50 Stereotypes Democrats Are Tired Of Hearing

It's hard to tell if we're at a particularly poisonous political time, or if it was always this way. The two parties were created to serve the people, but at times it just feels as though the only thing they are serving is a competition against each other. That competition won't benefit anyone.

The competition that stems from winning at any cost versus doing what's right for the American people will only hurt everyday people who just want to live their lives. The truth is that the Republican and Democratic parties are similar in many ways. Both sides have people who just want to live their lives.

I hope by refuting these stereotypes that Democrats are tired of hearing, we can also examine unfair Republican stereotypes too, even though Republicans suck. JK. You better get a tough skin if you're going to make it through this article, snowflakes. #48 is by far the most offensive and annoying!

We Want To Take Your Guns Away

Sure, there are some democrats who want to take all the guns away, the same way there are some conservatives that want a free gun to come with every Happy Meal. Generally democrats don't want to take all the guns away. We just want some sensible gun laws, especially in the wake of national tragedies. The reason why the argument always comes back with a fury is because no changes are made to gun laws in the wake of one of these tragedies. Just do SOMETHING. It doesn't mean taking your gun away. It means making sure that irresponsible owners never get one.

I'm a democrat and I even own a gun. Shocking? It shouldn't be. Some of us even have whole arsenals. We just don't take constant pictures of them like they were di*k pics.

We Want The Government To Take Care Of Us

Democrats are well known for their love of social welfare programs and anything that benefits the public good. A lot of people take that as democrats wanting the government to take care of them, but that's not exactly true. Democrats think it's the government's job to ensure the wellbeing of the public. That means that some people will need more help, and some areas will need more help. Certainly there are people abusing social welfare programs, but we all know that we can't let a few rotten apples spoil the bunch.

We need to really look at where our tax money is going. I'd rather it go to the public good, especially for people who aren't afforded the same opportunities that I am. If you're against social welfare programs, are you even aware of how little your taxes go to that opposed to other things?

We Don't Know What It's Like To Work Hard

This stereotype makes it seem like the only version of a democrat is some twenty five year old kid who lives off their parents. That's like saying the only version of a conservative is a racist, country bumpkin. We know that's just not true. To assume that anyone with a democrat point of view doesn't work, work hard, or know anything about blue collar work, is just ignorant. There are democrat service men and women, democrat construction workers, and democrat CEOs. Some conservatives are just as lazy as democrats, plain and simple. At the end of the day, we're all just human. Except Ted Cruz. He's some kind of alien.

I think both conservatives and democrats can agree that people who don't know what it's like to work hard suck. See? We've found something to agree on.

We Don't Support The Troops

I think that both sides (democrats too. Believe me. democrats are not perfect) try to look for differences more than similarities, and they definitely look for problems with each other at every turn. When democrats say they are against going to war, conservatives take that to mean that we don't support the troops. That's simply not true, nor what we said. Democrats understand that the troops are serving their country, and doing as they're told. Some of those servicemen and women may not even completely agree with going to war, or even WANT to go to war, which is what makes their bravery more astounding.

At the end of the day, who wants war? We want the thing that war achieves, which is economic power, justice, or whatever other reason. It's not the war itself that anyone wants. democrats oppose war as the best action, but that doesn't mean we don't support the troops.

We're Snowflakes

This one is especially upsetting, because some of the most popular conservative personalities are the biggest snowflakes. Conservatives like to call democrats snowflakes just for bringing up a complaint about society, like "hey, maybe stop treating black people so poorly." Then conservatives are the ones who cry the most when something they don't like happens. This is how the conversation goes. Democrat: "I'm very hurt by the treatment of black people by the police." Conservative: "Oh, shut up, Snowflake- IS THAT FOOTBALL PLAYER KNEELING! HE'S RUINING THIS COUNTRY!"

See what I mean? And that's not to say there aren't democrat snowflakes out there. There definitely are and they annoy democrats as much as conservatives. At the end of the day, if you want to call someone a snowflake, go ahead, but just know that there are snowflakes on ALL SIDES.

