Father and 2 Sons Open up a Wasp Next and Discover Something Shocking

Weird | By Ian Anglin | November 4, 2017

This is a seriously terrifying story that includes a father buying one of the largest wasp nests you can find on eBay, and then getting his 2 sons to "dissect" the next. What they find inside is pretty scary looking. Good thing they took lots of pictures, which you can now browse throughout this article. We've managed to get most of the pictures regarding this story, as well as all the juicy details. Do check out the article, and tell us in the comments what you think.


What's Inside a Wasp Nest?

he story (it was featured on the news), begins with the father bringing a large box on the table. The sons accompany him to the table, wondering what is inside. Their dad is one of those cool dads that likes to do various exciting projects with his kids.

He Opens the Box

After a few minutes of conversation, the father cuts the top of the box and retrieves the item. What the item is, is a giant wasp nest. As you can see in the photo, his boys get super excited, with one of them even standing up from his chair to get a closer look of the nest.After a few minutes of conversation, the father cuts the top of the box and retrieves the item. What the item is, is a giant wasp nest. As you can see in the photo, his boys get super excited, with one of them even standing up from his chair to get a closer look of the nest.


He Bought the Nest on eBay

The stuff you can buy online today is amazing. Where else can you find a wasp nest, if not on the world's largest auction website - eBay. The nest itself only cost $30, including shipping, and was dispatched from the state of Wisconsin.

The Nest Is As Large As a Basketball

As you can see in the above photo, the nest is as large (if not even larger) than a full-sized basketball. Another comparison is the volleyball, which is actually a magnitude smaller than the nest. Just imagine how much effort the wasps spend on building the nest.


Slicing it Open

Once all the excitement dies down, the father gets a large kitchen knife, which he uses to slice open the nest. The kids can't wait to see what's inside. The good thing until now is that there are probably no wasps left in the nest - otherwise they would have gotten out.

Peeking Inside

Once the nest has been sliced up, the kids can now take a closer look inside and analyze the underlying structure. It appears that there are little chambers in which larvae can safely grow before turning into fully-grown, stinging wasps


They Find a Dead Wasp Inside

One of the kids actually found a dead wasp inside the nest. Normally, shipping live animals is not allowed by the post office. This package is safe since the wasp was already dead before shipping - the original owner probably didn't even notice it.

The Structure

The kids were simply amazed by the internal structure of the wasp's nest. There are even bigger nests out in the wild, but this one is as good as it gets for hobbyist use. The structure of the nest didn't just amaze the kids - these pictures are now viral on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands of people sharing them.


They Were Hoping That the Nest Is Empty

One of the things that scared the kids the most, was the possibility that the nest was not going to be empty. Of course, by now everyone knows that the nest is empty, but those few seconds of slicing it open sure increased everyone's anxiety - including of this story's online readers.

Wasps Can Build These Nests Extra Fast

Another amazing fact about wasp nests is just how fast wasps can build them. When you think just how "unevolved" insects just as wasps are in comparison to other animals on the planet, what they create in the span of just a few days is shocking.


The Design Is Similar To a Bee Hive

If you look at the above photo, you will notice that some of wasp nest's design patterns are rather similar to a bee's hive. It is amazing to think that such small creatures can build it - it goes to show that group effort can accomplish in life.

The Kids Won't Forget This Experience

Just look at the faces the kids are making in the photo above. Obviously, their reality has been utterly shuttered. I'm sure this will all die out in the next couple days, once they get a few nights of sleep. The memories of the experience is something they won't forget.


This Was a Rare Opportunity

The chance to look in the inside of a wasp nest is a rare opportunity to everyone. You can't simply do this in nature. Wasps are horribly territorial and aggressive. Many people have been attacked (some with fatal injuries) from even coming close to a wasp's nest.

You Now Know What's Inside a Wasp's Nest

If you came to this part of the article, you can now finally say that you know and understand what is happening inside a wasp's nest. What this dad did for his kids, is something that they shared with the whole world. Everyone is thankful for the opportunity.


Wasp Nests Can Be Dangerous

While this article may have given you more motivation to go outside and explore nature, please remember that wasp's nest (and the wasps themselves) are a very dangerous species of incest's. Many people may be allergic to wasp and bee bites.



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