set the timer, and wait for your valuables to come back shining brighter than ever.

Anti-Gravity Paint Palette

Redecorating a room, especially when it comes to painting can become overbearing and a very taxing task while those who are the artsy type might enjoy getting a little messy when it comes to painting. For most of us and for those us who own homes, painting can end up a disaster and can ultimately end in an argument due to the massive paint spot left on the carpet of the floor by our significant other. Lugging around a can of paint or paint tray isn't ideal if you haven't properly covered all vulnerable areas of your living or art space but, with this product, those worries will no longer be a factor.

This anti-gravity paint palette has the ability has the ability to hold paint without spilling a single drop even if completely turned upside down. We're not sure how exactly this works but from a technological standpoint but it's proven to effective and worth copping if you're an artist or constantly painting the house different colors.

Hot Iron Holster

Hot Iron burns happen far too often, whether unsuspecting young women who find themselves distracted at the moment and accidentally burning their own ears, or the ladies that forgot that they plugged in their iron fifteen minutes ago and grab it directly on the hot plate, or the unsuspecting significant other or family member that just wanted to wash their hands and burned the hell out of themselves due to the hot iron hanging off of the edge of the sink.

Well, this hot iron holster that comes in a multitude of colors is available on Amazon right now for under $20 and can effectively keep you from burning yourself or any of your possessions. Save yourself from the pain and get one for the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Seriously, stop burning yourself and people, it's dangerous.

Baby Bottle Holder

Children, infants, and toddlers are a 24-hour task that need our constant supervision, guidance, and patience if we want to attempt to raise a suitable functioning member of society. Everyday hardships occur when it comes to making sure our little ones are safe, well fed, and comfortable and as parents we should all do our best in order to make sure we fulfill our parental duties. It's a tough job but both men and women need to play their part in order to make sure mankind continues and in the right direction.

Luckily, we've developed enough as a species to curate this baby bottle holder to make feeding our seeds at least a little easier so that we can handle our other parental and regular everyday duties. This is definitely a must cop for all of you new parents out there. Trust us, it's a worthy investment.

Spaghetti Scrub

Washing dishes is a necessary evil for all of us that like to keep our kitchens and homes in order, especially for all of those neat freaks out there. It's a daily task that might be enjoyable for some while for others it's just work and that's totally understandable. But if you're anything like us and prefer for your dishes to be cleaned at an optimum level you make sure that you have all the necessary tools for your wide variety of dishes from rags to sponges to elongated scrubbing brushes for those deep containers, jars, and cups.

Now, it looks like the ultimate dishwashing tool in this spaghetti scrub tool has the ability to hit all the cracks and crevices of any kind of washable dish imaginable. The spaghetti scrub is one flat piece of material that has been cut into individual strings that doesn't allow for germ growth to take place and eliminates those smelly sink odors from the tool itself.

Shower Squid

Once again, maintaining basic hygiene is a must if you want to be accepted amongst society, your peers, and family... Yes, showering daily could be the difference maker in many of your relationships believe it or not and for those of us who know this, we make sure to have all of the proper bathing products to make sure our skin stays exfoliated, moisturized, and smooth or hair stays clean and healthy, and we step out of the bathroom feeling fresh and smelling amazing. Unfortunately, all of these products can build up in the shower and shelf space can become sparse and things can get unorganized in there.

Well, the shower squid is an adjustable holster caddy that allows you to hang up to nine shower products from the showerhead nozzle in their bathtub. Whether it be shower gel, hair care products, or soap boxes the latex constructed shower squid can do it all.

Insane Seat Saver

It's extremely hard to save a seat especially if you live in a highly-populated metropolitan area where people are constantly on the move and might not have the manners you'd expect from the average adult so, sometimes you might need to take things into your own hands. And no, we don't mean boxing every guy who happens to take your seat on public transportation or making threats to some lady who took your seat at a local park bench but a little trickery can possibly keep patrons from taking your seat.

These spill illusion seat savers can guarantee you a seat unless, of course, you're dealing with a neat freak with OCD that can't stand to see spilled ice cream, spoons, or coffee cups in seating areas. There's nothing wrong with a little deception every once in awhile especially for the sake of your own comfort.

Lace Leg Bands

The universe is a very strange place, the manifestation of the female form is one of the universe's greatest creations of all-time and it should be worshipped as such. Unfortunately, even though some of the most beautiful women on the planet are born with a little extra meat on their bones and their curvaceous figures might be admired from afar but in reality, that additional thigh meat could become an annoyance due to chafing due to friction and if you've tried the anti-friction stick previously mentioned and it doesn't work as effectively as you like, we have yet another alternative for your anti-chafing needs.