We're Obsessed With Being Politically Correct

Can we set the record straight on what political correctness really is? It's not worrying about everything you say and not saying half of the English dictionary anymore. If you're confused about it at all, this is all it is: If someone says they don't like you doing or saying something, don't do that or say that to them anymore. If I told you I don't like when you call me Jules, because my name is Julio, you would understand. All of a sudden people get weird when you say, "I don't like it when you say the N word." That's when conservatives get all, "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! YOU'RE TAKING MY FREE SPEECH!"

Democrats don't care so much about being politically correct as if that were some kind of shackle to free speech. We're just cognisant that there are words and actions that hurt others.

We're Straight Up Lazy

Lazy? Have you seen the work ethic of a democrat vegan activist? Those people never quit! Not that they are the best example for me to align myself with, but I think that example alone shows the lack of laziness in the democrat culture. Like I said before, there are democrats in every field of work, and at every level of government.

Could it be that people think that democrats are lazy because many people are democrats because they are impoverished due to conservative politics and racist/classist programs? Could it be that calling democrats lazy is a veiled form of racism and classism to continue the status quo of power that benefits the wealthy at the expense of society as a whole, specifically these marginalized groups? What would I know though. I'm just a lazy democrat.

We Live In Our Own Liberal, Elite Bubbles

How is it that democrats can simultaneously be lazy welfare recipients as well as elites in their own bubble? A lot of this comes from people critical of Hollywood actors. "George Clooney is a millionaire. What does he know about the little guy like us?" Well, George Clooney wasn't born a millionaire. Sure, some actors are born into money, but many are just poor people trying to make it. Once they get that money they don't forget the small guy.

The truth is that we all live in our own cultural bubbles. It's human nature. It takes work to get out of our bubbles. It also challenges our beliefs when we leave our bubbles. The reason why I'm not a hyper-left democrat? I've gone out of a bubble (just a little) to learn conservative views and adjust my stance. Overall I'm a democrat though, because most democrat policies benefit people. Most conservative policies benefit the rich and corporations.

We All Collect Checks From The Government

Really? We all collect checks from the government? If we do, then I'm pissed because I haven't seen one of these checks. In fact, I make just enough money to NOT get anything from the government. That means I don't make enough to be wealthy or comfortable. I literally make just enough not to qualify. That's fine though. I want people to have a good life, so I I'm down for others collecting checks from the government if they need it.

I think that conservatives think that supporting a program means you're going to sign up or game the system for it. For example, food stamps. I'm down for food stamps. That doesn't mean I'm going to sign up for it. It means that I'm aware that there are people who need it. Honestly, when is the last time you met and hung out with a poor person? They're just like you except they don't have money. Help them out.

We Care About People In Other Countries More Than We Care About Americans

Here's an interesting concept: You can care about more than one thing at the same time. This reminds me of when you'll mention how you're sad that a TV show you like is off the air and then someone says, "people are dying in Syria. How could you be sad about that?" People can have feelings about more than one thing. That's true about countries too. Democrats want to help Americans, hence all the social welfare programs conservatives complain about. It's just that we also care about people in general.

It's easy to look at "us vs. them" in regards to other countries, but we're all people. It doesn't mean we shouldn't help people in our own country just because we help others. This is just a false argument. Sure, it sounds like a good comeback, but it doesn't even address anything that's actually being said.

We're All Socialists

Yes, some Democratic programs, ideologies, and plans have socialist tendencies, but it's the same way that our current Republican administration has programs, ideologies, and plans that have Nazi tendencies. Which side sounds better? Socialism or Naziism? Just kidding, of course. It doesn't have to be black and white like that. Democrats can see the viability in a little bit of socialism, and I mean a little bit. The problem with conservatives is that once we say "everyone should be able to eat," they freak out and say "you're a socialist! Burn him!" What's wrong with everyone getting a fair shot?

Honestly, I'm down for whatever works. That's why I am more Democrat than anything else. Their plans make sense for the public good. Conservative programs only seem to help corporations. We've tried that before and it didn't work out. #Reaganism.

We Don't Take Responsibility For Our Actions

Name one action that Democrats didn't take responsibility for? Hillary? Ok, maybe you have a point there. Just kidding. I love Hillary about as much as most other politicians, which is to say, much better than Trump. The entire world of politics is a bunch of people refusing to take responsibility for their actions or else they won't get elected or re-elected. 90% of them are scum. This isn't a Democrat problem.

