15 Things Men Would Do Only When They're in Love

Lifestyle | By Michael Leon | November 2, 2017

It's very rare that a guy goes above and beyond for a girl unless he desperately wants to get her attention. Granted, someone may do a lot of things to keep their relationship strong and elevate it to new levels. However, it takes a special kind of guy to do things in a way that's exclusively driven by true love and not mere lust. And these aren't necessarily big things either, as even the smallest gestures can truly reveal just how much a guy is into someone. Without further ado, let's explore these in more detail, shall we?

Shares Everything

First and foremost, men will want to share everything with his lady - and we mean everything. If a guy is normally selfish by nature, a woman will possess the power to bring him to his knees with just a simple look. Take note, guys, because this could lead to a long, happy relationship.

Don't Forget Important Dates

Who in the world remembers important dates anymore? Facebook reminds us about birthdays while our calendar app handles everything else. Not when you love a girl, though. A guy is capable of suddenly celebrating their six-month anniversary on a busy day just when she least expects it. Why? Well, just because.

He Includes You in His Closest Circles

Men would normally segregate their time with people, often opting for "a guy's night out" as a prime example. Unless, of course, he's madly in love with his significant other. Friends could very well believe you two are attached to the hip simply because she deserves to have as good a time as you are.

Holds Your Hand Everywhere

Hand-holding is quite common in all new relationships, but only a special kind of couple would do it just about anywhere, regardless of the situation. If he reaches your hand while driving together, rest assured you're the only thing on his mind. And if he does it in the most public of places, marry him immediately.

His Free Time is Dedicated to You

Some people really need some space, and that's completely fine. When a guy is downright in love with a girl, though, there's no such thing as relaxing alone. Every passing minute is dedicated to yours truly - and when you're not available, chances are they're planning the next big, romantic date together.

Always Thoughtful

Gifts are commonly reserved for special occasions, unless a guy is head over heels for his girl. He will routinely surprise you with everything ranging from chocolate to flowers to teddy bears and much more. Simply put, every day is potentially a girl's birthday.

He Spoons - Even After Sex

The very act of spooning has a lot of meaning. When a guy doesn't love a girl, he would try his best to distance himself after doing the dirty deed. When he spoons even after sex, though, that tells you just how much you truly rock his world. Sleeping with you is just a bonus

Makes Sacrifices Without Question

A guy will always want to have it his way if he could. But when it comes to the girl of his dreams, he'd be more than happy to cancel just about any plans if it means keeping you smiling. This ranges from hanging with the boys to sitting through a slow, romantic chick flick with you.

He Fights For Your Love

A real man recognizes when things are failing in a relationship without backing down. While any other guy would simply abandon ship or look for refuge by cheating, this special fella would fight to repair any and all damage to ensure the relationship survives for decades to come.

No Fear of Vulnerability

Someone who's in love will never refrain from showing his sensitive side. He may be afraid, but will ultimately break down those walls for the sake of getting closer to a woman. After all, what kind of relationship would ever last if both parties aren't fully comfortable with one another?

He Never Sugarcoats Anything

A guy that wants to get in a girl's pants will say anything she wants to hear. One who truly loves her, however, will instead say what she needs to hear. His love is especially strong when he isn't afraid to explore potentially hurtful conversations with you. Now that's a keeper, right there.

Respects Wishes and Boundaries

In spite of telling it like it is, a real man will also know where to draw the line and respect your choices. He will support your career choices and other strong desires, both short-term and long-term. This is all thanks to being a good listener and being with you every step of the way.

You're Always Beautiful. Always.

Every girl feels down on occasion. No matter how much they try to fix themselves, the mirror will simply keep feeding them an undesired image. A guy who's truly in love will never recognize the word "ugly" under any circumstance, even if she isn't conventionally attractive in the eyes of society.

He Isn't Afraid of Change

Ladies, if you ever see a guy making drastic life changes for the sake of being with you, don't ever let him go! This could include moving closer to you, committing after years of swinging, and even contemplating a family when he would normally consider himself free-spirited.

Nothing Else Matters

A lady could be going through life's most dire misfortunes: think of being bound to a wheelchair, suffering from mental illness, being homeless, and much more. Do you think a man in love would care about any of it? Not a chance; everything is truly unconditional. This type of person will stick it out for the rest of his natural life and die with absolutely no regrets.



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