25 Zodiac Signs That Are The Most Incompatible

Entertainment | By Harriet King | June 11, 2018

It's not uncommon to find a ton of articles written about the compatibility of certain zodiac signs. But what you don't tend to see is any advice about which signs make the WORST couples. If you're into your astrology, you might want to read up about who you shouldn't be spending time with.

Sometimes when you first get together with someone you think their little quirks are adorable. Their snoring is cute, you love the way they write letters instead of texts, and their zest for literature matches yours. But before you know it you're unable to sleep and you can never get them to text you back.

Basically, what we're trying to say is that you don't want to realize too late that you've matched with the wrong person! When you're in that honeymoon phase your own judgement is often unreliable. Trust us (and the stars), if your relationship is one of the matches below, it's not going to work out... #23 is the worst compatible combination when it comes to love making!

1. Aries & Cancer

Watch out! Anyone involved in this tumultuous pairing is bound to end up hurt. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but an Aries and Cancer match is just a bad idea. When you put fiery and brash Aries together with emotional and sensitive Cancer it's a recipe for disaster, and we're going to explain exactly why you should just not bother with it.

Cancer is one of the most nurturing signs in the zodiac, while Aries is one of the signs that requires the most nurturing. While this can seem like it would create a good match, the fact is that it puts a lot of stress on the relationship, as Cancer feels drained by how much attention Aries needs, but is too caring to take the stand that they need to in order to survive in the relationship.

Aries & Cancer = Insensitive Nature + Insecure

Not everything is the fault of Aries and their occasionally insensitive nature, though. Sometimes, Cancer can be insecure beyond what is considered normal. It can often be tough for Aries to be constantly reassuring them of their love. All that happens is that Cancer becomes more insecure and Aries becomes more blunt and distant.

In terms of life attitudes, there is an immediate clash in values with this couple. Cancer is a homebody who loves small and intimate gatherings, curling up with a good book, and chilling out at home. Aries is adventurous, spontaneous, and often seeks out uncomfortable situations. Because of this, the pair can find it extremely difficult to identify activities that they can enjoy as a couple. Compromise is necessary here, but with such stark differences, it's not really worth the hassle.

2. Taurus & Aquarius

Though it's not always a total disaster, you can't count on a Taurus and Aquarius partnership being anything but trouble. They say opposites attract, but these two are a little too opposite to get along, if you know what we mean. There's no compromise for this somewhat aggressive pair. And while this can definitely create some passion between them, it all wears a little thin once the honeymoon phase has come to an end.

Chilled out and thoughtful Aquarius can become highly frustrating to organized and practical Taurus. Conversely, Aquarius can find Taurus to be too stubborn and black and white about many life views. To be honest, we're surprised this match could even make it past a first date! The key to survival in this relationship is intentional independence from each other, but this can be a problem.

Taurus & Aquarius = Passion Differences

Taurus has strong family values and is fiercely passionate about the ones that they love. To suggest that they take some time out from their partner every now and again makes no sense to them. Aquarius usually finds this overbearing and can end up feeling claustrophobic in the relationship. There's nothing that recharges Aquarius more than some time alone to think, drink tea, and write down their thoughts.

On the other hand, Taurus finds Aquarius flippant, airy, and not passionate enough. They can also find that their partner is all talk and no action, whereas Taurus likes to stick to their guns. Taurus can often be perceived by spontaneous Aquarius as dull for finding solace in routine and lack of change. But Aquarius isn't always the most responsible person when it comes to life. You can see now that this couple probably won't last!

3. Gemini & Virgo

Funnily enough, these two zodiac signs are often the best of friends. It might be because they are both ruled by the planet Mercury and both have an intellectual hunger for new information. But, for some reason, it just doesn't seem to work out when it comes to romance. Unfortunately for Gemini and Virgo couples, you're probably best off just keeping it platonic.

The difficult bit is that due to getting along so well as friends, Gemini and Virgo can often think they're destined for romance. Before they know it, they're in too deep in what is typically a highly neurotic and toxic relationship. These signs tend to set off anxiety in each other, which can make for a very tense environment. Though it's not usually intentional, it's still extremely unhealthy for both of these signs.

