Painfully Awkward Prom Photos That Are Surprisingly Real

Humor | By Julio Childress | June 2, 2018

Prom is supposed to be a special time that you remember for the rest of your life. Unfortunately that doesn't mean you have to remember it for being good. Awful things happen at prom, as well as beautiful things, but the awful things leave emotional scars so is it really worth the risk?

The good thing is that we have cameras to preserve these moments, especially the awful ones. They may not be funny to you when they're happening, but you better believe that you're going to want those photos later when you're looking back at the person you once were.

These photos will either give you painful flashbacks, or make you happy that you're still not in high school. Maybe you'll see a photo that makes you think, "I'm not alone. That happened to someone else too," although I really hope none of these photo moments happened to you. #48 will literally make you fall to the floor, what were they thinking?!?

1. She Devil

This is what we call "Satanic Styling," and these two are rocking it hard. Not a lot of people have the guts to wear something so intense to the prom. The red and black color combo isn't so much what I'm talking about. I mostly mean the horns. Even though it's a bold and unusual choice, it totally works with the outfit. This couple could be the future of Hot Topic style fashion.

From my high school experience, the people who were the most goth were much nicer than the popular kids. The popular kids were heartless and evil. In fact, the popular people had more satanic qualities than anyone else. You'd think the people obsessed with darkness and demons would be mean, but no. They are lovely people. Go hug a goth person today - actually, don't. They won't like that.

2. Jungle Hiding

One of the cool aspects of taking prom photos is that there is usually some kind of set you can interact with. Not to make any poorly funded schools feel bad for only having a blue backdrop. Blue backdrops are still cool... just not AS cool. In terms of interesting backdrops, this one is up there. These teens don't even need to be in the picture thanks to this backdrop. It's like they are hiding from Predator.

It's too bad this young man is hiding his outfit. We can't even see how good he looks. I know my mom would have smacked me for that saying, "why would you rent out a tux just to take a picture behind some bushes?" We can see enough of the girl's dress, which is nice. We all know that the girls are the real stars of prom.

3. Such Great heights

I'm loving this couple. The height difference here is pretty spectacular, but it makes you wonder: is he really tall, or is she really short? Without a frame of reference it's a little hard to tell. I get the feeling this guy is really tall though. He has the proud stance of a tall man. That's the swagger of a man who knows he can slam dunk.

To be fair, she doesn't have her heels on. You can see them taken off in the bottom corner. Those will give her a few inches, which she'll need for when she slow dances with this guy. I like that this couple addresses their height difference straight on by taking a picture of it. A lot of people would be embarrassed of it, especially people in their teens.

4. Neon Nightmares

Creativity level is at maximum in this photo. Those outfits are obviously a custom job, which is as baller as it gets. This couple had a very specific idea of the color scheme and design for their prom outfits, so what did they do? They made them themselves. That's how fashion empires get built. The color scheme might not be exactly my style, but there's a market for it. I hope they continued making outfits after this. I could totally picture walking into Hot Topic one day and seeing these hanging up.

I believe that people appreciate effort, so I bet a custom made outfit like one of these turns more heads than a $3,000 Armani suit. I wouldn't suggest showing up to your sisters wedding in either of these, but if you did, you'd be the most talked about.

5. Cocky

I adore this picture. This picture looks like it could be the cover to a novel about young women reaching adulthood. I could totally see this book listed on the Summer reading list. Whoever's idea this was, they should go into art direction. This could be a Kanye West cover. The chickens are just great. I'm going to assume that those are the girls' pet chickens, and not just some random chickens that were walking around. Who knows though. Maybe these girls are such badasses that they just walk the forest and grab chickens like its nothing. I'm a city boy. I wouldn't know anything about that.

Stoic faces was an artistic choice that really paid off. It gives the photo a mysterious quality. Who are these girls? Where did those chickens come from? Are they happy? Sad? Mad?

6. Spike The Punch

Some people can pull anything off. There's really no secret to it though. It's all about choosing a bold statement, and following through with confidence. This is not a dress you can feel shy about wearing. You have spikes on your shoulders! You have two choices while wearing this. Choice one: be cautious of people around you. Choice two: say screw it, and if people get their eyes poked, people get their eyes poked.

This reminds me of something out of a Disney movie or an anime. Those are two style choices I'm all about. I love seeing people in cosplay, because sometimes the outfits look like something you could wear out to the grocery store and still look normal AND cool. This girl's outfit might not be grocery store appropriate, but for prom it's amazing.

