There Are Only Two Types of Girls in This World, Which One Are You?

Humor | By Ian Anglin | October 31, 2017

This is a satirical article that shows the differences between the two main "types" of girls. Obviously, every girl is unique, and there are many things that differentiate one girl from another. All people are unique, and interesting on their own - but today we are going to analyzing girls that take themselves as too serious, and girls that are chill and laid back. The first type of girl always tried to get the best selfie possible, while the other type of girl makes a joking face.

Valentine's Day

Here is a fun variation between two girls. The first of them, Emily, says that "Valentine's day will be fun," and adds an evil emoji to her message. The other girl, Alexis, says "today is going to be a shitty day." Perhaps she has no partner for this special occasion.

Makeup vs Pizza

This is another funny illustration of how some girl imagines the two main types of girl. The first is obsessed with makeup and cosmetics, which can be seen by how she has been drawn. The other girl is all natural, and all she thinks about is tasty snacks and pizza.


Here is a photo that shows the types of costumes girls wear on Halloween - the first is a humble Cinderella costume, while the other is a "not so" humble Cinderella dress. The later dress barely covers anything on the girl's body.

Knowing How to Pose

In this photo, the girl on the left obviously knows how to pose. She is making the world-famous "duck face," has added a trendy Instagram filter and is wearing a sexy top. The girl on the right appears to be simply amazed by the presence of a cell phone camera.

Halloween Continued

Here is another Halloween photo, this one might be even funnier. It shows two girls - one of them is dressed as a cute kitten and then there is the girl who dresses up as Violet Beauregard in a fat suit. Makes you wonder which of them has a funnier personality.

Flat vs Curvy Shorts

Here is a photo that shows that there are two types of girls that play sports - one of them is all curvy and shows a lot of muscle definition on her behind, while the other is flat. Which one is more attractive is up to the guys to decide.

UGG Boots

UGG Boots were all the rage a few years ago, but the trend seems to be dying down. Anyway, there are two types of girls that wear UGG boots: the first type pulls them all the way down, while the other type of girl rolls the top all the way up.

Handling the Cold

There are two types of girls in regards to how they handle the cold. The first type of girl can't wait for winter to come so they show off their fashionable scarfs and leggings. The other type of girl is dressed in a big puffy coat, gloves, hat and woolen scarf.

Getting Ready for School

Every school has two main types of girls. The first type of girl is relaxed and doesn't care what others think - she goes to school wearing a hoodie, leggings, and moccasins. The other type of girl wears a tank top, Hollister jeans, makeup, and boots.

School Fashions

Here is another school photo, with similar differences between the two types of girls. The first type of girl looks like she just rolled out of bed, and may not be fully awake yet. The other girl as you can see is all dressed and is even carrying a cute bag and vest.

Getting Nails Done

All girls love to have designed, colorful nails. While most girls are satisfied with coloring their nails, there are some girls that can't stop experimenting and adding stuff to their nails, until they end up looking like a witch from Harry Potter.

Sneakers vs High Heels

There are some girls that love to be simple and wear sneakers - perhaps a white Converse pair. On the other hand, there are girls that love to go everything in high heels. They probably need to drive to get anywhere, due to the discomfort wearing high heels brings.

Dressing Up

For many girls, the idea of dressing up is very simple - just imitate some cartoon character from your youth, and be done with it. Other girls have more, let's say, "advanced" opinions on the subject. They view dressing up as a competition of who can be sexier.

Reactions to Seeing a Dinosaur

Our instincts are always the same - no matter whether we are a toddler, baby or an adult. The picture of these two sisters show this in action - while one sister is completely terrified of the dinosaur, the other girl is having the time of her life.

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