That's right. I'm calling out all politicians, mostly in the big game, like senators, governors, and house of representative members. Most of them aren't doing anything for the public good. They're only being controlled by the strings of corporations. Don't you dare say otherwise about your party in the comments either. It's a huge problem Democrat or Republican.

We Think We're Better Than Basically Everyone Else

The only people that Democrats think they are better than are racist Republicans. The only case of this I've ever seen is for situations like that. Yes, they think they are better because their policies don't actively seek to hurt women and people of color. Now, now. Not every Republican policy does that, and yes, there are many Democrats equally as racist. I'm just trying to explain where this stereotype might come from.

I think it really does stem from that. If you don't think women should have equal rights to men, yes, you should be looked down on. If you are racist, yes, you should be looked down on. Republicans like to do and say the most awful things and then they are mad when liberals take the high road. Snowflakes, I tell you.

We Don't Care About Middle America

You know where this misconception comes from? That fact that there are more people in the major West Coast and East Coast cities than all of middle America. At the end of the day, screw what you want. HAHA. Just kidding, but no, we do care about you. You're just a very tiny voice. In actually, Democrats do care about middle America, although those states have often leaned Republican, so not as much effort is put into them. That's understandable. It's like complaining that Republicans don't care about California. They don't. Both statements are just about as true.

Misconceptions are always going to happen. Middle America has their own stereotypes, just like everywhere else. We could all use to take some time to reflect on the stereotypes about us so we can see if they hold any truth. If they do, we can work to fix them in ourselves. Sound like a plan?

We Just Listen To The Lamestream Media And Don't Think For Ourselves

OK, Mr. Fox News 24/7. Please don't ever accuse a Democrat of not thinking for themselves and listening to the lamestream media. It goes both ways. Democrats have their bullshit news and Republicans have their bullshit news. They're all owned by the same people anyway, and none of them actually care about the news. There are many Democrats and Republicans who are sick of the lamestream media. Most intelligent people are. Right now, it's devolved to just entertainment.

The same way that Late Night with Seth Myers isn't news, neither are most Fox News and CNN shows. Just like how the Seth Myers show might tell you some news, it doesn't have any intent on simply stating the news. Neither do any of those other shows. It's just how it is. We're all poisoned.

We're Anti-Family

This is a dumb stereotype. The thing is, Republicans won't let many Democrats even have a family. Example, gay couples. Who actually sounds like the anti-family party? Not Democrats. Democrats love families, and if you want to be a family, go ahead. The thing is that there are also many Democrats who have no desire for a family. That's OK too. It's not like they'll actively stop YOU from having a family. That's what Republicans do.

Family can mean many different things. Like man and man. Woman and woman. One person alone raising children. Many combinations. Democrats seem to understand that, while Republicans stick to a very rigid view of what family is. That is until one of their sons or daughters wants to live an alternative lifestyle, then it's totally fine. For them. Only for them.

We're Accomplices To The Mainstream Media

The idiots on both sides of the parties are accomplices to the mainstream media. Fox News wouldn't be a ratings hit if it weren't for Republicans eating that shit up and spitting it back out. The sames goes for CNN. Then you look at all the non-real news agencies that people share, like Facebook pages. That's the new mainstream media. People will share a picture with text on it as if it was fact-checked news. That's both Democrats and Republicans who do that. It's all BS.

I think both sides wouldn't be fighting so much if it weren't for the mainstream media. I wish television and the internet would just go away one day and we'd all have to slowly come out of our shells and actually talk. At the end of the day, it's not Joe-Shmo Republican and Joe-Shmo Democrat that are the problem. It's the people in power.

We're Not Real, Red-Blooded Americans

Many people have the misconception that if you criticize something, then you hate it. That's a very toxic way to think. That's how you stop growth. Fair criticism is paramount to growth. This is especially true when it comes to the United States. We have a sordid history, yet we look at that history as if it happened and it's done. If you bring up any current injustices, you're being anti-American. If Democrats were truly anti-American, they'd just move.

