15 Ways Every Relationship Changes Over Time

Lifestyle | By Harriet King | October 31, 2017

The first few months of a relationship, otherwise known as the 'honeymoon phase', is a whirlwind period of romance, flirting, sex, and the complete inability to think about anyone else but your new love. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the honeymoon phase is no exception. Relationships definitely evolve over time, but not all of the changes are bad news. Becoming more confident and grown-up with your partner is awesome, too.

You Don't Mind Being Gross

No more hiding all the farting, belching, and pooping going on. For most couples, this is actually a huge relief and a welcome step out of the honeymoon phase. Sure, your partner may seem less mysterious, but at least you don't have to hold in farts.

Flirting Goes Out The Window

Remember those love letters he used to write? Or the way she used to style her hair just for you? Exciting nights at a romantic little wine bar? You can pretty much count on saying goodbye to these, even though we think flirting should stay!

Sex Isn't The Same

It's not uncommon for the sex to change throughout your relationship. In the beginning, you probably couldn't keep your hands off each other and tried new things all the time. Post-honeymoon, you know each other and the sex is more predictable and comfortable.

Their Family Becomes Your Family

The nerves you felt when you first met your partner's family will seem absolutely ridiculous after some time has passed. Before you know it, you'll be a permanent fixture at functions and may even have to field calls from the mother-in-law.

You Get Better At Fighting

Hear us out, this one is actually a lot nicer than it sounds! Instead of holding your tongue and not sharing your real feelings at the start of a relationship, a more developed one allows you to speak the truth to each other and really solve your issues.

You Learn All Of Their Stories

It may be hard to contain the eye roll when you have to hear the 17th retelling of that time your partner got lost on a camping trip. It's just one of the things that comes with knowing somebody so well.

It's Cool Spending Time Apart

During the exciting honeymoon phase, the thought of voluntarily spending any time apart is simply unfathomable. You can barely keep your hands off each other! But once you become comfortable together, you'll appreciate all the moments you get to yourself.

You Don't Have To Be In Date Mode

When you first start dating someone you're constantly trying to impress them. Whether it's sharing your coolest stories, telling jokes, or looking hot at all times, this stuff requires a lot of effort. It's kind of nice when you can just chill and be yourself after a while.

You Can Stay In Your Sweatpants Together All Day

Once you progress from not being in date mode anymore, you'll find that there are new levels to unlock. All day sweatpants with Netflix and pizza is one of those levels, and most couples absolutely love it. Why wouldn't you?

Womanly Secrets Are Spilled

Women don't usually spill all details on a first date, but once you're comfortable together, you'll be hearing all the details of her period, that weird smell down there, and any unwelcome UTIs that have been plaguing her this week.

You're Less Lovey In Public

There was a time during that honeymoon phase where you kind of knew you were being one of those annoying couples who were too affectionate in public. As time goes on you will become more conscious of that and the public love will dry up.

You Start Focusing On Your Individual Goals Again

When you're so wrapped up in each other, all of your individual goals seem to melt away and become less important. It feels like the only thing you can concentrate on is your partner! But being able to focus on you again is great, and one of the best things about leaving the honeymoon behind.

Talking About The Big Stuff Is Easy

For the first few months, most couples probably wouldn't dream of revealing their long term plans of a house and kids, or starting a niche business, or moving to the country. When you're truly partners, this stuff becomes easy.

Body Maintenance Becomes Less Demanding

If you were getting tired of applying perfect makeup, always wearing great clothes, hitting the gym obsessively, or shaving, the good news is that you can leave all that behind you. No need to spend hours impressing your partner anymore.

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