Candid Illustrations That Show How Backwards Our Society Really Is

Weird | By Harriet King | May 14, 2018

The issues facing society today are multifaceted and always so complex. It often feels like everyone is upset about something, and rightfully so in most cases. There are so many problems in the world, but to unpack them in writing would require thousands and thousands of words. It's exhausting to even think about!

But luckily for us, we have some very smart, creative artists in the world, who can show us in just a few seconds exactly what is wrong with the world - all it takes is the stroke of a paintbrush. There's nothing like an intelligent piece of artwork to put everything into perspective.

At times it can be depressing to delve too far into political issues, but we can use these clever images to inspire society to move forward, not backwards. Trust us - after looking through all of these pictures you'll emerge feeling enraged and upset, yet totally enlightened. #45 is extremely depressing!

1. Man On The Moon By Dran

Dran has a way of portraying issues that can really make things clearer for the audience. This is one of those pieces that highlights the problems we refuse to face. One of the major world issues is the way we deal with trash and how we're slowly destroying our environment with it.

We are so in over our heads that we are simply dumping things wherever we can find space. This piece of art suggests that when we land on the moon, we will most likely find trash that we have dumped over the years. This shines a light on the challenges we face with disposal and how we should focus on using things that are biodegradable or recyclable. As the population grows, we will soon be out of space to put our trash if we don't change something now.

2. The Illusion Of Choice By Unknown

There are some pieces that instantly spark a thought, and this thought-provoking piece will surely light a fire in your mind. We live in a world that offers freedom and equality, so to speak, but how much of that is really true?

This piece is by an unknown artist who clearly understands and portrays how we live in an illusion. It might seem that we have the freedom of speech, and the power to change the world. However, we are just pawns handled and controlled by the powerful and wealthy. It does not stop there - today social media and news channels are set in motion to control our minds and boost the illusion we live in. Which is why it is time we really think about the so-called "freedom" we are being offered.

3. Follow Your Dreams By Banksy

Banksy is one of the most loved and admired political artists, as he creates artwork that comes from the heart. There is no piece that does not offer a harsh truth we have all been avoiding. The painter that painted the term "Follow Your Dreams" represents the naivete of people before they become jaded by society bringing them down.

We live in a world where we are encouraged to follow our dreams, yet those dreams are often canceled by reality. Reality is where we have to work for endless hours in a dead-end job just to make ends meet. There is no place for dreams anymore, as we need to focus on surviving instead. It's a reminder to always seek out a different path if you can, as the normal route won't lead you to your ideal life.

4. Athlete By Luis Quiles

Luis Quiles is one of the most popular artists today, and this piece is designed to show us the commercialisation of sport. Our highly loved and inspirational athletes are not merely entertainment for the masses - they have now turned into a source for advertisements.

This particular piece showcases how an athlete is filled with ads from top to bottom. Think about the last sports match you just watched and you'll remember that all of the athletes' attire was covered in ads. It's certainly a great way for more and more money to be made off the back of hardworking sportspeople. The more famous they are, the higher their cost is. These days it's not so much about the athlete themselves, or their talent - it's all about how much they can bring in with each advertisement.

5. Study Hard By Unknown

This piece is by an unknown artist, but features a heartbreaking reality. Where the world is filled with educated individuals, yet they hardly make enough money to get by. Most of our graduates are on the streets looking for jobs, and some of them have reverted to begging.

This piece is all about the viewpoint society imposes on us. We are constantly told that studying hard will get us a good job and that we'll be able to live the life we have always dreamed of. So we diligently go through life working on our grades and getting into good colleges, only to end up on the streets with no job and a heavy debt. This piece really helps us see the life of many students and how they have to struggle so much after graduating.

6. Here Fishy Fishy By Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczy?ski really gets us thinking with this piece, as it sheds light on such a deep and pressing issue. There is no doubt that most of us are highly dependent on alcohol, and it holds the same attraction that a bug-filled hook offers to a fish.

When it comes to alcohol we definitely can be a little like fish - constantly attracted to the prospect of something better and getting lured in despite of our common sense. This piece of art showcases how dependent we are on alcohol, and how it can end up destroying lives. We are constantly lured in by the bottle and always end up consuming more than we should. Unlike fish we get to live, but what kind of a life are we living? That is what this piece wants us to focus on.

