Ever Wonder Why The McFlurry Spoon Looks Like The Way It Does?

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 3, 2017

In 1999, McDonalds introduced the weird, square shaped spoon thingy with their McFlurrys. It baffled our minds as to exactly what purpose the bulky square shaped spoon served. It sparked numerous controversies on account of the hook and the hole at the bottom. Almost everyone had their own little explanation for what it all meant - but a McDonald's employee finally revealed the truth.

But first - a bit about the McFlurry

The delicious, mouth watering treat is the fast food giant's latest offering which was well received by all those with a sweet tooth. The McFlurry is usually prepared by mixing the soft serve ice cream sprinkled with bits of chocolate cookie bits.

How it's prepared

McFlurries are prepared by combining premade 'shake' mix and mixing syrup with milk. This mixture is the refrigerated. This allows the counterperson to continue serving customers without having to concern themselves with ice cream, syrup and milk.

The result is mouth watering

The treat is creatively titled, "McFlurry" because it causes a flurry of activity in the taste nerves when ingested. Some of the tongue bending ingredients include gingerbread, cinnamon and butter; the combination of which is enough to get anyone addicted to the treat.

Demand an ingredient list if you are allergic

Because various foodstuffs cause an allergic reaction in people, restaurateurs will produce a complete ingredient list whenever the customer demands it. So if you're lactose intolerant, verify with the counterperson if the McFlurry contains any dairy products which could send you to the ER.

It starts a chain reaction inside our mouths

This delectable concoction creates a sugar rush in our mouths, making us fall in love with the subtle hints of fresh cream McDonalds does not skimp out on the mix-ins in their popular desserts. They have released various iterations of the McFlurry.

But sometimes the ice cream machine is broken

In the last year alone, many McDonald's buyers complained that when they demanded the delicious ice cream treat, they were told that the ice cream machine is down. Resulting in many customers storming out of the chain outlet in rage.

So an urban legend was propped up

Many furious customers decided that disgruntled and less-than-motivated McDonald's employees would intentionally lie about the broken machines to avoid having to make the McFlurries, especially when it was near closing time and to avoid the hassle of cleaning.

Disturbing rumor 1

In the late 1990s, a disturbing urban legend started circulating around the United States which claimed that McDonalds did not include any particular sort of daily product in their McFlurries. Why else could lactose intolerant people ingest the treat without suffering from any side effects?

Disturbing rumor number 2

The fast food restaurant actually serves McFlurries which are sprinkled with pieces of chicken feathers instead of chocolate chip cookies! A girl once tried eating a McFlurry, only to rush to the ER because she was allergic to feathers

Disturbing rumor number 3

Why is the delicious McFlurry so thick? It couldn't be milk or honey, so what could contribute to its significantly higher viscosity? Cow eyeballs. The fluid is used to thicken the layers of milkshakes, which is why it needs the big square spoon!

But at the end of the day these are only rumors

Large corporations are always met with much skepticism from the public at large. There is an even deeper mistrust of the fast food industry which generates a lot of rumors and disturbing conspiracy theories. At the end of the day, they are only rumors.

But this still hasn't solved the mystery of the bulky spoon!

Neither of these rumors provide any insights into the square shape of the spoon which has confused us for decades! But a McDonalds employee who has experience preparing McFlurries shared the secret by making a video of her preparing the shake.

Why is it square?

Many conspiracy theorists believe that McDonalds chose a large square design to prevent the spoon from crumbling under the forces of the thick ice cream fluid. But they're wrong. The spoon is square because the mechanism of the mixture is square shaped!


Why does the spoon have a hook at the end? Because it is the mechanism by which the mixer machine snaps the spoon to its surface. Employees neither have the time or strength to mix the extremely thick and viscous fluid.

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