15 Photos of the Cheaper By the Dozen Cast, Then Vs. Now

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 31, 2017

It has been 12 years since Cheaper by the Dozen was released. The movie was about two parents that were trying to handle their 12 children and live a good life with them. It is an entertainment packed movie as the family went through many problems, but stayed as a family. However, undoubtedly, the best part of the movie was the cast. Every character suited their role very well and managed to add their own spark into the movie. However, a lot changes in 12 years, so let us take a trip down memory lane to see where the cast is now.

Brace Yourself

Are you ready to see how much your favorite movie cast has changed? The changes will make you feel old and feel like the good times are gone. Sigh. Luckily, we still have the movies so we can keep re-watching them without feeling guilty.

Daddy Baker

The leader of the family, Tom Baker, was the father to 12 mischievous children. Today, Steve Martin is a commemorated actor, writer, comedian, musician, and producer in America. He has managed to stay on the top charts with his talent and he is still appreciated for all he offers.

Mommy Baker

Tom Baker's loyal sidekick was Kate Baker. Bonnie Hunt managed to execute the role of a mother with grace. Today, she is well known for her writing, voice artistry and other talents. Ever since the movie, she has kept herself involved and everyone loves her.

Oldest Daughter Baker

Piper Perabo as Nora Baker was the first born of the Baker family. Ever since the release of the movie, Perabo has appeared on many TV shows alongside the biggest names of Hollywood. She has been onscreen and definitely does not let her fans forget about her.

Rebellious Baker

Tom Welling as Charlie Baker was the first son of the family as was extremely rebellious. This movie was a breakthrough for him and has been involved with the movie business ever since. His daring looks make it hard for his fans to forget about him.

Bubbly Baker

The focal point of the movie was undoubtedly Hilary Duff as Lorraine Baker. She made her breakthrough with Lizzy McGuire and managed to stay on top since. Today, she continues to act along with her 3-year-old son and she gives inspirational speeches as well!

Foodie Baker

Kevin Schmidt as Henry Baker was the chubby, cute kid of the family. However, there no longer is a Baker family and he is no longer the chubby kid. He has gotten minor roles in many movies. Today, he is the most recognized for his role in The Young and the Restless.

Tom Boy Baker

Alyson Stoner as Sarah Baker was the tomboy in the movie, unlike her older two sisters. She has made appearances in many movies, but she pursues her passion that is dancing. She has been going on tours with bands and artists and she dances her heart out!

Naughty Baker

Jacob Smith as Jake Baker was the naughty boy of the family. He appeared in movies and shows back in the 90s, but he has stopped. Now, he does not consider himself an actor, but his talent is still very alive in the eyes of his fans.

Redhead Baker

Liliana Mumy as Jessica Baker was the only redhead of the family. Ever since the release of the movie, she has appeared in TV shows and she still does. She is Instagram famous and she loves posting food pictures, pet pictures, and motivational quotes.

Little Cutie Baker

Morgan York as Kim Baker was the cutie of the family. After the movie, York has worked alongside Vin Diesel and Miley Cyrus and has created a name of her own. She is appreciated for her roles in all her movies and TV shows. However, today, she considers herself a feminist, writer, and a former child actress.

Black Sheep Baker

Forest Landis as Mark Baker was known as the black sheep of the family. He has appeared in minor roles in movies and show, but completely stopped after 2008. Sources say that he graduated from Vincennes University in Indiana and wants to continue his education.

Suited Up Baker

Blake Woodruff as Mike Baker was the little handsome man of the family. After both the Cheaper by the Dozen movies, Woodruff has disappeared from show business. He is currently living life like a normal teenager and seems to love it.

Baker Twins

Brent & Shane Kinsman as Nigel & Kyle Baker were the twin cuties of the family. They were only six when they appeared in the movie. They have appeared as guests in a few TV shows. Today, they seem to be living a normal boy life.

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