Democrats want to work to make this a better country. To Democrats, a better country means making sure everyone has a basic quality of life. There's nothing more American than that. I like to think "what would GI Joe" do. GI Joe wouldn't inhibit people's rights. GI Joe would fight for America to be great, not fight for it to stay the same. Let's not Make America Great Again. Let's just Make America Great.

We're Overly Emotional

Politics in general can get emotional. Politics affects people. When people fight for what they believe, they are speaking for many people. How could you not get emotional over that? That is to say that we all get emotional, but a key difference with Democrats is that we're usually fighting for the little guy. It's a lot easier to get emotional about ensuring two people who love each other can wed, despite being the same sex, compared to getting emotional over billionaires getting a tax cut.

Yes, Democrats get emotional. They don't get over-emotional though. The comparison in stereotypes would be that Republicans are heartless. If you're a Republican reading this, reflect on what views you may have that could be described as heartless. I get emotional when talking about my politics because a lot of my focus is on people who are hurting. Sorry, not sorry.

We're Naive To The Ways Of The World

There's an old saying: Democrats focus on how the world could be, Republicans focus on how the world is. My problem with that Republican point of view is that there is no room for growth. I know of another old adage: shoot for the moon and you may land among the stars. Even though that adage is flawed since the moon is closer than the stars. Whoever made that up sure is an idiot.

The concept that Democrats focus on how the world could be, while Republicans are more of realists, is where this spawns from. Democrats aren't naive to the world, but we also see that it's worth going through the extra trouble to change and shift things to make a better world for everyone. No on said our plans were easy! YOu know what's easy? Just keeping the status quo where the rich are rich and the poor are poorer.

We're Immoral

You may have read that as immortal. No, Democrats don't think that they'll live forever. People assume that since you're a Democrat that you must be some heathen that has open sex and does drugs. First off, who cares if that is what I do? Secondly, no. I could even be so liberal that I think sex work shouldn't be illegal. That doesn't mean I want to go out and do it. Just because a Democrat wants the decriminalization of weed doesn't mean they are a huge stoner. Again, even if they were, who cares?

A lot of Republicanism stems in being religious, which there should be a separation of in our government. This is not a Christian nation. There are Christians here, and bless them, but we don't live under Christian rule. Look it up.

We Are Dishonest

Honestly, I think everyone is dishonest, especially when it comes to fighting for the things you want. If you have to lie for the greater good, you can easily tell yourself that it's OK. The news does it all the time, whether that's outright lying, or lies by omission. Both sides do it. When it's someone on the other team though, we all act like we've uncovered some deeper truth. Bill Clinton lied? All Democrats lie! Trump lies every single day twenty times a day? All Republicans lie.

Trump and the mainstream media has helped foster name calling in the political world. Lying Hillary. Dishonest Hillary. Yet, HIllary is no worse than Trump. She at least has the decency to hide how awful of a person she is. Trump has no decorum and he's a dishonest fool. Yes, I used the end of this just to diss Trump.

We Haven't Made Our Own Money Yet

This stereotype goes back to the image of a Democrat being a trust fund kid who constantly lectures people on which pronouns to use. That's just not the case. If you were to take just a few examples of Republicans, you would say the same thing. These are people who got into politics because their family was wealthy. They never had to work for anything, and then they get into office and complain about people who want "handouts."

I hate people who criticize poor families who want food stamps, even though they were given everything to them. It's total hypocrisy, and honestly, I think you see it more on the Republican side. Most of these stereotypes are bon both sides, though they lean towards one side or the other. This one lands on Republicans if you ask me. Then again, I'm biased HAHA.

It's Cute How Idealistic We Are

You're damn right it's cute. It's downright sexy. Since when did being idealistic become a bad thing? Last I checked it was a compliment. Republicans think they are so cool laughing at Democrats saying, "haha. Look at you caring about people. Who does that?" Normal humans. That's who does that. When empathy isn't beaten out of you by past trauma, you can actually harness it to make the world a better place. Ya'll wouldn't know anything about that though, would you? Sorry, but the burns are just going to keep coming.

You know what's not cute? Being condescending. Have I been condescending throughout most of this article? Yes, I have. I'm not saying I always practice what I preach. In fact, in most of this article I'm being just as bad as the people who hold these stereotypes as truth. Go figure.

