What Does The Small Black Hole Between Your iPhone Camera and Flash Do?

Science | By Ian Anglin | November 5, 2017

Modern smartphones are a remarkable technological feat. Just 10 years ago, the level of performance and transistor miniaturization they have would be physically impossible by the technology we had. Today, the phones are getting cheaper than ever, and as mass produced on an ever-increasing scale. Still, one question is looming over people - what is the purpose of the small, black hole on the back of your iPhone, situated between the camera lens and the flash?

What Is the Sensor's Purpose?

Obviously, by the power of deduction, we can conclude that the small black hole on the back of your iPhone is some kind of sensor - there would otherwise be no other purpose it could serve. If it was an antenna, then it could be hidden behind the metal covering the back.

A Guy on Reddit Thought It is a Reset Button

Of course, the sensor thing is only a theory - we still don't know if the theory is going to be proven correct. One guy on Reddit thought the hole contains a hidden reset button, which is why he tried poking inside to see what happens.

He Damaged His Phone

The guy on Reddit that tried to pop the hidden "reset button," did not manage to reset his phone. What he did is the damage his phone. The hole hides a secondary iPhone, which the guy punctured, which means he'll have to change it.

What is The Purpose of the Hidden Microphone?

Now that we know that the small hole on the back of the iPhone contains a hidden microwave, we are left with the question of what does that microphone listen to? We know that the microphone is not used to listen to your voice.

It Is a Noise Canceling Microphone

The microphone on the back of your iPhone is called a "noise canceling microphone," because of the purpose it serves. This microphone listens for any misdirected sounds coming into the back of your phone and cancels them before they are sent to the person you are talking to.

The iPhone has Three Microphones

Now that you know what the is the purpose of your iPhone's back microphone, the question remains what do the other 2 microphones do? Obviously, the bottom one is for talking, so perhaps the top-placed microphone is also used for noise canceling purposes.

Charge Your Phone Faster With a Single Button Press

Now that you know more about the hidden hardware features of your phone, you can check out some of the software-based secrets as well. For one, did you know that enabling flight-safety mode makes your phone charge faster, due to lowering the amount of power used?

Save Seconds from Your Searches

Here is another awesome secret - by pressing and holding the full stop button (next to the space button) on your iPhone's virtual keyboard, you can enable an additional menu, from which you can choose from a serious of URL suffixes.

Discover Your Most Frequently Visited Locations

This is a slightly creepy feature found in the newer versions of iOS. If you go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations, you will be able to see what sort of locations your phone has automatically recorded of you visiting.

The Compass App Has a Hidden Functionality

Most people don't need to use the compass app on their phones, as they are not navigating ships or airplanes. Still, there is a hidden functionality there that could be a lifesaver - if you swipe left in the compass app, you'll be able to use the hidden bubble gauge instrument.

Lock the Camera's Focal Point

You probably know that you can touch your phone's screen while in the camera app, to set the focal point of some object. Well, if you press for a few more seconds, the focal point is going to get locked, so that you can change the object in your focus without resetting the focal point.

Custom Vibrations

Here is another new and interesting feature. Did you know that you can create custom vibrations on your iPhone? Just go inside the contacts app, edit a contact of your choice, and select the "create new vibration." Then just tap on the screen to create a new beat.

Correct Siri Pronunciation

Siri sometimes tries to be a smug, know-it-all. Well, often times, she can be wrong with the pronunciation of certain words. To help her out, just follow up a mistake by saying "That's not how you pronounce..." and Siri is going to memorize your advice.

Closing Multiple Apps at the Same Time

Sometimes, your iPhone's task manager gets filled with dozens of open apps, which can cause your phone to slow down. Instead of closing apps one by one, you can close three at a time - just use three fingers to pull up the apps instead of one.

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