Millie Bobby Brown From 'Stranger Things' Is Hollywood's Newest Fashionista

I think it's safe to say that Millie Bobby Brown has taken the world by storm ever since her role as Eleven on 'Stranger Things.' It's not just her performance either. People have fallen in love with her personality. She's shown that she's multi-talented during late night interviews, and more importantly, a joy to be around.

Her character of Eleven has become icon, but in a way, her whole vibe has become iconic. Even at such a young age, people want to emulate her style and confidence. There's a lot to confidence and Millie Bobby Brown has it in spades. Maybe confidence is part of the territory when you're a teenage superstar.

When you have that kind of confidence, you can do anything you want. She's taken the fashion world by storm due to her magnetic confidence, which you'll see with these 50 looks ranging from casually cool to epically gorgeous. Which one do you think is Millie's best look? We love #49 the most!

1. Princess Dress

Millie Bobby Brown is showing off her princess side with this Calvin Klein dress she wore to the 69th Emmys. This is a great way to start this list. Elegant AF. Eleven hasn't been the ultimate vision of style, has she? That's what happens when you live in the woods and or are harmless. Style becomes less on the agenda than eating Eggo waffles. Priorities, right? These kids are all about eating Eggo waffles and killing Demogorgons these days.

Stranger Things Fact Number One: The two creators, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer are twin brothers. Or is that all a lie and this is one man's way to get twice the pay for his series? "I do all my work with my twin brother, so we'll need double the pay. He's not here right now because he has... the flu... yeah..."

2. Studded Out

Here's Millie Bobby Brown at the MTV Music Video Awards wearing a Rodarte dress with black Stuart Weitzman boots. I wouldn't be surprised if Millie was at the MTV Music Video Awards to perform a rap song. I don't know if you've seen the videos, but this girl can rap. I don't know where she got that skills over in England, since they aren't exactly known for their rapping skill, but who cares? I'd like to see her get a feature on Drake's new album. You know Drake is a fan. Let's make it happen.

Stranger Things Fact Number Two: Originally, the show was called Montauk, named after a town in New Jersey, but they changed the name when the series no longer took place there. I'd love to see a show about New York be called 'San Francisco.' That would be very funny to me.

3. Mellow Yellow

Here's Millie Bobby Brown in Pierre Hardy heels and a Kenzo dress at the Teen Choice Awards. Isn't putting someone under the age of 18 in heels a form of child abuse? I'm sure Millie chose them of her own volition, but there's going to be many decades of her having to wear heels at award shows. Save your feet, girl. Wear flats now when no one can criticize you. Criticizing a child for their footwear is a monsterous move.

Stranger Things Fact Number Three: The show is based on "true" events in Montauk where the government was allegedly stealing children for experiments. Let's not pretend like that story isn't 100% true. You know the government is up to some bad stuff. Watch the news with someone in the CIA. They just laugh through the whole thing.

4. Nothing But Business

This was Millie's look for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Millie always kills during late night appearances, and I don't mean kill as in use her mental powers to melt everyone's brains into dust. On Jimmy Fallon she's done some rapping a couple of times, which we've talked about already. To be honest, she has better bars than Lil Pump. Sorry, Lil Pump, but challenge Millie to a duel on Wild'n'Out if you want to prove me wrong.

Stranger Things Fact Number Four: 906 boys and 307 girls auditioned for the roles using scripts for 'Stand by Me.' Most of those boys and girls went missing after the Duffer brothers kidnapped them for secret government experiments. OK, so maybe only the first sentence of this paragraph is an actual fact, but it sounds likely given the inspiration behind the show.

5. Strawberry Fields Forever

This fruity look is what Millie wore to SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel at Comic Con, whatever the hell that is. You see, Millie is not one to follow the same path as everyone else. Most other people would have gone with regular strawberries. Not Millie. She upped the game with chocolate covered strawberries. That's ingenuity, ladies and gentlemen. If you're wondering why you're stuck in life while Millie Bobby Brown is succeeding, that's why.

Stranger Things Fact Number Five: The opening title graphic is an homage to the creator of iconic titles such as ALIEN, The Goonies, and Superman, Richard Greenberg. That's crazy that Richard Greenberg is just known for dope font selection. A lady walks up to him at the bar,"So, what are you good at?" / "Fonts, baby." She immediately gets pregnant.

