She Was Taking 50 Selfies Daily Until Her Doctor Told THIS

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | November 1, 2017

Selfies have been part of this generation. While cameras have been around for a long time, the trend for selfies grew ever since the launch of the smartphones and the front camera concept. People have really loved an idea to see their face while taking a selfie and have responded to the change in technology with numerous selfies of their own. However, taking selfies can lead to an alarming condition. Don't believe us? Read this story.

A career on Selfies

Mehreen Baig, aged 26, who is a blogger from London, had developed for herself a career on selfies. Selfies were the lifeline for her and it was her passion for taking selfies that translated into a career option that she thought could be profitable for her future.

50 Selfies a Day

Having initiated a career on selfies, Mehreen took no less than 50 selfies during every day. Unlike many others who did so out of sheer nonchalance, Mehreen's life depended on these selfies. She had made a career out of them and had to maintain the momentum for better outcome.

The Outbreak

While randomly going through the internet one day, Mehreen came to know that tablet and laptop screens can account for bark damages. While she considered the news like many other on her feed, the reality of it dawned upon her later.

The Blemishes

Mehreen had slight blemishes developing under her eyes that eventually made her worried regarding their formation. She was uncertain whether there was a role played by bark annihilation behind the formation of these ugly blemishes that contrasted her skin color.

Going to a Dermatologist

A flustered Mehreen thought it was best to see a dermatologist to clear the conundrum regarding the blemishes that were developing under her eyes. Considering an urgent need for an appointment, she fixed one for herself as fast as she could.

The trip to the Dermatologist

The trip to the dermatologist was not a pleasant one for Mehreen as the dermatologist explained to her the extent of her blemishes. The Dermatologist did a thorough evaluation of all the factors that should be taken into consideration during such a treatment.

The Reveal

The dermatologist eventually revealed to Mehreen that the brightness from the skin had had a poor impact on her eyes and the bark. Although, much of the damage was done beneath the skin, her bark had also been damaged due to her exposure to bright screens.

Impact of Selfies

The dermatologist explained the onset of the condition and explained to Mehreen that although the selfies were providing for her living style, excessive exposure to the screen for taking the photos has left her at risk of a permanent skin disease.

No More Selfies

The Dermatologist went a step further and advised Mehreen that she needed to limit her habit of taking selfies and should especially refrain from doing so during the night time. The selfies had done enough damage to her skin and the pores inside.

Be Moderate with Your Selfies

Although, the physical damage of taking too many selfies has just dawned upon us, this does not mean that she would stop taking selfies as a whole. There is no need for extreme measures, as we can limit such danger by just being moderate with the number of selfies we take in a day.

Best Celebrity Selfie Takers

The best thing about selfies is that we get to see other people who take them. Celebrities have led the way when it comes to taking selfies. Considering their impact on the trend, we will have a look at a few celebrities that have completely rocked the selfie game.

Kim Kardashian

If there is any one person who deserves the title of the selfie diva, it has to be Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian has the coveted title of breaking the internet twice recently with her nudes. One was for a cover and the other was, yeah you guessed it right, a selfie.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres selfie at the Oscars initiated the high interest in the trend. The selfie had all the A-listers within Hollywood under the umbrella of one selfie being taken by Ellen herself. Although, we haven't seen many more selfies from Ellen, this was just the epitome of the trend.

J. Lo

The only thing people, especially women, don't like about J. Lo's selfie are that they can't digest how she is able to take such sexy selfies at this stage. This woman is really an inspiration and one who set the selfie trend on fire.

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