50 Liars Who Got Owned On Social Media

Humor | By Julio Childress | October 12, 2017

For some people, the best part of the internet is all the cat videos and memes. For others, the best part of the internet is something far less family friendly (I'm talking to you, Mr. Private Browsing). Then there's the people who enjoy the internet by utilizing its true power: it makes it very easy to get away with a lie.

Why is it so easy and fun to lie on the internet? That's because it can be very hard to find indisputable proof to catch someone in their internet lie, but when it does happen it's something everyone loves to see. Especially in the Fake News era where even out news outlets are just saying whatever the heck they want.

No lie goes unpunished, however, as is evident by this list of 50 people who will forever be marked on the internet as liars.Read on to see if you're guilty of any of these lies yourself, or maybe it'll give you some ideas. Just don't get caught like these people. #47 will absolutely make you fall to the floor!

1. The Not So Great Gatsby

Most of the time if someone talks 'ish on what someone else does or doesn't read, that person doesn't even read anything themselves. I can't tell you how many times I've been given guff for reading 'The Hunger Games' by someone who hasn't picked up a book since Bush was president. 00s Bush or 80s Bush. That's why when one keyboard cowboy thought he could crap on Great Gatsby readers, another Facebooker laid the perfect trap.

The post attempts to knock down those who say they have read Great Gatsby since it's a high school requirement and shouldn't be a big deal. That's' when a user replies with what initially seems like a standard comeback, but it puts the Great Gatsby hater on the defensive nonetheless. Then it's revealed that that the reply was a quote from the book. Not only that. It's the very first line. Check-mate. Gatsby Hater reveals he has never read the book, leaving him to question all his life choices that have led to that moment.

2. How to Get Ripped

Back in the day if someone wanted to steal your pictures they'd have to sneak into your room and find the little tin you kept your polaroids in. Now all it takes is a right click and "save as." Yes, the internet is a terrifying place. Try not to think about it. With so many pictures online, it's easier to steal one than to bust out your camera and take it for yourself.

There's nothing worse than someone taking credit for your accomplishments, especially when those accomplishments are rock hard abs. This internet user, who I assume is a bodybuilder or a superhero, spotted a fitness magazine using his image to promote their fitness regiment. The only problem: that's not how he got his Captain America body! He quickly chimes in to tell set the record straight with a nice one-two punch of, "I'm that guy and no I won't tell you that."

3. Chicken Nuggets with a Side of Lies

People get very passionate about what they eat. Not only that. They get passionate about what others eat as well. There's a healthy group of people who seem to hate the fast food industry, and they'll stop at no end to expose the mighty Burger Kings of the world. In what can be assumed was a move of pure desperation, these fast food truthers were caught in a lie meant to push their agenda.

We all can assume that there is something up with chicken nuggets. Something can't be that perfect and delicious without having some deep dark secrets. That's why this Tumblr post seems like it could likely be true. Good thing a Teletubbies fan was quick to point out this slimeball lie. That pink slime isn't chicken nuggets! It's Tubby Custard! I'm glad to know the truth but now I'm hungry for some Tubby custard.

4. You Can Find Me in the Club

If you lie to your significant other, you will get caught. It might be minutes later, or it might be years later, but you will get caught. If you break up with them before you get caught, then you're good though. They can't get you anymore.

Cell phones changed the face of dating in many ways, especially in terms of espionage. You can be in two places at once. You can text that you're at church, but in reality you can be day drinking in a Target with your side piece. In this case, this unfortunate young man thought his girlfriend was home, so when he lied about being in bed, the last place he expected to find her was right behind him. I hope his next move was to stand completely still. Angry women are like T-Rexes. They can't see you if you don't move. They do, however, smell fear.

5. Rebecca in Wonderland

Reverse Google image search is the greatest tool to use against internet-liars, whether they be catfish or just your standard phoney. That's what it can take to catch a liar. A wide array of tools and gadgets, like Batman but far more petty. Up there in crimes with pretending you're someone you're not, is pretending you've created art that you have not created. Luckily, that one's just as easy to catch.

Rebeca must have been having a busy day because it prompted her to post this Alice in Wonderland quote with accompanying image. She adds the mic-dropping line of, "I drew this," which is her biggest crime in all of this. At best, this is a great tracing job, but a commenter puts the last nail in her coffin by posting the EXACT same image from someone's art blog. Come on, Rebecca. You wouldn't steal a car. Why would you steal an image of a bunny rabbit?