We Must Love And Approve Of All Other Democrats

This is 2018. Things have changed. The bullshit has to end. That means no more party loyalty if the person is crazy. That just gets everyone in trouble. You can't tell me that Trump is actually the best pick. He was just the best shot at a Republican president, so Republicans went with him. Don't tell me that's not true. If Mitt Romney would have run then I might have even voted Republican. Instead they went with Mr. Crazy. The same thing could and most likely will happen to Democrats now.

That whole diatribe on Trump is to say that I'm a Democrat who won't support someone just because they are a Democrat. Put your money where your mouth is. The stereotype is false, and if it is true, we need to do everything we can to stop that mindset.

We're Probably Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual

This goes back to the point that just because someone wants other to have the right to something, doesn't mean they want that right. Gay marriage for example. I don't need to want to marry a man just for others to be able to marry. The two are disconnected. That's what people immediately will believe though. In fact, there are Republican gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. Not as many as there are Democrats, but that should be obvious. Republican policies do not benefit, and actually actively harm, gay people. Why would they be Republican?

That's not to say that all Republican policies do that, so you can be a Republican and not be homophobic, but then it's extra important that you draw a line in the sand for your views. I'm a Democrat who owns guns and believes we need to be more careful with immigration (yet I still want Mexicans to come in freely, so see how it isn't so black and white?)

Our Men Aren't Masculine Enough

Some people are having a real hard time with understanding what modern masculinity is. A lot of men and women think that masculinity is being a big, muscle-filled asshole. Sure, I wouldn't mind the muscles, but I don't mind crying, hugging a guy friend, and caring for others. That has gotten me way more chicks than acting like a complete trash bag. Here's the thing, being that way wasn't cool back in the day either. If you were a bully asshole, you were a bully asshole. It's not Democrat's masculinity that's the problem.

Times change and it's time that masculinity changes. Democrats are full of all different types of men. Some are masculine in strength and their booming voice, others are masculine in their tenacity to help others. Some aren't masculine at all and are an embarrassment to all of us, but oh well.

We Only Live In Cities

Let's first understand that more people live in cities than don't. Look at population maps and you'll see it for yourself. Do more Democrats live in cities? Probably, but that's because there are more people there. There's also the fact that being around more people, especially diverse people, leads to more liberal politics. Isn't that a red flag for Republicans and conservatives? "Wait a minute, when we actually talk to the people who we demonize with our policies, we realize they aren't so bad."

There are farmer Democrats out in the middle of Idaho, living their lives. If you took a picture of them, you might assume they are Republican. That's just how these stereotypes work. People have different ideologies everywhere. We're all unique in that way. Although where we live may affect our politics, it isn't a final sentence.

We're Impulsive and Too Quick To Act

I think that some people confuse dire action as being impulsive. When someone shoots up a school for the billionth time, Democrats immediately shoot into action. Is that impulsive? Not really. Not at all actually. It's just trying to deal with a situation we're well aware of. Realistically, how many situations are truly surprising? The thing is that on the opposite end of things, Republicans stall to "find out more" which is just an excuse to not do anything.

I know I'm picking on Republicans a lot while refuting these stereotypes, and I know that those in themselves are stereotypes. It's just to show that it doesn't feel good on either side, especially when you know it's not representative of all members of the group. It's kind of like how certain groups take the actions of one person of color and apply it to the whole group. Sound familiar?

We Rely Too Much On "Facts," "Figures," and "Numbers" We Read In "Books"

Since when is relying on facts, figured, numbers, and what we read in books a bad thing? What else are you going to go off of? The formation of magic crystals? A fortune teller? Fox News? It doesn't make any sense. It's important to think critically when looking at facts and figures, to make sure that they are not skewed, but other than they are our best allies. If you follow the numbers, you follow truth.

Gut feelings don't work when dealing with millions of people. There's no way one person's point of view can reflect the needs of an entire population. Data is needed, as well as the input of diverse people. That's why a room full of white guys can't possibly serve the needs of everyone, especially if they are ignoring statistics, or using statistics that only favor themselves.