7. Drug Abuse By Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski has really hit the nail on the head with this thought-provoking piece. This artwork suggests that drug abuse leads us to create another human within us, which is like a child constantly needing to be fed. When a child cries or is fussing, our first thought is how long ago the child had something to eat.

Similarly, drug addicts constantly feel the need to get some drugs in their system, to help keep the child down. It allows them to control the fuss their body is making and help get a little peace. However, the addiction is strong and keeps asking for more, and we keep feeding it; thinking it will make things better. This piece really points out the key issues drug addicts go through, and something we need to consider when addressing issues of addiction.

8. Business By John Holcroft

John Holcroft showcases how a large percentage of doctors and health care professionals are focused on making money. This piece of art sheds light on the working of our world, and where we are headed. There was a time when doctors worked endless hours to save lives, to protect them from diseases, and to help humans get better.

Sadly, we no longer live in that time. Today, so many of our doctors are motivated by money. This piece points out how doctors have turned into vending machines - in order to get something from them you have to load them with money. An unfortunate and heartbreaking time we live in, yet we can be so oblivious to it. Today, the only people who can seek out good health care are the ones that can afford it. Others are constantly avoiding checkups, as it often costs a small fortune.

9. Fast Food By Unknown

This thought-provoking and disturbing piece points out our obsession with fast food and details how it is ruining lives. The artwork was created by an unknown artist, but they were perfectly on point with our track record in mind.

This art portrays two sides: one is the human race and the other is our mind filled with the hunger for fast food. We have let go of a healthy lifestyle and no longer see our bodies as something to cherish and enjoy. This work was created to help us see the reality we are living in - to shock us enough to finally snap out of our fast food obsession and take charge. The piece clearly points out how we simply cannot keep living like this and need to make a more positive change.

10. Santa's Real Elves By Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski is a well-respected artist, who is known for his thought-provoking and meaningful social commentary through art. Our kids wait all year long for Santa to leave them a mountain of gifts. It is without a doubt one of the most exciting times of the year for any child who believes in Christmas.

This particular piece intends to get you thinking about where your goods are actually coming from. It is not Santa that is filling our houses with gifts - it's China and other countries playing host to factories with unfavorable conditions. So many of these sweatshops are now taking over toy manufacturing and offer seemingly endless goods at unbelievably cheap prices. Any normal person instantly jumps on the opportunity to save money, but we should start thinking about making more ethical purchases.

11. Death By Luis Quiles

Luis Quiles is a well-known Spanish artist, who has created countless thought-provoking pieces over the years. This particular piece is by far one of the most interesting he has created to date. It highlights how one's family and friends can be lethal.

We guess what it's really trying to say is that the ones we trust can easily turn on us and cause death. More importantly, it highlights the number of deaths caused each year that are carried out by one of our family members or friends. This piece really gets you wondering whether you can trust the people you surround yourself with. Is it really a concern we should burden our minds with? Yes, we feel that Quiles is making a point with this piece and it's something we should consider.

12. Stuck In Your Own Bubble By John Holcroft

We simply love John Holcroft's art pieces, as they point out the problem with society. He makes us think about it in such a way that we take a moment out of our busy and selfish lives to consider others. This piece highlights how we can get so wrapped up in our lives that we do not make time for anyone else.

We get so busy in our jobs that we create a bubble that is more harmful to us than others around us. It sounds a bit dramatic, but we end up living and dying in the bubble, without really living our life. When you take a closer look at the piece you can see how the man is busy making business connections and getting things done, while completely out of touch with family and friends and the things that create real happiness in life.

13. Liars By Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski really knows how to highlight the main issues and then bring them under the microscope for us to examine. For instance, this piece showcases a huge human under the White House, whose nose is extremely long. It definitely represents the old fairytale of Pinocchio, the mystical boy whose nose grew each time he told a lie.

Similarly, the piece suggests that the government has lied so much over the years that they have been able to build the Washington Monument out of the lies that they have told. This really zones in on the fact that you can never really trust what the government tells you about anything. They have every reason to be keeping the American people in the dark. This illustration is one of the more popular ones in today's art scene.

14. Murica By Pokket Mowse

Pokket Mowse has a special talent when it comes to shining a light on social and global issues and he always manages to do it in the simplest way. This particular artwork highlights all that is wrong with the USA. The country that was once seen as the place where dreams come true now has a completely new image in terms of global perspectives.