6. This Lie is Not Working Out

Commitment is key to a good lie. If you don't pretend to believe it, then no one else possibly will. You have to dig in when someone doubts you, but even then, there's a point where you save more face by giving in. With that being said, that only really works when you don't have a horrible photoshop working against you.

Hard work is the only way to a great body, whether that's hard work in the gym or hard work learning photoshop. Either way, this internet user failed on both fronts. Hoping to get some street cred for his ONE WEEK of work in the gym, he posts one of the worst photoshop's in history. He's immediately called out, but won't back down. He deserves a career as a lawyer, but he can probably give up his dreams on bodybuilding or graphic design.

7. Call 9-1-Dumb

Maybe somewhere in the world, at some specific time, someone used social media to save their life. I'm sure that's in the realm of possibilities. The most likely situation if someone is using social media as their 9-1-1 is that they're just looking for attention. It doesn't matter how many retweets you get if you're getting stabbed. Everyone knows this. That's why it raised immediately red flags when this Facebooker-in-danger posted about their supposed break-in in progress.

First off, I don't live in a place big enough for there to be anywhere to hide if a break in occurred, so the entire concept of doing anything other than screaming is completely lost on me. Secondly, if someone is breaking in, get the hell off social media. Now, this Facebooker almost got away with their lie when called out, claiming they couldn't get to their phone. Too bad people on facebook are the pettiest sleuths you ever met. They quickly pointed out, "you wrote this via mobile..." YA BURNT!

8. The Lie Down Under

I want you to remember these words: sometimes the main lie is less disturbing than what else could be true, given that lie.. Let's talk about what's going on here. This girl allegedly took a trip to Paris with her boyfriend and put a padlock on a bridge to symbolize their love. I've been to Paris and can attest that there is a bridge full of locks just like this. The lie holds up. That is until one keen interneter spotted the Sydney opera house in the background.

Back to my first line. We can see now that obviously this person has never been to Paris, but if that lie is true, then there might be something more disturbing at work... I don't think there's any promise. I don't think there's any boyfriend. For all we know, this lie goes so deep that this could have been a Russian bot.

9. A Snowboarded Gets Iced

This one just makes me feel sad. It's the immense level of detail that really shakes me to my core, and that's even before I process the fact that there's a trick called an egg flip, which by the picture just looks like someone about to land on their neck. But can we even believe the trick is called an egg flip after the entire foundation of this guy's story is discovered to be a lie?!

This Facebooker who allegedly just came back from Colorado gives an overly detailed description of his epic snowboard trick, but he failed to put any thought into this picture choice. Turns out that someone outed him as a liar when they discovered that the photo came from a 2012 calendar, not to mention the first google image search result. Come on, dude. Everyone knows you gotta go to at least page 12 to cover your tracks.

10. Out of Time

Always cite your sources correctly. That's what they teach you on the first day in college, or on the first day of high school if you live in a nice neighborhood. What this person didn't realize is that when you cite your sources, they actually have to be correct. That's why they are called sources, not "make-em-ups.".

That's why you might not remember this alleged Time Magazine picture. Interesting that they'd choose a Time Magazine picture that has no possible indication that it's actually from Time, including articles or the logo. Makes sense when you realize that this isn't from Time at all, nor is it from 1955. Plus it's a picture of Aria Giovanni, who is beautiful by any era's standard. Listen, we can have body positivity without having to make up BS. Don't listen to the magazines anyway. Curves have been, and always will be, in.

11. We Got the Receipts!

No matter what holy text you prescribe to, bragging about charity is usually a big no-no. I'm pretty sure Satanism even has a clause against it. I mean, no one needs you to tweet every time you give a homeless person a dollar outside of 7-11. It's just not that big a deal. Take it to the next level and that's when you start lying about charity.

A restaurant goer wanted the world to know that he gave a generous tip around Christmas time. Strike one, he's bragging about it. Strike two, as one of his Facebook friends points out, he's showing the customer copy, which means he most likely never left that tip on the real receipt. I appreciate the extra bit of realism with the cute little "pay it forward" note and all, but come on. Just don't lie about this stuff.

