Photos of People Who Are Having the Worst Day Ever

Humor | By Michael Leon | October 31, 2017

We all have our bad days, and that's completely normal. In fact, going through the occasional misfortune can effectively shape us into better, well-prepared individuals. We get to be more aware of our surroundings and learn valuable lessons we wouldn't have acquired otherwise. However, everything the following people have endured is something we wouldn't wish on anyone. That said, they have brought immense joy and smiles to millions of people on the internet, so these misfortunes can't be all that bad, right?

Parking Accident

It's hard to say exactly what led to such a disaster, but the owner of this vehicle sure as hell cursed like a sailor that day. And who could blame the poor fella? Every other car is perfectly safe and sound. Mother Nature simply decided to bully the crap out of him and no one else.

Looking into a Blackhole

Let's all have a moment of silence, as this poor child's memories will forever be clouded. A lifetime of PTSD and trauma because some asshole (no pun intended) decided to make its way onto her face. We're all here for you - from a considerable distance - but still here for you.

When Your Computer Gets Too Hot...

If you're an Apple product user, then you surely know how much their items typically cost. This poor soul was reminded of this as soon as the front of his screen started dying one pixel at a time. And once the entire laptop went to shit, so did his dignity.

Bike Ride Gone Wrong

Imagine this: You're with the boys showing off your skills next to a big crowd. The ladies are so thoroughly impressed that one of them considers going for a ride. But then all hell breaks loose the moment your face shifts toward the ground and kisses the pavement. Ouch, we truly feel for you.

Poor Paint Job

When this person decided on a paint job, this is clearly not what he had in mind. The question is, how focused was he on the road to have missed all the liquid splashing all over the back? Let's just hope that paint hadn't dried up just yet.

Marking its Territory

We all do some crazy stuff to claim a hot chick. We fight bigger men at bars, purchase items that cost much more than we earn, and bend over backwards on occasion. Apparently dogs have the same mentality when marking their territory, albeit in a much simpler fashion.

His Day Went to Trash

Dumpster diving can lead to finding highly valuable items, and homeless people actually depend on this for survival when things are tough. What this guy never expected, though, was to make frontpage news for his wild adventures. Was the some dirty baby diaper in there, too? Fingers crossed.

A Game of Faceball

Professional baseball players experience this kind of pain on a daily basis, but that doesn't make things any easier. This picture in particular shows just how sick and tired he is of the constant abuse, even if it means earning millions of dollars to put up with it.

Dead Man Can't Catch a Break

The guy inside the casket must have finally felt at peace, perhaps getting ready to transcend to another plane of existence away from the horrors of his past life. But nope; fate just had to screw him over one last time, didn't it?

Wet Paint Happens

Ouch, we feel bad for whomever is forced to give her the bad news. Not so sorry for the victim, though, as those glasses should have clearly helped her read the two big signs on the floor. Oh well, at least the red shirt matches the rest of her back.

Don't Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Dropping a single egg is enough to send anyone in a blind rage. The floor gets sticky, the entire kitchen smells, and your breakfast plans will likely go down the drain. Now just imagine a dozen eggs taunting you at once first thing in the morning.

Good Luck Getting that Out of There

It's tempting to ignore the signs that clearly tell us what NOT to do, and this guy is now paying a hefty price. Actually, the entire city is paying the price. We now wonder how anyone could possibly get this thing out of there, considering that very machine is typically the one in charge of doing such jobs.

Inception 2.0

Let's face it, this is the type of thing you only see in a horror movie. In fact, these cabinets just put the movie Inception to shame. In all seriousness, we can't help but feel for the people that were abruptly awakened by all the broken plates as all hell broke loose.

First World Problems

Okay, so maybe this girl isn't having such a bad day compared to everyone else. But you have to understand something: Nobody can mess with our ice cream! There's a reason America has gotten so fat, and it's because we take our favorite snack very, very seriously.

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