15 Ways Dogs Show How Much They Love You

Entertainment | By Ray Porter | November 5, 2017

People who have pets will always say that their little furry friend is the most special being in the world. There are people who consider cats to be cute and adorable when obviously they are evil overlords just biding their time. There are others who say that their rabbit is the most adorable and funny animal, however, none of those little animals is compared to the greatest happiness in this world: to have a dog, or thousands of them!

Member of the family

A dog not only becomes an excellent pet but another member of the family because sometimes they show their love much more than anyone else in the house. Our existence would not be complete without the presence of a hairy, smiling and adorable puppy.

Better than the kids

Nothing beats the way they move their tail of happiness when he sees you arrive home ... or relax like a champion. We know that these children have special ways of communicating with us, although we often can not understand them.

What makes them tick?

Maybe it's time for us to learn to understand more about the nature of man's best friend. Here are the best things your dog does that show that he would give his life for you. When you finish reading this, run to hug your hairy little friend.

Sleep with you always

A puppy will always want your company, it's a way that they show their affection and loyalty since they like to be with you even if they are just lying down. In nature, they have a doggy mother and family but they're your family, so they have you.

It gets happy when you get home

It's Great! So you could have been gone all day or you just went to the store to buy a couple of things, your dog will always be happy to see you. That's because, for your pet, there is no happier moment than when they are by your side.

Adopt your routine

Dogs know how to recognize their owners, and seek their approval, as well as spend a large part of the day with them, so they practically adapt their routine to that of their special human. Kind of like a boyfriend and girlfriend do.

Take naps with you

If your puppy wants to take a nap with you, that means they are always comfortable, happy and safe by your side. It also means that they want to maximise the time they can spend with you. They don't want to waste all their energy while you sleep and then be sleepy when you're up and about.

Stares into your eyes

It's an almost magical moment when your eyes and that of your furry friend cross. Have you ever noticed? Surely you can see how their tender eyes shine, their ears are crouched, and they are quiet because that's how puppies show their affection.

Unique Doggos

Dogs are unique in the fact that they are the only animal that actively seek out eye contact. In other animals, it tends to be a sign of conflict if there is eye contact. You can feel the great connection between yourself and them, I bet you that after that adorable look, you want to hug him and kiss them, right?

He gives you gifts

We usually think dogs want to play when they bring us something strange like a branch, trash and even dead animals ... Ugh! Well, no matter how disgusting the last one sounds, it is part of their primary instinct as hunters, they are somehow trying to give you something that may be useful for your survival, well at least it is what they think will be. Although it sounds strange, they do it because they care about you.

Lick your face

There are also some dogs that lick the face of their owners; If you thought that this is a sign of love and its dog equivalent to "giving kisses" You're right! because they show their affection with this action, it also means that they have missed you so much if they have not seen you in a long time, and they also release stress by doing that!

Read your emotions

It does this better than your boyfriend or girlfriend since dogs have learned to decipher human emotions. They recognize when their owner is upset, sad and happy, and react to it too because they have great empathy for their human. That's why we feel that when we are sad, our dogs want to comfort us because they really want to! Only they can't do it with words.

Feel guilty when you get angry

We have seen hundreds of videos of repentant puppies that put a face of guilt when they know they have done something that does not seem right to their owners. Oopss! How can you not forgive them with those adorable eyes?

Puppies also give hugs

If you suddenly notice that your dog is leaning on your legs and sits on the ground rubbing his head against your body Congratulations! You have received a hug from your best friend; Your puppy hopes that after this show of love, give him a few caresses and give him some of your attention.

Follow you to the bathroom

If your puppy is one of those who follow you into the bathroom, then this means that he loves you and wants to protect you at all times. This trait shows when he sleeps at the door of your room or at the foot of your bed, as they make sure you understand that you're okay if something bad happens.



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