12. You Just Got Put On Blast, Sun

Basic science and astronomy knowledge can actually save your life. Let's say you were lost, all you'd have to do is find the North star to guide your way. Sure, there are millions of stars, so it makes it a little hard, but no one should die just because they can't point one out. Even better yet, that same astrological knowledge can prevent you from looking like a total idiot.

There's nothing spectacular about this picture to me, but this guy sure thought it was something special. His "new favorite picture" is a result of the serendipitous sun showing up at just the right time.... Or is it? If the sun is in his eyes, why is his shadow in front of him? BOOM. He's caught in the lie, but why? I could see if this picture made him look like Brad Pitt, but I think it would have been better off in the computer trash folder.

13. The Truth is at Steak

Vegans often get a bad rap. All they want to do is live a conscientious lifestyle... and tell everyone about it constantly. Yes, that's the stereotype that we've all heard. The old joke, "how can you tell if someone is vegan? They'll tell you." Let's not knock vegans entirely though. All they're trying to do is make the world a better place. Meat eaters are just sick of hearing about it.

That's why this lie is an especially horrible crime. One high and mighty Facebook user went on this long tirade about switching to veganism. Good for them! (*Blocked*), but they shouldn't have posted so soon. A friend quickly comments a reminder that just earlier that day they had enjoyed a chicken and steak taco bowl. There should be a rule that you have to digest your food completely before you can switch to vegan.

14. The Con Engagement

Some things are way too complicated to lie about. Like dying. It's very hard to lie about your death. How can you shop on Amazon if you're dead, you know? So, if you're going to lie big, you have to have an equally big plan. This sad, lonely woman didn't have much of a plan other than to get attention when she posted that she had just got engaged. Too bad one of her closest friends had never met this mystery man. As the conversation goes back and forth we learn a couple of interesting things. One, this woman is a known liar. Two, Dave is 100% not real since his picture is just a stock photo.

What was this poor woman expecting? After a few months would be post about a fake divorce? Or would she just hope people forgot? I need answers!

15. Facebook, the Ultimate Snitch

There's no end to the amount of data collection Facebook has on us. They could probably tell you more about me than I could tell you about myself. In fact, the old days of internet anonymity are pretty much gone unless you're a high level hacker (I know how to uninstall programs. Does that count?). A lot of what Facebook collects is right out there, broadcasted into the open. I'm talking specifically about location services.

It looks like someone wanted an excuse to compliment themselves on Facebook using the old "someone else posted this" trick. The dumby claims to have left their computer logged on to a library computer, however, Facebook is too slick for that. The "via mobile" is clear as day. Time to revise that post to "I have nice hair, I flirt too much, AND I'M A DIRTY LIAR."

16. School Ain't Cool

Studying is the absolute worst, because you're never really done studying. To be done studying you have to take a test, which is a whole separate awful thing on top of studying. To make matters worse, it's still not over because you have to wait for the results. All in all, it's understandable that someone would rather the world end than have to go through all of that.

I can understand this guy's feelings. He doesn't want to study, so he's not going to do it. I respect the boldness of his life choices. Too bad he didn't check to see who was around him because his buddy was no more than eight feet away, waiting to bust him. At least now his parents will know that he's being a good boy and studying instead of wishing death upon the world.

17. Poor Etiquette

One rule for social media is that you should watch what you say, or if you're not going to watch what you say, at least block your mom from your feed. Mom is either going to cut in with some comment to knock you down, or you're going to feel total shame when she likes your post talking about all the tequila shots you downed at the back of a grocery store parking lot.

In this situation, mom was quick to jump in when this young woman posted a backhanded complaint about her upbringing. "I didn't know how poor I was growing up" is not a becoming statementof a nyone, especially if you had a swing set. It's not that a swing set is expensive, but the hospital bills are when you fall and break your arm. The girl tries to defend her comment, but mom isn't having it, threatening her with the block. That might actually be for the best.

18. What's in a Name?

Being a music fan is hard. One day you're bopping along to your favorite artist's music with millions of other fans, the next day you're defending them for plowing their car into a crowd of people. Sometimes you just have to let go because the music stopped being good, or their name came up in the #metoo movement. Unfortunately, if you're not careful you may still have the remnant of your fandom, like a tattoo or a screen name.