This Is Something We'll Grow Out Of

This is a stereotype I've always believed as a young person: adults are Republicans. Young people are Democrats. It's founded on the belief that as you grow up you realize that you can't save the world and you just need to think realistically. The truth is, that's a myth. You can grow up and still care about people outside of yourself. It just takes work. It's super difficult to think about yourself AND everyone else. I can barely think of myself. The thing is, if everyone is doing well, then EVERYONE IS DOING WELL.

I'm open to growing out of being a Democrat, but that won't mean that I will be a Republican. I think the two parties have seen their best days behind them. Their needs to be an adjustment and a shift. I think most normal citizens are having a hard time vibing with either party right now.

We Live Lifestyles Our Mamas Wouldn't Be Proud Of

This might be true for me, but I don't want to put that on all Democrats. Yes, there are things I don't want my mama knowing about, but everyone has those things. Take Trump for example. He said to grab women by the pussy on live TV. Do you think that's something his mom would be proud of? How about Republicans who oppose abortion yet force their mistresses to get one? We all do things our mama wouldn't like. What this stereotype is referring to though is marijuana and being gay. I'm sure of it, but that's because I'm very well versed in coded language.

"Your mom would be so ashamed that you vote for basic human rights and allowing others to live the life they want to without the judgement of Christianity, which should be left out of politics." That' what I really hear when I hear that criticism.

We're Not Getting Into Heaven

Who says? This type of stereotype shows just how ingrained Christianity is with Republicanism. According to some religions, all I have to do is love Jesus to get into heaven. According to others I need to bomb and kill people. I'm not saying those two things are on the same level, but it just goes to show that there's no agreement on what gets you into heaven.

If we're talking about Christianity, most Democrat policies are more in line with Jesus than Republican policies. I feel like a lot of "religious" people are only religious in the sense that they condemn gay people. I know I'm going to get some heat in the comments for this entire article, but if you're not a racist or homophobic Republican, good. I'm not talking about you, but get your people right.

We All Oppose the Death Penalty

The death penalty is a big issue to tackle anyway. There's the layer of if we should do it at all, and on top of that you have to discuss how, and at what cost to the taxpayers. Putting someone to death is incredibly expensive. It's not like they just hit the guy with a hammer and call it a day. Chemicals have to be bought. Doctors have to be hired. It's a whole thing. For many Democrats, it's not as black and white as whether we should or shouldn't.

Sure, a lot of us are bleeding heart liberals, but when someone goes and shoots up a church, put them to death. A person like that doesn't have any business being alive on this Earth. That's me saying that; a Democrat. As you can see, there are levels to it.

We've All Gotten High

Plenty of Democrats are total squares. I know a ton of them. I'm not friends with them (they are squares after all), but I do know them. If every Democrat supported marijuana and got high, it'd be legal in way more places by now. The truth is, many Democrats not only don't like it, but have never gotten high. Or maybe they just don't smoke weed anymore. I know my parents used to smoke constantly. They don't anymore and would hate to find out I light up every chance I get. Go Democracy!

I don't even think everyone should get high. Some people can handle it while other people can't. That being said, it could probably help a lot of people who are very much against it. A lot of Trump's cabinet could use a little bit of smoke to chill out.

We Want to Get Rid of Prisons

This stereotype comes from the fact that we want the decriminalization of many crimes due mostly to racial injustice. There are laws that only serve to incarcerate people of color, or have at least impacted people of color more. We don't want to free all the prisoners, but if there's someone serving 20 years for having some weed on them, that's just wrong. I don't only say that because I always have weed on me either. I say that because it's not a twenty year crime.

A lot of people will say "if you don't want to do the time, do the crime," but once they or someone they know is a perpetrator it's all, "well, give them another chance." Let's give all the nonviolent offenders a second chance. To an extent. Any of you wall street punks who stole millions, you can rot forever.

We Don't Believe in Taxing Anyone But the Rich

Everyone should have to pay taxes, but let's say your paycheck is only $100. Should you have to pay the same percent as someone whose check is $100,000? Losing 15% means a whole lot more to that person than the person making $100,000. Some would say that an equal tax across the board is fair, but that's not truly fair. Fairness is putting all of the factors into consideration. That person taking in a $100 check should have to pay taxes, but not as much as the rich, that's all.

