The Most Awkward Prom Pictures Ever Taken

Weird | By Michael Leon | November 5, 2017

Prom night only happens once in a lifetime for many people. It's a magical date that everyone likes to remember fondly for years to come. And the best part, other than the dance, are the actual photos taken. Unless you're these people, that is. What we have here are some of the most awkward, embarrassing pictures ever taken during this unforgettable day. To make matters worse, there's definitely no such thing as #ThrowbackThursday for these poor souls on social media, that's for sure.

Photobombing at its Finest

Chances are these guys were madly in love with each other, hence going to prom and taking a memorable photo that would go down in history with flying colors. It's only too bad they can't ever show this horrific scene to their children someday.

Why, Just Why?

This is the reason every teen thinks their parents are lame - and they're probably not wrong. You see, one day these photos will be shown to the grandchildren and they'll immediately disown this lady for coming up with such an idea. Truly shameful.

Just Looking for a Lump... for Science

This guy isn't looking down because he's camera shy. He's not looking down because he's falling asleep, either. What we like about him is his uncanny ability to not give a single damn, so at least he deserves some credit. Society will probably blame the girl for being "too revealing" anyway.

Prom Night: Cutout Edition

"Don't worry, mom! I have my perfect date right here," this girl says. She spent hours trying to dance and getting the guy to cheer up, but he just wouldn't make a move. By the end of the night, this poor soul probably dumped him for being such a two-dimensional character.

He Will Surely Mop the Floor With Her

Maybe we're wrong to judge prom dates with cut-outs and such; perhaps it's a very trendy thing in certain parts of the world. Whatever the case may be, this guy surely scored big with this beautifully thin lady. Show the jocks how it's done, tiger.

Newsflash: Never Again

Nothing screams "i'm a boring human being" like a newspaper. Now you have to wonder just what exactly went through this girl's mind on prom night. If her plan was to use the dress as some sort of Men Repellent, chances are she probably succeeded.

Not So Vague

This photo has a lot of meaning, none of which are appropriate to show mom and dad. They were either hinting at what would take place behind doors, or the guy was showing a future life of physical abuse. Or maybe, just maybe, he was simply being thoughtful and fixing up her hair like a gentleman?

When All Else Fails...

This guy took things too literally once told he would get pussy on prom night. He went as far as dressing up the poor kitty and likely took it to prom for a truly unforgettable night. In all seriousness, though, at least the cat seems completely enamored.

From Zero to Sixty

While there's nothing horrendously wrong with this picture, we still have to wonder: Was it cool to purposely look like a 45-year-old childless woman? This is definitely something she won't be showing around, because why would she let anyone spread it all over the web and criticize it, right?

Oh, My God

We have to give this a lot of credit. While most other guys are chasing girls like a puppy and begging for a date, this one is convincing them through more mystical means. Extra points if he managed to find an actual Mary during his quest. Just don't count on her being a virgin.

Shadowy Figure

This is supposedly the result of grandma not liking this girl's prom date. She would happily remove or otherwise obscure the person with a sharpie, hence saving her granddaughter from a life of shame and regret. Gee, that's very thoughtful, grandma. Thanks.

Those Damn Kids...

Nobody really knows what this dude in the background is thinking, but that facial expression does NOT imply anything jolly. Perhaps these kids brought on too many memories and he couldn't help himself, so of course he has to photobomb the crap out of this picture.

Beauty and the Beast

Some people are downright embarrassed by their prom night behavior many years later. Others, however, just don't give an ounce of a damn. As this girl specifically said of her own photo, "My favorite photo from my senior prom. I'm the one in the middle. No regrets."

Cosplay Confusion

Let's hope his date knew well in advance what he would wear for prom. Sadly, the look on her face paints a grim, regretful picture that will forever leave a gaping hole in her memory. But hey, at least the guy had an incredible sense humor to compensate for the lack of style.

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