Women Who Started Lifting Weights at Age 15 Goes Viral With Her Latest Photos

Inspiration | By Ian Anglin | November 5, 2017

Today's story is Julia Vins, a Russian weightlifter who first started lifting weights when she was just 15 years old. Starting out so young was of obvious benefit to Julia. You will understand why this was to her benefit once you see the pictures of how she looks today. You will simply be amazed. Anyway, the girl has been getting a lot of attention on social media, as some of her recent photos have gone viral and are now making the media rounds.

Meet Julia Vins

Julia Vins is such an inspiration for girls all around the world. She is from Russia and the success she had with her body transformation is incredible - which is why it went viral on the Internet later on. The picture above shows how she looked like as a child.

She Started Bodybuilding at Age of 15

She didn't wait for long to start her body transformation, and at age of 15, she was already in the gym doing various weight lifting exercises. She wanted to be stronger and deep inside her, she knew that she is not a little girl anymore.

Five Years ago

This picture was made five years ago. She is sharper looking, but still looks normal and doesn't show a lot of progress in her muscle size. However, this was just the beginning of her new self, when she started to train as hard as she can.

Feeling the Difference

After a lot of training, sweating and hanging out in the gym the difference is huge. She changed from a little girl into a strong woman. Actually, she is stronger than many of the guys around the world. What she made with her body is just amazing.

She Started to Train with Men

After she became stronger than many of the guys around her, she started to train with some of them or more specifically, with those who are a big motivation to her. She was doing the same exercises as men did - and that's how she started the next level of progress.

For Her, Pounds Are Just Numbers

100, 200, 300 or even a 400 pounds for her is just a simple number. She can deadlift 400 pounds and bench press even over 230 pounds. Hulk-woman is unstoppable and every year she is better and better and pounds are getting higher and higher.

Some Men Are in Love with Her Shape

The result of her incredible body transformation is a motivation for many women, but also a desire for many men. Her body structure is with 24-inch thighs and 15-inch biceps. Which also make envy most of the boys because she is much stronger than them.

Abs Exercises

The benefit of this exercise is that it much easier than the other and helps you to tighten your tummy. In fact, the name is telling everything. Abs stand for Abdominal exercises which affect the abdominal muscles.


The benefit about the glutes is although you don't need special equipment. But also, this exercise will reduce pain, improve your athletic performance, increase your bone density, will make you have a better posture and much better it will help you to lose fat.

Quadricep Exercises

The benefit of this exercise is that you will improve your balance and you will burn tons of calories. In fact, the primary function of the quadriceps is to straighten your knee. This also goes with walking, running, climbing and cycling.

Hamstring Exercises

The benefit of this exercise is that helps you to eliminate between your legs and reduces the risk of injury. Also, you don't need to warm up before exercising which makes it a good start for the workout at home or at the gym.

Chest Exercises

The benefit of this exercise is that will tone your upper body. Also, it won't make your breasts smaller but will lift them higher and make them look bigger. The best solution for chest exercises for women and men are push-ups.

Upper Back Exercises

The above photo gives a nice overlay of all the various, useful upper-back exercises. You will notice in comparison to the chest exercises (where you push the weight), upper back exercises are all based on "pulling" the weight towards you.

Shoulder Press Exercises

The best about this type of exercise it that helps you to improve your daily functioning. However, the shoulders are the most moveable muscles and you can't pass the day without doing anything that stimulates your shoulders.

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