15 Signs You Are Dating a Real Man and Not a 'Play' Boy

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | November 2, 2017

One of the most difficult tasks, when you start a relationship with a new guy, is to know whether he has serious intentions. A lot of guys, especially those that are younger than 25, are still not yet mature. Not being mature is not a bad thing in itself - we all need to go through certain phases in order to "grow up." The problem arises from the fact that some young guys sill want to be "playboys," i.e., they want to see how many girls they can sleep with and stuff like that.

He Has a Decent Dating History

If the guy you are seeing has a "decent" dating history, that can help you in determining what his plans with you are. If the guy, on the other hand, has a "playboy" history, this means he can be risky. Everyone changes, and so do playboys, but you have to be careful.

He Hopes for the Best

If a guy is serious about being with you, you will notice that he is always going to have positive expectations about your future together. He is going to willing to talk about long-term plans with you, doing various trips together, and other, similar romantic things.

He Accepts You for Who You Are

A guy that truly loves you, is going to accept you for you are. This includes your dating history, the way you look and the hobbies that you have. If a guy doesn't respect you, he is going to be all over you - commenting various negative things and trying to change your personality.

He Won't Look For Excuses

A guy that is not serious with you is always going to be looking for different kinds of excuses. Some weekends he may be not available for going out, or his phone may be switched off. He is just going to find an excuse or a lie for why this he wasn't available.

He can be Passionate

A guy that really loves you can know how to be passionate without being selfish and jealous of your time. A regular guy knows how to appreciate the time you two have together, but he also understands that you have a life away from him.

He Knows Your Weird Side

Everyone has a weird, awkward side to themselves. A guy that loves you for you who you are, is going to accept, and even love your weird, quirky side. If you have some funny "tic," he is going to know about it, but he won't make a big deal out of it.

He Knows How to Handle Your Period

Playboys and other unserious types of guys won't have any idea what to do with you when you are on your period. A guy that loves you, will know to take out for a walk, or to the movies. He'll have a conversation with you, and not put pressure on you.

He Always Leaves You Feeling Positive

All proper guys know that once the time comes for a date to finish, that they need to leave the girl on a "positive note." Leaving on a positive note means to leave someone better off then you have found them - that means leaving girls happier, and more energetic.

He Is Fun to Be Around

A guy with whom you have a deep connection is always going to be fun and warm to be around. A guy is using you, on the other hand, is going to feel cold and distant on most days you are together - especially when you are not having sex.

He is Creative

A guy in love is a guy with inspiration. If your partner truly loves you, he is going to know how to be creative - especially when it comes to anniversaries. He is going to give you the best gifts and surprises you've had in your life.

Knowing the Importance of Communication

A guy who wants to be your lifelong partner is going to know a thing or two about communication. He is going to know that not everything in life is about yelling and arguing in order to get your point across. Sometimes, having patience is all that is needed.

He Gives You More Time

A guy that is serious about your future together is going to know how to give you more quality time. Especially when you are sad - he is going to know how to stick around, and comfort you. A distance, cold boyfriend is probably not very serious about your future together.

His Love is Selfless

You will know that your partner loves you if his love is passionate and selfless. When you are out together, you need to get the impression that both of you are losing track of time, and that nothing is more important at the moment.

He is Around When You are Down

Everyone has sad, negative moments. Many people can feel depressed multiple times during the year. A guy that loves you will know that he needs to spend more time with you during those desperate times. He could even buy a surprise gift to life your mood up.

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