15 Mistakes That Women Make In Relationships

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | November 1, 2017

Maintaining a healthy relationship is a full time job. It doesn't just require emotional stability but also pragmatic thinking. You need to plan your actions strategically because one wrong move and even the strongest of relationships will start crumbling to dust. All it takes is someone or something to sow the seeds of destruction and the butterfly effect takes over. Here are 15 pitfalls women make in a relationship.

You come across as too independent

Being an independent woman who can pay her own bills has its own charms. But when you allow your work and business to completely consume you, it rubs off on your partner. He won't find an adequate role to fulfill in your life and might break away from you entirely.

You don't make an effort to understand your partner

While women are complex creatures with a myriad of emotions and mood swings, men are the exact opposite. They are predisposed to serve their partners loyally. You just need to understand your partner to being out the best in them.

Accept him for who he is

He's not a little schoolboy who needs to be taught table manners, or a proper dress code. Men are creatures who thrive on impressing their partner, and when they receive suggestions on improving their dress code, it makes them feel unappreciated.

You lack self esteem

Some women thrive on the negative energy their 'bad' boyfriends feed them on a daily basis. They become used to the maltreatment and try to change their inherent nature in the hopes of one day, earning the respect of their partner.

You're just a plain gold digger

Some women are extremely self entitled and feel that men owe them something. Nothing in a relationship is based on debt. He doesn't owe you anything, you don't owe him anything. Relationships are based on exchanging gifts, which is a two sided affair and not one.

You compare your relationship

Never compare your relationship with another couple. This is because no two snowflakes are alike, and every couple which seems 'perfect' to you has their own flaws. You'll begin aspiring relationship goals which are unrealistic in your case.

You fail to communicate with him

If you're feeling the blues after a bad day at office or undergoing a case of depression because of an untoward incident which may have happened a long time ago, communicate that to your partner, otherwise he'll think you're beginning to hate him.

You fail to express your love to him

We understand that you love him a lot, but it is important that you make a sincere effort to make it known to him every now and then. Men are paranoid creatures who are always on edge wondering when you'll dump them.

Don't speak in tongues

When it comes to social cues which you're sending their way, men find it very difficult to pick up on them unless they have spotters (who sometimes happen to be women). If you want to express a particular emotion to him, mouth it in clear words.

You fail to build the trust

Relationships are founded on trust and not just blind love. If a man is going to spend the rest of his life with you, he'll need to know you'll stick around and not dump him when someone better comes along. This means a consistent effort to build trust.

You commit to the relationship a little too soon

Although he reciprocates the same feelings, he hasn't yet internalized a long term relationship with you. And no, an intimate session of love making is not enough to seal the deal yet. You have to allow time to cultivate that feeling. Too soon and he'll pull away, too late and he'll just move on.

You depend too much on him

While men appreciate the time you're devoting to them, if you obsess too much over him, you'll start to creep him out. Take a break from your relationship every now and then because if you don't, he will.

Not taking care of yourself

While we're not asking you to look like a model from Victoria magazine every day, you shouldn't resemble a bum either. There's a reason why he's attracted to you: beauty. If you dress in shabby clothes, he'll begin to think you've put on weight or something.

Being aggressive

Men sometimes find a woman's fury to be extremely attractive. But when they go overboard with their aggression, it begins to annoy them. Learn to express your anger without pushing him away, so sit down with him and have a discussion like civilized people.

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