Gemini & Virgo = Routined vs. Spontaneous

Another area where these two 'click' is conversation. As friends, this makes for an amazing time at the local coffee shop, catching up on anything and everything. As lovers, it can lead to fighting for airtime and a lot of frustration on both sides. If this pair can manage to arrange some silence, they might not be doomed. However, this often proves very difficult for these two chatterboxes.

Gemini moves at a fast pace and expects their partner to keep up. Though Virgo matches Gemini in the intelligence department, they tend to be a little more grounded and they hate rushing into things. As you can imagine, this can cause a lot of arguments between them! Virgo can find Gemini flighty and too spontaneous, while Gemini thinks Virgo's attachment to their routine is kind of boring.

4. Cancer & Capricorn

When something seems too good to be true, it's usually because it is. Cancer and Capricorn are a match made in heaven on paper. But in reality, it's a completely different story. These two signs are opposites in all the right ways and fit together almost like a jigsaw puzzle. However, this tends to create a highly co-dependent environment for the couple, and they can lose themselves in their relationship if they're not careful.

As anyone who has experienced it can tell you, when you become too dependent on your partner, it can spell disaster for you as an individual. And the fallout from the break up usually feels about ten times worse than relationships with a healthy dynamic. This is why the Cancer and Capricorn match is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Cancer & Capricorn = Too Much Sacrifice

Capricorn is the dominant sign in this zodiac match and they often pursue their dreams without thinking about how it might make their nurturing Cancer feel. Cancer can often feel like they have sacrificed their own ambitions for the sake of Capricorn's, and this can cause a lot of resentment to build up between the two.

But if you give Capricorn an inch, they will take a mile, and this is where Cancer fails. If they want to be the perfect match for Capricorn, they will need to stand up for themselves and fight for their space in the relationship. Obviously, this isn't all Cancer's fault - Capricorn needs to get a grip and start paying attention to what their sensitive and emotional partner needs. Open communication and understanding can help this couple, but ultimately, it won't work out.

5. Leo & Scorpio

There's no denying it - this is one saucy match. Leo and Scorpio have an intense chemistry that can make their friends burn with envy. These two keep it spicy in the bedroom, and both exude a confidence that turns their partner on. But as far as romance goes, things don't look promising for this sexy pair. After the honeymoon phase wears off, Leo and Scorpio come to loathe the qualities they once found attractive in each other...

That confidence that is so welcomed in the bedroom tends to create a power struggle outside of it. Both can end up feeling threatened by their partner's bold and fiery attitude - and given that these two are both massive control freaks, it's a recipe for a very messy break up. Unless they can learn to relinquish control, they'll fail.

Leo & Scorpio = Attention Cravers

In addition to being overly confident control freaks, Leo and Scorpio both love attention and crave being number one. This can end up in some nasty clashes and both signs feeling like they're not getting the form of love that they need. If heated arguments on a daily basis sounds like fun to you, maybe this relationship would work! For most people, it is doomed from the start.

Leo is a fire sign, while Scorpio is water, so you can see why there might be some problems with the match. Water signs are emotional, sensitive, and require a lot of assurance to ease their insecurities. This tends to clash with the fire sign's aggressive and independent nature. Leo doesn't even think about how Scorpio is feeling, while Scorpio's constant need for validation can be annoying to Leo.

6. Virgo & Sagittarius

Virgo and Sagittarius are both thoughtful souls and they love having long and in-depth conversations with each other. Philosophy is a shared interest and if there's red wine involved they'll be talking all night. Both are excited by travel, activism, politics, and helping people in need. Unfortunately, it's these interests that connect their minds that can often drive them apart physically. These signs are both independent adventure seekers who tend to put their partner second to this interest.

In addition to the problems above, Virgo and Sagittarius are a mismatch in the bedroom, too. Virgo loves to take things slowly and sensually, always providing a giving experience. Sagittarius is a lot more fast and furious, which leaves them out of sync with each other sexually. Virgo is often left disappointed, which can fester and manifest in the form of passive aggressiveness.

Virgo & Sagittarius = Not Much Chemistry

It's not just that their sex life is out of sync - it appears that after all the great conversations, there simply isn't much chemistry or passion between this zodiac match. In fact, they tend to make better drinking buddies than lovers. Sagittarius finds Virgo's stability and love of routine quite suffocating, while Virgo can become frustrated with Sagittarius's need to constantly be on an adventure.