6. Simple and Clean

One thing Millie Bobby Brown has proved time and time again since reaching stardom is that she can pull off any look from dramatic to classical. This Miu Miu halter dress that she wore to the Stranger Things event at FYC is an example of her classical look. It's simple, clean, and gorgeous. At her age I wore sweatpants to school every day, so it's safe to say that she's ahead of the curve. If you're 14, reading this, and currently wearing sweatpants for the eighth day in a row, do yourself a favor and buy some jeans.

Stranger Things Fact Number Six: The real name for the Upside Down is actually The Nether, but everyone just keeps calling it the Upside Down. That's weird, because I always call my private parts The Nether. Ladies call it "the never." Sick burn on myself.

7. Space Cowgirl

Are there any Cowboy Bebop fans in the house? Cowboy Bebop was an anime about space bounty hunters. To get their jobs, they'd have to watch a show that listed all the bounties, hosted by two space cowboy people. I think this outfit makes a pretty good argument for casting Millie Bobby Brown as one of those space cowboy television personalities. She looks futuristic and classic all at once in her white cowgirl boots and matching Calvin Klein dress at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

Stranger Things Fact Number Seven: Gaten Matarazzo was cast after his first audition. The thing about Gaten Matarazzo is that there's just no one else like him. His biggest weakness (his teeth) is also his greatest strength. You have to cast him if you like him, because you won't find anyone else that will even come close to his qualities.

8. Seeing Red

Here's Millie in an Emporio Armani gown at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. She's wearing all red, as if she was Eleven and used her mind powers to explode everyone's brains, leaving her white dress soaked in red. It's morbid, but we can see Eleven doing something like that, especially as she gets older and she finds out how much of jerks guys are. Honestly, if all women had mind powers men would have gone extinct a long time ago.

Stranger Things Fact Number Eight: Millie Bobby Brown was discovered by the king of horror himself, Stephen King. OK, so he didn't really "discover" her in the typical sense, since she had already been acting in serious shows by the time he noticed her, but he did tweet her. A cosign from Stephen King is definitely going to open some doors for you.

9. Mrs. Sparkle!

Millie Bobby Brown doesn't need much to light up a room, especially not sparkles. Her bubbly personality will do it alone (and the fact that she'd probably be with a huge entourage of other 'Stranger Things' stars), but she's definitely shining in this Jenny Packham dress she wore at the 74th Annual Golden Globes.

Stranger Things Fact Number Nine: It took a four and a half hour long meeting to cast Winona Ryder as Joyce. The Duffers chatted with her for so long, how could they not give her the role. If I'm in a meeting for more than twenty minutes I assume someone is going to pay me. Four hours without getting the job? I'd be ready to sue someone. Imagine being on a four hour interview for somewhere like Starbucks and then not getting the job.

10. Let's Call A Kate Spade a Kate Spade

That title won't make any sense unless you can spot a designer with just one look. Millie's dress is a Kate Spade dress that she wore to the BAFTA Tea Party. When you become a celebrity, you know there are certain obligations you'll have to keep, like awards shows and autograph signings, but I would have never expected tea parties. I don't know what the BAFTA tea party is, but if I ever get famous do I have to go?

Stranger Things Fact Number Ten: Finn Wolfhard is a huge cinephile. In case you read that wrong, it's CINE-phile. Don't freak out. I didn't say the other [blank]-phile word. He devours movies, and even finished all of the Duffer brother's recommended movies as fast as humanly possible. It takes me five days just to figure out what I want to watch on Netflix.

11. Lace

Millie rocks it again in this Kate Spade gown she wore to UNICEF's 70th anniversary event. How do you pay for tickets into the UNICEF event? Do you have to pay in pennies? You know how kids come around during Halloween time with those UNICEF boxes? That's what I'm referring to. Is that even something that happens anymore? I haven't had trick or treaters come to my door in over ten years... for personal reasons.

Stranger Things Fact Number Eleven: We're on fact number eleven! That's a big deal because, you know, Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven. You can see why I'd be excited. Originally the lights Joyce uses to communicate with Will were instead used by Nancy, Joyce, and Steve to track down the monster. I'm glad they changed it because Winona Ryder's performance with the lights is incredible.