I don't know if BiebersGurl4ever1 forgot that her nickname had Bieber in the title, or she just hoped nobody would notice when she posted that she doesn't normally listen to Justin Bieber. What? Are you a fan of Justin's humanitarian work instead? I think it's about time to change the username, BiebersGurl. Some things don't last 4ever... 1.

19. Lie-ghtening

This article is about social media lies, not interesting quotes, so I am going to have to quickly get past when she says, "I just got back home from getting my claws sharpened." Whoever this lady is, she definitely works at a front desk and acts incredibly sassy towards anyone who walks in. For such an already interesting person, I don't know why she felt the need to put up this fake story about a thunderstorm. Heck, if Susan can take photos that well she needs to get into the photography business.

Susan's friends either know she's not that good at snapping photos, or they live in the same area and can obviously see the lack of thunderstorm. Whichever it was, the proof was in the pillow. Her friend Carter finds and posts the very image she claims to have taken. Maybe next time sharpen your mind instead of those claws.

20. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lies

Taking a picture is something just about anyone can do. We all have cameras in our pockets at all times after all. They even make phone calls if you want them to. So, if you want to take a picture of a flower, cough up a couple bucks (or pick one out of your neighbors garden) and take a photo. Then again, if you want to take a great photo, you may want years of training. That's why photographers go through such lengths to protect their photos with watermarks. So no one else can steal them.

You'd think that watermarks would be a deterrent, or that a would-be thief would at least crop it out, but that wasn't the case with Rick, who so proudly claims, "I took this pic." The evidence is all right there, Rick. That's the unmistakable work of Nick Boyer Photography.

21. VIP - Very Important Pajamas

There is nothing wrong with staying in and being chill. Just ask anyone who has turned 30. Suddenly it's like nature calls to you to nest and stay in on Fridays and Saturdays. The good thing is, at the end of the day, you don't have handcuffs on. You can go out if you want. That didn't stop one Facebooker from trying to have it both ways with her social media post.

If you take the post at face value, it sounds like such a perfect night that it should be in a movie. The VIP treatment? That sounds awesome! It also sounds just vague enough to be fake. Turns out it definitely is because whoever she lives with revealed the truth. The only VIP treatment she's getting is a cold natty ice and some double ply.

22. Zanzibar or Bust

When's the last time you saw Jay-Z stunting on social media about where he's traveling? Or any high roller for that matter? They never do. That's why I don't get it when wanna-be high rollers go bragging all over social media about what they're doing. Everyone knows if you really had money, you'd keep your mouth shut.

An airline on Twitter had no problem swatting down a twitter user guilty of social media stunting after he said he was using their airline to fly to Zanzibar. Zanzibar? I bet this guy doesn't even know where Zanzibar is. It probably just sounded like the most exotic place he could find. At the risk of losing a future customer, the airline let the whole world know that they don't even fly there, making sure he was properly tagged to get dragged.

23. iCake

It's become our natural reaction to take a video or picture when something interesting happens. That's why when there's a horrible accident, you see more people holding phones than performing CPR. So, for example, if your phone drops in a cake, you may hesitate to grab it since it's a great photo moment. Then again, that's a $1,000 mini computer we're talking about, so maybe the picture isn't really worth it?

Given that so few of us have a camera other than our phone, the immediate question with this person's Twitter post is, "how did you take this photo if your phone is in the cake?" Then you have to ask, "you actually baked the cake with the phone in it and didn't notice?" I'm seriously starting to question their intelligence at this point. Luckily this whole confusing cake crumbles once another Twitter user reveals that the picture came from a Youtube video. There are no winners here, folks. At the end of the day, someone was still dumb enough to bake an iPhone into a cake.

24. 85 Sounds Just About Right

Trying to sound or look smarter than you actually are has the double effect of making you look extra dumb. Putting on a monocle and saying indubitably is not the same as having a high-functioning brain, nor will having a fake British accent do the trick either. Also, if you want people to think you're smarter than you are, make sure you have a grasp of how the internet works.

Online quizzes can be a little annoying, especially when it's that person who spams them all the time and only uses the quizzes to show off that they are Dumbledore and Luke Skywalker. That's exactly what this Facebooker was trying to do when they posted their 125 IQ score, but they failed to see that the preview image shows his actual score: 85. I'm not too surprised.