7. Got Some Sun

I firmly believe in the old adage, "go big or go home." If you're going to do something, you might as well go all out. In this case, these two guys wanted to tan, and they went all out. I wouldn't say that's my style when it comes to tanning. I like a little more of a natural look, but I have to respect the intensity of the pigment. White suits were a great combination as well. They really make those skin tones pop.

My one criticism is that the boys are outshining the girls a little, which is not something you want to do. It's hard to focus on how lovely the girls look when you can't help but admire the intensity of those tans. I know one thing by the looks of this picture. These people had a great time.

8. I don't see anything

It's not always easy to get a guy and a girl to coordinate to match on prom. I like how much these two match each other because it really means they have unity. You don't have to worry about your date running off with someone else when they are dressed exactly like you. They are a match made in camo. I also like that the camo pattern is not the usual pattern you'd see. It's very unique. They have a built in conversation starter, "what's that on your camo?"

Camouflage is an interesting pattern because it can come in many colors/designs, and it also serves a purpose, while also being a fashion choice. It's not like you see people in orange safety vests at the club, however, you might see someone in a camouflage shirt or jacket.

9. Players Gonna Play

There is only one word that describes this guy: hero. I'm imagine one of two scenarios. Either he didn't have a date for the prom, which is probably more common than people think. Or his prom date got sick and couldn't go. Either way, this guy went with a choice and it was the right one. I love my game system too, dude. I totally get it.

It's a hilarious joke, and by doing this he's pretty much made it impossible to make fun of him for it. He owned up to his love of his XBox 360 so much that what else is there to say? The only problem I see is that he had to lug that thing around for the entire prom. Then again, if you love something there is no sacrifice too great.

10. Pimp

The pimp look is one of those over-the-top fashion choices that never goes out of style. It's just ridiculous enough to always work. Plus, we all know not to talk ill of a pimp. You might get pimp slapped. This trio had decided that three is not a crowd. Not only that, they also accommodated all three of them with this matching suit. No matter what girl this pimp decides to dance with, they'll match. That is one hell of a custom suit. He never had to worry about wearing the same thing as someone else.

I wonder how this trio came to be, and what their parents think about this. As a father, I'd be upset if my daughter had to share a date, but if everyone is happy then who cares. He looks like a nice pimp. Not one of those mean, abusive pimps.

11. A Very Shady Prom

It's crazy how something as simple as wearing sunglasses inside can totally change the vibe of your look. Wearing sunglasses when you shouldn't be tells the world that you don't care about the rules. It can also tell the world that you just smoked some weed and you're trying to hide it, but I don't think that's the case with these two. I think they are just a pair of rebels.

The only downside of taking photos with your sunglasses on is that no one can tell where you're looking. When you aren't wearing sunglasses, you can turn your head away from the camera and your eyes will still show where you're looking. That's not the case with sunglasses, so the girl might be looking right at the camera, but it doesn't look that way.

12. Kilt It

Bro, seriously. Save some swagger for the rest of us. You can't look that dope and expect not to make some enemies. Let's break it down. The hair killing it. Long and straight like something out of a 90s movie. Plus, the dude has a bow tie and a kilt on. That's beyond peacocking. He's gone full Super Saiyan as far as peacocking goes. Some of us won't get to that level until we're 70, if at all. No one is paying attention to the girl thanks to this guy's antics.

I hope this girl said yes to him pre-Kilt style. Like he was just a normal nerd who she assumed she was doing a favor for by saying yes when he asked her to prom. Then he showed up in this amazing outfit and suddenly they are the hottest couple.

13. I Blame the Photographer

These teens aren't off the hook. The guy chose to rock a dog collar and a dress shirt buttoned only on the top. Only Latinos can rock that style, fool, but he somehow pulled it off. I think the dog collar helps. It brings balance to the outfit. As for the girl, she's wearing amber sunglasses before amber sunglasses were cool (they are cool, right? I'm asking because I wear them).

The poses are unique. At the very least the two of them look extremely happy, as if someone took a picture of them while they were having a picnic. Taking pictures at a photo studio used to be a big deal, but it was also fodder for very awkward photos. You can see in the corner that this picture came from awkward family photos.