These sexy lace leg bands not only eliminate chafing, they also look amazing and fit perfectly without moving, needing to be adjusted, or rolling up the leg. The bands come in varying sizes for thighs of all different widths and feature silicone material on the top and bottom of the band and are currently available in five different hues for a total of $12.99 on Amazon today.

Armrest Table

Even something as simple as relaxing can become an annoyance if you don't have the proper set up for all of your relaxation needs and essentials. Imagine gearing up for a solo Netflix and chill binge-watching session and you have your throw blanket ready, your popcorn and additional snacks readily available, and a tall beverage that you have no space on the couch for and you don't want to put your drink on the floor next to you out of fear of spilling.

Well, this might be one of the most obvious and simplest inventions ever created, the armrest table that allows you to place your beverages and other necessities to be safely placed and balanced on the armrest of your coach with ease. There are more complex versions of the armrest table that feature slots for documents, writing utensils, and more as well.

Rotating Benches

People need to get out and enjoy more scenic environments. It seems like a lot of us have reverted to remaining indoors and using technological distractions as a main source of entertainment, which is a downfall for now having everything you want readily available with a push of a button. We think everybody could use a good dosage of the outdoors from time to time and it's not as bad as you might imagine.

For instance, these rotating benches allow you to find a dry part of the bench with ease with it's attached rotating crank. Not to mention, this update isn't just for the rain, you know what type of vile things we've seen on park benches? From spilled Starbucks coffee to fresh fecal matter droppings ranging from a variety of bird species to human number twos. Trust us, this rotation device is a lifesaver.

The Mustard Gun

Let's be real, hot dogs and hamburgers wouldn't be as prevalent as they are in food culture without condiments. And with it being the season to bust out the grill and enjoy a good old-fashioned barbecue, it's a must that you stock up on all of your condiment necessities, whether it be ketchup, mustard, or relish you gotta please the masses not only with your best grilling skills but with all the accoutrement to make sure next cookout is a success.

So, we recommend you look into purchasing this mustard gun to evenly distribute all of your condiments properly. Everyone hates that mustard booger build up at the top of the mustard container so, this would be perfect for those backyard gatherings but you should probably keep this bad boy away from children for the sake of everyone's clothes.

Nasal Irrigation System

You have to take care of yourself and your health first before you can bring your mind to concerned about the worries of the world. Especially when it comes to your cardiovascular system and that begins with your nose and nasal cavity. We might not think about it as much as we do when it comes to our noses as we do when it comes to our mouths in regards to brushing our teeth but our nasal passages need to be cleaned often as well.

Remember when the neti pot was all the rage in mainstream media well, an advanced version of the neti pot called The Navage has hit the market and is even more effective. The automatic system jets water directly into one nostril and drains out of the other removing all unwanted debris and mucus from the nasal cavity.

Contact Lens Applicators

Not being able to see clearly is one of the worst feelings in the world and not all of us are born with perfect eyesight so, some people out there that are forced to wear specific eyewear for their eyesight ailments. And some people can't stand the feeling of having to wear glasses. The glare, having to constantly push them up on your face, and keeping them clean is annoying so, some people resort to wearing contact lenses which requires very sterile and clean hands as well as being comfortable with coming into contact with your own eyeball.

Well, you can eliminate having to come in direct contact with your own eye with these contact lens applicators that allow for the maximum amount of cleanliness during the entire process. They're extremely reasonably priced and perfect for anyone who has to wear and take their lenses out daily.

Attachable Bidet

There's a huge misconception when it comes to handling our business in the restroom. As a society, we've been bamboozled into believing that toilet paper is supposed to make sure our bums are clean but this isn't true. Even if you're an avid user of baby wipes, it can still cause problems later down the line that can ultimately be detrimental to your overall health. Matter of fact, in foreign countries, a majority of people only use water as a source to ensure that they're feeling clean and fresh and we should too.

Which is why you might want to think about purchasing one of these attachable bidets brought to you by Boss Bidet for all of your butt cleansing needs. The Boss Bidet features a control panel that allows you to adjust the water pressure jetting towards your poop chute and also has a self-cleaning function used to maintain the cleanliness of the devices nozzles prior to using it.

The FootMate System

We can't stress enough how important it is to take care of your feet. Of course, they're crucial for our mobility and helping us get from point A to point B but they also hold an importance in the spiritual realm. The feet are the first chakra and is formally known as the root chakra or 'Muladhara' and is the entry point for specific energies which is why it's important to take care of our feet in regards to maintenance and cleanliness.

Sometimes, washing our feet in the shower can potentially become dangerous and extremely tasking which is why this foot cleaning device called the FootMate System was developed to make washing the bottom and sides of your feet as easy as possible. The FootMate also doubles as a massaging device as well which gives its users even more of an incentive to use it.



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