25. She Think She Cute

Let's make this clear. If you posted a selfie, it's because you thought you looked good in it. That's it. Case closed. Just own up to it. Social media is 100% about vanity and we all know it, so let's not play the shy game. I'm immediately not buying this girl saying she didn't meant to post the selfie because we can all see she looks cute in it, but there's a very clear other reason that one of her friends points out.

Accidentally posting something on your phone isn't totally impossible, but when it comes to posting a picture with a caption, it kind of is. You don't post the caption AFTER the picture, so how could you possibly comment about posting the picture on accident? It's like some weird chicken and the egg thing. What came first, the caption or the picture?

26. Too Dumb to Makeup

Posting a No Makeup Selfie is one of the bravest things you can do. Braver than running into a burning building to save a bunch of puppies, or going to war. It's a sacred type of photo that must be held in the highest esteem. To lie about a no makeup selfie would be to tear at the very fibers of feminism. OK, so I'm being a little dramatic, but if you're going to post a no makeup selfie, you have to go all in.

The truth is immediately obvious once you look at the picture. This girl has makeup on. The first commenter jumps right in yelling "eyeliner!" I do appreciate that she always gives in and tells the truth, but if this conversation keeps going what else will we find out? Is the hair a wig too?

27. The Tonight Show Barber

Joke theft is a serious crime. It's on the same level as art theft, except at least with art theft the thief gets to wear one of those cool black cat suits. It always irks me when I see someone post a joke I've read or heard before, portraying it as their own work. Unlike with internet pictures which make it easy to prove theft, the person can always fall back on the old coincidence defense. That's not so true when the joke is from one of America's biggest comedians, on five nights a week.

This guy thought he was slick recounting a fun little exchange between himself and his barber, but his friend must have known that he isn't that funny because he quickly links to a picture of a Jimmy Kimmel interview with Robert Downey Jr. using the exact same joke. Busted.

28. The One Two Punch

Sometimes it's not the lie on social media that catches you. It's social media that catches you in a real life lie. What I'm saying is, make sure that when you call in sick for work you don't post social media pictures of you jet skiing in Turks and Caicos. In this example, this person got caught in their deep web of lies when they posted about some well needed cocktails with hubby.

They are immediately called out for using their boss's father's death as an excuse to miss a dinner. Savage. The second hit comes when the boss chimes in after reading the entire exchange. Turns out the boss's father didn't die at all. That's going to be a horrible Monday morning in the office. What do you do in that situation? Bring condolence flowers anyway?

29. You Can't Run from the Truth

I'm the last person who should talk smack on someone else's workout routine. I'm so inactive that my muscles feel like sacks of Jell-O, and with the amount of alcohol I drink, it's more like Jell-O shots. In fact, I respect anyone who attempts to live a healthy lifestyle. Or, at least I thought I respected anyone who attempts a healthy lifestyle. Then I found out about this guy.

This Dad had plans to go on a run, but then his son found him 30 minutes later asleep on the floor. I don't know what kind of stretch leaves you sprawled out on your stomach like that, but it's obviously not the best choice. Let's be honest though. If I found my dad like that I'd assume he was dead. It's a little horrifying, isn't it?

30. It's Morphine Time!

We all know that most of these social media lies are for attention. Any good attention seeker knows that the best way to get it is with a hospital visit. Nothing racks up the likes than a trip to the ER. Which reminds me, I haven't posted on instagram in a while. Maybe I should go drive my car into a pole.

Let's take a look at this post. Since when did morphine become cool? Is this something I didn't know about? Either way, this Facebooker thought it'd be cool to brag about his morphine drip while at the hospital. The sympathy immediately starts to roll in. Unfortunately the truth rears its ugly head. Turns out it's just saline. Saline for runny poo! Maybe this guy has runny poo because he's so nervous from all his lies.

31. Money Talks

Before we talk about anything, we have to look at those hashtags. I didn't know that all I needed to do was search #drugdealer if I needed to find one. I'm glad that during America's opioid crisis this guy has a strong #pillgame. SMH. I don't know where #nfl and #football come in either, but this goon's hashtag game is the least of his problems. Like for example, if you have stacks, why are you leading with the 20?