12. For the Birds

This look is a big deal. Let me tell you why. Imagine you've never been to the Emmys before in your life, and now you suddenly have a chance to go because you're in one of Netflix's biggest series ever. What do you wear? If you're Millie Bobby Brown you wore a Red Valentino gown. At this point most of the world had only seen Millie in hospital gowns and random 80s clothes. She truly stunned in this look.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twelve: David Harbor, who plays Hopper, chose to wear the big brown hat as an homage to Indiana Jones. Imagine if every actor wanted to do that and we ended up with every character wearing a big brown hat. Now that's what I would call Indiana Clones. Boom! You know I got the jokes!

13. Tea Time

Millie busted out another great look for another tea party. This time it was the BBC America & BAFTA tea party where she wore this Burberry knee-length dress. I wonder how the Demogorgon takes his tea. Or is the Demogorgon more of a coffee type of guy? Whatever it drinks, it probably needs to use a straw. When your mouth is four flaps that open on all sides, I bet it can be hard to take a drink.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirteen: The hairstyle that Joyce wears (Winona Ryder's character) was inspired by Meryl Streep's look in the movie 'Silkwood.' I haven't seen the movie, but I'm assuming it's from the 80s. 'Stranger Things' does a pretty good job at keeping in the time period. You can't have people doing the Dougie in 'Stranger Things,' after all.

14. A Premier Look

This is a very special look because it was Millie's look for the 'Stranger Things' premier. This is totally a look a kid can pull off better than anyone else. She's got the gorgeous gown on top, and the chill shoes on the bottom. Not that those are just any Chucks. They look to be studded, and after her 'Stranger Things' paychecks, I wouldn't be surprised if those were real diamonds. When she says "don't stop on me shoe," she means it.

Stranger Things Fact Number Fourteen: Much like Hopper's brown hat, it was the actor who played Lucas, Caleb McLaughlin, who made the decision for his character to wear a headband. Did the Duffer brothers make any decisions? Soon we'll find out that the whole series was some production assistant's idea that they just went with.

15. The Morpheus

Round sunglasses automatically make you look cooler. Not everyone can pull them off either, so it's not like you can use round sunglasses like a cheat code. Millie Bobby Brown pulls them off though. She's got the look like she's about to offer you the red pill or the blue pill. Just tell me which pill will get me away from the shadow monsters and Demogorgons. I'll take that one.

Stranger Things Fact Number Fifteen: We all love Steve Harrington, but that might not have always been the intention. He was written to be the biggest douchebag on the planet, but since Jared Kushner wasn't available, they had to cast Joe Keery. OK, so the Jared Kushner part isn't true, but Joe Keery is so likable that his role became more robust. Now he's many people's favorite character.

16. James Dean

Where is Millie Bobby Brown's matching Harley Davidson that goes with this outfit? She doesn't even have a driver's license yet and it looks like she should be hauling ass on two wheels. Some people are just effortlessly cool. This is just a leather jacket and ripped up jeans, after all, yet it somehow looks like the new definition of cool.

Stranger Things Fact Number Sixteen: The character of Dr. Brenner was created with the help of the actor, Matthew Modine. DIdn't we just go over this? The Duffer brothers aren't making any creative decisions on this show. They just hire the best actors and have them do the work. They're like Trump, "I hire the best people so I can gold." The only difference is that the Duffer brothers actually hire the best people.

17. Stripes

Here's another simple, yet solid look from Millie Bobby Brown. I could see myself wearing this, which must be one of the highest compliments a man can give to a woman's outfit. If a guy said he could see himself wearing a gown, you better believe that's a great gown.

Stranger Things Fact Number Seventeen: It helps if an actor can use another performance to inform their own, especially if the type of character their playing is enigmatic, like Eleven. To get that kind of performance, Millie Bobby Brown modeled herself after a Steven Spielberg character. Not Indian Jones. He was already taken by Hopper. She played Eleven like she was E.T., the extra terrestrial. It makes sense, considering that fact that her attitude is very alien, as in someone who is an outsider.