One thing is for sure - this couple would have to make a million compromises in order for their relationship to survive. And when you're compromising on everything, is it really worth continuing? In some ways, they can help each other. Virgo can learn to take more risks and Sagittarius can learn to foster a more stable lifestyle. But, like so many things in this busy life, most people can't be bothered making the effort.

7. Libra & Capricorn

These two social butterflies love attending parties together and are often viewed as a power couple amongst their friends and peers. It's true that Libra and Capricorn could rule the world (or at least their social circuit) if they worked together, but the reality is that their relationship tends to be superficial and lacking in passion, love, and emotion. But hey, it looks great on the outside!

Libra's flirty and charming personality blends well with Capricorn's confidence and ambition. But a relationship between these two signs never lasts long. They both have a tendency to get wrapped up in themselves and care way too much about their image. What they need is a partner with opposing values to influence them in a positive way. But all Libra and Capricorn do is encourage each other to continue negative behaviors.

Libra & Capricorn = Differences In Tradition

Capricorn's ambition works well on the outside - Libra wants to show off a successful partner. However, behind closed doors, Libra can feel second best to Capricorn's career and other projects. Capricorn can be neglectful, but also feels a little suffocated by all of the time Libra wants to spend together. If this couple could learn to compromise, it might not be all doom and gloom, but for either of these signs doing that is unlikely.

Another area where these two clash is Capricorn's love of routine, tradition, and stability, versus Libra's airy, spontaneous, and carefree personality. In the best situations, their personalities rub off on each other and they both become more well rounded as individuals. However, what usually ends up happening is they drive each other crazy. Get ready for a very dramatic break up!

8. Scorpio & Taurus

Weirdly enough, these two can sometimes manage to start a relationship despite being homebodies with completely differing interests. We don't know how it happens exactly, but rumor has it that they have a fiery chemistry in the bedroom that clearly leads them to pursue something more. But as you'll soon see, a partnership outside of sexual activities is not the greatest idea for this duo. Though we can certainly see how that might be a tempting offer for some people!

Look, it's not all bad. Stable Taurus tends to provide a safe environment, which allows the sometimes-manipulative Scorpio to feel vulnerable. And Scorpio provides the validation Taurus needs for their insecurities. But the fact that Scorpio does love to play games and Taurus can be very insecure in relationships is a problem in the first place.

Scorpio & Taurus = Love To Criticize Each Other

Both of these signs hold a grudge and tend to seek out revenge if they feel they've been wronged. As you can imagine, this can be deadly for any relationship. Because of this, Scorpio and Taurus partnerships will often fail as soon as they reach this test. They also love to criticize one another. Oddly, this can sometimes work well for the couple if they're in a receptive mood. But if they're feeling grumpy it can turn tumultuous quite rapidly!

Now, we have to return to this homebody quality, because it is the final nail in the coffin for this unfortunate zodiac match. Due to both Scorpio and Taurus loving their privacy and downtime at home, they can quite easily find themselves in a bubble where they don't go out and socialize with others. This can cause tension to brew and an eventual argument to start.

9. Sagittarius & Pisces

At first glance, Sagittarius and Pisces can make an adorable pair. They love doing cute activities together and always try to turn their dreams into reality. The problem? Neither one is very committed to maintaining a stable life or being financially responsible in any way. This can make their spontaneous adventures and outings a little difficult to fund.

This can be a wonderful match for the honeymoon phase. But when the realities of life set in, the one thing that attracts these two to each other becomes almost impossible to maintain. Ultimately, what they need to survive is for at least one of them to take charge and become the 'responsible one' - but the chances of that happening are slim to none. We have to admire their spirit, but this lovely fling is never going to last.

Sagittarius & Pisces = Toxic Co-dependent Environment

The other thing about these two lovebirds is that they often create a toxic, co-dependent environment together. However, they remain unable to make any real commitments to a life together. They're the type of couple who will somehow end up spending 20 years in their relationship, while somehow never building anything solid together. Some of their friends may not even take their partnership very seriously.