14. All Men Are Dogs, Unless They Are Horses

You know what. If you really want to flex on people at prom, you show up with a statement piece. I know what you're thinking, "what's a statement piece?" Want a great example of a statement piece? A miniature horse. Every single head will turn when you show up. You have to deal with it pooping everywhere, but it's totally worth it. If it was easy, would it be worth doing?

There's always the possibility that the horse is a student at the school. Maybe it's a really progressive school where they let barn animals get their diplomas. There's also the tragic possibility that a magic spell turned their friend into a horse. Now they bring him with them everywhere while they search for a cure. I don't know if that's a likely story or just a good idea for a Disney show.

15. Dad Doesn't Approve

Someone needs to crop this photo. Listen, Dad. I get it. You don't like the guy taking your daughter to prom. Still, put on appearances and smile. You can always pull him aside when there aren't any cameras around. That's when you give him the talk. Dads love to give the talk. There should be a TV show that just shows Dads giving the talk to young boys dating their daughters. I would totally watch that.

For the sake of his daughter's memories, this dad needs to chill. At least they have those instagram filters that force a smile on the person. They could always try that. This photo definitely got cropped when it was posted on Facebook. There is no doubt about that. The dad could keep his half of the photo for his own Facebook profile photo.

16. Mild Overreacting

This dad really wanted to show off. He brought out his gun for the photo opp, which I think is pretty incredible. I'm sure this was taken in a state where guns are common, but I'd still be very nervous if I was that boy. It's hard to tell if his smile is genuine excitement or fear. I'm sure that girl got home by curfew without any problems.

I'm sure it's hard as a father not to stunt on your daughter's date. It's part of the fun of having a daughter going to prom. It's all different if you have a son. You don't get to have that kind of fun. Don't try to threaten your son's date. It won't go well. Another dad will show up on your doorstep with his own camo rifle.

17. Size Matters

This couple definitely suffers from a bit of a size difference, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. No one is ever going to give this couple any trouble. Everyone knows not to mess with a giant. One slap from that guy's bear paw and you'd be out like a light. I just feel bad that anytime that guy wants to go in for a kiss, he's got to bend over completely. The better their relationship, the more back problems this guy will have.

This girl is truly lucky. It's always good to have someone big in your corner. If I could find myself a woman that size, everything would be OK. She could fight all of my battles for me, and no one would blame me for it. That's true feminism, if you ask me.

18. Panic! At the Prom!

What I love most about this picture is that I can't tell which decade it is from. I'd classify this style as emo / goth, which was in style hundreds of years ago until today. As long as kids feel displaced and awkward, emo/goth style will always be in style. Whether you like a more traditional prom look or not, you can't deny that these two look completely fantastic. The layering in their outfits is something to be admired.

If I have one criticism for them it's that they might have gone a little too far with the goth look. Something tells me that girl's complexion is not usually so... white. That's a lot of powder, by my estimation. My guess is that this photo was taken some time in the 80s, when powdering yourself was cool.

19. Han SOLO

If you're someone whose prom photos were taken solo (just like this guy), don't feel bad. Many people take solo prom photos, and you know what? Those people end up having an incredible time. In my experience, I've always seen couples fight during prom. Does that sound better than doing what you want, when you want, with who you want to do it with?

You can't look at this guy and tell me that a solo prom is a bad thing. This guy looks extremely happy despite being alone on prom. Some people learn at an early age that loving yourself is all you need in this world. This guy seems like the kind of guy who rips up the dance floor through sheer confidence. Try to look at him without picturing him breakdancing. You can't do it.

20. Everyone has That One Friend

I guess I'll ask the question we're all thinking. Why is that guy there? Are they all carpooling together because there's a 1920s strong man competition in the same building as the prom? That's what this guy looks like. You don't see strong men looking like that anymore. I think that's a shame. It's a good look. He's putting those nice-suited boys to shame with his tight shorts and striped shirt. Though the real showstopper is the mustache. It could be real. It could be fake. I don't care. I'm down for someone to rock a fake version of that mustache. That's even cooler, in a weird way.

The reality is that this is one of their brothers or dads. That's just how he normally dresses. "Let me get a picture with the boys." / "Sure, just stand far enough away that we can crop you out."

21. The Helmet Is a Little Much

This dad gets points for taking a classic prom photo theme and taking it to the extreme. We've already seen videos of dads looking threatening, or even holding a gun next to their daughter's date. This takes it to a whole other level. This dad has military grade armor and weaponry, as if he's going to have to bust down this kids door to keep him away from his daughter. I find that hilarious.