18. Have a Heart

This was one of Millie Bobby Brown's looks for Late Night with Stephen Colbert. It looks like a fun and comfortable outfit for late night shenanigans at the Colbert show. The big heart is a nice, vibrant touch to this otherwise simple outfit.

Stranger Things Fact Number Eighteen: The Duffer brothers played a very horrible prank on Noah Schnapp's mother (he's the actor who plays Will) while on set for season 1. You may remember that there is a fake Will's dead body in the show. You might already be piecing together the prank. They scared the hell out of his mom with the fake body by hanging it in a closet for her to find. My mom would have killed them for that. Then she would have killed me for letting them do that. Moms are weird.

19. The Perfect Pose

I bet Millie was walking for a couple of miles with a paparazzi sneakily following her, but in reality she was just waiting for the perfect moment to spin into the perfect pose. If I were a celebrity, I'd work with the paparazzi and sell them pictures that they could then sell to the magazine. Before they could sell them to the magazine, I would sell the pictures to the magazine, getting double the profits.

Stranger Things Fact Number Nineteen: This fact may leave you with some unanswerable questions, so I am sorry in advance. The production once had to wait half an hour because Millie came to set covered in glitter. The question that is unanswered is... why was she covered in glitter? What kind of glitter parties is Millie Bobby Brown attending?

20. Another Late Night Look

This is a classic, elegantly white look with a little bit of an edge because of those shoes. Those are shoes that you need to kick your enemies with. It looks like this is on the Jimmy Fallon Show, so if he beats her in one of his little games, she could always give him a bloody kick to the shin.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty: At the end of Season One, Eleven has to float in an epsom salt bath using 1,200 pounds of salt. The thing is, they actually had to use 1,200 pounds of salt. You can't CGI that kind of thing. That means she really floated in all that salt. That's how you make a well-seasoned actress, if you know what I mean. I swear. These jokes just come to me.

21. Over It, Overalls

If overalls were ever gone, they are back in a big way now. Just walk into a place like Urban Outfitters and you'll know. Once they're selling something, you know it's back. You don't have to agree with it, but that's just how it is. Take polaroid cameras for example. Those are back, baby, and available for sale at your local Urban Outfitters. Millie looks cool, comfortable, and classy in this look, which are all three things you want to be.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty One: Many people love Stranger Things for the '80s nostalgia factor. It looks and feels like something that should have come out thirty years ago, yet also plays very modern. There's a reason for that look. The post-production team put an '80s film grain on every shot to give it that extra feeling of 80s nostalgia.

22. The Upside Down

I love the hidden imagery in this glammed up overalls look, if you can call it that. It's like overalls, meets skirt, meets dress? Someone with more fashion knowledge than me knows the right term and is punching their keyboard right now. You could take that as a W on her chest, which could stand for something like "woman," or "winner," but if we continue the Stranger Things upside down motif, that's an M. Very clever outfit, Millie.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty Two: Millie Bobby Brown wasn't so keen on shaving her head (who could blame her), so the Duffers showed her footage of Charlize Theron from 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and that was enough to convince her. Always use the Oscar-winning film when trying to convince someone about your project. No one ever got convinced of anything using the movie 'Freddy Got Fingered.'

23. Vest Dressed

If you would have told me that a dress made out of vest material would look good, I would have told you to shut up and get out of my house. I would have been wrong though, because this dress is actually very cool and very beautiful. This is the type of dress you could climb Mount Everest in. Perfect for a selfie at the peak of the mountain.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty Three: What ever happened to Barb? That's a good question, but I have a better one. Where was Barb BEFORE stranger things? Not many people would have known about Shannon Purser before the show, with good reason. Stranger Things was her very first role. Not bad at all, but I'm sure she wishes she would have played Nancy and gotten a lot more paychecks.

24. Wild Dots

There's only one word for this look and that's "angelic." Everything is working together really well with this outfit to convey pure class. Here's a pro-tip for those of you who want to look angelic: hold a white rose in front of you at all times. There's no way not to look like some sort of angel descended from heaven when you're walking around with a perfect rose. Make sure to keep perfect posture though. Angels don't slouch!