This piece highlights both local and international problems that America faces today. It shows us an oversized America, with a hand busy eating fast food and the other hand on a machine gun. Each element offers a true, yet heartbreaking story. The place of dreams is now seen as the place with obese, unaware, and unhealthy individuals. The entire population might not be living the "Murican" life, but too many are surely fixated on wasting their lives this way. This is certainly a piece that is close to our heart and we believe others should learn from it.

15. Homeless By Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczy?ski knows how to zone in on a specific topic without taking the conversation off track. In this case, he wants to talk about the fact that thousands of Americans live on the streets, while the rest of the country is filled with tall and luxurious buildings for the rich.

This piece of art highlights the all too common issue of regular men and women being pushed out by the wealthy. While one side lives in luxurious tall buildings, the other side is struggling to get through the day. Living on the streets, with minimal supplies and facilities, and hardly anything to keep them warm, some people really do it tough. When you take a closer look at this piece, you will feel chills knowing that so many people struggle to get through the harsh winters each year.

16. Evolution By Dan Piraro

Dan Piraro has offered the world many pieces of art, but this one just shakes you to your core. You can see the evolution period take place, yet sometimes it feels like we're going backwards. Most of us are familiar with the evolution period, and how the human race came into being. Despite being the "smartest" species, we at times make judgment calls that take us back a few dynasties.

When you take a closer look, you will see how the modern man is dumping his garbage into the sea, with no regard to how it will impact the world. This is really how the so-called smartest species is making decisions, and we can't help but feel like we're not making any progress at all. Piraro sure knows how to depress us, but his art can also motivate us to change.

17. Greed By Pawel Kuczynski

We simply adore Pawel Kuczynski's artwork, as it highlights issues that are well known, yet often ignored by the world. For instance, this piece showcases a wealthy man bathing at the top of a lush green tree, while at the bottom a poor man struggles just to get a few drops of clean water.

This piece really highlights how we waste water, and how there are so many people in the world who would give anything to have just the bare minimum for survival. If you think about it, the piece shows greed at its worst, where the one that has it all does not even consider the humans that might die without even a fraction of they have. It's a heartbreaking world we live in, yet there is so little we do to change it.

18. Slavery By Pawel Kuczynski

In this artwork, one of our favorites, Pawel Kuczynski, highlights the modern-day slave, and how we have simply painted the chains. He suggests that we are all still bound by a master and live a life they expect us to lead.

We live in a different era now, where slavery is not the same as it was before. Today, we do not realize that we are salves, and we go on believing that what we have is true freedom. However, in reality, we are all slaves to the world and its political systems. We constantly work on things that do not hold much value, but still follow through with it, as its the new world order. If you really think about it, you will see that we have all become versions of modern day slaves.

19. Problems By Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski has a way with art and politics, and it allows him to highlight important issues without exaggerating. Which is why we love his thought-provoking illustrations so much!

In this piece, you can see a man taking warmth from a fire created. The catch is that the sticks he has used for the fire are from the steps of a ladder he could have used to escape. The same sticks he cut down could have allowed him to get to the other side. Yet, here he is in the cold and dark instead, cutting down his chance of freedom and a better life. It is really pieces like these that have you thinking: are you living your life in the dark? Do you really use your mind to make better decisions? A possibility we should all consider.

20. Who Rules The World By Unknown

This thought-provoking piece of art was created by an unknown artist. It really pulls us out of our bubble and gets us thinking about the rulers of the world and who they really are. It's a stunning piece that highlights all the theories people have come up with over the years, as to who really holds our leashes.

Who is the one who gives the order that is passed down to the masses? It's a difficult topic, and it is portrayed here using some light humor that is tinged with the hard truth. It gets us thinking, but the question remains - who is the elite group of people pulling all of society's strings? Are they real, or are they simply created to give us something to think about? This piece surely offers some great food for thought.

21. Zombie Apocalypse By Steve Cutts

We simply love Steve Cutts's artwork, and this piece really got to us! We all know that we are often way too involved in our own little world. No matter where you look, whether it's on the bus, on the street, or at home, you will see people staring into their phones, completely absorbed.

This particular piece showcases how our smartphones have consumed us and turned us into living, breathing zombies that are obsessed with our phones. If you think about it, we are extremely dependent on our phones and have minor panic attacks when we cannot find them. It raises an interesting question: do we have to change the way technology controls our lives? Do we need to focus on being present and mindful, instead of distracted and consumed by the internet? It's a question we think about every day!