I'm really hoping the dad is part of the swat team, because I don't see why he would need all of that equipment otherwise. People usually only wear helmets when they are laying down an assault on something. I hope he brought that girl back home on time. There is no running from a dad with a sniper scope on his rifle

22. A Tall Glass of Water

Even though it shouldn't be a big deal, when men date taller women it can be a problem. Your manhood always comes into question, and people can't help but stare. As someone who has dated a taller woman, you can't escape the comments and looks. I think that's a wrong way to be, especially since it could prevent a lot of great couples from ever even considering dating each other due to their height. I'm glad these two look comfortable and happy in their pictur

If I had to guess, I'd say that the guy is average height and the girl is the one who is taller than usual. On behalf of tall women, I'd like to invite short men to let go of their fear of approaching them. You might end up with the love of your life

23. A Punk Prom

High school is funny. What was cool or uncool at the time can change with hindsight. I'm sure at the time these two were considered unusual, or possibly even outcasts, but I bet you everyone who went to school with them looks back and thinks, "those two were the coolest people in school." Those who march to the beat of their own drum will always win in the end, even if high school can be a struggle. As we grow older we struggle to find ourselves. Kids like these two found themselves early and weren't afraid to show off who they are.

I get the feeling that these two don't dance at prom. They mosh. Slip the DJ a twenty and ask for some The Clash. Start a circle pit. That's how punk kids have a good time at prom.

24. What Wet Wrong?

You look at the top photo and you think, "this looks like an absolutely lovely prom photo. What could be wrong here?" Then it all literally falls apart. The dock specifically. By the time you get to the last photo, this looks like a renaissance painting. Look at the struggle of those in the water, while on the far left a boy clutches his terrified girlfriend. Everyone will hate them for being the only ones left dry. What a story. Too bad it must have ruined most of their proms.

If you want a good excuse to show up to prom in comfortable shoes and clothing, fall into a dock fifteen minutes beforehand. No one will blame you for showing up in sweats, and you'll be comfortable enough to actually dance. It's so tragic when I see girls in big dresses trying to dance, but they can't really do anything other than shuffle.

25. Pooh Are You?

I am a fan of any prom outfit that is obviously a custom made piece. I've always been very lazy when it comes to dressing up for big events. I just throw on whatever suit I've been wearing for the past decade. When someone puts actually thought into their outfit, I can't help but admire that. In this couple's case, there is no way that their outfits aren't custom made. When's the last time you saw a matching mens and womens Winnie the Pooh outfit? The answer is never.

There's no way either of these two is getting separated from their friends. All you have to ask is where the woman or man wearing a Winnie the Pooh outfit was last seen. That's way easier than asking where the girl in the black dress went.

26. Where's the Rest of the Dress?

It takes an extreme amount of confidence to pull off a dress like that. I give women a lot of credit for confidently strutting their stuff in a revealing dress. I'd feel extremely shy if I had to do that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that women, we see you and we applaud you. For a high school dance, however, this may be slightly too revealing, even if she has that fuzzy shawl to cover some of it.

I'm not sure how prom dress regulations vary from school to school, but I know of some that would have probably took issue with this dress. More power to her for going with it, but schools get very weird about women's dress codes. Then again, it would be pretty rude to turn someone away after spending all that time getting ready.

27. Bruno Venus

I'm just going to go out and say it. That is very obviously Bruno Mars, isn't it? If not, it's a guy who could win a Bruno Mars Look-a-Like contest. We will name him Bruno Venus. Imagine looking back and being able to say that you were Bruno Mars prom date. You'd be able to ride off that fame for a long time. I'd even suggest putting it on the resume. It's a conversation starter at the very least.

It's really fun, and sometimes shocking, to see celebrity prom pictures. I'm so used to seeing stars as larger than life that I forget that they are just normal people who had lived normal lives before they were famous. That's not true for child stars who probably never got a chance to go to prom though.

28. Ben Franklin?

Here's a beautiful family photo. I'm not exactly sure who everyone is, but it's customary to take a couples photo, as well as a family photo. The only issue with that is when the family members don't dress up to the level of the prom-goers. It's not hard to look schlubby next to a girl in a gown and a dude in a tuxedo, so you have to bring your A-game. At least they have the classic prom pose down.

What's even more fun than taking normal prom photos is taking prom photos that make fun of all the cliche poses that you see year after year. I call this one the choo choo train. It's where everyone is connected, holding each other's hips. It is one of the most classic prom photos. It is perfect for large groups.