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty Four: The Demogorgon is one of the scariest monsters to come out of recent horror movie/television history. With how most monsters are created this day, you'd have to assume it was all CGI. The truth is the demogorgon is a real animatronic creature. That always looks way better than full CGI. Make Cinema Effects Great Again!

25. Stars on Star

Here we have one of the rare pictures of Millie Bobby Brown with long hair. You almost forget that it's possible. Luckily she looks beautiful with short or long hair. This dress is a work of art. It waves in and out of being translucent in a really classy way. It better be. Don't you dare put a teenager in a see-through dress, stylists. We'll put you on "the list."

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty Five: Here's another fact about the Demogorgon. Those weird mouth petals don't always move in the same way. They wiggle around in non-patterns to make it feel more like a real, living creature. Come to think of it, it would look pretty dumb if those petals undulated in a rhythm. The only good part of that would be all the music re-edits of the Demogorgon dancing.

26. Trenchdress

Am I wrong to call this a trenchdress? It's like a trench coat mixed with a dress. I'm not talking about a goth trench coat either. Those are just creepy. The classic tan trench coat is where it's at. It's something a fashion-forward detective would wear. Maybe you wouldn't be able to do any foot chases in this, but you'd look good as your target got away. I think this is all a very good argument for a Nancy Drew remake starring Millie Bobby Brown.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty Six: The song's iconic soundtrack is composed by two members of the band, SURVIVE, Michael Klein and Kyle Dixon. The soundtrack really stands out, and has already made an impact on television and film. So many projects have used that specific 80s synth sound and given it a resurgence.

27. This is the Future

Once again, Millie Bobby Brown proves she's cooler than every single one of us. Whatever this outfit is, it looks like it belongs in the world of Super Mario Brothers, the movie. Now, I know that a lot of people hate that movie, but let's not focus on the story. Let's focus on the look. That movie had some pretty cool styles. She looks futuristic, especially with those fat sneakers.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty Seven: We all know how popular 'Stranger Things' is. This article wouldn't even exist if people didn't love the series, thus loving Millie Bobby Brown. But did you know it was so popular that in the first three days, 8.8 million watched the series? Those are some huge numbers. I bet they got the call for season two the Sunday after it's release.

28. Airport Looks

Is she at an airport here? This is what MIllie Bobby Brown wears to the airport? I'm usually in sweatpants, an old shirt, and a neck pillow. Then again, no one is taking my picture when I go to the airport, except for TSA. Even if this isn't an airport, this Gucci look would stun at any location. That's head to toe Gucci, which is crazy. I can barely afford one article of Gucci clothing. I wouldn't even wear several Gucci pieces either. That's like taking all your money out of the bank and walking around with it in one suitcase.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty Eight: Stranger Things season 2 brought us the newest female character, Max. She's from California, so you may notice Dustin say "tubular" around her. This is because in the 80s it was very accurate for people to think every single Californian said "tubular."

29. Pretty in Pink

It looks like Millie is about to hotwire a car and head to the coast of Mexico in this outfit. She looks like a damsel who just stole all her evil husband's money and needs to skip out of town. That's not even a diss. It's a hyper-specific compliment. Plus, tell me I'm wrong. That's exactly how she looks. I'm still not used to seeing her with her long hair either, so this just looks like a disguise.

Stranger Things Fact Number Twenty Nine: In season 2, Eleven is able to confront her father figure played by Matthew Modine. This scene took such an emotional toll on Millie that she cried after the scene was finished. I cry after my Cup of Noodle is finished, so I completely understand. That's the same thing, right?

30. Hip Hop Video

Here's Millie Bobby Brown's look from the SAG awards. This looks is dope AF. Millie looks like she should be in a late 90s hip hop video. Did she borrow this from the Missy Elliot collection? Don't tell me that I'm the only one who sees that? Those buns give off a Star Wars Leia vibe too, which might be why I love it so much. I'd say that Millie found her color in pink, but let's face it, she looks good in all colors.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty: If you haven't seen it, you need to check out Dacre Montgomery's audition tape. It's available online and it's absolutely bonkers. In it he even dances shirtless to the song "Come on Eileen." Although I don't recommend that for all of your auditions, being bold can definitely help you get a role.