He's immediately called out by a guy named Robert, but Mr. Money doesn't back down. He posts another picture of his money, a whopping $607. What doesn't make sense is suddenly this new photo is professionally taken. That's because it's a stock tumblr photo, which Robert quickly points out. There's no coming back from that. He's officially busted.

32. Nice Shot

It can be hard to determine what's fake news and what's real news, especially if you don't have the time to track down sources. That being said, let me give you a little tip. If your news is coming from text on an image, or a meme, then it's fake news. Real news doesn't come in that format. I don't see esteemed journalists in their offices putting that stuff together.

Immediate red flags come up when looking at this Facebook post that claims a recent school shooting wasn't reported because an armed citizen shot the shooter before he could hurt anyone. The implication is that the liberal news doesn't want to further the "good guy with a gun" narrative. Too bad the only part that's true is that there was a man with a gun... who ended up killing himself.

33. She Asked For It

Here is a girl who wanted to post the most liked status of 2011 - she wrote "ive never had sex. Like this if you think I am lying," which is a very funny thing to do, for a multitude of reasons. For one, the people who are going to like her status are going to be placed in an awkward position, wherein they have to explain why they think she is lying. Did she sleep with them, or do they have some other type of insider information?

Anyway, after Emily posted her status, she received over 30 likes in the first 15 minutes, which is pretty fast for a personal, non-celebrity type of Facebook account. The first comment was from Savannah, who wrote "this is gonna be the most liked status of 2011," which probably made Emily happy. Afterwards, Savannah posted a second, more feisty comment, saying that Emily, the original poster, probably slept with half the people who liked her status.

34. Nice Try, Dude

It is a well-known fact that people want to imitate other, more successful people. One such guy was this anonymous fellow, who wanted to be funny and posted a brief "conversation" he had with his hairdresser. The alleged chat went like this "Hairdresser: you're very handsome - don't let anyone tell you any different." To that, the guy in the above screenshot replied, "they don't haha." Basically, they had some good banter over how good his style is.

The problem with that conversation is that it never happened. The guy saw it from an online meme featured the man behind Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr. You can see in the above screenshot how the meme has the exact same words. What is even more interesting is that Robert Downey Jr. never even had this conversation in the first place - it was just a simple meme someone made up and posted on online forums and probably Reddit as well.

35. Photoshopped Freckles

I don't expect everyone to be an expert in photoshop. There's a reason why people get paid the big bucks to take a couple of inches off of Bella Hadid's body for the cover in In Shape magazine. One thing we can all do is spot a bad photoshop when we see one, though. Even when that bad photoshop is our own. That still doesn't seem to stop people from posting the most ludicrous looking stuff in the world.

This girl tried to post a picture of her face without makeup. Let's just say that the caption didn't work as well as intended, because what follows is a long string of people telling her how fake it looks. The freckles obviously looked photoshopped, and even more obvious, she definitely has makeup caked on her face.

36. Cheating Death

Everyone loves a good heartwarming story. Even serial killers like heartwarming stories. They just also like murdering people as well. While a heartwarming story might make us feel great, it has the opposite effect when we find out it's not true. It's like a little bit of joy gets sucked out of the world. Plus, with enough real situations in the world, why do we have to make stuff up?

A lot of joy was sucked out of the world when this Twitter user's story came out as false. It's a beautiful story of love coming together to battle cancer. It even dares the haters to share it. Unfortunately the whole cancer story isn't true. Not only that, the real life couple has their own issues since it turns out the guy in the picture cheats... a lot.

37. Something Doesn't Look Right

Buying anything online can be a crap shoot. Even big online retailers like Amazon can send you something that isn't quite what it said it was online. At least with Amazon Prime it only takes two days to realize your order is screwed up though. Once you get into private sellers, you have a whole other list of problems. Like them luring you into an alleyway to murder you. Or more likely, that they're not being 100% truthful.

A keen user in a Facebook group didn't need glasses to see there was something up with this ad for some brand new specs. They claim to never have been worn, yet we can clearly see them being worn in the seller's Facebook profile photo. Dude, I know that picture is one of your best selfies, but it's not going to help you sell those glasses.

38. Lie-RL

One thing I don't understand about racists is how blind they are to their own behavior. They have to see that their behavior is bad, right? It's like, when have you ever watched a movie where the racist person was the good guy? It doesn't happen. You'd have to think that at a certain point that would click with people. Following Brexit, a lot changed in the UK, especially with how brazen people became with their racism.

