10 Tricks That Will Help You Grow a Beard Naturally

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | November 2, 2017

Ah beards! The one think about men that girls absolutely cannot resist. Actually, it's just one of the many things but beards top off the list. When it comes to fashion, there's really nothing more important to a man's looks than beards and why not? It makes them look rough, manly and unbelievably sexy! But there's one thing girls tend to forget: Not all boys grow up the same way.

Oh the struggle!

Are you amongst those men who have struggled far too long only to get just 3 hair on your face? Well at least you're not Homer with 3 hairs on his head! Don't worry though, good things comes to those who know the tricks. That's exactly what you'll find out here!

But it's so much money!

Yeah, struggling with facial hair does often result in spending tons of money on products which doesn't help. Remember, keep the money in your wallet sometimes, it'll sometimes make up for the fact that you lack a beard.

Tip to keep in mind

Beards are great and all but if you're still unable to grow it, it doesn't matter. It won't be the end of the world, girls will still like you...maybe and you'll still be you. It doesn't matter, just keep this tip in mind though; because childhood cartoons always speaks sense:

But in reality

Okay, who are you kidding? You really need to start looking into growing a beard. Beards are the bed thing that men have been blessed with and you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity. Dexter's laboratory described it perfectly again:

You can still do it

The universe isn't against you - you just need to know the tricks to growing a beard. It's really not all that difficult, you just have to keep certain tips in mind. You've come to the right place for that; here are a few that will have you growing a monster in no time:

Tip #1: Everyday I'm Shav-ving!

Don't have facial hair? Don't worry! Just don't give up on your shaving because once you do, you'll never be able to grow a beard. Once you start saving, the pores will stimulate each other and that becomes a chain reaction. Welcome to beard-hood!

Tip #2: "Love yourself"...DON'T!

Well, everyone needs to "find their own release" but try to stop? 15 days may seem like a lifetime but it'll go by in a jiffy...hopefully. Testosterone makes your facial hair grow, if you're low on it and you still expel more then you'll suffer from no facial hair!

Tip #3: Drink at least 4 beers everyday

Now we're talking! No matter when you choose to drink it, beer increases your testosterone level which will result in facial hair growth. Turn on the sports and load up on the beer, it's going to be a fun ride! Oh and invite your friends along, it'll make it a whole lot better.

Tip #4: Onions help

Stimulate the follicles of your face by rubbing a slice of onion on the areas you want the hair growth. Seriously, onions may be terrible to deal with but they can turn into a man's best friend if you let it. Fight the tears and give this a shot!

Tip #5: Your face should be clean and hydrated

Clean and hydrated face means you get rid of all the dirt that obstructs the hair from coming out of your pores. It's best if you keep a good, natural face wash to do the trick and avoid using soap on your face at all times!

Tip #6: Moisturize...your face

Yeah, this must have definitely caught your attention but remember, once the 15 days are up, you can love yourself as hard as you want! For now, however, try to use Eucalyptus product to keep you face moisturized and hydrated.

Tip #7: In growth and dead skin

Washing your face would definitely get rid of the dead skin trapped in your pores, however, you need to make sure you check up on ingrowth hair. These obstruct the hair growth which means the best solution you have is scrubbing and cleansing.

Tip #8: Get some sleep!

Sleep deprivation causes hair loss so the only way you can get hair to stay is obviously to get some good night's rest. Proper rest means your body functions are in good condition and that would eventually result in good hair growth.

Tip #9: Fruits, fruits, fruits!

Best way to grow some hair is to load your body up with fruits! They provide the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals you need for your hair to grow. Remember healthy hair means a healthy lifestyle so go and get eating!

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