If You Ever Notice A Black Dot On Someone's Palm, Call The Police, Here's Why

Weird | By Cole Damon | October 31, 2017

As soon as you notice a black dot on someone's palm, you need to hurry up and call the police. The dot may look like any other accidental black marker dot, but it specifies a completely different meaning now. Victims going through domestic violence have a hard time contacting the police by themselves, so they have come up with a way to let other people help them out. The black dot is not just a symbol, it is a silent cry for help from all victims of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Is Real

Domestic violence is no more a mere fantasy. It is real and is something that we all should be concerned for. Victims of Domestic Violence have a hard time combating the abuse and don't even have the ability to share their struggle.

The Victims

Most abusers are very strict and active when it comes to ensuring that the violence is not communicated to anyone. They have an eye on the victim and check their phone, belongings and all other stuff to ensure that they are not communicating their secrets to anyone else.

No Way Out!

Victims suffering from domestic violence have had to bear with the abuse as there is no easy way out. Reaching out to the police can be a real hassle considering that the abuser has control over the phone and all other accessories.

The Black Dot

Amid all this chaos and panic, users on Facebook have come up with a way for victims of domestic abuse to come out without letting their abuser to get a hint of what they are up to. The solution to this problem is the Black Dot.

How It Works

Victims should mark a visible dark black spot on the center of their palms and show it in public. The dot can be seen by random people during grocery shopping, when the abuser has no idea. The black dot would bail out the victim from the torment.

Your Responsibility

While domestic abuse victims from across the country and the globe have found a shining ray of hope in between the darkness, the onus of the responsibility falls on you. Wherever you see a woman with a black dot, hurry up and call the police.

Find Out About Them

Call the police with complete information and present it all to them. Just don't get overhyped when you see such a woman in the grocery shop. See who they are with, get down their car number or find out where they are walking to.

Not Something New

Domestic Abuse has been around for ages; still it isn't being taken seriously by the society as a whole. Men are often victims to domestic violence but are laughed at when they look for support. Life as a victim of domestic abuse is not easy.

Even Celebrities

Not just the common public, but celebrities have also been victim to or have inflicted domestic abuse. We will like to outline a few cases of domestic abuse from the celeb world that shocked the world and were totally unbelievable.


Rihanna went through a lot of domestic violence when she was with boyfriend Chris Brown. Such was the extent of the blatant abuse that she suffered injuries that required her to be hospitalized and remain under care for a few days time.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron, yes the modern day beauty, went through a lot as her child. She had to witness the ordeal of growing up with an abusive father. Theron's mother eventually wounded him up by shooting him in self defense during one of his outrage.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were labeled as the perfect couple by many. The perfect couple theory turned out to be wrong as the couple soon ended their marriage shortly, amid claims of domestic abuse by Depp on Amber Heard.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss' relationship with former boyfriend Pete Doherty was the subject of much controversy. Both the celebs were involved in abusing each other on a routine basis. Both of them were under the influence of heavy drugs during regular outrages.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate has the most sorrowful and outrageous tail to narrate. She has on multiple occasions mentioned about a 3 year relationship with a boyfriend who abused her so much that she was made to fear for her life in his presence.

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