I'd even say that many Democrats don't even agree with that. They may even like some elements of Trump's new tax plan. There are levels to Democratic economics. Maybe I'll speak differently when I'm raking in millions, but dear lord, who really needs that much money? I'll tell you who, poor people!

We Hide and Protect Our Immoral Figures

Obviously both Democrats and Republicans have had their share of bad eggs. Especially in the entertainment industry after the #metoo movement. Not that the #metoo movement is restricted to the entertainment industry. Believe me, guys are trash in every single industry. If you're reading this and you're a guy, stop being trash. Be good to women. They don't owe you shit. That being said, I think the Democrats are more likely to oust their immoral figures than anyone else, because we're held to a higher moral standard.

Isn't that sad that Democrats are known as the party held to a high moral standard? The Republicans try to pretend they are more, with their swallowing of Christianity into their core beliefs, but sorry, just saying you're religious does not make you good. Doing good things makes you good.

We Can't be Religious

I don't want anyone to think I'm anti-religion, because I'm not. I just don't think religion belongs in politics that serve a non-religious-affiliated nation, and I think that if you use your religion as an excuse to persecute people, you are a douchebag. That's all. Other than that I love that people join in on religion. Whether it's Christianity, Islam, Buddhism. It's all gravy to me and I think that's true for other Democrats as well.

I think a big issue that left-leaning people deal with is the fact that religion has crept into politics. That's something relatively new since the mid-1900s. Now it's weaponized, and I don't know about you, but I don't like anyone using religion as a weapon. I'll say it again. Religion does not belong in politics. If your religion is anti-abortion, oh well.

We Hate Christians

I covered a lot of this in the previous section, but I think it deserves more clarifying. There are many Democrat Christians, and I even think Democrats' policies are far more Christian than anything the Republicans do. The difference is that Republicans say "I AM CHRISTIAN!" and then they close the door and live lives of greed and sex with mistresses. Then the real Christians feel the need to defend them or else they'll look bad. Not the case. You look bad FOR defending them.

I love Christians, but I don't like hypocrites. I have family who are very Christian. Their goal in life is to treat everyone around them as good as possible, because their time on Earth is short. They don't care that you do whatever it is that you do. They love you just the same. Those are my types of Christians.

We Want Civil War

I don't want to have a problem with anybody. I don't even have a problem with Republicans in general. I have a problem with certain points of view, whether those come from Republicans or Democrats. I think most people on both sides don't want to fight. Most political Facebook arguments aren't even about anything. It's really just two people arguing for the sake of arguing. Just because they are on opposite sides.

You can't even go on Facebook without seeing an all out war between the two parties. Republicans and Democrats are the new crips and bloods. You can't even put them in a room together. There are many factors to blame, some of which are just the people in the parties, but the media also loves to rile us up. This very article is propaganda! LOL

We Think We're Flawless

Trust me, if this was an article ripping on Democrats and liberals, I'd have an easy time writing it too. Not as easy as a time as this one, but a pretty easy time. It's not a perfect party. In fact, I'm kind of done with them. Just not as done as I am with the Republican party. Still, that is to say that the party isn't perfect and we know it.

Just because we fight for equal rights and all that doesn't mean we're not shitheads. Who says you can't help people and also be a complete loser? That's totally in the rule book. It's called working on yourself. If I ever stop working on myself, it means I'm failing at life. I'll only stop trying to improve myself when I'm on my deathbed. After that, screw it.

We Think One Law Can Fix Everything

This is the argument that comes up especially when it comes to guns. We ask that the AR-15 be banned. Then people respond with "that won't stop all gun deaths." No shit. But it will stop some. If you asked any victim, or loved one of a victim, if they'd like to do anything to reduce the death even by one, they'd say yes. Democrats know one law won't fix all the problems, but you have to pass one to start to fix the issue. If it doesn't work out, you just take the law away. We've done it before.

One reason many people in general don't want to enact certain policies is because they will take more than one law, as well as time. It can be years or decades to see certain things change. Many people are impatient or figure that if it won't affect them, then it's not worth fighting for. Shame!

We Think Our Policies Will Make Things Perfect

There's no such thing as a utopian society. Something always comes at the cost of another thing. If we want to fund schools better, we have to pay higher taxes. It's not like Democrats think that money can be pulled out of nowhere to pay for social programs or anything like that. It's that we think those things are important enough to offset the cost. It all comes down to what you value. Democrats tend to value people's well being, not a couple of extra cents in everyone's pocket.