In this real life story, you can see that racism at work. Just because a rider on the train was wearing a niqab (a headdress), another train-goer assumed that they didn't belong and were speaking an unwelcome language. Firstly, let people speak whatever they want to speak as long as they aren't bothering you. Lastly, she was speaking Welsh, and they were in wales.

39. The Handmade's Tale

Handmade items are well worth the hefty price tag. You try sitting there crocheting a blanket for hours and hours and then having someone wanting to pay some Walmart prices for it. You'd be ready to slap someone. You'd be just as upset if someone did the opposite and tried to sell you a cheap, factory made blanket for some "gave Grandma arthritis" prices.

At first this post about a custom made Colts blanket for $400 seems fair. Sure, I wouldn't buy it, but that's someone's hard work we're talking talking. It quickly gets to "hell no" territory when someone posts a link from Wayfair.com showing the same blanket for less than $40. All of a sudden that blanket isn't looking as good as it was before. Somehow knowing it's not handmade makes it look worse.

40. Living Life in the Fast Lame

We can all relate to being stuck in traffic. Being trapped in a metal prison. Sometimes there's not enough podcasts and Taylor Swift albums in the world to get you through it. For that reason it's a solid like-earner of a social media post. What else are you going to do when you're bumper to bumper wanting to blow your brains out? Focus on the road? Please.

This kid thought he could produce some relatable content with this traffic selfie, but he should have left the shades off. Better to risk your vision than risk looking like a fool. A Twitter user named Marvin replies to expose him. All he does is zooms in to show the proof through the reflection of the glasses. No words necessary. Just a simple "sure." You're a true G, Marvin. You remember that.

41. Why'd You Have to Go and Make Things So Complicated?

Some couples feel the need to air their dirty laundry all over social media. Not me though. If I get broken up with, I want to keep that detail of my life secret so I can cry alone. My therapist says that's not healthy, but I tell my therapist, "you're fired. I can't afford you anymore." Facebook relationship statuses are tricky business because everyone loves setting it to "in a relationship," but no one wants to click that "Single" button. Sometimes it's not as simple as "in a relationship" or "single," which is even weirder. Why do you want to broadcast your irregular relationship all over the internet?

When Carmen set her relationship status to complicated, I'm sure she didn't expect her ex to come in and clear up the situation. Turns out there was nothing complicated about it. She cheated. Multiple times. I think the only thing complicated is her sexual history.

42. Smoking Hot Cheerleader

This girl must have been dressing up for Halloween or a costume party, because her lie here isn't trying to convince anyone she's a real cheerleader. She clearly says she "reckons" she would make a good cheerleader. Southern gal, eh? You gotta love a Southern girl. They're fiest. What happens in the comments is a great demonstration of someone getting so defensive that they forget all logic.

A commenter quips that cheerleaders don't smoke, which really sets the cheerleader off in a Maury-level "You don't know me" reply. How could this random commenter possibly know she smokes? That's pretty simple. She's smoking in the picture. That's an ultimate clapback that you can't really come back from. Time to delete your picture. Hell, maybe even delete your whole profile at that point. The embarrassment is too much.

43. You Played the Game, and You Played Yourself

If you're hypocritical online, you're going to get caught. People can provide the receipts very easily and quickly. Obviously that doesn't stop people, because it's just too easy to flap your lips, forgetting that you're just as guilty as everyone else. It's like, don't eat a garlic and kimchi sandwich and then talk to me about how you hate people with bad breath. We're going to have a problem.

Online game invites are one of the most annoying things on social media. I'm pretty sure half of them aren't even real invites from friends. They are just Facebook sending out fake invites. It's Facebook's way of preparing us for when it's in complete control of our lives. Whether it was Facebook being evil or not, Facebooker Scott gets called out for complaining about game invites, even though he had just sent his friend Kimberly an invite.

44. Wendy's So Petty

If you're familiar with Wendy's Twitter account then you already know that Wendy's has no chill. They talk smack to people, call people out, start trouble - all because they know their burgers are so bomb that you'll stuff your faces with double stacks no matter what they say. In some ways, Wendy's is the last honest voice in America. Wendy's for president?

