What Your Date of Birth Tells You About Your Personality

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 31, 2017

Every date of birth holds a unique story behind the person's characteristics, personality as well as their lifestyle. It's actually not difficult to understand but just like the love of zodiac signs has gained popularity; people tend to love anything else that is specific to them.

While most still hold certain extent of skepticism towards it, it's human nature to love anything which would speak to them on a whole new level. That what the date of your birth does as well!

Dates 01, 10, 19 and 28

Are smart, friendly, honest, hardworking and also quite angry! You're famous and you like it but one of the best features about you is your independence. You'll love at a young age and marry when you're mature and oh, you don't like people with opposing views!

Dates 02, 11, 20 and 29

Everyone loves you but you're a daydreamer, have low self-esteem and quite unpredictable! You can change and possess strong art and verbal skills if you put your mind to it. You can often predict situations and you can either be nicest person or the worst enemy!

Dates 03, 12, 21 and 30

You're religious, hard hearted and selfish but you love going up. Happy face and powerful words are your weapons and you never quite working hard to achieve. You demand respect from youngsters and set great examples. Freedom, creativity, focus and ambition define you!

Dates 04, 13, 22 and 31

You may be hard working but you have terrible luck with important things. You're stubborn, rough with words but very helpful. You fall in love younger but it's disappointing, basically you're quite unfortunate! But remember, you should learn how to not let other advantage from you!

Dates 05, 14 and 23

Oh you're popular and chatting gets work done! You get excellent ideas but you really don't have a plan. However, determination sets you right. You'll have your friends and family turn to you so start looking into business plans, you'll surely succeed!

Dates 06, 15 and 24

You were born to have fun and be carefree which means you're popular! You bring good as well as love which means you create a peaceful home environment and are quite compassionate with good judgment, comfort, fairness and domestic responsibilities.

Dates 07, 16 and 25

You're realistic and talented but also happy and confident. Arts are your passion and a bad temper is your flaw. However, your life basically revolves around your parents which means you have high family values. However, before settling, be very careful not to settle with just anyone!

Dates 08, 17 and 26

You have a strong personality and only a few people to understand you. You've experienced hardships at a young age and will suffer more. You will fight and die for justice and will not be able to achieve proper education. However, your courage, persistence and strength will be your success!

Dates 09, 18 and 27

You are mentally and physically strong and often aim high. You're a hard worker and since family problems will strike when you're young, you'll grow to be strong. Love will not be easy but your married life will be perfect. You're compassionate, wise and also a humanitarian.

Why are people so intrigued by the unknown?

What makes the unknown so intriguing to a person? This fascination to understand the future, the past, when you're going to die, and to learn more about oneself pushes many people to seek answers from less-than-traditional sources such as palm reading.

Italy is a big hot spot for fortune tellers

Fortune tellers and tarot card readers thrive in Italy, just when the latest economic crisis hits the country. When people become depressed and fall on hard times, they try to retreat to soothsayers for the answer in hopes of unraveling the secret to success

Their success is inadvertently tied to hard times of their clientele

The success of fortune tellers and palm readers is tied with economic downturns it seems. The statistics point out that the riches of fortune tellers lie in the misery of their clientele. In fact, in Italy alone, fortune tellers have increased by five times.

Fortune tellers make a lot of money

Fortune tellers are worth a whopping $10 billion a year. What makes their earnings even more substantial is that its completely tax free. Most fortune tellers never disclose their earnings to the government and save all the money to themselves.

A quarter of Italians have made contact with fortune tellers

While some fortune tellers demand money in exchange for their services, others take it tad bit up a notch, demanding sexual favors from clients who seem to be more vulnerable. Around 13 million Italians have at some point made an appointment with fortune tellers.

The US also has its share of fortune tellers

Fortune telling is big business in the US as well. In fact, one in seven Americans has at some point in their life, consulted with a fortune teller and astrologer. Psychics and soothsayers can be found on almost every block in New York, and can charge from $5 to $100 for an appointment.



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