Meet The Real Incredible Hulk Who Lives In The Middle East

Entertainment | By Harriet King | November 4, 2017

When you're a kid, it's your dream to meet real-life superheroes, villains, and princesses. Why do you think kids love Disneyland so much? Their most memorable moments aren't the amusement park rides - it's meeting the characters from their most-watched movies. Of course, these are just Disneyland employees in very convincing costumes. There are no real superheroes. But one Iranian man may have just proved adults all over the world wrong. Check out the real incredible Hulk!

Meet The Iranian Hulk

Unbelievable photos of bodybuilder, Sajad Gharibi, have shocked viewers around the globe. Not only is this guy massive, he looks uncannily like everybody's favorite green giant from the comic books. Well, he's definitely not green, but everything else is similar!

He Weighs 385 Pounds

Gharibi is just 25 years old and weighs a whopping 385 pounds. Those close to him say that he completely dwarfs anyone in his presence. To be honest, we're happy to take their word on that one, we can't imagine him meeting anyone bigger!

He's A Social Media Celebrity

Don't be fooled by appearances - Gharibi is an online expert. His Instagram account has more than 50,000 followers from all over the world. He shares a variety of photos, including training sessions, family snaps, and pics of him just being silly.

He's Happy To Share His Secrets

Gharibi doesn't keep all of his workout and diet secrets to himself. He openly shares his meal plans and training regimes all over his Instagram account. Somehow, we don't think very many people will come close to his size, though!

He Has Multiple Nicknames

While most people refer to Gharibi as the 'Iranian Hulk,' some others prefer to call him 'Persian Hercules.' Either way, Gharibi doesn't really mind, he's winning at life! Both nicknames only help him further his career in the bodybuilding industry.

He Lifts Weights Like They're Toys

The Iranian Hulk can lift weights as though they're made of feathers. He barely even breaks a sweat when he picks up weights we couldn't even dream of budging. This guy is such pure muscle, he doesn't even have a neck!

He Worked Hard For This

Make no mistake, Gharibi's size is no accident. Using a winning combo of training and diet, he built himself up to be the size that he is today. He also had some natural bulk, which is why most bodybuilders can't get as big, even if they try.

People Dig The Pics

One look at Gharibi's Instagram profile and you'll notice he's half naked in almost every photo. But it's okay because the people are loving it! Most of the audience simply marvel at the sheer size of this giant Persian Hercules.

He's Pure Muscle

We've got to take our hats off to him, he has clearly worked hard to become so ridiculously muscular. According to friends, Gharibi is training most of the time and when he's not training he's eating or spending time with his family.

A Big Teddy Bear

This Iranian Hulk looks super tough, but those closest to him claim that he's a sweetie in real life. His family and friends insist he's just a giant teddy bear with a heart of gold, and we totally love that about him!

Does He Get Angry Like The Hulk?

This is definitely the one area where Gharibi and the Incredible Hulk severely differ. Nobody has to worry about the Iranian Hulk becoming enraged, because he's just not that type of guy. He has a sweet temperament and none of the Hulk's mental issues.

A Glimpse Into Family Life

Browsing through his Instagram shots, you do stumble upon the occasional one in which he's fully clothed. Usually it's when he's sitting down to a nice traditional plate of food prepared by his family. Others show him with younger relatives.

He Competes For Iran

With a name like the Iranian Hulk, you can bet your bottom dollar this guy reps for Iran. He regularly competes in bodybuilding and power lifting competitions and continues to make his home country proud with every trophy he brings back.

He's Got Big Goals

Gharibi isn't just obsessed with competing. He has some very meaningful ambitions he hopes to achieve. The most notable goal is to become a soldier and help to bring down ISIS. Great idea, but we think they'll spot him from miles away!

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