29. Someone Give that Hairstylist an Award

Whoever did this woman's hair deserves an award. You may not agree with the choice, but you have to respect that kind of skill. It reminds me of those top baker shows where people make incredibly ornate cakes. You see just how difficult it is to sculpt something out of cake. Imagine how much more difficult sculpting hair would be. I wouldn't be surprised if she paid over five hundred dollars for that hairstyle. I'm a little confused on how you'd get your hair back to normal after that though. My guess is that you just start over and shave it all off.

I feel bad for the guy because there is no way he can shine at all while standing next to her. It takes a big man to let his girl take all the focus like that.

30. Twilight

I don't know if you heard about this Twilight craze, but it turns out that women love it. They love it so much that they'll wear a dress that looks like this. If that's not love, I don't know what is (no, really. I don't know what love is. Please teach me. *cries robot tears*). This girl couldn't choose which team she was on, team werewolf-guy or team vampire-guy, so she went with both.

Sometimes it can be embarrassing to look back at the things we were really into in high school, but it's also a great reminder of those times. You can think about your favorite band or book series and it immediately takes you back to how you felt at that time. This girl isn't going to be able to think about 'Twilight' without thinking about her prom at the same time.

31. They Had a Good Knight

I can't tell if they are going to the prom or to go LARPing. That's LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING. People get together and dress up as warriors, mages, or whatever other things there are in the fantasy world, and then they beat each other with foam swords. It sounds completely awesome, but I'm also terrified to get into it. I might never emerge back into the real world. I'd be all about that LARP life.

These two are certainly a match made in heaven. Imagine how much fun they must have had building those costumes together. That's a huge part of the fun of making your own prom outfits. It looks like these are made out of duct tape, so it's possible that this was part of the duct tape prom outfit craze. These are some of the coolest duct tape outfits I've ever seen.

32. Best Hair Ever

I'm seeing a ton of confidence in this photo. It's like they told the camera man, "we know we look good. Just take the photo already." This might be the most professional looking photo we've seen thus far. They have their pose down and everything.

These hairstyles might be a little odd now, but back in the day, these two were probably the coolest people in the whole school. There aren't many people who would be bold enough to pull off those haircuts, despite them being the cool haircuts of the time. Look at your haircut. Do you have the haircut that is in style right now? No? Why not? Don't you realize that you could be as cool as these two people were? They look like replicants from Blade Runner, or characters from the anime Cowboy Bebop.

33. Taylor Swift?

I can't believe how much this girl looks like Taylor Swift. It could just be the angle and lighting, but I don't know. I bet she gets approached all the time by people who think she's the real T Swift. I wouldn't be surprised if her date is a huge Taylor Swift fan either. Wouldn't that be the dream? Find a person who looks like your favorite celebrity and start dating them. Something about that feels a little awkward though.

There's nothing like white people holding up the West side sign. I feel like this photo must have been taken in the late 90s or early 2000s. Unfortunately the W hand sign is getting co opted by white supremacists. These days if you see a white teen holding that sign up you have to question what they really mean.

34. Ladies Stand

What's with the chair? I think this guy might be sitting down because he's a lot taller than his date, but didn't anyone ever teach him that you're supposed to give your set up to a lady? It's a lose-lose situation, but like I've said before, two people shouldn't be ashamed of their height difference. It's the photographers job to make it work anyway. I give the photographer credit for any of the awkward decisions in this photo..

I really wish the photographer would have stepped in to move her hair out of her face. It's not just a photographers job to point the camera at something and click the button. It's their job to make sure their subject looks the best possible. This beautiful young woman has her face completely covered by her rogue bang.

35. I am Cat Man

As a cat owner myself, I love this picture. If you have a cat (or several) then you completely understand the desire to want to take awkward pictures with them. There's something indescribably fun about trying to take the most bizarre photo possible while holding your uncomfortable-looking cat. I have no doubt that me and these two would get along. I appreciate their choice of decor too. The hanging tiger rug is a nice touch. It really hammers home the cat theme.

If these two people are anything like me, they probably had to spend a half an hour lint rolling their outfits before they left. All I have to do is pet my cat and I'll suddenly be covered head to toe in hair. It's a small price to pay for the coolest picture ever.