I don't think anything will ever even come close to being perfect. There's just way too many people. Not everyone is going to be happy. Things will knock back and forth from one extreme to the other, sometimes settling in the middle for a brief moment before someone gets greedy and knocks it back.

We Are All in the Arts

Maybe Obama can play jazz music, paint, and do standup comedy, but most other Democrats aren't as artistic. The whole hippie idea of a Democrat is played. We're not all out here painting our cars and talking about free love. That's certifiably weird nowadays, actually. There's probably tons of Democrats who hate or dislike the arts. Maybe Republicans and Democrats who hate art can connect over their mutual hatred. Find common ground.

A lot of millenials are in the arts, but that's because there are no real jobs for us. We got caught in the middle of a cultural and societal shift where the blueprints given to us our entire lives were all wrong. Now I can make more money not going to college and writing articles like this than I can trying to make it in the corporate world.

There are No Racists in the Party

Try telling any non-white person "the Democratic party isn't racist." You'll get a big laugh. Unfortunately, racists are everywhere, and more correctly, racism is everywhere. I'm not just talking about klansmen driving around in pickup trucks waving a Confederate flag type of racism. I'm talking about casual racism. It exists in all institutions with hierarchies. Democrat does not equal non-racist. Arguably the party has only done a better job than the Republicans, not a good job on the whole.

Even without the casual racism, there are problematic people in the party. I don't think you should serve in office whatsoever if you have a history of racism. You're not fit to serve the people. The people is comprised of all races. How can someone be a good leader if they don't even have the mental capacity to love all people?

We Don't Want to Pay for Healthcare

Would it be great if no one had to pay for medical care again and someone else just flipped the bill? Of course it would be. That's just not reality though. Many Democrats don't want free healthcare. They just want an affordable health care option. Even more Democrats are down to just pay higher taxes so everyone can go fix a broken arm without going into debt. If you've ever known a sick person who was going to die just because they couldn't afford it, then you know what I'm talking about.

The critics of Obamacare say, "well, it's not perfect." No, but it's working pretty damn well, and we can always just ENHANCE it. I'm not sure that anyone is thinking logically anymore. We're all too brainwashed. Even I am. I try to fight it as best I can though.

We All Want to Move to Canada When Our Party Doesn't Win

This is something you hear a lot around election time. "If [so and so] wins, I'm moving to Canada." No one ever makes good on that threat. It's about as much of a threat as saying, "if this play lasts any longer I'm going to kill myself." It's a harmless retort. Plus, what are you going to do when you move to Canada? The United States is still a world power. Anything the United States does WILL affect you.

I think the best place to go if you did want to avoid American politics would be Australia. No one is worried about Australia, and it's far enough away from nuclear fall out. Since most of the people live on the coast, there could be no central attack on the people. It's the perfect place to be.

We are Secret Socialist Spies

The right is so afraid of socialism creeping up into our country. The term is used so much that it's crazy. It reminds me of when everyone was afraid of the commies. You'd think we would have learned something by now, but no. We just keep repeating these patterns of behavior. It's like we're in some kind of simulation loop. You keep living the same simulations until your code is complete (death).

Now, don't get all crazy on me, because what I'm about to say isn't that we should go socialist completely, but what if it was time for a change? I'm not saying to what, but maybe capitalism and our version of Democracy is not working anymore. It's not like we have to keep doing things this way just because we did in the past. ::Gets put on a watch list::

We Hate Donald Trump

OK, actually this one is true. We do hate Donald Trump. Yeah, he's the other team's guy, and that sucks, but he's also Donald Trump. Democrats know that a guy like that isn't supposed to be in office. He's good for a chuckle on TV, but in the White House? You can't be serious. I gave him a chance too, but then he keeps talking. I'm not even saying you need to believe there was any collusion with Russia, or that he's done anything illegal at all. Just listen to him talk. That's all the evidence you need right there.

But really, if Trump decided to start saying and doing things that were more appropriate, many Democrats would back him and support his decisions. The thing is, he is a broken person who is not fit to serve in any public office.



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