22. Time By Pawel Kuczynski

We know Pawel Kuczynski as the harsh artist, who points out the obvious things we avoid each day. However, we feel this piece of art is more compelling than others, as it tells us that each moment that has passed is a moment closer to death.

When you think about it, it is completely true; with each passing second or minute, we are closer to the end of our time on earth. We cannot know for certain how long we are going to live, which is why each second counts. This shocking yet enlightening piece does not only offer you a harsh piece of truth, it offers you a chance to change the way you live your life. Knowing that you have limited time can lead you towards living a more positive and fulfilled life. Start making changes so you will be content and happy when your time comes.

23. Brainwashed By Anthony Clarkson

Anthony Clarkson is a genius when it comes to thought-provoking art. He helps us focus on some of society's key issues, and this is definitely a big one. When we're young, we get to enjoy being kids and we're told we can do anything. Yet by the time we start school, we're pushed into the direction of full-time jobs and huge financial responsibility.

Throughout childhood and adolescence, children are taught that happiness is dependent on how much money one has. We teach them this over the notion that they should be thankful for what they have and find their happiness in things that matter. This compelling piece really shines a light on where we are taking the world, and how we are training our kids. Let's fill their minds with dreams and happiness instead and maybe we'll create a better place for everyone.

24. War By Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski has always created illustrations that pull at your heartstrings, but this piece holds a special place. It showcases a monument with soldiers on the top, while a mother and young child are left at the bottom, alone. This piece portrays how we only think of the soldiers that took part in the battle and forget about the ones that were left behind to fend for themselves.

We honor the soldiers for bravely dying on the war front, but we do not even mention the women who were left in charge of their families, as well as society. This piece highlights the high pedestal men are put on, and how women are only seen as caretakers. In many ways it speaks about equality, and how women had to go through much more to get to where they are now.

25. Game By Luis Quiles

We love Luis Quiles's illustrations, as they highlight global issues in one simple glance. This piece in particular shows how we are all being played with by the world's leaders. Quiles has highlighted three top leaders: Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong-un.

The piece of art features these three influential men playing with a football shaped as the world. Each one of them kicks us around in a way they feel fit. Though they're the leaders of three different countries, Quiles has drawn them all in the same uniform, which is the most striking thing about this artwork. It implies that they're conspiring together to change our planet for the worse. It really makes us aware that we need to take control of our countries, so we can finally create a better future for our shared world.

26. Lives Matter By Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski is known for his moving illustrations, but this piece of art will just tear you apart. Every parent wishes to offer their child the world. But some are lucky enough to live a luxurious life, while others have to work day and night to make ends meet.

This piece of art by Kuczynski portrays two sides of the world. The privileged side, and the poor. Where one child is offered a play toy train to pull around, the other has to physically pull an actual train to make some money. This shows how unbalanced the world is and how children are raised so very differently depending on their background. However, at the end of the day, we need to realize that they are just children and that all of their lives matter.

27. Criminal By Unknown

Sometimes illustrations by unknown artists hold more power than illustrations by well-known artists. Perhaps it's because they don't even want the fame associated with successful art - they only want to get their important message out to the public. This piece is a perfect example of that.

It portrays an artist being beaten up by a police officer, simply for painting the truth. We live in a world where freedom is just a tag that is awarded until we really start to practice it. Only then do we come face to face with the harsh reality of life: that freedom is an illusion our leaders have created, and in reality, we live in a controlled environment. Seeing this piece really brings up some shocking truths that we should all stand against if we want to live in a better world.

28. The Gutter By Pawel Kuczynski

Here's another stunning one from Pawel Kuczynski - we are constantly in awe of his compelling illustrations! This piece offers an insight that we know all too well but can never seem to put into the right words. We see a leader speaking, while all that he says is taken to the gutter. We know you already get it!

There was a time when political leaders had the ability to control and take charge of millions of people. Sadly, we cannot trust what any of them say anymore - over a period of decades they have eradicated their own trust. They have pushed us to a point where we no longer listen or feel and it's as though everything that comes out of their mouths is sewerage that belongs in the gutter. It makes us long for a time when we can trust our leaders and political systems again.

29. Shape Your Mind By Steve Cutts

Steve Cutts is one of the leading political illustrators and has offered the public many moving pieces. From his extensive collection, we simply love this one. "Shape your mind" is one of those artworks that speak for itself.