31. Billowy and Black

Millie looks like she could be an anime character in this outfit. A strong gust of wind can send her flying and spinning the air to unleash her devastating attack. If you couldn't tell, I have an overactive imagination. Can you blame me when it comes to some of these outfits? High fashion is inspiring, and for me, it inspires wacky thoughts about dresses turning into weapons. A Millie Bobby Brown anime wouldn't be bad.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty One: This one may shock you to your core. This fact shows that the history of Stranger Things could have easily been changed forever. Before being cast in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown almost quit acting. Can you imagine? Who would be Eleven if it weren't her? They'd have to clone Natalie Portman and use her teen version.

32. Shoulderless

Once again Millie doesn't just kill it with the dress, she kills it with the shoes too. Bright, shiny shoes are so in right now. If you don't own a pair, go to Home Depot and get some silver spray paint. It's the cheaper way to go. Not that Millie Bobby Brown needs to do that. She could probably afford titanium shoes at this point. Unless she spent all her 'Stranger Things' money already. I probably would have spent it all if I were in her shoes, pun intended.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty Two: In season 2, Bob wants to move to Maine, which might seem like a meaningless detail, but it's a nod to the king of horror, Stephen King. This whole series is a nod to Stephen King, in fact, so there's no big surprise there.

33. Baby Blue

This looks like the outfit a girl who joins the Boy Scouts would wear if there were a movie about that. Let me set the scene. Imagine Millie Bobby Brown as the lead. She's a girl who wants to join the Boy Scouts so she does. She shows up like this and everyone gives her crap, but she proves that she can do everything they can, but in heels. I smell a box office hit! That might just be because I'm popping popcorn right now though.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty Three: Not only do the characters of Will and Joyce have a connection, so does Wynona Ryder and Noah Schnapp. He would ask her for help on scenes and she would talk him through it, as well as be supportive. Now that's a mom.

34. She's a Cheetah

This is a nice, casual look that any one of us could pull off. It's important we see one of those looks so we can actually emulate her look. It's not like we can afford the types of gowns she's worn in most of these pictures. Plus, where do you even wear a gown? I'm much more of a sweater and jeans type of guy. I get invited to the types of places that you would wear a sweater and jeans to, like Walmart or my grandma's house.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty Four: Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, is quite a quirky kid, if you couldn't tell. That quirky personality helped in shaping his character. For example, do you remember Dustin's weird purr from season two? That was Gaten's idea and it originated from his Chewbacca impression.

35. Space Age Fashion

At its simplest, this outfit is just blouse, a skirt, and a hair clip, but for some reason Millie makes it look like something much more complex. Imagine this picture but with a huge title saying "YOUNG LEIA: A STAR WARS MOVIE." It would fit perfectly, right? I don't know if that's Millie, the outfit, or both. All I know is that one day the fans will demand that Millie play young Leia.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty Five: There are flashback scenes in season two that are, spoiler, heartbreaking. They show Hopper's life when his daughter was still alive. Because those scenes take place much earlier, Hopper's hair is CGI. You really have to come to terms with your baldness when people need to see CGI your hair. That's not a permanent solution to hair loss, dude.

36. Hippie Child

I can't verify where Millie Bobby Brown wore this outfit, but I am going to guess Coachella. The only thing it might be missing is the flower crown. Doesn't it feel like there is a designated outfit for coachella? LIke a memo went out and told everyone how they should dress. Imagine showing up to Coachella in anything other than a flower crown? They'd kick you out.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty Six: One of the most interesting relationships in season two is between Eleven and Hopper. In one key scene, Eleven acts out as any teenager would. The only difference is that Eleven has psychic powers that slam Hopper into the wall and send things flying across the room. Hopper actually did his own stunts for that sequence. I really appreciate that, even if his body might not have appreciated it.

37. Blue and Black Dress

That dress is white and gold, unless you see it as blue and black. Remember that old internet meme where no one could agree on the color of the dress? That's what this reminds me of, except to be honest, this is a much better dress. Sorry, Meme Dress, but you have nothing on Millie's style. If that meme had come out with Millie wearing the dress, no one would have cared about the dress. They'd just be staring at Millie.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty Seven: You may not know this, but the character of Nancy is a huge 'Risky Business' fan. I would actually find it very weird if you immediately jumped to that fact. It's a little obscure, but it does help build the world. When Steve wears a Risky Business costume, it is a nod to Nancy.

