15 High Heal Designs That Ended Up Being a Complete Disaster

Weird | By Ian Anglin | November 2, 2017

High fashion is a truly remarkable industry. The people involved are incredibly creative and imaginative. Sadly, like all great pieces of art, there can be good and bad pieces. High heels can be one such artistic object - we all know that a good pair of high heels can entirely change how an outfit looks on a woman, but the opposite is also true - a weird-looking pair of high heel shoes is enough to ruin even the sexiest dress out there.

BMW High Heels

The exact model of the front-end of this BMW is not exactly known - it looks like a post-2006 3-Series, but what matters more, in this case, is the back end. The back end is what looks to be a 5 or 6-inch heel, in a furiously red color scheme.

Chains Heels

This pair of high heels is probably meant to invoke some sense of philosophical curiosity. What is it that "chains" us to the ground and holds us back in life? Is it all the social norms and taboos? What is the meaning of life?

Too Much Going On at Once

This pair of high heel shoes is not exactly bad or ugly looking. The shoe itself is actually chic with a rather nice color combination. It looks hippy. The problem is what happens below, with the platform of the shoes. Is that some kind of "bamboo" material?

Fur & Claws

Fur and claws are actually a great addition to high heels. Seriously, these heels don't look bad or ugly - in fact, if worn at the right place with the right outfit, these shoes can a real head-turner. Kudos to the designed that made them,

Would You Wear These?

Here is a weird pair of high heel shoes. They are not exactly bad or even weird looking. The basic foundation of the shoe is like a normal summer shoe. The problem is from the weird "attachments." They look like small AAA batteries.

Hoovey Heels

Perhaps you ask - don't worry, this awesome pair of high heels shoes was not made from an actual goat or another animal that has hooves. It also does not feature any animal fur or skin. We just can't be sure whether this pair looks better than the "fur & claws" pair.

When You Cannot Decide

This is an awesome pair of high heel shoes for that time when you can't decide whether to wear something more formal or a classic pair of Nike sneakers. With these shoes, you get the best of both worlds - Nike High Heels.

Disco Shoes

This is a rather busy looking pair. What exactly is happening with these shoes? There seems to be a disco ball on the bottom of the heel, while the rest of the shoe is made from what looks to be a used wedding gown. Perhaps these were some kind of wedding high heels?

Christmas High Heels

This would look excellent on Santa's little helpers. In fact, that's probably the purpose behind these shoes - they were probably not part of some high-fashion show. They were just used by the elves in some distant shopping mall.

These Shoes Have Sculptures

Here is a high heel design that you probably were not expecting. These shoes literally have some kind of weird, ancient sculptures as the foundation of the heel. The rest of the shoe looks fairly normal and basic. Let's just hope those sculptures are safe for walking.

Alien-Inspired Shoes

The designer of these shoes claims that they were an inspiration from the movie "Alien." We never be sure of this fact, due to the Aliens in the movie not actually wearing high heels - or any kind of shoes for the matter. The aliens were barefoot.

Horror Movie Shoes

There was a period back in the 00's when game designers always made the monsters in their games walks in similarly shaped shoes. The effect worked, because of even today, there are thousands of children that are still traumatized from looking at those games.

Crocodile Shoes

This pair of high heel shoes may even be more interesting than the goat hooves that were previously featured on this page. Judging by the texture and quality of the shoe, we can safely conclude that no real lizard or crocodile was used in the manufacture.

The "Mojito" Shoe

This is an exquisite pair of high heels designed by London-based architect Julian Hakes. From all the shoes featured in this article so far, these can, in fact, be the closest ones to really being "high fashion." An excellent design by the author.

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