In this case, Wendy's was just being petty. A twitter user named Erik tried to claim he got a Wendy's tattoo on his calf, but they shoot him down. When will people learn to never use the first Google image search? This guy dodged a bullet by not actually getting that horrible tattoo, but that still means that somebody got that tattoo. Ladies, before you settle down with a guy, check his calf. Make sure he doesn't have this on it.

45. Son of a Beach

I don't know why I have to say this, but it looks like I have to say this. No one cares enough about you going to the beach for you to have to fake a picture of it. We're all good with not thinking you ever went to the beach. Or anywhere for that matter. If you are somewhere and want to take photos, for sure. Go for it, but in a world that's already so fake, let's not go extra fake.

That's exactly what this dude tried to do with his beach selfie, but when we see a picture taken from another angle we can clearly see he's at a park. What's wrong with a park selfie? I personally love parks over beaches. Parks don't have sea creatures that could emerge from the dark depths at any moment.

46. Who is Clingy Now?

The level of persistence a man can show when chasing after a woman is incredible. It's like Terminator. A guy will just keep coming for you and coming for you until you crush him in a machine press. Seriously, sometimes that's what it takes. That's just the beginning of the long rabbit hole of flaws us men have. Unfortunately most guys want to talk smack about the opposite sex without doing any reflecting on their own issues.

Like I said before, the internet keeps its receipts, so when this dude posted a complaint about clingy girls, he was destined for defeat. Three girls reply with screenshots of him messaging them incessantly. Come on, bro. Step up your DM game. If they aren't responding to "hi" or "hey," maybe try something that has one additional second of thought.

47. Whose Mans Is This?

Maybe I was blessed in some way, or maybe I'm just not a psycho, but I never had to go around lying about having a girlfriend. I've come close, but never actually done it (hey, we all get desperate sometimes). What's so gross about it is that there's this whole other person out there that doesn't even know they are in a relationship. ONe day they'll be walking down the street and some stranger will say "congratulations on the two year anniversary."

In this case, this dude's "girlfriend" is immediately outed as a picture from the website Coedcherry.com. Ok, dude, so you're either dating a Coed Cherry pornstar (which good on you if you are), or you're a total liar. Seeing as though if I was dating a girl I would have more than just her porn performer photo, I believe that this guy is full of it.

48. Mr. Steal Yo Pics

Let's put it out there now. This isn't his girlfriend. He's never met this woman. Her name is most likely not Vanessa. This is something we know, so now we can talk about all the weirder stuff behind this lie. One, his caption makes it sound like he's been with her for quite some time. He even has a name for her, so how long has this been going on?

That's just the tip of the iceberg.The name of the site the picture came from is the worst detail of it all. Jailbaitgallery.com. You get your pics from jailbaitgallery.com? That's not a good look on anyone. I'm not exactly sure what age range constitutes as "jailbait," but it's not something I'm about to look up. I don't think I would like jail all that much.

49. Getting Caught in the Weeds

Sorry, everyone, but weed isn't cool anymore. Once states started legalizing it and Fox News anchors got caught smoking it, it stopped being cool. Posting pictures of your weed doesn't make you seem like a badass either. It makes you seem like you just got back from a pharmacy in California. You got OG kush? Cool. I know friends with leukemia who have Purple OG. It isn't a big deal.

If you're going to show me pictures of weed, you better give me professionally shot photos that show all the little crystals and hairs, not some iPhone 3 pictures of shake. It's even worse when someone posts weed that isn't actually weed. It leaves you wondering whether they actually paid for four grams of oregano, or if they were just trying to look like a G.

50. YOU ARE!

"Your, You're" is in the same family as "Their, they're, and there." When someone uses the wrong one, it's very fun to make fun of them, but it's also incredibly easy to make the mistake yourself. Sometimes I'll have been writing an article for a couple of hours and things slip, or I'll be in a heated Facebook troll session and use the wrong one. We'll all get caught using the wrong one someday, but how this went down is especially cathartic.

While on a tirade against people who get "their, they're, and there" wrong, this Facebook grammar nazi made the crucial error of using the wrong "your/you're." If you want to immediately look foolish, that's exactly what you do. Everyone knows you can't talk smack about something that you're doing in the exact same moment you're talking smack.



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