This artwork portrays how the leading brands in the world have shaped our mind. It does not matter what they have to offer, or what they are selling. It is all about the messaging they have created over the years. We have been shaped and influenced by them to a point where it has become second nature to support them. If you take a closer look, you will feel their influence over the world, and on you as an individual. When you really think about it, it's disturbing to see how easily they can control the mindset and beliefs of society.

30. The Clown By Dran

Dran is one of those artists that engages the audience immediately. This allows him to showcase the rich and thought-provoking pieces that always leave us speechless. The best part about some of Dran's work is that it can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

In this piece, we see a man in a suit standing in front of a mirror with a bouquet of roses. The interesting part is the refection he sees in the mirror, which is that of a sad clown. The clown represents the man's insecurities about how others see him. He is clearly off to a date and worries the person in question will think of him as a fool or a clown. This is a totally normal situation before such a big event, and we all know exactly how it feels!

31. Society By Steve Cutts

Steve Cutts has taken it upon himself to show the real face of society, and how we are slowly letting technology take over. This moving and disturbing piece of art shows how we are simply heading down a road where the only future for us is to become couch potatoes.

This work portrays the disturbing future that we step towards every day - where we will have machines feeding us fast food, while we're hooked to an automatic machine filled with meds to keep us alive, with a huge TV in front of us, and a soft drink IV bag to keep us hydrated. We will have all that we need without having to move a muscle and we'll eventually turn into the couch. It's a disturbing and shocking image that holds such a great deal of truth.

32. Perfect Soldier By Young And Minor

We simply love Young and Minor, as they have always provided a fresh perspective. This piece of art dates back to war time, when mischievous artists, such as Young and Minor, tried to change the minds of the public. They didn't have the internet, but their message was still just as effective. In fact, it may have even been more effective since everybody used to read the same newspapers!

The reason it is called the 'Perfect Soldier' is because those ranked high in the military preferred mindless men who would follow orders. As you can see from the image, the soldier that is being selected has no head (and hence, no brain to think with). In a time when we needed soldiers to take a stand against war, those higher up wanted the exact opposite.

33. Revenge By Larry Torro

We totally adore Larry Torro's artwork, as he always offers such beautiful messages that are close to our hearts and speaks about matters that are often unseen. This particular piece showcases a parallel universe where the animals get their revenge.

This four-part artwork showcases the seal taking revenge with a club, the lion killing the hunter, the bull using the same spear that was used to taunt him by the matador, and a fox wearing a dead woman as a coat. All of these pieces come together to show how things would look if we switched places. It reminds us that we absolutely should show kindness and humanity towards these animals, instead of controlling and using them for our personal gain. There is no doubt that the image paints a disturbing and alarming picture, but it is necessary in order to educate and raise awareness.

34. Consumerism By Steve Cutts

Steve Cutts has delivered yet another thought-provoking and meaningful piece of art that will leave you thinking and pondering over the issues it raises. Here, Cutts has really managed to shine a light on the consumerist society we live in by offering an accurate, though shocking, image.

This piece of art portrays a cycle that has existed for decades. Many of us are aware of the consumerism all around us, but there are only a few of us that really care about or understand it completely. It is a never-ending cycle, where the consumer hands over all of their hard-earned money in exchange for material items they are told they need. Simply thinking about the process will put the art into perspective and you will see the message it holds.

35. Rebellion By Luthyen1

Luthyen1 creates artwork that will make you fall in love, as it offers such a strong and simple message. This particular piece puts society's beauty standards for women under the microscope by showing how those who break the mold are often considered 'rejects' or faulty in some way.

The artwork just scratches the surface, but the message remains strong: follow what society tells you or you'll be an outcast. In the case of women finding their way in the world, they are often forced to adhere to ridiculous standards when it comes to looks. There is pressure for their hair to be perfectly groomed, makeup perfectly applied, and only fashionable, uncomfortable clothing worn. Any woman who rejects this lifestyle is branded unattractive and abnormal. Sometimes it can even stop them from being offered great opportunities.

36. Tax Cuts By David Horsey

The thing about David Horsey's art is that it helps his audience understand the heart of an issue in a matter of seconds. If you asked us to explain tax cuts for the rich in actual words, we're sure it would take hours to reach the crux of it all. Horsey shows us that a picture really does speak a thousand words (or much more in this case!).

