Here Are 15 Ways The Internet And Real Life Are Different

Humor | By Emily Malone | October 31, 2017

One of the greatest and most terrifying things about the internet is that you can seem like whoever you want over it. Behind the secrecy of a screen there is no way to know who the person you are talking to is, and you can change anything about the way you present yourself. Everyone does this to some degree, even if it is just posting only photos while looking happy and smiling that is still presenting one face to the world. Here are 15 funny pictures illustrating what the internet is like.

Let's Be Real There's Little Overlap

Who doesn't love a good humorous Venn Diagram? The way a Venn Diagram is supposed to work is two circles overlapping represent how two things or concepts overlap, and the shared area in the middle represents the shared area of the subjects, which in this case is nothing.

What Being In A Couple Is Like

Being in a couple can be awesome, but sometimes it also really isn't. But no one wants to share photos of what the bad moments of a relationship looks like because being in an argument is already no fun who needs the world seeing it, it is much easier to just keep uploading cute selfies.

Playing Off The Bad Moods

Everyone has their off days, and in person that can be hard to hide. People are social creatures and we are quite good at reading each other's faces so when someone tries to play off sadness to your face you can tell, but over the internet? Who knows!

Make Yourself A Bit Cooler

One of the most common things to do over the internet is to make yourself look just a little bit cooler than you actually are. Everyone has both exciting and dull moments in their life but a lot of people choose to display only the fun ones so it looks like their life is a lot more dynamic than it actually is.

Hanging Out With Your Friends

Ahh the group selfie, arms stretched as far as possible to fit as many friends as you can, and everyone showing off big smiles, a classic! Hanging out with friends is really fun but now that cellphones are a thing there are a lot more times while people just sit around on their phones not talking with their friends.

Highlighting The More Entertaining Parts

There is not so much glamorous about spending most of your time indoors, whether it is at work or whether it is choosing to spend your other time indoors at home or while with friends. Most people don't take a bunch of selfies sitting on the couch most of the time but rather while they are out and about doing things.

How Willing To Flirt You Are

Flirting can be so fun, especially when it is reciprocated by the person of your attention, but it can also be really intimidating! The fear of rejection is real. It is much easier to flirt over the internet because if things don't work out then you don't have to see the person or feel the rejection as directly.

Emphasising The Assets You Have

On the internet it is very easy to make it seem like you have a lot more than you do, like this person with their shot sized bottles photographed to look like full sized ones. If you frame things in the right way you can really make anything look like it is both yours and glamorous.

How Cool The Things You Do Seem

Going about even mundane everyday movements can look cool on camera if you capture them in the right way, which is actually pretty cool if you think about it because it can help you to appreciate the smaller things. It also helps you look just a bit cooler to the people who follow you on social media.

Even Stereotypes Of Whole Regions Are Off

When you think of the midwest there is an archetype that comes to mind; Cowboy boots, hats, plaid, fit and strong, etc. and that is the look that you will most likely see if you look up a cowgirl on the internet. However, real life is a bit different from the internet and just like everything else it is not so glamorous.

Making Even Nature Look Nicer

Thinking of fall might call to mind mental images of trees with big leaves turning from green to yellow to red and then falling to the ground creating a beautiful colorful landscape. In reality it usually tends to be a lot more rain, mud, and everything brown, a realistic season but not as cool on instagram.

Highlighting That One Perfect Moment

Not sure about you, but for every perfect dressed up, makeup done, hair brushed moment we have there are usually 20 times more moments looking like a total mess sitting on the couch makeup free eating chips. Never will you see that as people's profile photos though, everyone likes to display that one good moment.

These Dogs Draw A Good Comparison

Everyone wants to be a badass in their own way. This picture of these dogs shows a good comparison of the badass that we all wish we were as compared with the smaller, wimpier, but adorable selves we are behind the bravado we present on the internet.

What People On The Internet Fighting Looks Like

One of the silliest things about flighting on the internet is the threats and things people are willing to say when they know that nothing will happen in real life. People are willing to just yell at each other across the internet instead of just stepping out from behind the computer and actually speak face to face.

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