36. They Have a Bond

This is another one of those custom, matching outfits. You know that means someone's mom was up for seven days straight making these. I hope she got a great mother's day gift that year. The patterns are the same, and It also appears to be connected. I mean literally connected. It may just be the picture, but it looks like the chest fabric is connected on both outfits. That's quite a statement to make. No one is going to steal your date. It would be literally impossible.

These two are true artists when it comes to coordination. Even the guy's hair matches the outfits. You rarely see coordination down to the hair color. I hope they took a million pictures. It's not like these are outfits you can wear casually out on a Friday night.

37. I'm a Barbie Girl

These two girls have taken prom outfits to the next level. These are really more of costumes than prom dresses, but hey, no one said that was against the rules. It might make it a little difficult to dance, but that's the price you pay for wearing something memorable. It's all worth it, plus I'm pretty sure they can get out of the boxes if they want to. I'd hope so, at least. I would hate to find out how they use the bathroom if that's not the case.

I bet they could make good money busking on the street in those outfits. All they'd have to do is put a money hat out and just stand there and I bet people would get a kick out of taking pictures with them .Can you say that about your prom dress? Probably not.

38. I'm Uncomfortable

First I just want to say that I'm upset because every single one of those teenage boys is more ripped than me. Let's just get that out of the way so I can hopefully move on. I blame it on the fact that these guys don't have anything else to do than work out and go to school. They don't have the enormous pressure of writing articles like this all day. If I were them, I'd be ripped too!

It's pretty cool when you see this much coordination from such a large group of people. When you have a group of friends this big, there's no way you don't have a good time at prom. There's always enough energy to go around, even if some of the people in the group are shy or upset.

39. They'll Be Back

These two might be saving themselves a morning trip by picking up the Plan B before the prom instead of the morning after. That's some smart thinking. I'm just kidding, of course. We all know that prom is often connected with people's first sexual experiences, even if it is a little awkward to talk about. Either these people were making a fun joke with this photo, or everyone involved is very oblivious. At least they can crop the picture, but then you still run the risk of someone seeing the picture and saying, "I recognize that building! That's Planned Parenthood!"

For real though, never be embarrassed about exploring sexual health, especially leading up to prom. It's better to be safe and knowledgeable than to end up with an STD or pregnant just because you were too afraid to get advice.

40. Photobomb-Level: Intense

This is an example of an incredibly disturbing photo bomb. Some people just can't help themselves when it comes to photobombing. If the opportunity is there, they'll take it. They'll take that opportunity even if their loved one is taking a very important picture and would be horrified to later find your naked body in the photo. This is why it's good to have friends who know how to use photoshop. They could zap him out of that shot in a minute or two.

This could be like the poster for a horror movie called, 'Photobomb.' I can see the trailer now. The person taking the picture says, "your dad is photobombing in the house." The girl would look confused and say, "that's impossible. I'm home alone." That's when the girls realize that all of their photos have a mysterious photobomber in them. Ooooh. Spooky.

41. Cleopatra Coming at Ya

This is one of the boldest looks we've seen so far. That's not to say it's bad at all. It's obviously incredibly beautiful and well constructed, but it might be a little much for prom. If someone were to tug on the dress the wrong way it could mean disaster for this poor girl. I don't think there are many dresses that you have to worry about unraveling on accident. That being said, I trust this girl can handle wearing this dress. She's got her pose down comfortably, so that's a good sign.

She's got a Cleopatra look going on, which is very cool. Cleopatra is one of history's oldest strong female role models, so you gotta respect the girl power in this photo. You can tell she's a strong woman because she doesn't need a man in the photo with her.

42. Fishy Date

This is a man who had a problem, so he dealt with it. His problem was that he didn't have a date. The way that he dealt with it: he took a large fish. Were there other possible solutions? Maybe, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that this young man chose to do something and followed through. Put a little bit of respect on this man. You know what they say about fish, right? They put out.

We should try out some fish puns while we're here. Just for the halibut. I think it's bass we leave it to the professionals though. I don't give a carp if you want me to do them or not. I'm not fishing for praise. If you think I'm mad, don't worry. You're off the hook. I wish you whale.

43. The Triple Threat

I think it's really cool when a group of three people go to prom together. Your friendships are what will really matter when you look back at high school. The relationships will come and go, but your friends will always be there for you, even if you end up growing apart later in life. Hopefully these three ended up staying friends, because they look like a match made in heaven in this photo.