Demanding that the tiny cat exit the sinking boat (which represents the federal deficit) while the massive crocodile weighs it down is a great allegory for the current situation in the USA and its latest tax cuts for the wealthy. Welfare for the people who need it uses up only a fraction of the government's budget. If rich people and corporations were taxed appropriately, maybe we'd all benefit a little more from the distribution of wealth.

37. Domino Effect By Mana Neyestani

We simply love Mana Neyestani's art, as it offers such cutting insight into the world's systems. This piece, for instance, shows the audience a child starting a domino effect that leads to knocking down an older man sitting on a throne. It really shows us how a simple and harmless act can lead to something much bigger. Whether those outcomes are good or bad is yet to be seen.

When you take a closer look and decide to ponder over the matter, you will soon realize how something small can leave a huge impact on the world, or even just your own life. In the end, it teaches us that we're never too small to make a difference over time. But it is also a reminder to consider the potentially drastic consequences of seemingly small actions.

38. Indoctrinated By Luis Quiles

We all just love Luis Quiles's work, but this piece in particular spoke to us. The Holy Bible is one of the world's oldest religious texts and speaks of many wise things. But it's not something to force on people, particularly those in developing nations who need other necessities first. This is often the tactic of Christian missionaries who visit disadvantaged communities.

This piece of art shows us a starving child, presumably from an African nation, who has been given religion, instead of the real essentials such as food and water. While religion can provide a great source of comfort to people with all kinds of issues, there are other things humans need before being subscribed to a new belief system. It's great if you can offer somebody a beautiful path in life, but help them get their health on track first.

39. Rat Race By Steve Cutts

Steve Cutts always delivers art that holds a deep meaning, but he has really hit the brief with this piece. The picture depicts well-dressed rats running into the underground train, pushing each other to get ahead. This piece is about the life we live, and how we take on each day.

Today, we live in a world that has turned into a rat race. We are constantly running against the clock and everyone is always too busy to make time for the things that matter. We are constantly running to get ready, running to get to work, running to get home, and even rushing through sleep. We no longer feel like humans - we are rats trying to get ahead in the race. This thought-provoking piece is exactly what we need in order to visualize the mindless path we have taken on, and how it is ruining our lives.

40. Lovin' It By Luis Quiles

Leave it to Luis Quiles to shame us into realizing what we are neglecting. This simple yet meaningful piece of art shows us how one half of the world is endlessly spending on unhealthy food, while there are children in the other half that barely get to eat.

It depicts the largest food chain in the world, McDonald's, along with a malnourished child standing in front of the logo. It reminds us of how we are living our lives, unaware of what the rest of the world is going through. How can anyone enjoy a meal knowing there are people dying due to hunger? This really puts things in perspective and forces you to see what you have been avoiding. So well done, Luis! It's a really smart piece of art, highlighting a huge global issue.

41. Distraction By Dran

We really like any artwork by Dran, as it always gives us a chance to see the world from a different perspective. It can help us readjust our views and consider opinions we never would have thought of before. This piece of art shows us a shabby room with two kids distracted by football on the TV. In the background, you can see a war going on through the window.

The interesting part is that the kids don't care at all about the war and are focused on the thing that is making them happy. This is the mindset we live in today, where we will focus on anything that can keep us distracted from the harsh realities of life. It's all too easy to ignore the big picture and keep filling our lives with entertainment.

42. Pokemon Go By Steve Cutts

Steve Cutts hit the nail on the head with this artwork featuring Pokemon Go. The game took the world by storm and left many injured, or at the very least, distracted. The world of Pikachu is a sentimental one, and when the company decided to offer individuals the chance to become a part of it via their phones, it was even more inviting than before.

We have seen so many around us consumed by their phones, and in the case of this game, people were literally falling over trying to look for characters. This piece is focused on such absurd behavior, and it is definitely not limited to Pokemon Go. In general, we have become slaves to our phones and will do almost anything we're told when it comes to technology. Pokemon Go is a perfect way to illustrate this point.

43. Bethlehem By Banksy

We all love Banksy's artwork, but this piece really got us thinking! We're all familiar with the dove and olive branch as the international peace symbol, but Banksy has really transformed the original message and makes us see it in a completely different light.

This piece of art portrays how the symbol of peace needs protection. As there are some people who simply wish to destroy things and cause terror for no reason. Today preaching peace comes with a price, as there are far too many people who profit from the hate and terror that has spread all around us. When you take a closer look, you will be able to see the sad reality we choose to ignore each day. That we have lost far too many in the battle against terror.