Pisces can occasionally annoy Sagittarius by being a little too clingy at times. They crave comfort and security from their partner, and independent, sometimes-brash Sagittarius can be a bit neglectful when they don't provide it. Both need to work on their own individual problems, but it inevitably ends up destroying their relationship. We wish these two could just get it together, but it's unlikely that either party will step up and take their partnership to the next level.

10. Capricorn & Aries

We're exhausted even thinking about how demanding and draining this pairing can be. If ever there was a terrible match in the zodiac, it's between Capricorn and Aries. We're not saying that there aren't any exceptions to the rule, but this couple will typically fail, and they will fail fast. There's no way these two would be able to stand each other for much longer than a few months.

The one way that Capricorn and Aries might be able to harness all of their combined energy is to go into business together. They both have bold, confident, fiery personalities that work well together in professional settings. Really, they could end up making a lot of money as a team! But if they don't take on such an opportunity, they'll end up taking out all of their pent-up energy on each other.

Capricorn & Aries = Volatile Pair

Aries brings positive energy and light into the typically straight-laced Capricorn's life. And Capricorn provides the safe environment and loyalty that Aries needs from a relationship. While these are both good things, it's unfortunately not enough to keep this volatile pair together. Neighbors of this couple beware - you'll be hearing some marathon arguments through the walls!

Capricorn is often thought of as the 'father' sign of the zodiac, while Aries is considered the 'baby'. This can result in Aries throwing tantrums from time to time when they don't get their way. This can frustrate Capricorn and drain them of energy. However, in order to keep the relationship going, Capricorn will have to stop pandering to Aries and their whims. Most of the time this effort isn't put in and the relationship dies a very fast and violent death.

11. Aquarius & Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio are an interesting combo because they're so close to being the perfect match. Yet somehow their relationship never seems to last. We're not sure exactly what goes wrong between these two, but history has shown that they just don't mesh well, even if they appear to be full of love for each other in real life.

Aquarius is a thoughtful and independent soul. They're sociable and fun, but they also really appreciate their alone time. Chilling out is a favorite activity for this carefree air sign. Scorpio, on the other hand, is a homebody who loves giving themselves to their partner. They're family oriented and can be a little guarded if they're not provided with a safe environment. We're sure you can now see all the areas where this can and does go wrong!

Aquarius & Scorpio = Too Much Jealousy

If there's one thing Aquarians love, it's spending time with their friends. But this has the potential to make homebody Scorpios insanely jealous. They'd much rather have their lover all to themselves. If they ever try to get between Aquarius and their buddies, the relationship will be over before they know it. Aquarius will feel trapped if they can't socialize, but at the same time, Scorpio needs someone who will pay more attention to their emotional needs.

Scorpio isn't the only one getting jealous in this relationship. Aquarius can sometimes become concerned about Scorpio's flirtatious nature, even if they weren't doing anything wrong. One thing Scorpio won't stand for is being accused of something they didn't do, so this is another potential breaking point for this troublesome pair. If Aquarius and Scorpio communicated more, they could have something special, but most of the time they just break up.

12. Pisces & Gemini

Uh oh, get ready for Gemini to release the twins on an unsuspecting Pisces. This relationship is a real no-go, so evacuate now if necessary! But it's not just Gemini causing havoc - both of these signs can be extremely moody when they're together, which creates an extremely toxic environment for both parties. It's not all bad - sometimes this duo can inspire one another. However, it ultimately fails due to their undeniable incompatibility.

Geminis are characterized by their quick wit, intelligence, fast pace, and talkative nature. Pisces is known for being sensitive, emotional, creative, and philosophical. While some of these traits line up or even complement each other, it seems like it's not quite enough to make this couple work in the real world. It's a shame, really, as they can be really charming when they're together.

Pisces & Gemini = Fast Paced vs. Slow Paced

Fast paced Gemini is ready to move on from problems and arguments almost the moment after they've happened, while thoughtful Pisces can spend longer ruminating on the issues. This leads to frustration for Gemini, who would prefer if Pisces just moved on and lightened up as fast as they were able to. It also hurts Pisces, who feels that Gemini dismisses their feelings and doesn't take them seriously.

