Internet Conspiracy Suggests Eminem Died Years Ago From A Drug Overdose

Entertainment | By Gigi Cummings | November 5, 2017

Who is the real slim shady? Back in the early 2000's that question was easily answered. Slim Shady was the rapper Eminem aka Marshall Mathers. Eminem was extremely popular in the hip hop world. His lyrics were full of angst, he crossed cultures and race by saying a big f*ck you to everybody. He was infamous and widely popular. But he had quite to troubled past, and for about four years he went into hiding. Brought on by rehab for sleeping pills and prolonged by writers block, when eminem returned in 2010 he seemed like completely new person, or not a real person at all. Here is the eminem death conspiracy theory.

Celebrity Death Conspiracies

Eminem is not the first celebrity to have a death and rebirth conspiracy theory placed on him. These have gone back for decades, only now in the internet culture can we start to really track the theories and look at the evidence. Some other modern day stars are up for question as well.

The Illuminati

An ancient secret society that has been brought back to life in our modern world. This illuminati is known to have high powered secret intelligence and the theories that the illuminati are behind most of the worlds biggest assassinations, tragedies and innovations. Mostly it is assumed all of Hollywood and celebrity is controlled by the Illuminati.

Cloning Celebrities

There was that famous moment in pop culture history where Tupac was digitized into a hologram and projected onto a stage where he then performed a song from the dead. This sparked a lot of talk, is tupac really dead and if his hologram is technology that we are being shown, think of all that we don't know that exists thats being hidden from us.

Taylor Swift Is Zeena LaVey

If the conspiracies are true, then Taylor Swift as a human does not exist at all. The theory is that she is actually a clone of Satanist Zeena LaVey and that The Illuminati are using this clone to further the social agenda and blast music with subliminal messages.

Katy Perry Is Jonbenet Ramsey

This theory is a bit far fetched but very popular nonetheless. The conspiracy claims that Jonbenet Ramsey in fact did not die, she shook her name to change her life and be groomed to become one of the most famous posters who ever lived, Katy Perry. While the real church singing Katy Perry died many years ago.

Sexy Clone Megan Fox

Now this theory must be true because how else do we explain how naturally sexy Megan Fox just IS. The conspiracy is that Megan Fox died when she was on the brink of fame and the government clones her many times getting progressively more attractive, like the Fem Bots from Austin Powers in order to have control on Hollywood.

Miley Cyrus And Her Body Double

The theory is that Miley Cyrus died back in 2010 from a drug overdose. But because Miley Cyrus already had a body double that she used on the regular for some of her performances, the Illuminati decided to keep Miley "alive" by transforming her body double into the new Miley Cyrus.

Eminem Goes To Rehab

For rapper Eminem, he falls into a similar fate as these celebrity women. Eminem supposedly went to rehab for a sleeping pill addiction and then resurfaced into the world about four years later looking like a completely different person almost younger and with different facial features

A Killer Conspiracy

Now Eminem was known for his controversial music where he called out a lot of people and was not afraid to be open about his opinions on everything. Some say that The Illuminati did not like this at all and his "sleeping pill" addiction turned out to be a way for the secret agency to do away with the rapper.

Reborn And Reboot

Eminem's supposed death happened in 2006, four years later he resurface in Hollywood looking like another human. Theories suggest that this Eminem is not the human but rather a clone created by the Illuminati to put the rapper back into the spotlight.

Face Off

Because of the internet, conspirators have been able to track Eminem's transition and can bring to light the evidence that his face is completely different in structure than it used to be. It is being regarded as a product of being sober but the skeptics say it just doesn't make sense.

Vocal Feedback

Eminem's new music sounds completely different as well. True fans of his say that there is no way the current music that he is producing is his original stuff. Some say it sounds like a producer hacked and sliced his old recordings to create new recording without having to actually record his voice.

Presidential Diss

Eminem's most recent publicity stunt was a freestyle rap that completely dissed president Donald Trump and went viral within hours. Theorists will say that this stunt is the work of the Illuminati and a talented impersonator bringing their own secret agenda to the table.

Attack Of The Clones

If these conspiracies prove to be real then that shows that the government has been successfully infiltrating clones into our daily life for years without us knowing. Is this the work of the government? Or of an anti-resistance movement with their own private agenda?

Fact Or Fiction

The fact of the matter is, this is all widespread conspiracy. There is no actual evidence that any of these celebrity theories are true. But it makes you wonder, in everything there is a kernel of truth, have people started to uncover something that will shake our society to its core? The truth is out there.



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