44. Let Them Eat Crack By Banksy

Banksy is most famous for putting the big issues on display in the most creative fashion. He can take something so complex and somehow make it seem so simple. We always say that a picture speaks a thousand words, but in Banksy's case, we think it's more like ten thousand!

This billboard shows us a large rat in a suit holding an umbrella and a briefcase full of money. The image is accompanied by the text "Let Them Eat Crack". This is a play on the famous words "let them eat cake" spoken by French queen, Marie Antoinette in reference to France's starving peasants. The artwork was designed to highlight how little the rich understand the problems of the poor. In this case, Banksy has modernized the issue by referencing the drug crisis, which often affects poorer communities.

45. Pervert By Dran

Dran is one of the few artists who know how to bring an issue to light without complicating it with unnecessary details. The work is always simple and clear, allowing the audience to understand the meaning almost immediately.

This piece of artwork shows how sometimes just a perverted look from a man can make a woman feel physically violated and threatened. In the current societal climate, women are making their issues with men known and we're now all starting to fully comprehend how much one gender has been held back due to the male gaze. At the heart of the matter is the objectification of women and how men sometimes see them purely as sex objects with nothing more worthwhile to offer. This can create dangerous and discriminatory environments for women and it's time for it to stop.

46. Happiness Trap By Steve Cutts

We love Steve Cutts's art, as it points out some major problems within our society. This piece highlights how we see money as the source of happiness and decide to dedicate our entire lives running after it. The piece further highlights how we are lead to believe that money is the end goal, and once we have money we will be happy.

Unfortunately, most of us are easily lured by this fantasy and we end up getting into things that can harm us. If we decide to learn from art, this piece teaches us that money is not the way to happiness. Happiness is living a life that is full of the things we love spending time on. Sometimes the path to money has to be avoided in order to make space for the things that really matter.

47. Perspective By Damnkidyk

We simply love Damnkidyk's artwork, as he always comes up with a fresh spin on reality that manages to take you into an alternate universe. This piece shows ducks force-feeding humans grains. When you take a closer look, you will see that the wounded humans have been forced into place and are being fed against their will in the same way that the famous French meal foie gras is made - by force-feeding ducks. In the background, you can see a complete role reversal, as two ducks dine on the other side of the glass.

This piece points out the harsh behavior we direct towards animals and allows us to feel their pain. Simply thinking about how we would feel if we were treated badly, tied, and forfeited to produce. It's a shocking reality that we completely ignore every day. With this piece in front of us, we can imagine how things might be if the tables were turned.

48. Innocent By Unknown

This thoughtful piece of art was created by an unknown artist, who understands the importance of freedom. The illustration shows how we start shaping a child as soon as they are born, and how it impacts them throughout their life.

When a child is born they don't know about the religions and sectors that exist in the world. They are not born with an opinion - they simply take on the opinion we force them to believe. This piece of art clearly states that we start training our child and offering them the same values we believe in from the day they are born. So, by the time they are adults, they share the same values and mindset that they have grown up in. This takes away their choice and the freedom to choose the path they wish to follow.

49. Choose Your Own Destiny By Luis Quiles

We simply love Luis Quiles, as his artwork really brings out issues that are quite difficult to explain in words. This particular piece showcases three different individuals of varying races and genders and shines a light on how they are perceived within society.

If you take a closer look, you can see how there is a hand controlling these individuals as though they are puppets. We live in a world where we are told we can build our own destiny, but in the end, we are stuck with the perception and mindset preset for us. Ultimately, this artwork teaches us that we really need to step back and unlearn all of the harmful stereotypes we've been taught about race and gender. This illustration has received critical acclaim due to the design and message it contains.

50. Feed Me By John Holcroft

John Holcroft is known for his harsh and honest opinions, and he did not miss the mark with this on point "Feed Me" piece. Facebook is the world's largest social media platform, and the piece points out how it has turned into a hub for social approval.

This piece portrays how we live for the likes and comments that we get on social media sites and then compare them with others. This is for no other reason than to fill out our hunger and EGO for social acceptance and love from family, friends, and strangers. Holcroft has shown how the individual's likes and follows are there to simply boost their ego. It has no other purpose in life than to satisfy our so-called "self-esteem" and "self-importance". The piece really gets us thinking and is sure to stir up your mind.



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