Both of these signs find it difficult to commit to relationships, which is yet another obstacle standing in their way. Gemini is obsessed with moving onto new places, projects, and people, while sentimental Pisces can lose themselves in nostalgia. This means the couple are rarely ever in sync with life goals and committing to something more serious is tough. We totally see where they're coming from - best not to try this one at home!

13. Aries & Libra

This is certainly one fiery match that is not destined to last. Both passionate and opinionated about the issues they believe in; Aries and Libra can work well together if they agree on fundamental values. If they don't, they may as well throw in the towel now, because neither one will back down about the things they care about. There is definitely a need to be 'right' that is shared between the two, which can create a lot of problems when one person has to be wrong.

Though they both stand by their convictions, they definitely have different styles. Libra is charming and knows how to work a room. Aries is fast paced and doesn't really have any regard for being tactful. The famous Aries temper doesn't help them when they're trying to make their point either!

Aries & Libra = Different Goals

One of the other core issues that makes the success of this match unrealistic is the fact that both signs have completely different goals in life. Aries is ambitious and career focused, while Libra prefers to socialize with friends. They rarely agree on major decisions, such as whether to have children, and how to parent those hypothetical children.

Just imagine it - Libra trapped at home with a baby, unable to attend all of their social engagements, while Aries tries to juggle parenting and their career. They would not be the well-oiled machine that they'd need to be for this task. Not to throw even more problems at this couple, but the word is that they're also not very compatible in the bedroom. We think there's enough evidence here to not get into an Aries/Libra partnership, don't you?

14. Taurus & Leo

We're not going to be totally negative about this couple - they actually have some important things in common and they're not destined for failure if they commit to compromising in some areas. Both are extremely family oriented and a Taurus and Leo partnership often results in some pretty good parenting. But we can't ignore all of the other red flags. This pair still has a lot to overcome before they get to the baby stage.

Both of these signs love the finer things in life, which is great if they have the money and agree on how to spend it. But as with most relationships, there's a bit of a power imbalance. Leo tends to be the breadwinner, and Taurus loves spending up big. However, it's only a matter of time until Leo begins to grow bitter over the frivolous spending.

Taurus & Leo = Collective Stubborness

Don't even get us started on the collective stubbornness going on with this couple. Both of them, but particularly Taurus, will refuse to back down on anything, which kind of diminishes the chance of those compromises we talked about earlier ever taking place. These two can end up in some of the wildest screaming matches you've ever heard!

In addition to all of the problems we've mentioned, there tends to be a major attitude clash with Taurus and Leo. Being an earth sign, Taurus thrives within their stable routine. They love laying down roots and they can't stand change for the sake of change. However, Leo is a fire sign and loves mixing things up from time to time. They even find their Taurus's repetitive routine rather dull, which can cause anger to flare up between them.

15. Gemini & Sagittarius

Wow! This couple can absolutely be a great match when they want to be. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to happen all that often. Sometimes we think it's because both are such interesting individuals that they can never become one as a couple. Gemini and Sagittarius are the great communicators of the zodiac and they certainly have a great time talking long into the night together.

Sagittarius is the philosophical one, while Gemini is practically a professional conversationalist. So, what's the problem? We hear you ask. One of the biggest obstacles for these two is actually organizing a date. Both are social and pursue a lot of hobbies and passions. It can be really hard for their schedules to align, making it tough to get a relationship off the ground before the interest fizzles out.

Gemini & Sagittarius = Struggles With Monogamy

With two such charming and flirtatious signs coming together, there's another big problem: both tend to struggle with monogamy and being with the same person for many years. It's not uncommon for Gemini and Sagittarius to prefer having multiple lovers. If they have a talk and work out an arrangement, such as an open relationship, they could really be a power couple. But social norms and jealousy may stop them.

Both of these exciting signs crave new adventures, the unknown, and spontaneity in their lives. This is all good and well, but it can mean that they don't commit to anything for long, including each other. With both of them excited about new projects (and people!), it's easy for the relationship to simply fall apart. Hey, at least it's not a messy break up, they usually both agree.

16. Cancer & Libra

At first glance, this seems like quite a peaceful union. Both Cancer and Libra are some of the most emotional, sensitive, and caring signs in the zodiac. Why wouldn't it work out? Well, as it turns out, these types of signs don't tend to communicate with each other as much as they should. With many things left unsaid, things begin to fester. You know exactly how it goes when you're mad at someone who doesn't know it - it only makes things worse.

