Photos That Show What Happens When Evolution Goes Wrong

Humor | By Ian Anglin | November 5, 2017

Evolution is a funny thing. While without evolution, humans wouldn't exist, there is a counter movement to evolution. It's called devolution, which is what happens when an organism reverts back to a more primitive state. Today we are not going to talking about devolution in a biological and cellular sense - but more in the aspect of how evolution can sometimes make mistakes, and yields offspring that is way off the mark. Let's check out the photos.

The Evolution of Hip Hop

Here is a satirical picture that describes to "wrong" evolution of hip-hop. You see how Grandmaster Flash started the revolution with carefully thought off lyrics and rhymes, and how that ends with Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow."

The Evolution of Cars

This photo might be even more hilarious than the previous one. Here, we have cars from different countries, compared how they looked in 1978, and how they looked in 2009. Everyone's car industry evolved, except for the Russian Lada which never changed.

The Proper Evolution of Hard Drives

In comparison to the previous two photos, we can see that hard drives had a proper evolution. Each generation got a magnitude smaller than the previous one. Comparing the first and last hard drive is almost impossible - the size difference is more than a 100 times.

The Simplicity of Game Controllers

This infographic compares the evolution of console-based game controllers from the Nintendo company. Things started out fairly simple with the 1985 Nes, and reached peak complexity with the Game Cube. Things devolved back to normal with the Wii controller.

Baggy Pants

"Baggy pants," was a trend that got popular with the rise of hip-hop in mainstream culture. The first "baggers" were fairly modest to the standards of the 2000s and 2010s. We can see that in the future, rap enthusiasts are going to carry their pants on a cart.

Paper VS LCD

This is another photo that shows how "proper" evolution works, rather than the dreaded "devolution." While in past times, people kept newspapers around various areas of the house (like the bathroom), today tablets and phones have made newspapers an almost completely forgotten artifact.

How Dancing Changed

Dancing underwent a tremendous change in the past 50 or so years. While at the beginning everyone was fairly modest, the 1980s brought miniskirts and short dresses. The 1990s introduced light touching, while 2016 brought full-on "sexual simulations," AKA twerking.

Losing Faith in Humanity

This is a funny cartoon, about how some people see the modern world. Stress, anxiety, and being underemployed at work are just some of the problem modern man has to combat on a daily basis. Some would prefer to not evolve to this stage of the evolutionary ladder

The Evolution of Sound

The 1990s (and even 1980) were a time that brought us the Walkman, and the first portable CD players. While today's technology has made all of those obsolete, real miniaturization never happen - people just bought giant headphones which are just as unwieldy as the Discman.

Growing By the PC

This is kind of a nostalgic photo that shows two brothers growing up by the old 1980s-style desktop computers. The two brothers grew up, their hair got thinner, but computers also changed - they became smaller, sleeker and faster.

How Upright Walking Evolved

Obviously, the photo above does not properly attribute how the first humans started walking. The photo itself is a more a sarcastic remark to how the older generations see the younger ones, with the advanced phones, online communication and everything else modern times have brought us.

The Rise of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the best entertainers of our time. She is always trying to surprise her audience with new and outrageous looks, and this picture here proves it. It seems that having tried all possible shocking outfits, one day Lady Gaga is going to have to resort to shooting rifles from her breasts.

The Hunchbacked Man

This is one of the oldest memes on the internet. It shows how man evolved from monkeys to the man as we knew him. Today he is a devolved hush of his former self, having to hunchback and sit on a personal computer. Of course, the photo is just mere satire.

Engineer Is Not an Easy Career Choice

Here is another interesting meme, that shows how engineering students "evolve" over time. While the first year they are all buff and happy, then they get a motorcycle and tour Europe, with finally ending up employed as meme shallow husks of their former selves.

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