15 Signs That Your Partner Has Lost Interest in the Relationship

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | November 5, 2017

Relationships are notoriously difficult to manage. Especially in the long run, after the first 90 days have passed. That's how relationships work due to the differences between love and lust. Lust is the emotion we feel when we first get attracted to someone. Lust is solely physically, while love is a combination of the physical and psychological. You will know that your relationship is dying if your partner has lost the psychological reasons for being with you.

Having Sex VS Making Love

Love is a much more powerful feeling than sex alone. If your relationship is mostly centered around having sex, that may mean that your relationship is heading towards its end. This is especially true if your partner prefers sex to talking, caring, and going out with you.

Being With Other People

There are many warnings signals if your partner is cheating on you. Some of these signals are being busy or away at odd times, keeping secondary phone numbers and hidden profiles on social websites. If your partner is cheating, that means your relationship is effectively over.

You Cry Because of Your Partner

Another way of telling that your partner has lost interest is if instead of having great times out with them, you are spending more times crying. Sometimes you are alone when crying, or perhaps you with your partner - it doesn't matter, as the conclusion is the same.

Having Commitment Issues

Commitment issues happen when a partner doesn't want to commit to something more with you. For example, if you've just started seeing a new guy, and he doesn't want to start a relationship with you, that means he has commitment issues. These issues may mean that he is not interested in you.

Being Unavailable

Some partners may be emotionally unavailable. That is bad for the relationship, but some partners could be physically unavailable. This is when they don't have to see you or be with you. A distant partner can get closer to you - an unavailable partner may be impossible to reach.

Not Making Decisions

A partner that loves you is going to exactly know what to next in your relationship. He is going to know about or suggest places to go out, make dinner plans, and even talk about getting married. An uninterested partner is going to do none of these things.

Being the Center of Attention

A loving partner is going to know when to listen to you, and when to be "the center of attention." An uncaring or unrespecting partner is always going to place himself first. You don't want to have a partner like that in your life.

Treating You Arrogantly

A partner that is arrogant and disrespecting towards your personal boundaries is a partner that has lost interest. You can try to talk to them about this, about changing the way they treat you. If that doesn't work, your relationship may be in trouble.

Not Supporting You

An interested partner is going to know that their support matters to you. Our lovers are one of the main foundations of our lives. If a partner doesn't support you in various endeavors and personal growth, that may mean that the relationship is not working out.

Blaming You

Partners that have lost interest in the relationship may put the blame on you - even when it is not your fault. This means that your partner is not caring about your relationship having a healthy course, which in turn means that you should also perhaps back down from that kind of relationship.

Being Disrespectful

Every person has a right to have things that are important to him or her, and to have items of special value. If your partner can't respect these special items, hobbies, and routines that you have, then perhaps he is not the right partner for you.

Treating You like An Outsider

If you have been dating for several months, and have already progressed into the "serious" dating territory, a red-flag is if you still haven't met your partner's parents. Not meeting his parents is one of the most obvious signs of treating you like an outsider.

They Make You Feel Worthless

Everyone deserves to be in a relationship where they can hear compliments and other positive things about oneself. If months have passed of you two being together, and yet your partner hasn't said anything nice or exciting to you, that is a bad sign.

Apologies Don't Change Anything

Anyone can apologize, but apologies by themselves do not mean anything. All the best liars and biggest players in the world apologize all the time. Sadly, 24 hours after their apology, things just return to the dysfunctional way they were before.

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