15 Funny Illustrations Showing Life Before and After Marriage

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 31, 2017

Newlywed couples don't exactly anticipate the kind of changes that usually follow after their marriage. The love, attraction and appreciation they had for each other usually begins to waver after some time it seems. Affectionate feelings which they took for granted quickly spillover into bitterness and hatred. The mere thought of spending the same day (much less night) makes them shudder, here are 15 hilarious pictures showcasing this dramatic change.

Fat transfer

He happily holds her entire weight on top of his frail body and can barely contain his beaming smile. His soon to be wife equally excited. 5 years later, the guy can barely keep himself upright on account of her burgeoning weight. She is still excited.

She used to diet before marriage

Before meeting the love of her life, she used to be extremely conscious about her weight. She would diligently schedule and ration her food. Fast forward a couple of years into the marriage and she couldn't care less.

He used to be the school Jock

Before marriage, he was also very concerned about his body's overall outlook. He would workout in the gym and make sure his muscles are up to par. A few married years later, he has a protruding belly and the barbell is replaced with grocery shops.

They would embrace each other

It used to be that the young couple would hold each other into a tight embrace, smiling into the night. Content by just being near to each other. After marriage, things have changed and she no longer wants to share the same bed with him.

He would swear he loves her

To impress her and make his intents absolutely clear, he would swear how much he loves her. A few years into the marriage and the same guy has a changed demeanor and can barely contain all the swearing.

He would let her win

They're arm wrestling and he's happy to just stare into her eyes and hold her hands. Doesn't matter if she defeats him in the contest, love is what wins at the end. Couple of years later, the guy is locked into a powerful struggle for control.

Classic case of liposuction

Liposuction is when the patient transfers fat from one location of their body to another. This comic is showing pretty much the same thing with one exception, the exchange of fat takes place between two patients and not one.

Men are no longer kings of their castle

Before the marriage, a man used to be the king of his castle. His room would be a disheveled mess and people would be tripping all over the dirty laundry. A couple of years into the marriage, and the messy tiger transforms into a tidy and tame kitten.

Gender pay gap

Before their marriage, it used to be that the husband would earn almost twice more than his wife. After marriage, the same guy makes exactly zero but the wifey makes almost three times as much. We'll leave it to your imagination exactly what transpired for this to occur.

Bouquet of flowers to bouquet of tomatoes

So this guy would regularly bring his better half these amazing bouquets of flowers characterized by a beautiful fragrant. Now that he's hitched with her, the same guy still brings her bouquets... but of tomatoes and celery.

Story of the poor rooster

It appears animals share the same story as their human counterparts. The hen in the picture has put on a significant amount of fat while the rooster has lost all of his... and more. The poor guy's feathers are all ruffled up and gone.

Watching the movies

Notice how they display a lot more emotions before their marriage. But after the marriage, the same couple couldn't care less about what's going on the screen. The guy falls asleep and the girl can only smile at the horror show on TV.

He would count the stars with her

It used to be that before their marriage the guy would count the billions of stars in the lustrous night sky. After marriage he can't help but fall asleep and she wonder if he ate too many sleeping pills.

He was carefree before marriage

Poor guy would date as many women as he could get his greasy hands on. Who cares about cheating as long as you haven't committed to a single woman right? But too bad he found the love of his life and settled down with her. He carries an entirely different baggage this time around.

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