38. Class Act

Here is Millie getting ready to go to boarding school. This is what that reminds me of, except this would be a more stylish look. Imagine if school uniforms came in different price points so you could still show off how much more wealthy you were. Either get the standard black shirt, or the one with floral embroidery and a bluetooth speaker. People love putting bluetooth speakers in things just to show off how rich they are. One day Whole Foods will sell organic produce with bluetooth speakers grown inside of them.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty Eight: A surprise breakout character in season 2 is Caleb's sister. The actress, Erica Sinclair, was supposed to have a smaller role, but she ended up lighting up the screen so much that they put her in more of the series.

39. Overalls and Stars

I told you overalls were in! Here's Millie Bobby Brown in her second overall outfit. This one has stars printed all over it, giving it a unique vibe. I must say, I've never seen overalls with a collared shirt like that. She really pulled off that look? Wow. Then you add in the high kick too? Millie is being more dope in just one picture than I've been all year. Most of that's my own fault for being a slob, but a lot of that is just Millie being uniquely awesome.

Stranger Things Fact Number Thirty Nine: A highlight of season two is seeing the Halloween episode when the crew dresses up as The Ghostbusters. The Duffer brothers actually asked Ivan Reitman for permission to use the costumes. Luckily Reitman said yes so we could pass the torch to these young actors.


Millie is busting out her tough girl pose in this picture. Somehow she pulls off being tough even in a dress. I think it's the boots. Boots are an awesome shoe. You can just slide them on and all of a sudden you are ready to kick ass. They're like a better slipper. Sure, it takes a couple years to break boots in, but once you do, they're as comfortable as a slipper, but with 100% more ass kicking power.

Stranger Things Face Number Forty: My favorite part of season two was Dustin and Steve's relationship. They both help each other overcome heartbreak, and we see this little brother/older brother relationship emerge from them. Originally their relationship wasn't a part of the script, but their chemistry couldn't be denied so more scenes were written for them.

41. Varsity

Millie Bobby Brown can't possibly live a normal school life, so this might be the only time we see her in a varsity jacket. I don't see her being able to join the cheer team at her local high school with her busy shooting schedule. I bet if she was in school she'd be the cool girl though. Not the bitchy cool girl, but the girl who is popular yet nice to everyone. We need more of those! Always remember to think, what would Millie Bobby Brown do. WWMBBD.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty One: In the scenes where Dustin and Steve are searching for the monster, they throw raw meat all over the forest. That raw meat was actually watermelon and chopped beef. That sounds like a rejected Panda Express menu item, doesn't it?

42. Crazy Print, Crazy Eyes

The fabric on this dress is absolutely stunning. Get me some pants and a shirt in that fabric. Get me some shoes too while you're at it. I think I could pull a head-to-toe suit all in that fabric. No, I don't expect you to agree since you've never seen me, but we can at least agree that Millie looks great. She's giving those crazy eyes that mean you better run for the hills. If Eleven gave you those eyes it would mean your brain is about to melt.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty Two: Season two's newest and biggest character other than the Mindflayer is Max, played by Sadie Sink. Originally she was too tall to play the role, so they almost didn't cast her. I'm glad they did though. Get your money, girl.

43. Straight and Serious

This look is quite a unique one from Millie Bobby Brown, at least in the hair department. Count all the long hair pictures in this gallery. You can do it on one hand, so it's safe to say it's not her usual look. When we have seen her with longer hair, it's got the wavy thing going on. This straight-hair look shows us a different dimension, and it kind of goes perfectly with that black leather jacket.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty Three: We've given away many spoilers for Stranger Things Season two already, so I'm not going to be shy about them anymore. Wasn't it so heartbreaking when Bob died? He was such a great guy! The fact is that he was originally supposed to die sooner, but they kept him around. I guess Sean Astin's day rate wasn't as expensive as they thought.