Cancer is really the most sensitive soul in the zodiac and it's quite easy to hurt their feelings, even when you feel like you handled things with care. For this reason, the usually very communicative Libra often holds back when it comes to confrontation. They don't want to upset their partner, but ultimately, they're doing their relationship a disservice.

Cancer & Libra = Silent Grudges

And it's not just Libra's fault for not talking. If Cancer gets upset, they won't bring it up either, as they hate confrontation. So, there could be all manner of problems just simmering under the surface of this seemingly calm union. When silent grudges are held, all it does is break down the relationship, so it's not really a huge surprise that Cancer and Libra aren't a great match.

The good news? Not bringing up your issues means you never fight! People on the outside are often envious of the peaceful Cancer/Libra partnership, but actually, what both of these signs need is a straight talker, as opposed to someone who buries their feelings. The pair can also clash when adventurous Libra wants to try new things, but sentimental and routine-loving Pisces doesn't really feel the same way.

17. Leo & Aquarius

Step back everybody, this is one emotional rollercoaster you don't want to ride. Leo and Aquarius can certainly have some good times together, but in the end, the carefree and lighthearted nature of both signs only leads to trouble at the end. At first it seems like the most natural thing in the world, but we don't need to tell you what happens when neither party wants to take things to the next level. These two are focused on fun, and it will only result in the undoing of the relationship.

We know you think we're sounding dramatic. What's the problem with two signs who just love having a good time together? We're going to get to that right now and we're sure you'll agree with us by the time we're done! Let's get started...

Leo & Aquarius = Lost Interest

The problem with having too much fun is that one person always wants to cut the party short. In this case, it's usually Leo who decides they'd like to make a proper go of things. Aquarians are known for being commitment-phobes, so obviously an imbalance in power occurs at this point. However, after a period of time, Aquarius usually submits, despite it not being their favorite idea.

You'd think Leo would be glad to finally have their lover on board. But what typically ends up happening is that they lose interest once they've tamed their Aquarius. It's a constant back and forth between these two, and frankly, it's only going to cause a lot of pain and heartache. Leo is a major hothead and Aquarius has a rebellious streak, so you can only imagine the types of arguments this pair get into when tensions are high.

18. Virgo & Pisces

The great thing about Virgo and Pisces is that they're both known as some of the zodiac's best nurturers and caretakers. Any romantic relationship between this duo is sweet and considerate - plus, they're both interested in health and wellbeing, which gives them a common goal to work towards. When Pisces is feeling unwell, Virgo loves coming up with natural concoctions to make them feel better.

So, what's the problem? We hear you cry. Firstly, Virgo can get a little too clingy way too fast. Pisces doesn't usually like to commit to anything, let alone a relationship, so some obvious problems stem from this. Virgo is at the stage where they're already being a bit of a control freak in the situation, and we kind of get why Pisces would want to really think this through!

Virgo & Pisces = Not Living The Life They Want

Virgo's natural role as the control freak of the relationship definitely extends to the bedroom, too. While casual Pisces doesn't usually mind being submissive in the sack, it's definitely a concern that Virgo has to be in charge of every single area of the relationship. Obviously, this makes Pisces feel uneasy, and things just get worse from there.

As two natural caretakers, Virgo and Pisces are very willing to compromise and sacrifice what they really want for the sake of their partner. This often means that they're both living a life that is not what they really want. It's not uncommon for one side to simply stay in the relationship as a form of compromise. They could definitely be stuck in this partnership longer than necessary if someone doesn't speak up. Best to get out before it's too late.

19. Libra & Taurus

One thing that this couple can agree on is seeking out all of the pleasures that life has to offer. These two love hitting the town together and you'll find them anywhere from art galleries and museums, to Michelin star restaurants and the hottest nightclubs in the city. There's probably not a more fashionable pair in the zodiac - Libra and Taurus are always wearing the coolest clothes you've ever seen.

It's understandable why this duo would get together. They have common interests and they always look good at events. In fact, they can often be the envy of many of their other friends. It just seems like they're always out having a great time! But a life of pure pleasure-seeking activities begins to wear a little thin after a while. Yes, we know it's hard to imagine, but it's true!

