Craziest Things That Have Ever Happened During a Flight

Humor | By Charlie Blacks II | October 31, 2017

Every day, millions of people travel via airplane to visit loved ones, go on vacation, or travel for work and the majority of time flights go rather smoothly being that everyone is just trying to get their destinations as quickly as possible without interruption. And then, there's that small silver lining and the possibility of your flight being a little more than you expected. With that being said, check out these crazy photos and moments captured while mid-flight on a plane.

Party Animal

This guy obviously didn't party enough on his way back from Vegas. We have many of questions we'd like to ask this young man, starting with where his shirt is. Secondly, how did he get an entire bottle of vodka on-board when TSA takes our mini bottles of lotion away within seconds?

Overhead Compartments

We always wondered what flight attendants were doing before and after everyone has boarded and deboarded the plane. Also, we'd like to know what kind of plane this is where the overhead compartments can actually fit full-size human beings but, not our single carry-ons. Amazing.

Smoke On A Plane

First of all, people that vape are some of the most annoying people you could ever run into but, vaping on a plane has to take the cake in regards to some of the douchiest things you could do while on a plane. Luckily, these guys look like they're having a good time and headed to Gumball 3000.

Not So Amused

On-flight entertainment isn't what it used to be. At one point in time, you could expect to watch a cheesy Rob Schneider movie for a fixed price but, these days airlines are taking things a little overboard by allowing DJs and bands to perform mid-flight. As you can see the two men in the second row are not amused whatsoever.

Blow-Up Doll

It looks like this middle-aged man is on his way back home from a bachelor's party and left with a little parting gift. And honestly, we can't blame him for having no shame in his game staring at plastic boobies in the midst of their flight. A lot of women have conformed to today's societal standards and have plastic boobies themselves. Stare on.

The Empty Row

It's always a blessing to sit in an empty row on a plane but, this guy is just showing off now... We're all for comfort but, damn man, no one really wants to see your feet and legs straight up in the air like you're in the midst of an OBGYN office visit.


Being nosey on a plane is everyone's favorite pastime, even ours, which is why it's understandable that you might want some privacy in the midst of your flight while on your laptop but, this guy has taken it too far. He's doing one of two things, he's either got access to every major country's nuclear codes or he's watching porn and doesn't want to be judged. We'll go with the second option.

What Armrest?

There are a few important factors when getting situated and seated on a plane and knowing which armrest are yours and which one's your gonna claim is an important task while boarding. Obviously, this long-legged leg freak has violated airplane law and could have caused a major interruption without the removal of his dirty slip-ons on those armrests. We hope all went well.

Booze Cruise

Honestly, we're not the biggest fans of flying whatsoever so, throwing back a hard drink or two before boarding our flights comes naturally. Unfortunately, some people don't know their limits and end up like this guy, hogtied with plastic wrap and airline seatbelts. How embarrassing.

Child's Play

Usually, when it comes to flying children become the most disruptive and patience-testing beings on the face of the planet but, this little guy has gotten creative with his pops and is using the back of his neck as a seat. He's got a good view and doesn't appear to be the talkative type but, rather the observant type.

Spiders On A Plane

Personally, we don't care what type of animal is on a plane we're not for it. Spiders and/or snakes, we need Samuel L. Jackson on site and ready for action. Flying to and from foreign countries and land, this is to be expected honestly. Let's just hope they caught this giant arachnid.


Alright, so we take back the animals on a plane thing because, this is awesome, despite the fact that these birds have the ability to tear human flesh right off the bone with their sharp talons. We definitely have a feeling this flight is headed towards the United Emirates.


We will never understand how or why things would go so far on a plane that an actual physical altercation would take place but, they do and these two guys look like they're trying out for a UFC contract. No matter how you put it, fighting mid-flight on a plane is beyond stupid if you ask us.

You'll End Up Like This Guy

This guy doesn't look like much of a drinker or drunk at all for that matter but, we have a feeling he attempted to get fresh or mouthy with someone. Picking fights or becoming belligerently drunk mid-flight is something to be cautious of. Choose your battles wisely when on a plane, majority of the time they don't go your way and you end up like this guy.

Mile High Club

It's no secret that a lot of people have the sexual fantasy of getting down and dirty while being in the middle of the sky. It's a rush. Unfortunately, these two missed the memo that this is what the bathrooms are for. Oh... And of course actually having to use them. In this couple's case, they don't appear to get the concept and don't seem too bright whatsoever.



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