Celebrity Prom Pictures That Are Just As Embarrassing As Ours

Entertainment | By Ray Porter | October 30, 2017

Sometimes the lives that celebrities lead seem completely alien and different from anything we do in our lives. So much so that we can forget that they are humans too and their jobs just require them to be on film and in the papers. And they do some of the same stuff as us, for example, they dress up in gowns, tuxes, and flowers and go to proms too. Although just for your prom, not everyone goes to prom.

Demi Lovato

Demi let us know on twitter that she went to prom. She posted this photo of her and her prom date back in 2010. She said "A promise made in Kindergarten finally coming true. Prom with @nolannard!!! :)". Isn't that just the cutest. And I'm sure the Rolls Royce to the prom was a plus.

Selena Gomez

Like most high school seniors back in 2009, Selena uploaded an album to MySpace called "Prom '09". The catch being this wasn't actually her prom, but rather her and best friend Demi crashed a prom. Looks so fun, but maybe there's a reason for their warm reception.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota has been in the stars spotlight since she was 7 years old. That, however, didn't stop this child star from joining her classmates and attending high school's most magical night. The 'Twilight' star juggled her career at the same time as cheerleading and becoming homecoming queen.

Lady Gaga

If someone were to ask you what Lady Gaga wore to prom your imagination would ignite. Would it have been meat, plastic, or even plants? Unfortunately, Lady Gaga, then known as Stefani Germanotta worn a pretty standard light blue dress.

Britney Spears

Britany Spears released the hit '... Baby One More Time' and was rocketed into superstardom. Just after that she did the unexpected, and did what any other teen would and went to her high school prom. She looked adorable too.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a Pop-Country superstar having many chart topping songs under her belt. With all of this success, she decided to cut her high school experience short and only attended for two years. She did still make an appearance at her prom though.

Taylor Lautner

Our second Taylor! Taylor Lautner is an actor famous for his role in the 'Twilight' series and the ware wolf love interest of Bella. Taylor also felt that high school was a waste of time given his acting success leaving after Sophomore year. But he did return for prom, that Hair!

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is famous for her role on 'PLL'. She is a picture of perfect beauty and it seems likely that the set hair and makeup took some tips from Shay's mother, as there are pictures posted of her mother doing her perfect prom hair.


Rihanna traded her red carpet and super star events for the high school gym in the reality show 'Once Upon a Prom' in 2007. Given how popular and mandatory her songs are at proms, we wonder if she danced to her own songs.


Before Snookie made her claim to fame as a pregnant ball on reality show 'Jersey Shore' she had humble beginnings as a cute teen in Poughkeepsie, NY. Though she looked very different, we get the feeling she was still the same Snookie.

Taylor Swift, Again?

Some celebrities also used their fame and fans' proms as fan service opportunities. In addition to an appearance at her own prom, Taylor also went to her fan Whit Wright's prom at Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa for reality show 'Once Upon a Prom'.


Drake made a truly touching trip to prom with one of his fans. 15 year old Kennedy Brown couldn't go to her prom. She had a brain tumour which would prevent her from attending. Her classmate threw an early prom for her and Drake showed up as her date.

Katy Perry

Katy didn't just surprise one of her fans but rather everyone who attended the night. While she was down in Melbourne, Australia, she decided to attend a fan's prom. "She said she'd never been to a prom before so she said she came down. And, 'cause she's Katy Perry she got in, just like that," said one of the attendees.

Tupac Shakur

Tupac went to prom as a gentleman and the king of class. Tupac said yes to going to prom with one of his fans, undoubtedly making her night unbelievable and she the talk of the prom. He even gave her $1500 to buy herself a dress for the prom.

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