Libra & Taurus = Superficial Partnership

Underneath the full social calendars and the social events, there's not much sustaining this often-superficial partnership. One thing that really gets on Taurus's nerves is Libra's inability to make a decision about anything. Likewise, Libra can get frustrated with Taurus for always creating such detailed plans that must be followed through, no matter what.

Though this pair love hitting up events together, Taurus is definitely more of a homebody and gets tired of the social circuit pretty quickly. On the other hand, Libra can't get enough of parties and hanging out with friends. If there's any sign that can work a room, it's Libra! When Taurus feels like they're not getting enough attention, it can lead to massive arguments between the two. Libra feels trapped when they're asked to stay home and catch up on quality time.

20. Scorpio & Aries

We're not going to lie - this is one steamy match. When Scorpio and Aries meet, they can't seem to take their hands off of each other. It's understandable that after all the fantastic sex they're having, they'd assume a relationship would be the next logical step. But we're here to tell everyone that this is the wrong move. The best thing this couple could do is keep their relationship casual and sexy. The moment they turn serious is the moment their time together is doomed.

Mars rules both Scorpio and Aries, which makes a lot of sense, considering it's known as the most passionate planet. But this also gives both signs the capacity for massive arguments - and trust us, there will be plenty between this dynamic duo. You wouldn't want to be anywhere nearby when these two get into a fight.

Scorpio & Aries = Fiery Personalities + Privacy

To be honest, it's actually quite rare for a serious relationship to get off the ground when it comes to a Scorpio and Aries match. In addition to their fiery personalities, both signs are incredibly private beings. In relationships with other signs, they tend to be coaxed out of this, but with each other, it only seems to magnify the issue. It's pretty hard to get serious when neither party trusts the other.

The last issue we'll mention here is pride. Scorpio and Aries have a ton of it, and it can be a major roadblock to a successful romantic relationship. None will back down in a fight and in some cases, they'd rather witness the destruction of their own relationship than admit they were wrong. Our advice? Just nip it in the bud after a few saucy sexual encounters.

21. Sagittarius & Leo

Funnily enough, this is one zodiac match that we don't necessarily think is 'doomed'. This couple has a lot going for them if they're willing to make some compromises and design a lifestyle that is not generally considered the norm. These two love to socialize, and their energy and passion for each other makes all of their other couple friends insanely jealous. Did we mention they're excellent partners in the bedroom, too?

You might be wondering why they're even appearing on this list. And the truth of the matter is that while they can be great for each other, there's a lot that can go wrong with this pair. The first thing they need to address is Leo's constant need for attention. This wouldn't be a problem if Leo was paired with a more nurturing sign...

Sagittarius & Leo = Not a Great Team When Things Are Tough

However, Sagittarius is known for being impatient and really has no time for Leo's antics. In fact, they can even be quite blunt and hurtful towards sensitive Leo. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of tension that tends to just slowly build until everything explodes all at once. These signs are known for making a scene, so don't be surprised if you see them arguing at a restaurant, party, or basically anywhere they can be seen in public.

This can be a great pairing for young people, but when things get serious, Sagittarius and Leo don't make a great team. This is especially true for having kids. Both find it a trying time and are impatient with small children. Our recommendation for saving the relationship is to hire a nanny to take some of the pressure off.

22. Capricorn & Virgo

We don't want to sound mean, but a Capricorn and Virgo match is one of the most boring in the zodiac. Both signs live by routine and structure, and they hate when things don't go according to their well laid plans. Yes, they do love comparing excel spreadsheets and talking about household budgets together, but eventually even they will realize there's no real passion underneath their common goal for order and control.

Though neither Capricorn or Virgo is known for cheating, the dull environment can certainly create a situation where one or both parties feel tempted by a saucier, more spontaneous sign. They can definitely work to avoid this, but the solution is that both will have to change their ways in order to create more excitement. Most of the time, they'll simply give up.

Capricorn & Virgo = Hard To Spice Things Up

We don't know exactly how Capricorn and Virgo could spice things up, but they could definitely start with the bedroom. It's time to put those laptops away and explore each other's bodies instead of putting together a meal plan for the rest of the week. Better yet, hit up a cabaret show or something exciting and sexy that you don't normally do.