I'm really loving the aesthetic of this picture. It's like Napoleon Dynamite meets Twilight. Now that's a movie I would go and see. All the style of Napoleon Dynamite but with some of the sex appeal of Twilight. I'm glad they all match the same style. It makes this a great image. I would want to put this on a shirt that says "GANGSTER" on it.

44. Goth Couple

I can't tell if these people are upset about being at prom, or if that's just the style they were going for. The look on your face is just as important as the clothes you're wearing. It all works together to produce your vibe. I'm definitely feeling the "disgruntled youth" vibes. Some people's overall style does not fit with the usual prom vibe, which is totally cool. Prom doesn't have to be like in the movies. You can just show up, do your own thing, and look the way you want to look.

These two could be characters in a Tim Burton movie, and I mean that as a compliment. They have a very distinctive goth look. They don't just look like your typical Hot Topic shopper, or what a movie might make a goth person look like.

45. Someone Has a Crush

Prom is a time to finally work up the courage to ask that certain someone to dance, or to even proclaim your love. I bet a lot of interesting stuff is caught in the background of prom photos. I'm talking about things like couples fighting, or longing looks like we see in this picture. The kid in the background definitely wants to ask one of these girls (or both) to dance. He's got the roses ready and everything. I've been that guy before. He's definitely having a mild heart attack in this photo.

I'd love to be able to track down this kid (who is probably an adult by now) and see how it all worked out that night. The worst fate is if he never took his shot. I don't regret ever being rejected, but I regret not taking my shot.

46. Never

This one is wild. Did he really get on the back of his girlfriend and grab her hair like he was riding a horse? For a photo? This is the type of thing that gets a father in jail, because you can't just let a young man think that's OK to do to your daughter. Maybe I'm just being a prude, but it's a fair warning to any future dude who tries this with my future daughter.

All that being said, this is very hilarious so I can't really blame him or her for doing it. This is the type of stupid thing you have to do when you're a teenager. It's not like you can get away with a photo like this in your 40s. You have to do it while it's still cute.

47. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

I love seeing all the different sets from these prom photos. I like when some effort is put into the set, though this one isn't great for people wearing black since it tends to make them blend into the background. Even though these two disappear into the photo a little bit, they confidently took their poses and ran with them. She looks like she's been practicing for this moment all year, and she nailed it. I wish the guy would have gotten a little more comfortable instead of crouching down, but what's most importantly is that his girl got to shine.

Even though people take a lot more photos nowadays, when's the last time you took a photo like this? I think that's what needs to come back in style. Normal people taking fancy photos with backdrops, wardrobe, and props.

48. Barney and Friends Go to Prom

These teens got their childhood dream when their friend dressed up as Barney for prom. Who knows what led to that decision. It's possible this person just wanted to be funny (mission accomplished), but maybe their original outfit got ruined so they had no choice but to go with the Barney outfit. It's not like you can show up to prom in a t-shirt and shorts.

Many people have fond memories of their time with Barney, especially millennials. Barney was peak children's entertainment for young millenials. "I love you. You love me. We're a happy family." With lyrics like that, how could you not love him? Generally we grow out of our Barney phase by the time we're adults. That doesn't seem to be the case with this group of people, but who cares? They have the rest of their lives to grow up

49. Incredible Hair

I think ninety percent of global warming is due to hairspray used in the 80s. If you ask me, it was well worth it. Hair was incredible big and bountiful in the 80s. Even men had long flowing locks, as you can see from this striking young gentlemen. I imagine the 80s was a rough time for women because their hair would be in direct competition with men's. The worst part is that men would end up using all of their wife's hair products.

Although it's easy to look back at old photos and cringe at the hairstyles, you have to remember that those were the popular hairstyle. That means what's popular now might be laughable years later. It's better to regret a bold haircut than a boring haircut. That's what makes going through old photographs interesting.

50. You Can't Stop his Shine

I'm glad we're ending this list with this photo. This guy really went for it with this unique suit. He walked in to prom confidently knowing that no one else was going to be wearing anything close to what he was wearing. Try losing him on the dancefloor. You can't do it. He's like the centerpiece for the prom. No wonder his date is smiling so hard. She's dating the coolest guy in school. Look at the look on his face. Even he knows he looks cool.

I hope seeing some of these photos inspires you to be bold. We may have laughed at some of these photos, but at least they were incredibly memorable. At the end of the day, embarrassment wears off, but the memories remain. I'd rather have a life full of embarrassing memories than a boring life. Wouldn't you?



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