Nicki Minaj Hugged This Innocent Boy, What The Boy Did Next Will Stun You

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 30, 2017

Popular musician Nicki Minaj, famous for obscure and lewd visuals in her music videos came face to face with an emotional fan boy on stage. The little boy, who was wearing round hipster silhouette frames, could not hold his tears when he saw Nicki. But Nicki knew exactly how she could turn the frown upside down. A powerful hug to her enormous chest!

What the little boy said

Whimpering and barely able to contain his tears, here's what the sneaky little boy said, "I've been dreaming for this moment for so long, I've been dreaming for this moment for so long." Before turning into a blubbering mess of sobs.

Nicki knew exactly what to do

Nicki had one move up her sleeve though. She promptly brings the boy closer to her, in a tight embrace. Of course, as is the nature of embraces, they tend to get very 'touchy'. The boy's face as a result, was all over her chest.

Is he a psychopath with a cunning mind?

Danny immediately looked towards the camera and raised his eyebrows while flashing the audience with a callous smirk. It seems he wasn't emotional at all and had calculated this entire scenario a hundred times in his mind. Makes us wonder, could he be a psychopath?

Is the boy deprived of all emotion?

If he really was reduced to whimpers and sobs in front of the influential pop star, the act of hugging her should have served to strengthen those underlying emotions. Instead, they allowed the true, apathetic sociopath to manifest himself in front of the camera.

Tell tale signs of a psychopath

Psychopaths are deranged individuals who know exactly what to say, how to say and what emotions to display. They inherently feel nothing. Their hearts and minds are devoid of all emotions and Danny exhibits all telltale signs of psychopaths.

Nicki Minaj became aware of his tricks on Instagram

The clip went viral. And as is the nature of all viral clips, even megastars like Nicki Minaj are able to whiff up their scents. But was Nicki disturbed by Danny's smirk? Did she feel objectified? No, she too is a cold, calculated individual and had this to say in her Instagram caption.

"Look at how he stopped crying.."

"Look at how he stopped crying when he laid his head on dem thangz. They have real power beaming out of them that can cure the sick." Nicki refers to her burgeoning breasts as 'dem thangz' and claims they can cure the sick.

Is the boy sick?

His sobs instantly turned into an uncontrollable fit of laughter on camera. The fruits of his labor could no longer hide his real emotions and he revealed what he truly wanted from Nicki Minaj. She does refer to him as 'sick' in her Instagram post though.

Danny performs on stage

After the boy's little shenanigans on TV, Nicki Minaj proceeds to give Danny the entire stage. He performed to one of her songs, danced and even twerked on camera. Mimicking the popular star. It seems everyone had a good time.

Soft spot for little boys

It seems Nicki Minaj literally has a soft spot for little boys who cry on camera. Do you think she would do the same for grown up men? There's only one way to find out. Next time you're invited on stage, cry and see what happens. (if you're a man that is)

Was he really crying?

This one random moment turned Danny boy into an instant star, and the clip circulated far and wide on all corners of the internet, accumulating millions of views, sympathies and appreciations. But we are left wondering, is the boy really sick as Nicki claimed in her Instagram post?

Do 'dem thankz' really have power as Nicki claims?

The kid goes from sobbing uncontrollably to gleaming with laughter and bouncing his eyebrows up and down as he dives in head first. It seems that Nicki does have some validity to her profound claims of curing the sick.

But can she cure the sick in hospital wards

What is the definition of sick in Nicki's Instagram post? Does she mean the boy was sick because of his uncontrollable weeping on stage? Or did she really mean that 'dem thanz' (as she refers to her breasts) can cure the sick?

Only one way to find out

Maybe Nicki Minaj should pay a visit to a hospital ward full of sick patients. She should do a topless cat walk and the doctors would carry out a 'before and after' comparison. We'll then find concrete evidence of her 'healing powers'.

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