Millie has a recurring theme of using dots in her styles. They really work for me, but I have a theory that the bigger the dots get, the worse an outfit gets. One big black dot, for example, is just a black shirt. Two big black dots make it look like you're trying to point out your breasts. Three big dots looks like two boobs and a gut. As you can see, we could keep going. It's not until you have many dots that the outfit looks good.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty Four: We just talked about Bob's death, which was by the hand of the devil dogs, but originally he was supposed to die differently. He was supposed to die at the hand of Will. DUN DUN DUN! Wouldn't that have been brutally dramatic?!

45. Punk Millie

This type of punk look always looks so cool! What I never understood was how anti-establishment punks are, yet they take more time to get ready than anyone else. I bet it takes a punk twenty minutes longer to do their hair, makeup, and choose an outfit than the most popular girl in school. I always found that very ironic. In seeking an identity, all they do is look the same. If you're a punk reading this, I'm sorry to tell you the truth like that. I know it's upsetting, but now you can change your life.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty Five: We learned earlier that the Demogorgon was a animatronic, but as for season two's cuddly little slug friend, Dart, he was all CGI. I guess it would be pretty hard to make an animatronic that small. At that point you're pretty much creating life.

46. The Hello Look

This is a classic paparazzi shot. This is the one you always see when a celebrity goes to check their mail. It's like you can't just go out in your undies and check your mail like you're some kind of 40 year old dad. The paparazzi would light you up. That's a lot of stress. Millie seems to be handling it well. She dresses better getting the mail than I do to funerals. Maybe that says more about me than it does her.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty Six: Sean Astin, who played Bob in Stranger Things season 2 is a hilarious and talented actor. When it came to his death he had no problem with it at all. In fact, Sean Astin wanted a violent death. That's quite an interesting contract request. "My client will only be in your movie if you violently kill him."

47. Young Millie

Just for reference sake, I wanted to throw in this picture of young Millie. I mean, she's already young, but in this picture she is very young. This must have been from her earlier movies. After all, she had been acting before Stranger Things. Even at such a young age she's rocking the red carpet with style and attitude. That's just something you can have from a young age, I guess. I still don't have it.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty Seven: When a cast works together for a long time, they start to bond like a family. Every good friend group or family has a group text. The Stranger Things cast is no different. They have a group text called Stranger Texts. That must be the most fun group text in the world. I'd be texting them all the time.

48. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Millie has a look of fierce determination. The determination? To look fierce. Mission accomplished. As cool as this outfit looks, I don't know if I could handle giant sequins up and down my arms. That seems very uncomfortable to me, but then again I am just an uncomfortable person. I also tend to make people feel uncomfortable too. It might even be a superpower. I could be invited to Xavier's School for the Gifted, but I'd just make everyone uncomfortable.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty Eight: Every great couple hashtag. Take #Kimye for example. Kim Kardashian and Kanye's hashtag. Or like mine, #Juliolone. Julio for me, and alone for the person I'm not with. In the Stranger Things fan world, Joyce and Hopper are #Jopper. It's kind of a harsh sounding word, but it's better than #Hoyce.

49. Converse

We've seen Millie rock her converse shoes with gowns. Now we get to see her rock the Converse shirt in a chill setting. This is one of those normal outfits that she just elevates. I wish I could elevate the simple look of a t-shirt. The only thing elevated is the belly area. That's why I wish I had the mental powers of Eleven. I'd use them to work out my abs while I sat and watched TV.

Stranger Things Fact Number Forty Nine: The past few years have been good for 80s inspired horror, including the remake of I.T. Before Stranger Things, The Duffer brothers wanted to direct I.T., but didn't get the chance. Since they pretty much already created their own I.T. tv show, I wonder what their version would have looked like.

50. En Vogue

I couldn't look this cool on my best day. I'm pretty sure my best day already passed anyway. I think it was April 3rd 2001. We were doing a push-up contest in Physical Ed class and me and this other guy tied at 40 pushups. It was a glorious moment. Can I do anywhere near 40 now? No. Not at all. That was my best day.

Stranger Things Fact Number Fifty: Everyone is wondering about the next season of Stranger Things, but did you know that Netflix wanted Season 3 and 4 to be shot back to back? That's when you know you have a hit on your hands. I'm sure the Duffer brothers want some space in between to see fans reactions. Based on some of the previous facts I think it's clear to see that they play fast and loose.



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