These two are both earth signs, meaning they're super grounded and respect traditional ways of life. This is all well and good when paired with another element, but it can be a bit much when two 'earthies' come together. If Capricorn and Virgo can find a way to get out of the inevitable rut they'll fall into, they could possibly be a good couple. Book a trip, a show, or a skydive, as long as you just do something!

23. Aquarius & Gemini

The most heartbreaking thing about this match is that they'll only realize it's doomed to fail when they're several years into their relationship. At first, they'll have a great time! Philosophical and laid-back Aquarius is just what fast paced and intellectual Gemini needs in a partner. The conversations between these two are epic and in a group scenario, they'll end up losing everyone except each other.

Both Aquarius and Gemini don't have a particular love of routine and stability. They'll take a glass of wine, a good chat, and travel over financial security and structure any day of the week. This seems like a great thing to have in common, but it tends to end up as two aimless intellectuals with a lot of great ideas and no direction. We don't mean to be so depressing, but it's true!

Aquarius & Gemini = Trapped With Responsibility

As you can guess from what we've already revealed, Aquarius and Gemini are both big kids at heart who love exciting activities, spontaneous adventures, and the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Unfortunately, this is a terrible match for having actual kids. Neither party wants to step up as the primary caregiver and both can feel trapped by the responsibility involved in raising a family.

The other thing about this pair is that they both struggle to discuss their feelings. It seems strange for a couple who normally talk about everything, but for some reason, they can talk about anything besides what they're feeling inside. When emotions go unexpressed it's a recipe for a hurtful breakup, and we would suggest getting out of the way when things finally explode - it's going to be a wild fight.

24. Pisces & Capricorn

We all have one couple in our lives just like this. You know the ones who are constantly on again then off again all in the space of a few days? They're most likely a Pisces and Capricorn. While they do have plenty in common, these two are just one of those matches that will never work out. We do have to admire them for trying so many times, though! It's more than we can say for the rest of this list.

The clashes are obvious when you take a look at the characteristics of both signs. Pisces hates being tied down and fears commitment. Seriously, this is a sign that can barely commit to a decision about their next meal, so you can only imagine how they get when it's time to commit to a relationship.

Pisces & Capricorn = Financial Issues

On the other hand, Capricorn is stable, organized, ambitious and hard working. In their best times, Pisces will enjoy the fruits of Capricorn's labor, as they're usually the breadwinner in this match. But in their bad times, Pisces will feel trapped and won't like the concept of being 'kept'. Capricorn usually loves to provide financially, but they'll tire of it when Pisces pulls away and appears ungrateful.

The financial situation is just the tip of the iceberg here and points to a greater issue of control. Capricorn loves being in control, but unfortunately, Pisces hates being controlled. This will end up being the at root of all of their problems. When they let it happen, the relationship becomes toxic and co-dependent. When they fight it, watch out, because all hell is about to break loose.

25. Aries & Sagittarius

Aries and Sagittarius are that annoying couple who announces they're quitting their jobs to explore the world together. Next thing you know, your Instagram feed is full of photos of them wining and dining in Italy, hiking in Costa Rica, and sampling local spices in Morocco. As you can tell from our little outburst, they definitely have the ability to make others jealous!

This mutual love of adventure is generally a good thing, but Aries and Sagittarius are too blind to see that it can tear them apart, too. While they're off enjoying all of the exciting things life has to offer, they tend to forget to spend time appreciating one another. They could fix it quite easily by taking the time for an extra kiss in the morning or sending a few compliments their partner's way, but this is rare.

Aries & Sagittarius = Fires Signs Not Good For Each Other

Though they're both passionate fire signs, this partnership has the potential to fizzle out just as quickly as it heated up in the first place. And while we're on the topic, two fire signs really aren't good for each other. Yes, things are pretty steamy in the bedroom, but the loud arguments are so not worth all of the hassle and heartache.

We know we've said a few harsh words, however, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom for this match. Aries and Sagittarius really have the ability to control their own destiny if they just simmer down for five minutes and pay attention to each other. A little compromise goes a long way, especially when you've already got so much in common. With a little work, they really could be the couple that everyone else wants to be.



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