Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Is All Grown Up, Here Are Some Photos

Entertainment | By Emily Malone | November 3, 2017

Who doesn't remember Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop, one of the most iconic stars of this generation. Michael was a star from his early childhood in the Jackson 5 all the way through his death. Without a doubt Jackson had his ups and downs from an amazing musical career to allegations of sexual abuse. Paris was still young when her father passed away, but since then she has grown and blossomed into an amazing woman.

Michael and Debbie

Paris is one of two kids that came from Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe's three year long marriage. They had a very unconventional marriage arranged solely around Jackson being afraid that he would not be able to have children after Lisa Marie Presley divorced him.

Guess Why She Is Named Paris?

In a not shocking turn of events Paris is named that because she was conceived in Paris, France. This was after the birth of Michael and Debbie's first child, nicknamed Prince, who at the time was around one year old.

ne Of Three Of Jackson's Children

Jackson had two children with Debbie, Prince I and Paris, and they have one half brother known as Prince II or more famously, Blanket. Their half brother is the product of Michael using a surrogate to have another child. He is known as Blanket because Jackson held him over a balcony in a blanket.

Michael Got Custody In The Divorce

In the vast majority of divorce cases in the U.S. when the couple splits the mother will get primary custody of any children they have together, but in this case Michael got custody which was very unusual. Most likely this happened because of Michael's greater resources to raise children.

Raised In Neverland

Even if her mom was not always around, Paris probably had a pretty fantastic childhood. Being the daughter of one of the most successful musicians of all time comes with its perks, and one of them was living in Michael's giant home, called Neverland, complete with children's rides.

Her Godparents Were Famous As Well

Godparents are a bit of an antiquated concept and usually are chosen for more of a sentimental reason than any functional purpose. Paris has one of the more unusual godparent combinations out there with her godmother being Elizabeth Taylor, and her godfather Macaulay Culkin.

After Michael's Death She Lead A Fairly Normal Life

Paris enrolled at the Buckley School, an incredibly exclusive school in L.A, where she attended until 2013. At Buckley she played softball, flag football and was a cheerleader just like any normal high school student, the school is fancier than most but with Michael's money that was always going to be the case.

Accepting An Award For Michael

Her father may be gone but his legacy lives on in the minds and hearts of millions of his fans. In 2010 the Grammy Awards decided to present Michael with the Lifetime Achievement Award, but since Michael was no longer able to accept this award for himself Paris and her brother Prince accepted it for him.

Starting A Career Of Her Own

Being the daughter of Michael Jackson is almost a job of its own, it actually calls a lot out of her and draws her into the public eye. This is not enough for Paris who has decided that she wants to begin a career in the acting/modeling realm for herself.

People Magazine Feature

A quick blasting reintroduction introduction into the public eye on a major scale for the first time since accepting that Grammy award, back in May 2012 Paris made the People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful' list when she was only 15 years old.

Featured On Rolling Stone's Cover

5 years later in January of 2017 Paris is on the cover of Rolling Stone, one of the most famous music magazines of all time. Not only did Paris have a feature on the cover but also an in depth interview, her first since her father's death.

These Looks Have Gained Her A Modeling Contract

Just a couple months after her Rolling Stone magazine cover came out Paris landed a modeling contract with international agency IMG Models. This agency no doubt will be getting Jackson in the public eye a lot more and has gotten her a role in an upcoming movie.

Landed Her A Role In Upcoming Thriller

Set to be released in 2018 Paris is going to be starring in her first movie, called Gringo. The movie is being produced by Amazon Studios and STXfilms, and is featuring a quite star studded cast with big names such as Amanda Seyfried and Charlize Theron.

Not Just Work She Has A Personal Life Too

Just like any other teenage girl Paris has had her fair share of boy related drama. Paris recently made a lot of tabloid headlines for splitting from boyfriend of just under a year, Michael Snoddy. Many people cited the age difference in the couple, with Snoddy being 26, as a possible cause for the split.

We Are Excited To See What's Next

Paris is clearly quite on the brink of an exciting stage of personal growth and development in her life with her acting and modeling careers about to take off. It is yet to be seen where this will take her but we are excited to see what this beautiful young star has coming next!

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